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      My friends and I were at the park just chilling, making jokes and laughing. Then we saw this statue. It looked like a soldier. He looked familiar and I thought about why he looked familiar for about an hour. My friends noticed something was off about me “All I said was he looks familiar”. They said “oh well we gotta go home we’ll see you tomorrow”. 
      I replied with “ok”. It took hours and hours and hours of research and I finally figured it out. “IT'S MY GREAT GRANDPA!” I yelled. 
      I rushed to get my friends to tell them...

Week 35 (21)

The dog went running around. He was talking to his friend's other stray dogs. trying to find the shop. “Which way to the shops?” he panted. “One right two lefts and straight until you see skip then he’ll show you where to go” he barked. He did exactly what he told him to do one right two lefts and straight till he saw skip. “SKIP SKIP” he barked. “What?” Skip barked. “Show me to the shop please”he barked. “Fine,” Skip said. They went to the shops and he eventually found what he wanted. He stole all of the toys.

Week 34 (21)

…I didn’t realise they could fly!...

One time a guy named Nick asked for a free store. The manager said “PFFFT! WHAT!? WHEN PIGS FLY!” and laughed. The guy walked out of the store thinking like a genius.. He built mechanical wings over and over and over. Until he finally made it it took months but he did it he walked over to the store and to the manager and said “Your store is mine now if you don’t believe me follow me” he walked out and saw a pig fly… “I didn’t realize they could fly!” He said. And he got his store. Thee end.

Week 33 (21)
There was a creepy stone lighthouse that was near the sea and had alot of weeds near it . One day some kids named Ricky Kevin and Adonis went there. They thought they saw ghosts. Soon the door slammed shut BAM! They all jumped in fear. “I think we should get out of here.” Ricky  said with a stutter “me too said’ Kevin. But Adonis made them all stay. Then they heard ghosts. Adonis then turned into a demon and fought off the ghosts. Then they all hightailed it outta there when they got home Ricky and Kevin were shaking scaredly.

Week 29 (21)

A mailman was looking for house 29 on Broadway street. He thought he found it because it had a red post but it was house 20. The mailman kept walking, and walking, and walking. He searched blocks and houses but he couldn't find it anywhere. He felt bad because they have been waiting for the package for forever. He did it he finally found the brick house number 29. HE WAS RELIEVED! He was so happy he found that house. He was so hot and sweaty he stopped at the corner store and got a Mountain Dew and went home.

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WEEK 27 (21)

I am a purple elephant robot. I painted my violin now. I am happy. I saw a mouse while I was sleeping. I am tired now. I stayed up all night watching for it so it doesn't crawl on me EEEK! I just found out it was in my backpack!!! The whole school is freaking out. This is  not normal. There is a bee now!!! NOW WASPS!!! HELPPP!!!! AAHHHH!! OW I JUST GOT STUNG!!! I'M REALLY ALLERGIC TO BEES! I'm at the nurses hiding and getting checked out. OH NO I'M ALLERGIC TO PLANTS AND THERE'S SOME IN THE NURSES!


  1. I rely ike it it was funny


  2. thats a great first hundred word challenge keep doing good work ryley


  3. Hello, I liked your first 100 WC great job. Keep wrighting
    Ella C4

  4. Hi!
    I loved your 1st 100WC it was funny, and I also feel bad for the narrator, they must have gotten stung so many times.

  5. Nice week 29 story Ryley keep up the awsome writing


  6. I like your story, because you were really funny on week 27.
    -Morgan C-3

  7. Ryley, your week 29 story was very funny! I feel really bad for that mailman!

    Asher =)

  8. I like the part in week 29 when he got the mtn dew.


  9. I like weak 29 and how you put a whole story of his day


  10. week 27 was well put together

    Izzy Pangburn

  11. I like how the nurses had plant and you were allergic. l0l
    _Ahmet Dagli

  12. Week 33
    I liked how the kid fought off ghosts
    - Ella

  13. Way to show that mean dude in week 34 that pigs can fly with human tech >:D.

  14. Hi I liked your week 34 because the man worked very hard to make that machine and nice imaganery .Well done Ryley .

    Suzanna Sara Cherian

  15. Hi i like your week 34 i liked how he took his time and invented wings
    good job - Ella C4

  16. Hi Ryley, I liked your week 35 it was really good and the part of one left and right for that part I would have probably not even understood a little . Nice Job.

    Suzanna Sara Cherian

  17. I like week 35 and how you whot adout a dog


  18. Ryley, your week 27 story was very random! There was random stuff everywhere in the story. And I loved it!

    Asher =]