Week 35 (21)
It was the day before the first day of school, and I needed to go back to school shopping. My family and I  just moved here to Vegas, sadly we don’t know where anything is. So my mom said   “ we will find our way around.”
We got out of the car and started to walk around, then this weird guy started chasing us. We were running as fast as we could. My mom stopped and asked this lady, “ Which way to the shops?” she panted.
 The lady said “ top right of  Subway store.” We continued running and found the shops.

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   I was on a trip in Antarctica, and I saw penguins. They were so cute, but the baby ones were even cuter. I thought it would be cool if I followed them around and studied them.
                    The first thing I studied was the way the women got the food while the men stayed with the children. The best thing I studied was how the women hunted the food. When they dove in the water, I didn’t realize they could fly ! Well they sorta flew. When they dived in it looked like they were flying into the water. It was amazing.

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                     It all started when my family came. It was my mom's birthday, and we invited everyone to have a little party. It was nice and sunny, all of us kids were playing soccer outside. 
                            Then all of a sudden, the clouds turned black and hard rain was coming down, everyone ran inside.  Oh then it started to get really bad. We heard thunder and lightning. 
                          We were all watching tv when, a flash of light, then, darkness appeared. My dad and my uncle went to the basement to check it out, they came back up and said, “The powers out.”

Week 31 (21)

                               The old Mushroom

             It started out when we went on a picnic in the lake. Along with that my mushroom fell on our oar and into the water. It got all wrinkled. It was disgusting, sadly I broke a rule. My mom said, “No food over the boat.” I was wistful, I thought my mom was going to throw me overboard. She didn’t want to make any animals come.
             Immediately, my mom saw the mushroom overboard, and her face turned red. She yelled, “WHO DID IT?”
“I did,” I said, scared. She raised her arm, her face turned red, and…

Week 30 (21)

                It was a sunny bright morning and my mom said we were going to the park.  
             But suddenly, darkness enveloped the room, gushing wind started to come, and all of a sudden a man shouted “ TWiSTER,” from the opened window.
                 My mom grabbed me and my brother so hard, we felt a bruise coming.   
                “ Where are we going.” My brother asked, “ to our basement” my mother replied. 
              I saw someone's bed floating through the sky on our way to our basement. But the worst one I saw was a house, I was scared it was going to take mine next.

Week 29 (21)
  It was a beautiful morning, and I was delivering to house twenty- nine, on South Allen street.  These people had a huge package, and I didn’t just want to leave it on the porch lying around.
                 As I was knocking on the door, this weird lady came to the door and snatched the package right out of my hands.  
               While I was walking away that weird lady said “ you have no right to knock on my door.”  I turned around and said “ I didn’t just want to leave a big package on your porch, so I gave it to you”.

Week 28 (21)

“Ahhhhh!”  Marie screamed, “Brooklyn, why did you hit me in the face with the ball so hard?”  “I didn’t mean to! Relax.”Said Brooklyn. “But it hurts when you throw it.” Said Marie. “Let’s play”. Brooklyn said. “Alrigh, but promise not to hit me again? “
Yes Marie, I promise. “After a few minutes…”Ow”!” As she let out a pitiful howl, Marie held her nose in pain. “Oh, sorry Marie.”Said Brooklyn with a shroud. “Your turn.” Marie said as she hit the ball towrds Brooklyn. Then, Brookyn hits the to Marie “Karma”.  The End!

Week 27 (21)
 Hi, my name is Evelyn, and today, I am getting my dream toys. My dream toys are a purple elephant, and painted violin. I am so happy that I was getting them, for me and my cousin Olivia to play with later when she comes tomorrow.
                 My dad said, “ we will go to the store later around four o’clock, to get your dream toys.”
                When the clock said, three fifty nine, I got really excited. I was waiting so long for my dad to give me the word, “ let's go”. 
                 My dad came down, and said, “ the store is closed”. 

            The construction workers are working on our driveway. They are putting this pavement stuff on.                         
               Then something really funny happened, this guy was standing on the pavement and before he knew it, he was sinking. The poor guy was covered in pavement.
                  The workers then went back to their work, later the one guy pulled a red ladder out of the truck.  I didn know what they were doing with it, but they were doing something.
                    Afterwards  the workers went on a lunch break, sadly the on guy forgot his wallet, but he found enough coins to get a sandwich. 
Week 26 (21)
           Emily and my friends went to the store to go get some marmite.  When they got there, everyone  was  trying to get some too.  So they  had to wait in  a huge line which was horrible.  When it was finally there,                                                                       
              The store owner said “ you don’t like marmite do you”,                                                                                                      
                      “ NO! They said, ``I like marmite.” “I love it actually”,                                                   
                             but the owner didn’t believe them so he kicked them out of the store, and that was the end of that.
                             The girls were mad, so they stole from the store, but he saw, and he called the police.

