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¨AHHHHH¨.  I ran downstairs to go check on my sister because she never screams like that .

 ¨ M- MO- MOUSE!!¨ 

Mom wasnt home, so I had to fix this problem.

 I had no clue what to do so we just chased it around like we were running a marathon, except it was a marathon in the living room.

 We chased him everywhere, until, he found a very small hole. If only he was a bit smaller, he could fit through. He got stuck because he was too big. This was my chance to capture him and let him outside...

Week 9 (21)

It was a hot summer day when out of nowhere I heard bees buzzing everywhere! It's normal for bees to buzz around during summer, but this was just crazy! I started to freak out because i've never seen anything like this, but as soon as i turned around...BUZZZZ! Like 10 bees flew right past my face! At this point they were being very annoying so i HAD to get inside.

¨Fwew¨ i exclaimed. Like I said before, it's HOT out, so i got a glass of fresh lemonade when…..UH OH i forgot lots of sugar can attract bees!! 

Week 6 (21)

“CMONN” yelled mama in a rush...

We're going to a bowling alley for my birthday! I'm so excited because my abuela and abuelo from Barcelona are coming!

“ We’re here!” said mama. I jumped out of the car because I couldn't wait to see my famila.

“Hola nieta!!”they shouted when we entered. “Here's your present but don't open it yet” they said. I gently shook the box they handed me with small holes on the side. I wanted to peek in but mama stopped me “you heard them, wait a little while”, but i had to see what was inside

Week 3(21)

Peyton was scared to see her Aunt for the first time but she agreed with her mom about going anyway. So they got in the car.”Were here!” shouted mom. They walked up to the door to knock. Aunt Sally opened the door slowly and welcomed them with cookies. “Would you like one?” she asked. Yes, said them both. After they finished the cookie they started to feel dizzy, little did they know she POISONED them!

They FINALLY woke up and jumped when their eyes focused. “AHH” said them both. “WE’RE NEVER COMING BACK!” They never should have said yes.

Practice Week

Here is the article I found that has some of the information you included. Remember to put the information you find into your own words, or give credit to your sources.


An apple is a fruit from an apple tree (Malus domestica). Apple trees are cultivated worldwide and are the most widely grown species in the genus Malus. They originated from Central asia, where its ancestor, Malus sieversii, is still found today. “What is an apple made of?”you may ask, well apples are mainly composed of carbs and water. They’re rich in simple sugars: fructose, sucrose, and glucose. Despite their high carb and sugar contents, their glycemic index (Gl) is low, ranging 29-44 (5). Gl is a measure of how food affects the rise in blood sugar levels after eating.


  1. I like that you found a article for your piece but next time make it your own writing ari.s

  2. Good job but 1 if i where you i would not but the botom stuff becasue it aded a lot more words
    Izzy Pangburn

  3. I liked the ending a LOT!

    Soleil Dupuis

  4. I like how aunt sally poisoned the cookies and then the parents said we are never coming back, that was very creative! ~Lizzie

  5. Hi Zenaida,
    I like your story because, I got really excited of what happened when they ate the cookies. I was really worried when they jumped up with shock.https://msbrennocksclass.100wc.net/category/ben/
    Bye, Ben

  6. Week 6: AT first I thought that it was a normal story but no! Loved the ending! Also you should add more detail. Asher LaPierre

  7. I like how you made your story about a party and how you had to see what was inside the present, Very creative! ~Lizzie :)

  8. Hi Zenaida,
    I really like your story because it is very exciting and good use of adjectives