Week 35 (21)
Today is a horrible day.
(add on to last week) last part
I found my house after going to the shops. It wasn't there. It was ashs. I didn't see my brother.
 The last thing I heard from him was ‘Which way to the shops?’ He panted.  He was reading me a book, then I fell asleep.
But that might be the last thing I hear from him.
So, now I'm homeless and have no one.
Why can't I be like that one person that is rich and doesn't have to worry about anything?
Now I'm nothing. Bye bye world.

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(Add on to last week)

Today is a fine day.

   I've barely gone outside my whole life. I love ladybugs! I didn't realise they could fly! It makes them much better.
I'm fine that I see them every day now. I used to not be able to go outside, but now I can see the beautiful, yellow sun shining through everything, keeping things warm.

I wish I could keep things ‘warm’. If it would be me, it would be ‘happy, great, nice loving.’  But I can't. I try, try, and try, but can't. I wish I could but...I can't.

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There was a huge storm and, a flash of light, then, darkness. I started counting, 1,2,3,4,5...Boom! 
That means the storm is close, right? I dunno. It's 12:00 AM. I am supposed to be asleep. I can't fall asleep.
I looked out my window.  Oh god! A tornado!!!! I got under my bed and took cover. I didn't know what else to do.
I started to cry. Boom! Boom! Boom! My heart felt like it was tied in a knot. My stomach was like it was whirling around like a tornado.
Then it all stopped. 

Week 31 (21)

I saw a cool mushroom. It looked like a ladybug on the shell.

It was like for mushrooms here they had a rule; to look like a tropical bug.

Not that a ladybug is a tropical bug but to me it looks like that.

The ones that are stepped on look like a wrinkled ocean. 

Like how the ocean looks when an oar is paddling through it.

 When I step on one of the mushrooms I feel wistful.

I love these mushrooms. But, why?

Mother said that I grew up on the ocean, and loved ladybugs. Also, loved the ocean.

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   July 20, 2020
  “Hi mom, I have missed you.” I said sadly.
“Hello sweetie, you know what's going on right?” Mom asked.

“Yes, you're dying from Cancer.” I answered.
“Sweetie this may be the last time I see you…” My mom said.

“Mom? Mom?!” I asked screaming. Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room.

“No! Mom!” I said as my dad came in and hugged me, But,the hug didn't change anything.

November, 16, 2020

Nothings the same. It is my birthday

We shared a birthday. 

Nothing is the same without my mom.

For me at least. Miss you mom.

Week 29 (21)
My mom and I were driving to my friends house, “house 29?” My mom asked.
“Yes!” I happily replied.

I was very excited. She was my best friend! Well she doebully me a lot, but we always do fun things...that she wants to do.

“Mom, can we actually turn around?” I asked.

“Sure but why?” She replied.

“Just because…” I said.

“You ok?” My mom asked.

“I’m fine..” I replied.
I learned something that day. Just because someone says they're fine, they might not mean it. Also, Janiah is not my friend. I know huse 29 isn't my friend. 

Week 28 (21)
“Hi, im Rex and I am a dog.”

“But I have never howled.”

“Sad I know but I have been trying.”

“My owner Janiah has been taking very good care of me!”

“I have heard other dogs howl but never me.”

Rex ran out the door as Janiah chased after him, “get back here Rex!” Janiah yelled at Rex.

Rex stopped and before Janiah could say, “bad boy” Rex gave her puppy eyes.

At last Rex heard a howl,  this was his chance, as it let out a loud and pitiful howl, he did it! 

At last he’s a “normal” dog.

Week 27 (21)

I saw a happy purple elephant.

I saw a violin that the happy purple elephant was holding.

I saw another painted elephant next to it.

I saw who painted it, Michelangelo...I know him!

I saw one of his paintings before! 

I saw he was my favorite painter when I was a young.

I saw that some of his paintings had some colors clash, and some blend.

I saw that in some, the colors were all uniquely placed.

