Week 36 (21)
“Can we leave now? Museums are boring,” I whine.
“We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet,” says Mom.
“What’s the best part?” I ask.
“The statue of Harry Ulton,” answers Mom. 
“Who the heck is that?” I ask.
“My great, great, great, great Grandfather,” Mom says.
“Why is there a statue of him?” I ask.
“He was the founder of one of the smallest towns in the country,” Mom answers.
We go through all the other boring exhibits before we get to the statue.
“We are here,” Mom says as she looks at the statue. I look too. 

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“Hey guys it’s LJ. Here is my new song, San Diego. Hey! I get my water bottles from San Diego...” LJ sings.
“OMG this concert is awesome,” I shout trying to make it so Sally, my friend, can hear me.
“Yeah, but which way to the shops?” she panted.
“This way,” I say pointing to the right.
Sally and I start walking to where we see a canopy set up with lights. 
It turns out the food and souvenirs are free so Sally and I eat and carry all we can. After that, Sally and I had a great time.

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My family’s going to England! My great Uncle Ryan lives there.

By the time we got there we were all tired from jet lag. We went to bed almost the minute we got there, but my parents said the real reason why we were there was because Uncle Ryan died. We were going to his funeral the next day. 

Week 32 (21)
Tomorrow’s my birthday. Hooray!  I hope I get an iphone 12.  Mom’s making a red velvet cake. I’m going to the Great Escape to celebrate.   
The next day…
Once we get there the first thing we do is we go to a souvenir store. The lights got so bright. It was almost like a flash of light, then, darkness. I feel something falling, but then the lights come on.  I see balloons falling and a banner with Happy Birthday Willow on it. I’m sooooooooooooooo happy that my mom did this for me. I also got the phone and the cake. 

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I dislike school.
My teacher is wrinkled and weird. Mr. Joles tells me to be quiet when I am asking somebody else to be quiet. 
Everybody in my class hates me. They say they hate me because I like mushrooms.
Another thing is that two of the class rules are that: you will be quiet, and you will mind your own business. Johnny Thomas does not do that. 
I am kinda wistful about Boston because I had to move to New York City. 
(I wish I could take my dad’s kayak and the oars and paddle far away from school!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Week 30 (21)

I’m playing with toys in my room, but then Nick, my older brother, shouts “The TV is shaking.”
Mom says, “There was probably a big truck on the road when it shook.” 
Nick shouts, “It is still shaking.”  
Mom tells Nick to get me and to come back to the  living room.  
Nick comes into my room and tells me to go downstairs.
I ask, “Why is the TV shaking?” 
Mom says, “There is a tiny earthquake, we’ll be fine.”
Suddenly darkness enveloped the room, because the power’s out. The only thing that’s keeping the room lit is the fireplace.

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I’m walking down the street. I come across a fence post with the number 29. I peek through the fence to see if the house is abandoned because I don’t remember a house being here. It is not abandoned because there’s a new car there. 
I walk to the house to meet who lives there. I knock. The door opens on it’s own. I shout “hello” into the house. Nobody answers. I start to walk away, but the person who lives there comes out. The woman looks old and crazy. Before I get hurt or in trouble I run home. 

Week 28 (21)
I’m happy that I saved a life weeks ago.
Weeks ago...
I was riding my bike with a wagon attached. I came across a wounded dog. I put the dog in the wagon so I could bring it to the vet. I started riding, but as it let a pitiful howl of pain I realized that I need to go faster.
I pedaled as fast as I could to the vet. I made it there and my mom (a vet) saw the dog. She brought it into the exam room, then she helped the dog. I adopted the stray dog. 

Week 27 (21)
Today I have a violin lesson with a new teacher. I've seen pictures of her. She has purple hair and an elephant tattoo. I'm really excited and happy to meet her. 
Once I got there I remembered the picture I painted in my mind about what my teacher would be like. My teacher's name is Ms.Butt. Kids in my lesson group are making fun of her for her name. I told the kids to stop and show respect to Ms.Butt. Ms.Butt thanked me for telling the kids to stop and show respect to her after the lesson. 

I want to tell you about my secret toe. I’ve had an extra toe since I was born. It always looked red, maybe because a ladder fell on my toe when I was little. I’ve been trying to save up coins because I want a doctor to look and find out why it’s still red. I have enough. 

I’m walking to the doctor, but as I walk I feel myself sinking into the hot, new pavement. Somehow I get out of the pavement, but I don’t need to go to the doctor because the hot pavement melted the toe off. 

