Week 35 (21)

One day a boy was walking his dog to the dog park. But the dog got tired and was panting .The owner said do you know which way to the shops .’it panted my dog need water .  The owner yelled very loudly.

  So he got water for his dog and the owner and the dog finally got to the dog park. When they got there the dog was playing with other dogs. 

  The owner and the dog left the park and went home. Also when they were going home the dog was panting so the owner gave the dog water.

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One day I saw a group of flying fish jumping out of the water. I didn’t realise they could fly.. When I was on my boat. It was very cool. I had never seen that before.
So after that I was trying to catch a flying fish but it did not work out so well so I tried again. But it still did not work well so I gave up trying to catch a flying fish. It was too hard to do  . After that I went home and looked up fishing lures for flying fish. But It did not work.

Week 33 (21)
One day a boy woke up and the whole world was stone.Then he could not eat .Because all the food was stone, the whole world was stone, all of the animals were stone too.  
He was sad that he was the only one on earth, everyone else was stone and he had nothing to do. 
 So he went to the water and yelled I CAN WALK ON WATER! When he was done he walked around the whole world because it was stone. It took him two days to do that and when he got home he went to bed.

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One strange day I was walking down the street and then I saw a street light that was turning on and off. Then I saw a flash of light, and then darkness went all down the street. It was completely pitch black. I got pretty scared and ran home as fast as I could.  
Finally, I got to my house and said “I AM SO SCARED OF THE DARK!” very loudly. So I ran up the stairs and jumped in my bed as fast as I could. I was frightened. I did not move a single bit because of that.
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One dark night there was a boy trying to go to bed .But then he saw a house with the lights going on and off. He said that is worried then that suddenly , darkness enveloped the room he got under the blanket as fast as he could because he was scared . 
 He saw a tree that looked like a person . So he screamed at the top of his lungs as loud as he could go .Everyone in the neighborhood woke up. Everyone came to his front door asking if he was ok.  The boy said ya I was scared .

Week 29 (21)
  Once upon a time there are two boys going on a walk and . When they got to one of the streets in the mild there was a house with barred fasces with the number 29 on it .  
  When the boys were looking at the house the door was creaking open and a black cat came out of the house. They said that is weird but then two more black cats came out and the two boys ran home and were scheming .     
 why they were running . down the street to get as far away from the house as they can go. 

Week 28 (21)
One hot summer break there was a dog named Xena. She was fighting another dog Jack in a fighting match where there were two rounds.     They started the match to fight.  Xena bit Jack again and again and Jack lost that round. Will the last round be a tie or will Xena win the fighting match? It started when Jack tried to make a move but missed Xena got a hold of Jack and Jack was howling as it let out a pitiful howl. Then Jack lost and Xena won the fighting matches. Xena is the champion of the world.

Week 27 (21)

One day there was one purple elephant that was painting on a wall . It looked like a violin with a stand that it was sitting on .  
  Then a cop came to look at what they were doing .   On the wall then the cop came over very happy and said went , are you doing? They said just painting on the wall is that fine to do . The elephant said do you like it? I like it . And the cop just walked away and carried on with his day to be happy. So the elephant had fun painting on the street wall.

Week 26 (21)
One day Jordan and Jake were doing pranks on each other. And one of the times Jake put marmite on the floor and Jordan ran though it but he got stuck in it. He could not get out but he said , “no I like marmite so it is  ok  to be stuck in it” soon after  jordan was wanting to get out  of being stuck in the marmite so jake tried  to get jordan out of the marmite . When Jordan finally got out of the marmite  Jordan got happy and pushed Jake into the  marmite to be stuck in it.

Week 25 (21)
Once there was a bubble man that only talked to kids but oleat night time and the kids made the bubble man. And the adults think that the bubble man is a stachow . but the kids make the bubble man and the kids pop the bubble man with their hand . when the adult cams around the kids pops he goes into the ground . But one day one of the adults sall the bubble man and the adult said how the kids said nothing. I am playing with my bubbles . so the adult said ok just have fun. 

Week 24 (21)

One day there was an apple and an orange talking to each other and then they started to argue  with each other because when they were  arguing  they got mad at each other and were still arguing so the pineapple. came over and said what is going on the apple said well the orange started it the orange one spoke first and started it all.Orange said but it is not my fault  that the apple said that people like apples better than oranges . When the pineapple said it doesn't matter what they think is better we are all fruit.
Week 23 (21)
 One day there was a birthday party and there was a clone at the birthday party. And at the party there will be balloons that are brown like a football because it is a football party.   
Then all of the kids came and the clone was making balloon animals and the clone never made balloon animals before. When the clone made a balloon ball the kids kicked the ball .  
When the balloon ball popped and all the kids were frightened because they all got scared. Then all the kids run to the playground to play on it. everyone was happy.

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

  One day AJ was building his lego set . AJ had a 1,000 piece set, it was a star war lego set,and it was big . When AJ was almost done with the lego set .  It was going down to the final  piece to put on the star war set . 
  But then AJ said “My piece is missing” ,but where did it go ? he shouted .  His sister had the last piece to put on  the star war lego set. AJ got the piece and said it is done . AJ finished the lego set. AJ did it ,looks like AJ finished.  

Week 20 (21) 
  One day Jordan was riding his new bike  .It was a blue and blake bike . It was the new bike that Just came out . That everyone wanted it .But there was one left in the store Jordan got it . When Jordan went home to ride it outside .   
  But then Jordan went inside fast but when he came back outside his bike was chained up down the street . Next, Jordan did not know their password to unlock it. Jordan was disappointed  that he did not get to ride his new blue and black bike . Then Jordan’s dad got mad at Jordan .  

