Week 6 (21)

It was HALLOWEEN and me and my friends wanted to go into a haunted house. So my mom drove there and she came with us.

When we got in there was a weird chest that said “ DO NOT OPEN OR ELSE”.

After that we just went on with the rest of the haunted house”.

On our way back to my house I said to my mom “ but I had to see what was inside of the box.

My mom just said “ you are crazy it was probably just an empty box”. But I didn’t listen I went back there AND…
Week 5 (21)

The big war

Today was the big war of the seven seas so we all had to prepare for the war. We all got suited up and loaded our weapons and our cannons. We were waiting for our rivals to come. When they came we shot them before they could shoot us and then we got our big gun out…... THE CANNON! We shot it right at the middle where all of them were hiding and we got most of them except for one guy who said “ I surrender please don't kill me”. We said get out now or else!...
Week 4(21)

I walked down my street carrying my violon to school, and as I was walking,I tripped over a green prickly cactus! That was in front of the old lady’s house that I lived three houses from! I had bruised my knee really bad to where it bled. So I called my mom and told her to come and get me because I got hurt. She came right away. After she got me all cleaned up, she drove me to school. When I got to school I realized that I forgot my violin in front of the old lady’s house!!

Week 3(21)

Jayden was on his way to school but he ran into some bullies that were in his school. He was so scared that he turned around and took the long way to school ,but that didn’t do him any good because he was late to school. Jayden and his best friend ate lunch together but ,the bullies said ‘’ HEY GIVE ME YOUR LUNCH’’and Jayden and his best friend said okay here.They never should have said yes cause now they are starving. Now it was time for everyone to go home but Jayden didn’t tell anybody about what happened today.

Practice Week

Justin’s mama and papa gave him a list for the things he needs for thanksgiving dinner. So he went to the orchard and got pumpkins for his mama famous pumpkin pie and hay for his cow.While Justin is taking the things back into the house the cow ate all of the pumpkins. But he didn't want his mama to know that he lost all her pumpkins.So he went back to the orchard and got more pumpkins. As soon he got home

His mom started to make the pumpkin pie. When they finished making dinner they started to eat.


  1. I LOVED IT YOU DID SUCH A GREAT JOB! From Soleil Dupuis

  2. i like that you did it about a boy even if you are a girl
    -Katherine Mae Trimarchi