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“Eliza! Angelica! Wake up! It’s our birthday,” yelled the Schuyler triplets (Catherine, Cornelia, and Peggy).
“We know. Can we sleep?” asked Angelica. 
“You have to bake our cake,” said Catherine.  
“We’ll get started,” said Eliza.
 Two hours later…
Eliza and Angelica were about to frost the cake, but they were interrupted by Cornelia. “Wait! No,” she said, “I like Marmite.”
“What?” asked Angelica.
“Marmite, you said you would put it on my cake,” said Cornelia, “Luckily I have a secret stash. Don’t tell.” 
The triplets picked out odd toppings for their cake. In the end the cake was oddly delicious. 

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Last night I couldn't sleep so I grabbed my paints, a canvas and I started painting. I made a painting of flowers in a vase. Once I finished, it was 2:00 A.M so I went back to bed. 
I had a dream about the flowers I painted. The flowers were committing a crime. They got arrested. The flowers were interrogated and the orange one spoke first and confessed so all the other flowers would be let free. The other flowers made a plan to break the flower out of jail, but will they get caught or be arrested…?

Week 23 (21)
Yesterday I went to a Halloween party. It was so awesome. I was dressed up as a frightening clown (I was supposed  to be Pennywise, but I had a brown balloon, not red). 
When I got to the party I saw my friend, Jazmyne, and Thriller was playing (our favorite halloween song) so we started dancing and singing to the song. 
Jazmyne was singing so loud that the neighbors down the street could hear her so she got kicked off of that street forever. I never knew that a person could be so loud. 
I loved the party a lot. 

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“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

I got a diamond phone case for my birthday.
The next day…
“Look at my phone,” I said.
“Can I hold it?” Ashley asked.
“Yes, but be careful,” I answered. 
“I'm going to the bathroom,” Ashley said.
“Can I have my phone back?” I asked. 
“Sure,” Ashley said. 
I slip the phone into my pocket. 
“I need to go too,” I said.
After we went to the bathroom...
“Did you take my phone?” I asked.
“No, but where did it go?” Ashley shouted.  
We’re about to give up, then my pocket starts buzzing. 
“That’s where my phone is,” I said. 

Week 20 (21)
I was flying around because I am Captain Celery, the superhero. I saw a bike that looked like the rider crashed into a tree. Where is the rider? Is he alright? I have a mission to find the rider of the bike. 

First I need to find out who the bike belongs to. I go around asking “Who does this bike belong to?” while showing the people the bike.

“That bike belongs to my son, Camron. He told me he got into a crash and he’s home resting,” Camron’s dad says. 

“Thank you Sir. My mission is complete,” I say. 
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“I can’t wait to build a rocket for the science fair!” I screamed.

“Me too,” Joey shouted.

“Let’s get started,” Joey said.

“Step one…” I said. 

Two hours later. 

“We’re done! Let’s go see if it works,” I screamed.
“Three, Two, One, blast off!” Joey and I screamed together. 

The rocket just sits there doing nothing. 

“Why didn’t the rocket take off?” Joey asked as I kept pressing the “blast off” button. 

I stopped pressing the “blast off” button. Joey and I started to walk away. 

When it just wouldn’t take off, the rocket started to soar through the sky. 

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I was walking in the woods and I saw something in the distance and it saw me too. I started to walk away, but then the beast started to charge at me so I ran, but then… I realized that the beast was not something to be afraid of because the beast was not charging at me any more.

 I started to walk towards the beast and it was spelling something and it said “I need help, my leg is injured.” I helped the beast with his leg injury. The beast ran off and I never saw the beast again.  

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If I could describe the year it would be unpredictable. It would be unpredictable because nobody saw the pandemic coming. The only thing I wish would've happened would be that we got a warning about how the world was about to go into lockdown. I wish we got a warning because I missed a lot of stuff, but if we got the warning I could have done some stuff. 

I hope that 2021 will be healthy because I want the world to be healthy and everbody on it to be healthy. I hoped that 2021 is the best year ever. 

Week 13 (21)
Last week I went to Macy’s and I got accused of shoplifting. I put on a hat that I didn’t remember putting it on. When I left with the hat on, somebody thought I was shoplifting. As soon as I left the store the Employee yelled “STOP!” Somebody checked my bag and then she saw my hat. The employee took it off my head and asked why I didn’t pay for it. I told them I didn’t remember putting it on. They thought I was lying, so they told me I was banned from that store, but I didn’t care. 

