Week 35 (21)

Once in my normal life I met this very weird dog. It would not stop panting. I had to go to a store so I asked, “ which way is the shop? “ It panted. It made the way to the shop. I was very impressed that a dog knew a way to a shop! I said, “ Thank you. “ He panted. I went in the shop and I was shopping. It was a shop full of fun things and cool stuff to buy. It was also a huge shop! When I was done shopping, I went home and opened everything I got.

Week 32 (21)

Everything in my house was fine but then the lights went out. I got scared. My mom and grandma says, “ We all will go to the basement now! “ We all went. Downstairs came a flash of light, then, darkness. It was really scary. We did not know if it was a tornado or a thunderstorm. But it was still dangerous. My dad called my mom asking, “ Are you guys in the basement?!?! We are hiding! “ My mom said, “ Stay safe. We are in the basement. “ My dad said, “ ok “ Then they hung up. Then it stopped, We were all fine.

Week 31 (21)

With my family over the summer I went fishing! This was my first ever time to go so I was wistful to remember I did not go! 

We had to go by an oar to row the boat. This was so fun when we started it was like we rule the pond! 

The sheets on the boat were wrinkled. We did not like that. Also we did go on the boat because there was no choice! For food we had mushrooms! They were sooooo good. I wanted more but we ran out. I will go back there one day again!

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Once I was playing with my friends on a weekend, then all of the sudden the TV turned off. I asked, “ What happened? “  My dad said, “ I don’t know. I think the lights went out. “ I went and told my mom that the lights went out. She said, “ I know, I don’t have any internet. “ So then me and my dad went to check the neighborhood and mostly the houses that live close to us, they did not have light. Then it became dark outside. Darkness enveloped the room. I hate it when that happens. Then the light came back!

Week 29(21)

So this inspires me that someone was walking to his backyard because his front door was locked and whenever he goes out he comes back from his front door. Then when he goes to the backyard, he knocks on the door to see if anybody is home. So this random person says, “ who are you? “ then the other person says, “ what are you doing in my house?! “ Then they both found out they were roomates and that is why the door was locked. After sometime they got along. But then a fight happened and they did not talk forever again.

Week 28 (21)

In summer my dog was so different from how he used to be. I got really worried, so I told my mom and my mom was scared and confused why he would be like this now. My mom told my dad so my dad said “Maybe we should take Susie (our dogs name) to the vet.” So then we took Susie to the vet. As it let out a pitiful howl the doctor told us that we need to take a x rey. Then the doctor told us she ate some hair and rubber so she got surgery. Good after.

Week 27 (21)

Once I went to the zoo with my family and I brought this very peaceful music instrument to play in the zoo. I played the violin! All the animals and zoo keepers got very happy. There was this elephant that was too happy and was also peaceful. There in the zoo, there were very beautiful purple painted flowers. It was very lovely, this was an amazing zoo trip ever. I thought we were going home but there was more time! I checked out a lot of animals that were very cute! It was amazing! I want to come back again.


Once I was in my house all alone somehow. There was a very big thunderstorm outside and everyone was gone. The sinking water was red, and it turned on by itself. Then a ladder popped out of nowhere. I thought why it came. So it said to me that go on it. So I listened. Coins were raining on me and that hurt a lot. But I thought maybe I am daydreaming and maybe I have my family with me. But then…. My house turned into a pavement! I got really scared but then I found out I was dreaming.

Week 26 (21)

Once I was eating pancakes and i was having nutella strawberries and bananas and my mom said try this thing called Marmite! I said I don’t want to but my mom made me try it. I said it was bad but in my head it was soooo good. So my mom said want some more maple syrup? I said “ No, I like Marmite… My mom said “ But you said it was bad?!” I said” I love it. Please give me more!” My mom said “ sure! “ Then I always kept using Marmite and it was very good but people bullied me.

