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No, I said, “I like Marmite.”

“You know you don’t have to have some if you don’t want it.” my Aunt said. 

“It’s okay I’ll try it.” Wondering what it would taste like. Would it taste good or taste bad I wasn’t sure but I knew that it had a bad name. 

“Lunch is ready dear.” my Aunt called from the kitchen. Here it was the moment of truth. Will it taste good or bad so I took a bite out of my sandwich and OMG it tasted so good so I took another bite. And now I’m a fan.

Week 25 (21)

BOOM BOOM! A giant metal Statue was walking down Monarch street and all the people were screaming and yelling! “What is that!” someone screamed. 

“I don’t care what it is but I’m getting out of here!” someone else said. There was havoc on Monarch street. Then Blaze Boy came out of nowhere and punched him 

“Super, did you think you can stop me?” the Statue said in a cold voice.

“Why do you think I’m here?” he replied. Then Blaze Boy pulled out a rope and he quickly tied Statue up and Statue fell. Another heroic day for Blaze Boy! 

Week 24 (21)

Hello from the planet Fuzzia where everyone is a ball of fuzz that can walk and talk and they are all different colors. Here we have a normal seven story high house. There was a quiet game match last Suterday and of course the orange one spoke first. Oh and there is Fuzz Park where the first ever fuzzathalon was held and the team Target won! A normal meal is usually purple burgers and what humans call cashews. Did you know that someone found fiber in the mountains? That's so rare!

Can’t wait for you to come! Your friend, Joey.

Week 23 (21)


Never kick a big brown balloon or you’ll be kicked. I learned this the hard way and it was frightening. But today I’m going to get revenge on that balloon once and for all by popping it. I’ve come equipped with a needle for popping, a pink balloon to act as bait, a marker, and cheetos if I get hungry. Now it’s time to take the balloon down. First I drew a funny face on the balloon and got the needle ready as the brown balloon drew near and then POP! The balloon fell to the ground: brown balloon conquered.

Week 22 (21)

 Now it’s time for an interview with my kitten Desmond using an animal translator 

Q:  What’s it like to be a cat?

A: It's nice you can stay home and sometimes get to go onto the tv and watch James Bond and do kitty stuff.

Q: Like what?

A: I like to sleep and play and most of all eat! But where the food goes is still a mystery among most felines. 

Q: Do you like your humans?

A: Of course, after all they are the ones who feed me.

Coming up next, Jerry the giraffe and his juggling skills. 

Week 20 (21)

VROOOOOM! Just then the bikers were starting on their final lap. It was the final race of the year. The team Watermelon was in the lead. Jon Long was arguably the best biker in the world but he was being chased by team Limes Loo De Loop.

It was a neck and neck competition and none of them were backing down! Lime, watermelon, lime, watermelon, lime, watermelon. It just kept going back and forth. There was no determining a winner yet! Now the finish line was in sight then team lemon came out of nowhere and won the race! How?

Week 18 (21)

“MOM!” I yelled.

“YES?” she yelled back. She was coming up the stairs just then.

“Can I go to John's house please?” I asked. Now I was looking greedily at the hershey kisses bowl on the counter desperate to taste that chocolate sensation in my mouth. 

“Fine you can have a small piece of chocolate and yes you can go over to John’s house. I’ve already warned John’s mom about your peanut allergy” Mom said.

“THANKS MOM!” I yelled. And I got on my yellow bicycle and started down the  long, steep, bumpy driveways and onto the long bumpy road.

Week 16 (21)

I touched a fossil and all of a sudden I hovered above ground. Everything around me was changing. I saw mammoths, meteors, and dinosaurs. 

Then suddenly everything stopped and I hit the ground super hard. 

Then the ground started to rumble and I saw a group of stegosaurus rumble past me. 

“I'M 67 MILLION YEARS BACK!” I yelled. I was super scared. What do I do? How do I get back? Then I heard a soft voice, “ Follow the group of stegosaurus and you will find what you are looking for. Sure enough there was the fossil to go home.

Week 14 (21)

Jonathan somehow got dragged into going to a fashion show. He felt like he would go to sleep standing there so he started pacing back and forth for a long time until he noticed a chair place. 

Jonathan: Can I go get a chair please?

Jonathan’s sister: Yes.

Jonathan: Yay!

Jonathan’s sister: After this person. 

Jonathan: Dang it.

5 people later.

Jonathan: I’m just going to go get a chair. 

Jonathan’s sister: Oh fine. 

Jonathan: Finally I can take a long deserved nap.

Later when they were going home. 

Jonathan’s sister: That was lovely.

Jonathan: yes that nap was lovely.

Week 11 (21)


It was another fall day guarding the castle. When all of a sudden I saw a white blob behind the leaves coming over the hill I zoomed in with my telescope and saw it was the evil barbarians. It looked like they were attacking the town so I sounded the emergency horn. Not long after that the gates came rolling down. We mowed the barbarians down but one crafty guy tried to sneak away but he didn’t get very far before an arrow found his back, that was it. And after every single battle the soldier's feast, it was awesome.

Week 10 (21)

Happy Monkey Circus had made it to New York City. The trucks were coming down Broadway. 

I could see the lions were being unloaded off the trucks. All of a sudden the lion cage opened a little. If only it was a bit smaller it would have gotten out and terrorized New York. Luckily someone closed the cage and the lion went back to pacing back and forth in his cage. 

Soon my favorite animals, the monkeys, came out of the back of the truck bouncing around their cage as usual. I could tell this would be another awesome circus.


Week 9 (21)

They thought the toy army men would do it. they thought the swat action figure would do it. they  thought the lego police men would do it. NO we did it and we’re just toy painters. It all started when we were painting the toy elementary school. When the scary bee attacked us we decided to defend but all of a sudden the pointy thing hit Mark in the leg. He was screaming in pain. He fell to the ground but then something weird happened. The bee died. We shouted hooray and I finished the painting job and got paid.


  1. the part when you said that you got paid for painting the tiny school
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