Week 11 (21)

I’m riding through the rolling hills. Underneath me I hear the crackling leaves. I come across a white castle. It is huge! That is where the Queen of Morgville lives. I hate her because she tryed to kidnap me. 
I go inside pretending to be her messenger. She doesn't know it’s me. I walk through her castle.  I get into the room where she is. I knock her out with a chair! I run through her castle taking all I can grab. I take what I think is a sewing box with her name on it. She must be crafty.

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I can’t wait until I can give this present to my friend. Oh, I forgot to wrap the present! I have to get wrapping paper and a box. I get the stuff and start wrapping. 

I try to finish wrapping the present before dinner but I’m rushing. I try to fit the present in the box but it won’t fit. 

“If only it was a bit smaller it would fit,” I grumble.

I have the wrong box!  I need the bigger box. I wrap the present in the big box. I give the present to my friend. She loves it.  

Week 9 (21)
Last week we went on a field trip to a bee farm. It was  cool when we saw an old beehive. The amount of honey they make every day was insane. Once we got to see the bees behind the glass the people asked us if we would want to be a beekeeper. We said yes.

Once we got in our suits we got to see the bees. Some bees landed on me but they didn’t sting. 

After we toured the bee farm we got some honey flavored ice cream but some bees wanted a bite. Best field trip ever!

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I grab the last cookie. Ally asks if we could share it. Ally thinks that I gave her the smaller half when I didn’t.

Then she gets up and throws my lunch on the floor. She looks around the room and sees my science project that I’m working on, runs as fast as she can to smash my project but I’m chasing her. She is exhausted and breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and instead of destroying my project she walked away and came back a few minutes later. Ally got in lots of trouble because of her actions.

Week 7 (21)

Yesterday it was Fluffy’s birthday. We went all around town on my scooter doing fun things. We went to the groomer to make Fluffy look fancy and we went to the pet store and got a red leash.

After we did some fun things we took a walk but the concrete hurt Fluffy’s paws so I had to carry him.

When we got home our favorite song was on. We danced so much that Fluffy slept for the rest of the day.

After dinner we woke Fluffy up and gave him his birthday treat and sang happy birthday to Fluffy.

Week 6 (21)

I’m building my master plan to see what I am getting for Christmas. I get all the stuff I need to pull off the plan.

I send Molly into Mom’s room where Mom is gift wrapping, but she doesn't know there's a hidden camera on Molly’s onesie.

When Mom realizes Molly is in there Mom picks Molly up, checks her for any cameras. Mom finds the camera on Molly. She puts it aside.

“When will you give up?” Mom asks.

“But I had to see what was inside!” I answer.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“I know you are,” Mom said.

Week 5 (21)
I’m excited to go to Fort William Henry tomorrow. Aunt Tessie and Uncle Vernon live in Lake George. We visit them every year. I got to pick where we go this year.

I pack my backpack then we go. We grab breakfast on the way. When we get to their house I don’t want to stay too long, but we do. When we finally get there, there's a long line to get in. The first thing we get to see is a cannon then we realize that they are about to close. Mom said that we can come back tomorrow.

Week 4(21)
Last week I had a violin lesson at school. That morning I walked to school, when I passed Sara’s house their lawn looked very green. When I got to school my violin teacher Mrs.Johnson was very prickly that morning because she couldn't do her morning tango with her cat. I was happy when I learned to play Pierrot’s door. On my way home I tripped over a stick. I almost broke my violin but Marco safely grabbed the violin before it could hit the ground. When I got home I realized that I bruised my arm badly. I'm ok.

Week 3 (21)
“Emma, Hannah, do you remember me? asked Johnny.

“I remember you from first grade,” said Emma.

“ I remember you,” said Hannah.

“Do you still trust me?” asked Johnny.

“Absolutely,” said Emma.

“Yes,” said Hannah.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” said Johnny.

“They never should have said yes,” said Johnny.

“Emma, Hannah, can you come to my house after school?” asked Johnny.

“Yeah,” said Emma.

“Yes,” said Hannah.

“Welcome to my house, big right? We have a lot of charging space,”said Johnny.

“What!? Are you a robot?” asked Emma.

“Yes,” said Johnny.

“Friends?” asked Johnny.

“Yes,” said Emma.

Practice Week

Mom just asked me to go get milk for my baby sister, very cranky today. Time to get that milk. I hop on my bike and start riding.

I see the other boys riding the new and cool bikes. Owwwwwwwwwww. They made me crash into a hay bail. I think I may have a broken arm.I see a house over there, maybe they can help? They welcome me into their home. They’re actually are in the middle of carving pumpkins. Bad news Dr. Judge thinks I have a broken arm and he puts it in a cast for me.


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