Week 25 (21)

One day I was walking down the street and saw a statue, I thought “ Omg! Is that the mannequin man?!” But it was a regular statue! But it was not moving when I looked somewhere else for a second. But then…. it started to follow me. I got really scared so I called my mom and I told her to pick me up. She did. Then right away I locked the door. Then the doorbell ringed… My mom says “ who is that?” Then I say “ I don’t know let me check “ It was the guy  I screamed very very loud.

Week 24 (21)

So one day I was playing among us and I played a lot of times to be the imposter but it happened after 100 games. I was so happy, but the orange one spoke first and he is my teammate. So I got scared he would vote me out but he did not vote me out. I got relief. He was a good teammate. Whenever I killed someone in front of my teammate, he would just see me or sometimes he would report it and blame someone else. It was really fun being the imposter after a long boring time.

Week 23 (21)

So there was a girl who wanted to fill up a balloon and when she was putting air in the balloon it was not going in so it was very frightening for her. This had never happened to her. So she was wondering what had happened, so she went to her mom and asked: “mom, why won’t my brown balloon fill up with air?” Then the mom said that: “oh let’s go see it” Then she told that: “this balloon does not fill up with air!” Then she saw it said danger so the mom kicked it outside the window.

Week 22 (21)

“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

It was a very nice day and me and my sister wake up, we say good morning to each other. We get along very well. We went to eat breakfast, it was really good, then we left for school. We came home and ate lunch, Then we did our homework and went in our rooms. My sister had her airpods in, so I decided to hide them when she is asleep. She fell asleep. Next day was Saturday so she went to find her airpods. “But where did it go?” she shouted. She came downstairs and asked the whole family. 

 Week 20 (21)

So there was this guy riding his bike around his neighborhood, which was a bright yellow color. But then…… WOOSH!!!!!!!!! The bike flies over and the boy falls and the bike ends up standing in a bush. The boy says: Thank god I am ok and my bike is ok!!!!!!! But the bike was not able to move so he had to walk all the way home to fix the bike. When he spent hours trying to fix the bike and it got fixed…. Then he found out it can never be fixed. He was devastated and it was gone...

Week 19 (21)

So when my family was going to India, we went on the plane and waited it to take of. When it just wouldn’t take off I was very exited to take off, then it finally took off. It was SO fun!!!! Even though it was a very sad trip it was also very fun seeing y relatives after about 3 YEARS!!!!! When we came back, everyone said the landing was horrible and we almost died! For ME it was very fun! But everyone got the HECK scared. Well it was fun for me. Well, we survived when we got off.

Week 16 (21) Again, remember you are supposed to submit 100 WC pieces with EXACTLY 100 words---that is part of this challenge.

It was a normal day and I was just sitting in the living room, playing my ps4, my mom taking a nap, and my grandma was watching TV. Then…. everything stopped and it went pitch black in my whole house. Then I had to go wake up my mom and we had to light up candles and also using flashlights from our phones. Then my mom called up National Grid then she found out that the light would come back at 11. It came back at 7:30.

Week 14 (21)

So, this inspires me that there was an artist who was creating a manikin and put a halloween costume on it and tried to finish it but never got the time. So basically, it is that I say if you make something that you should always try to finish it, you should never leave something that is incomplete. Also, an incomplete manikin does not look nice as well. So this looks weird but also looks nice at the same time. It looks like a halloween costume but it is not one. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know/

Week 11 (21)  Again, remember you are supposed to submit 100 WC pieces with EXACTLY 100 words---that is part of this challenge.

The house that I moved in is like a castle! There are a lot of leaves in the backyard but I am fine with that. There is a lot of stuff that is going to be really crafty when were done with the house. We do have rolling chairs in the place with our fire place, but there is no part of the house that is white because I wanted white.

Week 10 (21)  This is a good start.  For future 100 WC pieces, you will need EXACTLY 100 words---that is part of this challenge.

So when we moved, I was really happy seeing the house! I looked at everything very very carefully, but then I looked at the storage area in the basement and it took much space of the basement! If only it was a bit smaller than I can run around. Put a TV for the home theater in my basement that is 85 inch tv there to watch. I was looking to enjoy a house with a home theater to enjoy in the dark!


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