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     As I was about to buy fencing for my dog's pen, she escaped! I stopped what I was doing to chase after her. 
     I came to the end of our neighbourhood where traffic started. I was running so fast I didn’t even notice all of the cars!
    Mid-street, I lost sight of my dog! I slowed down for a second to catch my breath. “Have you seen a small dog around here?” I asked a stranger. “Yeah, it went towards the shops.” “Which way to the shops?” I panted. The stranger pointed to his left so that's where I went….

Week 34 (21)
  “Pack up lunch, kids!”  Mrs. Jewel said.
      Me and my classmates were going on a field trip to the museum. 
      As soon as we got on the bus, we were on our way!

     We finally got there and looked around with the teacher.

      I saw an exhibit that caught my attention.

      The exhibit was about a bird called “The Wild Wing Bird” that went extinct 100 years ago.

      I stepped closer to the model of the bird, standing on two legs, when all of a sudden, the wings spread out and it started flying!

     I didn’t realize they could fly!


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     “Look at the beautiful waves” my mother said while laying out a picnic blanket.
     “It’s so peaceful” I whispered to myself.
     I wish I could stay here forever.
     As I was watching the water, mother called for me to come over and eat.
    She opened the picnic basket and took out two water bottles and sandwiches.
    I was so distracted by the crystal clear, yet blue water, I didn’t even feel like eating.
     “C’mon,” mother said, “I didn’t make these for nothing” she said, desperately, this time.

Week 32 (21)
   It was only a quarter ‘till 9.
        You could already see the moon shining in the sky.
        The sky, dark like a room with no windows.
        The stars, like little specks of white paint, splattered on a black canvas.
        All of a sudden, it starts to rain… very loudly.
       I hear thunder, it sounds like pounding.
       I got up out of bed just to look and there it was, a bolt of bright lightning.
       It was so bright, it actually lit up the sky.
        I looked out of the window, and there it was, a flash of light, then, darkness.

Week 31 (21)
      My Dad said he was taking us somewhere but he wouldn’t tell. 
     He could see the wistful look on my face but he still wouldn’t say.
     We started walking, Dad had two oars, and I observed mushrooms. 

      We spotted a lake and canoes so we walked towards them.
      Out of the corner of my eye, i could see his wrinkled face looking at the “Sorry, Closed.” sign      
      He was confused.
      “What’s wrong Dad?” I muttered
      Suddenly, a man came up to us and said that “they forgot to take the sign down, but theres one rule, “be gone by 6!”
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     It was silent, I was silent, holding my breath and being quiet.  She cant hear me, can she? I thought. It seems like I’ve been in this tight, small space forever….waiting. I was scared. What if she found me? What if she heard me?

     It hasn’t even been that long and im starting to get bored. I keep asking myself, How could she even find me? She’s not that good.

     My hiding spot HAS to be the best, i don't even think I could find me.

     I hear someone, they’re saying, “29,30! READY OR NOT, HERE I COME!”

Week 28 (21)
    I was walking to school and stumbled upon a small puppy. The first thing I thought was where is its owner? I wanted to help but what if it had a disease. I knew it was dangerous to take dogs off the street but i felt bad so i made room and put him in my backpack.
    I got to school and was careful with my backpack, i didn't want him to get hurt or be heard. After 1st period i snuck into the bathroom to check on him. I unzipped my backpack as it let out a pitiful howl...

Week 27 (21)
My friend’s mom got tickets to the circus for us. We were so happy, we couldn’t stop thinking about it.
   It was about time we started getting ready so it wasn’t packed when we got there.
   The drive wasn’t long, only about 10 minutes.
    We got popcorn and drinks, then found a seat.
   We could hear a violin choir telling us the show was about to start.
   All of a sudden a man riding an elephant came out and started doing all sorts of tricks. Then, another man that had painted his face purple was walking on a tight rope.


     “I had the strangest dream last night.” My friend mentioned.
     “Well what was it?” I questioned.
     “It started weirdly, I was in a room with red walls. I didn’t see anything in the room except a ladder. I walked into a narrow hallway that seemed long but I eventually ran into a wall. All of a sudden, I felt like I was sinking. I somehow managed to get out and now, I was standing on pavement. A car pulled up and stopped in front of me. I sat there for a couple seconds then they started throwing coins at me.”

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      “Thank you for inviting me”, Lady Lola said.
     “You’re most welcome,” said the queen.
     “If you don't mind me asking, what’s for supper?” Lola asked
     “We’re having a lovely French onion soup with Marmite and toasted garlic bread.” “if you don't like Marmite I shall ask for the chef to not put it on,” the queen mentioned.
     “No,” she said, “I like Marmite.”
     “Very well then,” the queen commented.
     “BON APPETIT!” The chef announced while pushing the food cart over to them.
     “Ummm….” both Lola and the queen quietly muttered.
     “What are you waiting for…..DIG IN!” The chef exclaimed….

Week 25 (21)

      Isn’t it just lovely! I thought while walking through the park, looking at my favorite flowers. I loved to look at flowers while the spring weather was neither hot or cold. While the breeze was refreshing. While you could sit on the green grass and have a picnic as you look at the nature around you.
       It was starting to get dark so I packed my things into my basket, folded up my blanket and put that inside too. I didn't want to leave.
       “Isn’t it just lovely” I said out loud while taking my last glance at my favorite place.