Week 25 (21)

               Hi my name is Olivia, and today  I am going to tell you a story about a sad part of my
            My dad was a famous Soldier who fought for his country, but sadly he died because someone shot him in World war two. It was the saddest day of my life , and, because he was so good, the leader had put a statue of him outside of the base. 
            Dan, the leader, stood up and spoke for my dad. He said “he was the best soldier there ever was, and that it was so sad to lose him”.

Week 24 (21)
           Today on the news it said there was going to be a rainbow, and I was so excited because I have never seen one before, well that’s only because I am five, 
        Then my mom said  “ at the end of a rainbow there's a pot of gold with a leprechaun with it, my mom also said a leprechaun may come to your house,
            So I decided to make a trap, to catch it. I see the rainbow my Mom yelled.
                          I ran over to see it, the orange one spoke first, it was the brightest out of all of them.

Week 23 (21)

 Today was my birthday, and my dad got me brown balloons, I never would have thought he would get me brown balloons but he did.  It was finally my birthday party, and everyone saw the balloons, it was frightening, because what if they judge me on my “ balloons” I wanted.  My dad planned a kick ball game outside, and I kicked the ball so hard, it went into the neighbor's yard. My other friends kicked it hard too, but I kicked it the hardest.
It’s time to sing and eat cake, then it was the best part OPENING THE PRESENTS!!

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…
                                                Bad Day
         Alisa got a brand new bike for her birthday, and it was her favorite color, yellow. When she rode it for the first time she almost cried she was so happy, but when she rode it to the store, it was gone! When she came back out, Alisa said “I put it on the tree?” “ But where did it go?” she shouted as she cried.  She worried that when she told her parents that she was going to be in big trouble. She told her parents and all they said was 
         “ We are very disappointed in you Alisa…”
Week 20 (21)
  “Come on Emma why did you leave the bike here when we went in the store.” See what happens, some jerk tied it up so now  we can’t ride it, and they took my bike!”
        “I am sorry, I wanted to go into the store too. I didn’t think anybody would do something like that.” 
         “It’s ok, now we just got to walk home. Wait, we can buy something sharp in the store and cut the wire.”
         “Yeah! Great idea! They have knife’s that can work.”
               “Yeah! Give it to me, I will try to cut the rope.”
                                “It worked!!!”
Week 19 (21)

          Today is my birthday and all my friends are coming, even my enemies. The only reason they are coming is because my parents said everyone in your grade is coming, because we have such a big house.             
              Everyone was here and it was time to go play in the pool, we played marco polo. Then when we were done playing in the pool it was time to eat pizza. After we all ate it was time for everyone to go home but one of my enemies just wouldn’t take off. He wanted to stay.  I felt so bad for him.

Week 18 (21)

          I was desperate for this yellow  bicycle I saw in the store, so I begged my mom for it. I asked her everyday, but one day she warned me to not ask her again or she will not get it. That didn’t stop me, the next I said to my mother greedily I want the yellow bicycle.
           My mom and dad said “ because you are being rude you are grounded for one week.
                   But I said, I have a playdate with Mena tomorrow.
                          “ Well I guess you just have to cancel,” my parents said.
                                      Fine I said, ‘’ I am sorry.”

Week 16 (21)

            Hi, today is the day I get to be in the play and , I have a solo to sing! 
 I am so, so excited.  In the play my name is lily but really my name is Olivia .
        My mom always says “ you shouldn’t try to be someone you are not”. 
            She just doesn’t get it’s a play.  It’s time to get on stage and do my solo!  But after I sang everything stopped and everyone starred at me and booed. I was so embarrassed I just ran off stage. My play teacher said 
      “They were all wrong you were great”.     

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     I was with my friends on a camping trip, our moms and dads were making dinner. So while we were waiting we went to go look around. As we were playing around in the trees, we heard a sound coming closer and closer to us, so we climbed the tree as fast as we could, and watched. Then we say this weird looking thing without a head. We screamed so loud that the weird lady ran away! We climbed back down and went back to the camp. When we got there our parents were gone. They pranked us, you guys.