Week 19 (21)

  One day Brody was building a rocket ship; it was a blue and black rocket ship . Brody was almost done building the rocket. when Brody was done building the rocket . He went to laugh. It did not work so Brody did it again and when it just wouldn’t take off . Brody thought that he built it wrong.
 He just put the rocket on the platform wrong , that was the problem.  When Brody put the rocket on the right way and laughed in the air . Then Brody was happy that he built a wrecking rocket  . It was a lot of fun.

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One day Jordan Was going to the store to get a yellow bicycle. Jordan was very desperate to get a yellow bike .  
  Next, Jordan went to the store . No yellow bikes ! Jordan’s friend Mike warned Jordan that there was only one yellow bike left yesterday .Today , ZERO!  
  Then, Jordan went home to look at the website to see when the yellow bikes were coming in .    
  Then, Jordan went back to the store . Because Jordan looked on the website and it said .They just got one in so he went to the store very fast .Jordan greedily snatched the bike.      

Week 16 (21)
One day Jordan was building a robot and he was putting wires together .  Then he started to put batteries and lights in the robot to make it work . Next Jordan finished the robot and then turned it on.  Then Jordan tried to turn it on again but then everything stopped and Jordan said what did I do wrong. So Jordan unbuilt the robot to find out what he did wrong . But then Jordan remembered that he did not charge the battery . So he had to go charge the battery for the robot to work.  Jordan had so much fun building the electric robot twice.

Week 13 (21)

It was a Saturday night I was missing my phone. I was on a hunt to find my phone because I didn’t remember putting it on the shelf.  So I looked around my house to find my phone. I looked in my basement. I looked in my room and I did not find it. I looked sum more than I asked my mom. She said look where you took It last.I checked It was not there . next I asked my mom again . Then she remembered she put It on the shelf. I was happy to  find my phone again. 

Week 11 (21)

It was a beautiful day outside. I was going to a castle today .  It saddened amazon. I was so happy to go to the castle. I was thinking it will have a rolling gow bridge and it will be white. But want will happen if leaves are stuck in the rollers. Will the gow bridge break? ` Then my family and I packed our bags and went  to the castle where we were almost there. We all were excited to get there. We got there we are very crafty because 

Week 10 (21)
    I was building a robot out of legos . It was blue , black and white. The legs were rollers . I started to have fun building the robot . I was building and building until  I was missing one piece .  I looked around my room but I did not find the piece .  
 So I went into my basement to find a piece . I tried a couple pieces . I found one but if only it was a bit smaller it would fit on my robot . Then I got a  piece for my  robot to finish it .  I had fun building my new robot.  

Week 8 (21)

When I got my dog Zena she was only 3 weeks old. Zena is a rottweiler and she is adorable. She has 13 siblings. I got Zena a week before my birthday on July 15th .

I went to get Zena from my cousins house and brought her home with me.

Then me and my brother Jordan were playing in our backyard. We had a race with Zena. Zena was the fastest out of all of us. I beat Zena one time. I was exhausted and breathing hard ,she simply raised her fists. That is when we got our dog Zena.

Week 7 (21)

It was Christmas morning in the Donnelly’s house . I saw a red fluffy stuffed monkey and hoped it was mine. I think it is mine ! We have homemade french toast every Christmas morning . It smells and tastes delicious. I love the rainbow marshmallows we put on the hot chocolate.Time to open presents!When I saw the tag on the monkey it had my name on it. I danced around the living room with excitement. Then my brother got a scooter so we cleared a path outside for him to drive his red scooter on the concrete on the sidewalk.

Week 6 (21)

Harold and I wanted to go to the haunted house on Malpass Street the night before Halloween. Next we wanted to go inside but everybody was watching us. Because the iron gate was cricketing it was scary. So I was scared then I stayed back but Harold made me come. Because he was scared too but Harold was being brave. Then when we got to the front door yellow caution tape had fallen down. But I had to see what was inside. Because people say no one goes in no one comes out.So I want to prove them wrong.

Week 4(21)

One very hot summer day. I was walking and walking on my green grass. It was super hot. The grass was burning my feet so I walked farther in my yard then started to run and tripped on a stick and fell on my knees. It hurt alot.I bruised my knees. So I went inside and played my violin for a little while . Finally I went outside and I ran into my prickly thorn bush because I was not watching where I was going.That is how a day was at my mom’s house.My day was very bad.

Week 3(21)

My water bottle was chasing me and it was fast. It was faster than a cheetah and I ran as fast as I could . So I climbed a tree and my water bottle ran up the tree. And started to attack i jumped out of the tree and my water bottle slowly came down because my bottle leg would break because the robot leg was not put together right. So I ran and hid in my house. They never should have said yes to go outside. That is how my water bottle was chasing and it was scary.


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    Good job on these stories, Peyton! You're very creative in how you respond to prompts. I also like the details you add, such as the "rainbow marshmallows". They add a lot of flavor to the writing.

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    Great to see your week 18 piece! I’m glad to see that all given words were appropriately used in your piece, and combined into a coherent story. Well done! It would be better if you can pay attention to the problem of space. Leave only one space after a full stop, and no space before a full stop. Just keep writing!

    Xuerong Huang (Team 100wc)
    Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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