I saw that some I loved and some I loved more.

I saw that he was my inspiration to be a painter.


I wish I could have a red ladder.

I wish the sinking coins that sink into the pavement could be saved and used.

I wish I could save my mom in the hospital with these coins.

I wish I could but it's hard like a rock like my only wish, my mom to be ok.

I wish that my brother was not in the military saving people.

I wish that he knew that I live on the streets.

I wish a lot of things but not all of them come true.

I wish that this one will come true most.

Week 26 (21)

“Hello, can I have crackers with Marmite?” Sam asked.
“Ok!” The man at the counter replied.
“Oh,” “No”, she said, I like Marmite.” 

“Ok. I will get you Marmite.” The man replied.

“Thank you.” Sam replied.

So, the man said “Sorry we do not have Marmite.”

“Heh, funny now I asked for it at the counter!” Sam scrambled!

“No! Don't you think I would have remembered!” Now the mean guy screamed back.

“Whats going on here?!” The manager asked.

“This guy said that I could have Marmite!! ” Sam went on to the manager.

“Bye! I'm not coming back!” Sam screamed.

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I wish I could go and see the statue.

I wish I wasn't poor.

I wish I wasn't homeless.

I wish I could get in the museum.

I wish I could get through the guards.

I wish I could have a family.

I wish I could barge in and get the statue and make money.

I wish I could get the statue and sell it.

I wish a lot of things but this was the biggest, best, but also worst.

‘Cause I couldn't get it

To save me

To save my mom in the hospital

To save my life.

Week 24 (21)

“Guys it's time someone bought us,” the orange one spoke first. In the store there was a crayon box that was old! 

“Oh, nice!” The cool blue said.

“Totally tubular bro!” The beach yellow said.

“Um heh cool.” The shy pink said.

“OH WOW! HOW?! TELL ME NOW!” The raging red screamed.

“I dunno,” the shy pink said.

“Oh, maybe they see potential in old things!” The orange said happily.

“Bro what do you mean?” The cool blue said next.

“Ah, no they are going to use us!” The raging red screamed.

The five year old girl had fun coloring.
Week 23 (21)
Hello, I'm Soleil! And you're reading my 100WC! The prompt is…BALLOON NEVER KICKED FRIGHTENING and BROWN. And I need to put it into a story of some sort!
 This Is where I would put my story and you have to remember paragraphs and when to put them! And everything else you already know about writing. 
You need to know how many words you have, because you need only 100 words. That's why it's called the 100 word challenge! 
Seems hard!  But if you try hard to get it checked by a teacher and a friend then you will do great!

Week 22 (21)

“Today I will go on an adventure to the woods!” Grace said amusingly.

 She grabbed her book and ran out the door, got in her car.
 Grace was there in the woods looking at all colors of fall trees, sitting in the woods being beautiful. She brought her book and read in a pile of  leaves under her favorite tree.

She got up to leave and right as she got her book dropped in all the beautiful  leaves.  She looked for it but couldn't find it. 

“It was just here in the leaves, but where did it go?” She shouted.

Week 20 (21)
“Sweety wanna go to the mall?” May’s mom asked.

“SURE!” May shouted back.

So they got in the car and started up the car and were on their way.

“Mom what is that? Can you see that?”

“Huh? Thats a….bike.” 

“That's weird how someone would just leave it there.” 

“Should we take it?” May asked.

“Sweety its Covid, so no.”

“Aw man”

“I know sweety it's hard.”

“ Ok, here. Put on your mask.” Mays mom told May.

“Ok mom, but why do we need to wear a mask if we don't have symptoms?”

“Asymptomatic Carrier. It’s a non symptomatic person that is sick.”
To Be Continued.

Week 19 (21)
“AHH!” I screamed on the top of my lungs. I fell in a huge holl. 

I woke up in a strange place that I didn’t recognize.

