Week 11 (21)


It was another fall day guarding the castle. When all of a sudden I saw a white blob behind the leaves coming over the hill I zoomed in with my telescope and saw it was the evil barbarians. It looked like they were attacking the town so I sounded the emergency horn. Not long after that the gates came rolling down. We mowed the barbarians down but one crafty guy tried to sneak away but he didn’t get very far before an arrow found his back, that was it. And after every single battle the soldier's feast, it was awesome.

Week 10 (21)

Happy Monkey Circus had made it to New York City. The trucks were coming down Broadway. 

I could see the lions were being unloaded off the trucks. All of a sudden the lion cage opened a little. If only it was a bit smaller it would have gotten out and terrorized New York. Luckily someone closed the cage and the lion went back to pacing back and forth in his cage. 

Soon my favorite animals, the monkeys, came out of the back of the truck bouncing around their cage as usual. I could tell this would be another awesome circus.


Week 9 (21)

They thought the toy army men would do it. they thought the swat action figure would do it. they  thought the lego police men would do it. NO we did it and we’re just toy painters. It all started when we were painting the toy elementary school. When the scary bee attacked us we decided to defend but all of a sudden the pointy thing hit Mark in the leg. He was screaming in pain. He fell to the ground but then something weird happened. The bee died. We shouted hooray and I finished the painting job and got paid.


  1. the part when you said that you got paid for painting the tiny school
    logan gates ges at fms

  2. I like the fact that you list all toy army men and when Mark got hit by the pointy thing and when you said "something weird happened. The bee died." and you all shouted hooray. Luki nice job Theo cant wait to read the next one.

  3. this story is very funny well the part they painted the school someone got killed and they got paid i feel like it was supposed to be very dramatic and i liked that


  4. that was a super good book especially when you said you were a painter instead of a army man or swat or police and when I remember the picture it does look like the people are painters


  5. I loved your story! I loved how it was very weird. Like how it said "When the skary bee ataked us we desied to defened but all af a sudden the ponty thing hit Mark in the leg.The bee died."
    ~Soleil Dupuis

  6. I was a bit confused when you said if only 'it' was a bit smaller as the last thing you wrote about was the gate rather than a lion (previously it was lions), but I figured it out in the end. Monkeys are a lot of fun but my favourite are the penguins.

  7. loved the happy ending to the story! good job :)