Week 24 (21)

      Mya loved to draw.       
      One day at recess she wanted to draw a picture for her moms birthday, so she took out her crayons and a blank white sheet of paper.
       She started to draw a red rose on her paper but then she heard a strange sound. Almost as if her crayons were talking, she thought.
       Mya kept on drawing but she heard that noise again, this time it sounded like a small voice so she thought maybe….it was the crayons? She opened the box slowly, and they all made noise.  W- WHAT??? The orange one spoke first.

Week 23 (21)
     I've never been to a real soccer game, but i've wanted to go for some time.  
     Theres a picture of me on the mantle at my 6th birthday holding a soccer ball balloon with a frightening amount of sprinkles on my cake.
     Today was my 10th birthday and mom said she had a “special surprise” for me. She told me to get in the car but not why.  
     I looked outside, we were at a real soccer game!!  over a croud of people, a player kicked the ball into a pile of brown dirt. This was the best day ever!

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

Tessa- hey, can i borrow your phone to call my mom, my phone died.

Phoebe- yea sure...here *hands phone*

Tessa- thanks.

Phoebe- You’re…..welcome?

Tessa walked into the dining room, talking on the phone while Phoebe sat on the couch waiting, then she heard Tessa say she had to go, but there was a thud ….. Like she dropped the phone. Tessa came into the living room with a scared/confused face…

Tessa-  IT- ITS- ITS GONE!

Phoebe- What’s gone?


Phoebe- HOW!



Week 20 (21)

     “You’re a slowpoke!” I yelled.
     “Nooo” My sister shouted back.
We loved to race to the gas station to get ice cream. 
     All of the sudden, I heard a crash and “OUCH!” from up the hill. I was scared because  I thought my sister crashed her bike so I jumped off mine and ran up there. 
     I finally got up the huge hill and she wasn’t there. I was confused because I just heard her scream. 
     “BOO!!” she screamed from behind me with two orange flavored popsicles in her hand. 
     “You could have giaven me a heart attack!” I panicked.

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    “3...2...1...GO!!” I shouted. 
“What's going on out here!?!” Ms. Peters (our next-door neighbour) exclaimed with frustration.
“I'm testing my new model rocket I made for a school project.” 
“Sorry Ms. Peters, you can watch if you want…?” i said hoping she would calm down.
“You know what? FINE. I have nothing better to do.” She sighed.
“Ok, on 3!” I shouted with hope.
“1”......”2”......”THREE!” I screamed when it just wouldn't take off. 
“Nothing happened,” Ms. Peters said.
“Well no kidding!” I replied.

Week 13 (21)
“Merry Christmas!” I exclaimed with cheer. “Thank you very much! I love this color!!!” my mom said happily. 

We opened presents, we had our Christmas dinner but it wasn't the same because my brother wasn't here.

I was so sad, that I went up to my room and tried to fall asleep.

I kept waking up so I decided after a while to go down stairs and watch tv.

Walking down the hallway i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and i was wearing a weird elf costume over my pjs but i didn't remember  putting it on.
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¨AHHHHH¨.  I ran downstairs to go check on my sister because she never screams like that .

 ¨ M- MO- MOUSE!!¨ 

Mom wasnt home, so I had to fix this problem.

 I had no clue what to do so we just chased it around like we were running a marathon, except it was a marathon in the living room.

 We chased him everywhere, until, he found a very small hole. If only he was a bit smaller, he could fit through. He got stuck because he was too big. This was my chance to capture him and let him outside...

Week 9 (21)

It was a hot summer day when out of nowhere I heard bees buzzing everywhere! It's normal for bees to buzz around during summer, but this was just crazy! I started to freak out because i've never seen anything like this, but as soon as i turned around...BUZZZZ! Like 10 bees flew right past my face! At this point they were being very annoying so i HAD to get inside.

¨Fwew¨ i exclaimed. Like I said before, it's HOT out, so i got a glass of fresh lemonade when…..UH OH i forgot lots of sugar can attract bees!! 

Week 6 (21)

“CMONN” yelled mama in a rush...

We're going to a bowling alley for my birthday! I'm so excited because my abuela and abuelo from Barcelona are coming!

“ We’re here!” said mama. I jumped out of the car because I couldn't wait to see my famila.

“Hola nieta!!”they shouted when we entered. “Here's your present but don't open it yet” they said. I gently shook the box they handed me with small holes on the side. I wanted to peek in but mama stopped me “you heard them, wait a little while”, but i had to see what was inside

Week 3(21)

Peyton was scared to see her Aunt for the first time but she agreed with her mom about going anyway. So they got in the car.”Were here!” shouted mom. They walked up to the door to knock. Aunt Sally opened the door slowly and welcomed them with cookies. “Would you like one?” she asked. Yes, said them both. After they finished the cookie they started to feel dizzy, little did they know she POISONED them!

They FINALLY woke up and jumped when their eyes focused. “AHH” said them both. “WE’RE NEVER COMING BACK!” They never should have said yes.

Practice Week

Here is the article I found that has some of the information you included. Remember to put the information you find into your own words, or give credit to your sources.


An apple is a fruit from an apple tree (Malus domestica). Apple trees are cultivated worldwide and are the most widely grown species in the genus Malus. They originated from Central asia, where its ancestor, Malus sieversii, is still found today. “What is an apple made of?”you may ask, well apples are mainly composed of carbs and water. They’re rich in simple sugars: fructose, sucrose, and glucose. Despite their high carb and sugar contents, their glycemic index (Gl) is low, ranging 29-44 (5). Gl is a measure of how food affects the rise in blood sugar levels after eating.


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