I felt like I was stuck in my mind. That's always turning, that is making me feel like I'm going around and around, I'm getting dizzy.

 I realized I was in a vest. When it just wouldn’t take off I knew someone took me.

I heard a huge “BANG” I got scared and someone came in, “MOM?!” It was my mom. She said, “Sweety, it's time for school.”

“Where am I?”

To Be Continued

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“Mom please may I have a Yellow Bicycle?” I asked in a Desperate tone.  

“ I Warned you sweety, if you asked me again for a Yellow Bicycle in a Greedily tone I will not give you it.” My mom Warned me. 

“Why it’s  just one thing, I saw an old cheap yellow bicycle at Mr. Frost’s garage sale!” 

“ You can have a yellow bicycle.” My mom said rolling her eyes.

I walked over to Mr, Frost’s house and looked at the price tag. “FIFTY BUCKS!?” I screamed. “MOM WILL NEVER GET IT!!!” I screamed in my head.

To Be Continued

Week 16 (21)
“ Aaaaaa!” LIzzie screamed, she fell off the roof. Everything stopped and went black.  

Lizzie woke up in a hospital but had no idea who she was or where she was.  “We're, am I?!” 

“Sweety you fell off the roof, lost your memory.” Her mom said.


“You were always so safe on the roof, I thoug-”




“Ok go back to sleep sweety.”

“ I'm not going to listen to you  now.”


“You are not a good mom, GOOD NIGHT!”

“Good night.”

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“Want to go to the museum?” Mom asked.  “Sure.” I said back. “Lets go NOW!!!”

When we walked in the first thing I saw was my favorite painting, The Haunting. People even say it is haunted in real life. I started getting a splitting headache. I looked at my hands….white? “AAAAA!!” My mom screamed. “YOUR FACE IT IS…. split.” Mom said in a scared tone. 

I woke up in a hospital. The nurse said that I will look like this forever, I will have a splitting headache forever. So I chose to...fall asleep….forever and ever and ever.

Week 13 (21)
“NO NO!” I screamed, I was falling onto my back, everything went dark.

  When I woke up, I was in a hospital, not in my same clothes. I didn’t remember putting it on, I couldn't remember anything!

  Minutes later a girl walked in, at first I thought it was a nurse but she said “hi honey.” SHE WAS MY MOM! “Mom?” I asked softly. “Yes honey. She said softly as well. “GO IN!” Mom screamed. “WAIT WHAT DO NOT GO IN!” I screamed, it was too late.

The nurse behind me gave me a shout “ow”, everything went dark again.

Week 11 (21)

One fall day, with white leaves rolling in the air from the wind. There were two kids running to their castle. One was named Olivia and the other was named Brandan. Brandan was so crafty that he once built a car! Olivia was very fast,Olivia ones ran faster than the fastest man alive!
One Saturday morning they went for a run. But this wasn't a normal run, they went where they NEVER been before. They found a... PORTAL! So like them, they went in. It was their WORST NIGHTMARES! The portul closed ,and they were NEVER SEEN AGAIN!

Week 10 (21)

“Hey, want to come to my place with me and some friends, and bring your dog?”
My crush Aggie asked. “Sure.” I replied. I had a list of stuff to do which said,

Brush my hair
Brush my teeth
Get on a dress 
Get on high heels.
Grab my dog

And i'm even going to put the dog into a doggy pirs. But she did not fit. If only It was a bit smoller she would have fit. She fit 2 weeks ago,WHY DOESN'T SHE FIT NOW!!! Now I was late for the party. Why did this happen!!! ARGGG!!!

Week 9 (21)

“OW!” I screamed as I got stung. Me and my mom found the bee and I kept it. She said No. I got some of my toys. There were 2 chests and 2 people and one had a camera. Then I Put The bee in the mix.

“Ok sweety, it's time to throw away the bee.” My mom said. “NO!!!”I answered. She yelled and made me throw the bee away, I did.

