Week 36 (21)

“Ahhh!” Susan screamed! 

Her mother came running to her room and asked what happened. And that’s when her mother saw her crying and she understood it was because she missed her father. 

Susan’s father was a soldier and died in a war and after he died they kept him like a statue separately because he was the last soldier to be in the war. And so her mother said 

“Let's go and see your father Susan.” mother said 

Susan got out of bed and went to see her father in the soldier's symmetry and prayered.  Then she went back home.

Week 35 (21)

Susan was very young and she didn’t have a family. She really wanted some money, so she built a shop and selled foods. Susan is really good at cooking and many people loved her food. After the first day of opening her shop, she received 100 dirhams. That’s a lot of money a day she yelled,Susan was very happy of herself. The next day there was a small animal which was not even 10 inches it was below that. ‘Which way to the shops?’it panted, I need the shop which has very delicious food, I am very hungry.

Week 34 (21)

“Susannnn!” mom screamed .

“OMG!  What’s up now?” 

“Stop screaming Susan.Go and dress up, we’re going to see the ducks.” 

“Yessssssss!”We’re going to see the ducks. 

Once they reached the lake Susan ran to find the ducks ,after looking for a while she found a duck .

“Hurray I found a duck” 

“Nice Job Susan”

After a while of seeing the ducks ,Mom and Susan thought to go home back ,that’s when Susan was astonished seeing a duck flying, 

“Mommy ! Can ducks fly?” she asked.

“Yep, they can sweety” 

“Ohhh ,I didn’t realise they could fly”

“Hurray!!!!Ducks can fly.”

Week 33 (21)

Poor Angela, she had a disease of changing a building into another type of building ,it would only work if she went near to the building and stared at it . The next day she was happier than ever because one of the famous building was opening  and many people were coming to see it ,surprisingly it was near the sea .So she went and stared to the building ,by not remembering about her disease and ,Opps ! The building looks like a sand building in brown .Every people in their ran outside looking what a horrible building is it,poor Angela .

Week 32 (21) 

         It was Halloween, and Susan hates Halloween because there are creepy faces and blood everywhere. She just realized after thinking that  and when she was taking a breath, “AHH!” screamed Susan she heard someone opening the door. Who could it be? wondered Susan ,her parents were working midnight and her sister was at the hotel .  Then an idea popped into Susan's brain , so she turned off all the lights and sat in her closet when a flash of light,then,darkness again ,when darkness came again she thought it was gone and she opened the closet when she screamed “AHHHHHH!” 

Week 31 (21)

Jack was a  king and he rule his own city  .But everyone knows that he is in love with mushrooms . And he is wistful to find a mushroom .But he can't because he does not know where to find mushrooms . So the next morning he asked one of his friends to take his oar, sail the boat, and find some mushrooms . But his friend had an eye problem but still went to find some mushrooms and found a wrinkled shirt in the lake but had disappeared so he ran as fast somewhere because he was scared  that something will happen .

Week 30 (21)

“Ahh!” Susan screamed ,because the electricity shut down. What happened was ,Susan was so scared and sleeping with her lights on because there was lightning outside, but suddenly ,darkness enveloped the room . “Ahh!” Susan screamed that was what happened . She was screaming and shivering because the light went out ,but with her braveness she went down stairs, took her torch and turned on the flashlight. When she calmed her mind, she screamed again, “Ahh!” The flashlight also shut off because the battery was low . Then a shadow appeared back of her and without even looking she fainted on the floor .

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     Sam heard from his mom that no one was coming to his birthday party.

 After he heard that, he dragged himself upstairs to his room feeling terrible that no one decided to come to his party. Sam kept on saying this phrase, “What if I don’t come to your birthday parties won’t you feel sad?'' He just couldn't believe what happened! 

One thing that Sam didn't realize is that you don’t know what really happened, maybe they have something going on and they are very busy.  

Billy, Sam’s friend, knew his house number twenty-nine and wished him a happy birthday.

Week 28 (21)

If you heard  my dog got injured last night , I will tell you what really happened . So it was late midnight around 1:00 or 2:00 . I left my dog inside the cage , but inside my pocket there was a blade. I did not see it fall down . So then after keeping my dog in the cage ,I went straight to bed . I turned my light off as it let out a pitiful howl  . I  understood it was my dog. I went straight to the dog cage to see if it was really injured .  It  was just an accident .

Week 27 (21)

There  was a mad mad scientist,

I don’t know how a mad person can be a scientist ,but let it get going on .

For one of his mad experiments ,he used an elephant , violin, purple spray and paint .

So he went on to start his experiment .

He painted the elephant ,”NO ONE WOULD DO THAT” but the mad scientist will . 

After painting the elephant he sprayed pink on the elephant again . 

What would the elephant think ,

He is mad mad mad a lot .

The scientist was happy that his mad experiment worked and then, for his happiness he played violin . 


          Starting in the early morning Manna ran to the pool , but she did not want to swim. She wanted to climb that red ladder and take the packet of  chocolate coins from the top .  But when she climbed the ladder and took the coins , she tripped and fell down in the swimming pool; all the coins except for one were not sinking . The coin which was not sinking was on the pavement when manna ran to take it , a car came and went over it . Then she was so sad and angry that she ran and broke the car's wheel .