Week 13 (21)

       It was a Halloween night and I was watching a nice movie because I didn’t like scary movies. When it went to commercial I went to the kitchen to get a snack, and when I came back a scary movie was on. I said to myself I didn’t remember putting it on.  I just ignore it and put my movie back on. On the next commercial I went to the bathroom and when I came back the scary movie was on again! When I turned it back to my movie A scary creature came popping out of my tv. Ahhhhhh.

Week 11 (21)

              Today me and my family are going to the beach. When I got there I was feeling crafty, so I took my white bucket and built a sand castle, I built a three story house with a  leaf  flag it looked good. When I was done I called my mom and dad so I could show them my sand castle ,but on their way over a  mean kid stepped on it on purpose and put a big pile of leaves too. I was so upset  so I tried to build it quick so my mom and dad could see it.   

Week 10 (21)
     Hi , my name is Bella and I just got a big dog for my birthday. He is so                big he can’t even fit in my parents' cars.  For Christmas I wished for him to be     smaller so he can go places with us. Sadly it didn't happen. I got another dog for Christmas who was even bigger. if only it was a bit smaller I said to my Mom and Dad.  
       My Mom and Dad said that “you should be grateful that we are even buying two dogs for you”. I rolled my eyes and walked away thinking.

Week 9 (21) 2 comments, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page

Me and my friend Jack are bee hunters and we got a call from a woman who said “ THERE IS A HUGE BEE IN MY YARD!” So we came right over and  inspected it. It was a bee that we have never seen before. We took it back to the lab and investigated. We took pictures and everything else you could think of to figure out what bee it was. But we just couldn’t. Also  some good news was TV News wanted an interview with us and the bee! Then this really cool scientist told us what the bee was.

Week 8 (21)

Patria was in a community race to win 200 dollars. She ran the track every day until the race was here. She practiced and practiced, When finally it was race time the announcer said “ ON YOUR MARK GET READY GO”!! Then they did and Patria was in the lead very close to the finish line. While exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fist in excitement, jumping around because she won the race! The announcer was so happy because the announcer was patria husband. He ran down to her and said ¨ WE JUST WON 200 DOLLARS!
Week 7 (21)

Jenna danced with her scooter like it was a person. While she was dancing she tripped over a rock and fell face first on the concrete.

When she came home to show her mom she saw a big red bump on her face. She gave her ice and told her “ go lay on the couch”. So she did and she laid on her big fluffy pillow. The next day when the bump went down she went on a scooter ride with her friends. This time she will be careful not to scarp her face on the concrete.

Week 6 (21)

It was HALLOWEEN and me and my friends wanted to go into a haunted house. So my mom drove there and she came with us.

When we got in there was a weird chest that said “ DO NOT OPEN OR ELSE”.

After that we just went on with the rest of the haunted house”.

On our way back to my house I said to my mom “ but I had to see what was inside of the box.

My mom just said “ you are crazy it was probably just an empty box”. But I didn’t listen I went back there AND…
Week 5 (21)

The big war

Today was the big war of the seven seas so we all had to prepare for the war. We all got suited up and loaded our weapons and our cannons. We were waiting for our rivals to come. When they came we shot them before they could shoot us and then we got our big gun out…... THE CANNON! We shot it right at the middle where all of them were hiding and we got most of them except for one guy who said “ I surrender please don't kill me”. We said get out now or else!...
Week 4(21)

I walked down my street carrying my violon to school, and as I was walking,I tripped over a green prickly cactus! That was in front of the old lady’s house that I lived three houses from! I had bruised my knee really bad to where it bled. So I called my mom and told her to come and get me because I got hurt. She came right away. After she got me all cleaned up, she drove me to school. When I got to school I realized that I forgot my violin in front of the old lady’s house!!

Week 3(21)

Jayden was on his way to school but he ran into some bullies that were in his school. He was so scared that he turned around and took the long way to school ,but that didn’t do him any good because he was late to school. Jayden and his best friend ate lunch together but ,the bullies said ‘’ HEY GIVE ME YOUR LUNCH’’and Jayden and his best friend said okay here.They never should have said yes cause now they are starving. Now it was time for everyone to go home but Jayden didn’t tell anybody about what happened today.

Practice Week

Justin’s mama and papa gave him a list for the things he needs for thanksgiving dinner. So he went to the orchard and got pumpkins for his mama famous pumpkin pie and hay for his cow.While Justin is taking the things back into the house the cow ate all of the pumpkins. But he didn't want his mama to know that he lost all her pumpkins.So he went back to the orchard and got more pumpkins. As soon he got home

His mom started to make the pumpkin pie. When they finished making dinner they started to eat.


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