Ok so I threw away the bee and went to bed and thought about the bee. The next morning I was happy, my bee sting felt better!

Week 8 (21)

“Hey wanna go to a party?”Andrew asked. Of course I said “YES!” Well here's something you got to know about me, I have a condition where I look different so I'm not popular so this was a big thing.

Also my best friend is Katy. She is important to me. When me and Katy went to the party, someone tried to hurt me. But Katy ran up to them exhausted & breathing hard. She simply raised her fists and that was enough to scare him off.

The rest of the party was really nice knowing that Katy will protect me.

Week 7 (21)

“I'M COMING!” Raina skermed. Then Raina and lilly hopped onto the plane. “Ready for liftoff!” The driver said. “Um shere.” Raina replied. With Fluffy and Scooter in cagis next to her. Raina turned red because it was her first time on a plane. This was goodbye to the concrete. Raina was scared but calm. Then they took off. She took this drug free pill that made her fall uslp for 12 hours! And that was how many hours the plain raid was. Then as the plane landed she began to wake up. She danced when she got onto the ground.

Week 6 (21)

But I Had To See What Was Inside

“BANG!”, “AAAAA!” Sam screamed from a BANG from her closet. Her mom and dad ran downstairs and screamed “IS EVERYTHING ALL RIGHT!” And she replied “Um, yeah sure I just heard something from my closet.” “Ok just try to fall asleep, ok?” Her mom asked. So they all went back to sleep. Then the next day after school she went right to bed because she was tired from the night before. That night she heard “russell!” She leaped out of bed and looked in her closet and she was never seen again!
Week 5 (21)
The Four Musketeers Of The War
“GET INTO THE TOWER!”Jake screamed. Raven said hi to Cris. “I'll control the tank.”Said jake.. “BRB”Said Cris. “Where are you going?” “To get food!” Cris Yelled. He came back with Corn, Carrots,and a dead bunny. “WOW THAT'S HIGH QUALITY STUFF!” Said jake. So they ate and ate until they were full. “ I got shot!”SCREAMED Cris.He limped over to the tank with raven. “Lets try not to get shot ok.” Said Jake while he was eating. Then we heard “WE WON!” The war was finally over. And they won.

Week 4(21)
“ARG!” I SCREAMED! I CAN'T GET THIS NOTE ON THE VIOLIN RIGHT!I got so mad I just walked away from the room.Then on my walk I fell into cacti and got bruised. “OW That Was So Prickly!” Then I ran into Mr Green. He's the worst teacher EVER. “Hello lily how are you? ARE YOU OK DID YOU FALL INTO CACTI ! GO TO THE NURSE NOW!”Mr Green screamed “you don't have to yell.” I said under my breath. “ What did you say?” Then I just ignored him.But that was yesterday. Today was an even worse day.

Week 3(21)

They Never Should Have Said Yes

“HURRY!!”screamed Jake. “Let's go on a ride.” said Jack “Where?” “How about a store, out of town, the lake…?” Jacky said “ The lake.” Jack said evilly “Sure” Replied Jacky “Ok” said Jake. They were off. Then they swam a lot. Then they saw a rope swing. That was a lot of fun. “Ok we should leave now.” Said Jake “NO, I mean stay a little longer.” Jack said evilly “Ok?”Said Jacky. Then Jack, Jake, and Jacky hopped into the lake. Then Jack dunked Jake and Jacky. And only one left the lake.
Practice Week

“Just going to work. I work at the pumpkin patch right down the street mmm.”Sang jack “Oh already there wow i didn't even get to finish my song!” “Work work work i LOVVVVVVVE work.” “LUNCH TIME MY FAVORITE time!” “So I have a sandwich ,a salad,pretzels,apple,banana,cherries, all mixed,and a note that says Dear Jack, I hope you have a great day at work. love you, mom. “Ok time to eat.” Oh time to go already wow time just flies by.” “AAA '' he bumped into a basket of pumpkins and went into a hay roll!


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