Week 11 (21)

It was a beautiful day outside. I was going to a castle today .  It saddened amazon. I was so happy to go to the castle. I was thinking it will have a rolling gow bridge and it will be white. But want will happen if leaves are stuck in the rollers. Will the gow bridge break? ` Then my family and I packed our bags and went  to the castle where we were almost there. We all were excited to get there. We got there we are very crafty because 

Week 10 (21)
    I was building a robot out of legos . It was blue , black and white. The legs were rollers . I started to have fun building the robot . I was building and building until  I was missing one piece .  I looked around my room but I did not find the piece .  
 So I went into my basement to find a piece . I tried a couple pieces . I found one but if only it was a bit smaller it would fit on my robot . Then I got a  piece for my  robot to finish it .  I had fun building my new robot.  

Week 8 (21)

When I got my dog Zena she was only 3 weeks old. Zena is a rottweiler and she is adorable. She has 13 siblings. I got Zena a week before my birthday on July 15th .

I went to get Zena from my cousins house and brought her home with me.

Then me and my brother Jordan were playing in our backyard. We had a race with Zena. Zena was the fastest out of all of us. I beat Zena one time. I was exhausted and breathing hard ,she simply raised her fists. That is when we got our dog Zena.

Week 7 (21)

It was Christmas morning in the Donnelly’s house . I saw a red fluffy stuffed monkey and hoped it was mine. I think it is mine ! We have homemade french toast every Christmas morning . It smells and tastes delicious. I love the rainbow marshmallows we put on the hot chocolate.Time to open presents!When I saw the tag on the monkey it had my name on it. I danced around the living room with excitement. Then my brother got a scooter so we cleared a path outside for him to drive his red scooter on the concrete on the sidewalk.

Week 6 (21)

Harold and I wanted to go to the haunted house on Malpass Street the night before Halloween. Next we wanted to go inside but everybody was watching us. Because the iron gate was cricketing it was scary. So I was scared then I stayed back but Harold made me come. Because he was scared too but Harold was being brave. Then when we got to the front door yellow caution tape had fallen down. But I had to see what was inside. Because people say no one goes in no one comes out.So I want to prove them wrong.

Week 4(21)

One very hot summer day. I was walking and walking on my green grass. It was super hot. The grass was burning my feet so I walked farther in my yard then started to run and tripped on a stick and fell on my knees. It hurt alot.I bruised my knees. So I went inside and played my violin for a little while . Finally I went outside and I ran into my prickly thorn bush because I was not watching where I was going.That is how a day was at my mom’s house.My day was very bad.

Week 3(21)

My water bottle was chasing me and it was fast. It was faster than a cheetah and I ran as fast as I could . So I climbed a tree and my water bottle ran up the tree. And started to attack i jumped out of the tree and my water bottle slowly came down because my bottle leg would break because the robot leg was not put together right. So I ran and hid in my house. They never should have said yes to go outside. That is how my water bottle was chasing and it was scary.


  1. You did a really good job

    -from natalia

  2. Fern Tan (Team 100WC)October 29, 2020 at 1:39 PM

    Good job on these stories, Peyton! You're very creative in how you respond to prompts. I also like the details you add, such as the "rainbow marshmallows". They add a lot of flavor to the writing.

  3. Aww! Good story! Zena sounds like a cute dog! Very nice job that she is fast! ~Lizzie

  4. I love week 7. cause you and your brother both got what you wnanted. Keep writting