Week 26 (21)

  Who knows me better Angela asked Manna and Sara . They understood that it was going to be a war with them both . They ran, put on a  war dress and were ready . Angela told , girls to be ready. There is only one question and one chance to win . Whoever wins, knows me better . What is my favorite food? asked Angela , Manna answered pizza , no Sara said then she said KFC . Angela got so sad , then no she said , ‘I like Marmite . Just because they did  not know Angela better ,  she was sad  . Angela  then , cried and ran to her room .

Week 25 (21)

Sara and immaculate were playing  hide and seek, they  made a card of hide and seek . First Immaculate took  a card and it was hid, Sara started counting. Immaculate did not know where to hide ,but she got an idea . She took a coat , pants,  shoes , hat  and painted it silver . Now is the main part which she hates, she painted her hands and face. When Sara finished counting  she could not even find her so after one hour searching for Immaculate. She got tired and stopped. But then Immaculate did not come back because she became a real statue. 

Week 24 (21)

Emily came to Manna and Keshia’s home to play among us ,when they were asleep  .  She thought to sit there  and play “ among us ”  alone  .  She started playing, she was light blue and the  flower . When the game started after few seconds the emergency button rang,  when Emily said it was the orange  no one believed .  Her anger would not stop , when she saw that  orange was the imposter . She screamed “ I told you that the orange one spoke first ”  Orange  was  the imposter . Ugh ! Keshia and Manna got up and knew that this day was not  a normal day . 

Week 23 (21)

Poor  boy named Nathin. He had never gone to school because he was scared that he was a dark brown person.  His mother told him to go to school. When  he came back he started crying and went to his bed. The next day was his birthday. His mother told him to try taking some balloon  for his birthday. When he reached the school his teacher was  angry, Nathin was frightening that he would be kicked out and he was kicked out. And then his mother knew everything that happened and she decided  never to send him to school again. 

Week 22 (21)

“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

     One day Angela was happy , because she ordered a hoverboard 1 . She ordered it at  night and then she went to sleep . The next day she got up and  at the front of the door   the delivery reached her and she started driving it . She drove that to school  , in home , to walk , to friends home  and everywhere else  . Then it was too late and she went to sleep . The next day Angela could not find the charger for it and then she said ,but where did it go ?”she shouted . She was so sad and thinking where it went  . 

Week 20 (21)

 Prathin was going to school by walking , he was so sad that when  he saw people riding cycles and going to school , he remembered  that because it was the hard  times  it was hard to buy  . So he forgot about the cycle ,  studied and went back  . The next day was his birthday and his parents thought to  buy him a cycle  so he doesn’t need to walk . So they buyed    woke him  and wished him  and   gave him the gift. When he opened it was a cycle he  said  thank you . And then he rided that cycle everyday  . 

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 A girl named Susan , just got up and dressed up for school. She got out and  saw a pair of shoes  . She saw a paper written that it was magical shoes .  She wore it   . Then she went to school wearing those shoes.  Magic is that the shoes could use it once for anything  , but there was an issue too   . She used it once and came home .   . But there was a problem , when it just wouldn’t take off . And then she learned the lesson not to wear something without knowing . So she had to wear those shoes until it came out . 

Week 18 (21)

One day  Angel lived in a village that village people used to fight  . All the people were scared of the master of the village .  He will kill them  if they don’t give money . The people of the master got 1000 dollars and the master greedily took it .  Angel went to another place to not see people dying . Then there was a boy named Shiva , he liked her  but when Angel was going back to her village she warned him not to come and told  everything. She was so desperate , Angel left that place and told Shiva not to come there.

Week 17 (21)

One day, Ranio was deciding to go to the forest with his friends  , Sonu , Ghabie and Nathin .He told his parents and went .  Roan ,  , Sonu ,Gabi and Nathin went to the forest, when they were going. They saw a tree like a person walking. “Ran”! '' said Roan to everybody, they  jumped to the water and went and hid  behind the trees . Nathin said everybody ! We are boys not girls. We don't need to be scared. Everybody believed him  and when everybody went they understood  that it was  a tree which looks like a human . They all went home back happley. 

Week 15 (21)

One day Miss Preetha told everyone in the class to have hope  that though there is covid everything is going to be good . There was a girl named Manna she thought in her mind that she had hoped to ask her parents if she could go to learn piano . So she went to hope happily and asked her parents with hope but they said no . She was so sad but one day manna and her mother went outside. Her mother told sit to play with this barbie , she didn't like barbies . but one elderly girl told you can learn piano if it is your ambition she believed it and learned . And when her mother saw  it she was very happy . 


Week 14 (21)

Ravi asked his father if he could go to the museum because his friends told him there’s a new  dress and it looked like a haunted girl with no head . Ravi was interested to go , so his father told ok Ravi you can go . He went happily and he was so happy to see it. He enjoyed it a lot and he came  back home . And he told his father everything which happened and his father was happy because he came back safe so his father took him outside to eat icecream and dinner   The end .. 



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