Week 34 (21)

It was cold and we couldn't see each other. It was snowing so much that in seconds our feets were stuck under the snow. Our plane to come back to New York was broken. We were stuck in antarctica. We started exploring to find a cave. We were the first scientists to come to this part of Antarctica in -60 celsius. I saw a penguin. It was a weird penguin when I got close it started to attack me so I ran quickly back. We got into a cave with a big wall but I didn’t realise they could fly!   

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The sea was blue like the sky. Grass was soft like a pillow. We were at a picnic. my little sister was sleeping. My mom was reading a book. My dad and my little brother were playing soccer. I told my mom that I was going to swim in the sea. I ran to the sea but suddenly I stopped. I was staring at this weird big stone tower. I didn't know what to do. It looked like there was something in there. I decided to explore it and on top of the tower there were 3 quarters from 1796...  

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And around the corner there were BIG mushrooms. I was shocked! 

(wait wait let me tell you what happened in the beginning)

40 minutes ago

 I gave the money to the fisherman to get into his canoe. He let me in. I was doing the rule of the canoe. It's the oar. Suddenly the water wrinkled and it shook me off the canoe. I swam to the bridge and around the corner there were BIG mushrooms. I was shocked!. I was scared. But still I went through the mushrooms. It was like an imaginary world. It was a wistful story. 

Week 30 (21)

I was writing my 100 word challenge in the classroom. I typed more and more as my teacher answered questions and helped students. Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room… we didn't know what happened. the speaker said “calm down everybody.”

 As he said that, the lights turned on but we were not in school but in a desert. We started walking and we heard a noise coming from the sky. Was it a hero trying to get us back? The noise was “Wake up Mir it's time for school” 

and I woke up. It was all a dream... or was it.

Week 29 (21)

One day when we were playing soccer Andrew kicked the ball so hard that it went in the 29th block. We said Andrew was the one to get because he was the one who threw the ball to the 29th block so he climbed  the fences of the 29th block as he trembled. When he got to the other side “if I don't come back give my phone to Mir.” He said. We all started laughing “it's not that serious just get the ball” said Axon he walked until Andrew threw the ball  to us but Andrew never came back. 

Week 28 (21)

The sun was rising and my dad shouted, “Wake up!” 

I woke up and my dad had made us eggs and sausage. 

After breakfast my dad told me that he was going to get sticks for the fire and I needed to look after my boring 3 year old brother.

 It was boring until my dad texted me. He was going to get food and he would come back to the camp tomorrow. Now I am stuck with my boring brother. Suddenly, I saw a trapped wolf! I was really scared. I tried to help as it let out a pitiful howl… 


Week 27 (21)

Year 2400. Mark was on a trip in Bloxtopia. The sound of flying cars were loud. Mark went to a shop and walked around to find a rocket ship  to make his school project. He couldn't find it and he walked and walked until when he turned back he couldn't see the exit. Suddenly he sucekd into a ROOM!! Where there was a time machine it was dusty  he got on it and he went to a secret time. In that time there were purple elephants drawing violins. Elephants were happy because they painted Mark turned back to normal time. 


Diago and his classmates were on a big school trip going to europe. They were gonna take the ship. and then the ship was sinking. His classmates were dropping into the dark sea.  Diago jumped onto the big red ladder while his coins were falling to the dark sea. He jumped on the ship's parking dock. While the pavement was melting the cars were dropping and one car hit him he was going to fall. At the last second he was holding the ship. The ship was straight and there were sharks below him. He was holding onto his life. 

Week 26 (21)

  The new Marmite Lovers Club was opened 11 months ago. The second team was the Marmite Club; they both would try to make the most marmite at the end of the month. However, the Marmite Lovers Club won every time. So, the Marmite Club was going to cheat. 

Hex said, “Let's let the squirrels eat all the marmite.”  

So, they got all the Marmite Lover Club’s marmite and gave them to the squirrels. 

When the club found out that they didn’t have their marmite  Aiden said, “We can do this together!” and they worked hard and won the competition  again.   

Week 24 (21)

Long time ago, there was a nation called The Rainbow and it had a heart in the middle. But the heart was fully touching the blue city. And orange, red, green and yellow was jealous blue’s king said  

“the heart is everybody's it doesn't mean we just have it if we have it inside of us.” However  they didn't listen.  They stole it stole the heart now every part of the heart was in every nation but then. They got in a big war because they wanted more pieces. The orange one spoke first, it's ours and stole it all.

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“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

     Maia went outside at 9:45 with her friends for a picnic. They put the money on a bench to play first. They played till 10:05 and they were tired.

       “It's time for the picnic” Maia said and everyone agreed “…but where did it go?” Maia shouted… 

     The money wasn't there, they looked around and they saw a 40s man  carrying the money in his hand. They knew that it was their money because the wallet had Maia on it and they came closer. 

         “Give our money back!” John shouted and the man did and they had a picnic.     

Week 20 (21)

The Bike Crash 

I was walking with friends on the sidewalk with ice cream in our hands. And suddenly from the back we heard a BARK! And again BARK! BARK! When we looked back we saw a giant!! Dog running at us. I saw a yellow bike and got on it and I used the bike to run away but the dog came closer. I couldn't pay attention on the road so I crashed into a tree and. ...and I was the dog's food… a butcher close by chased the dog with a cow leg and he called an ambulance. 

Welcome to GES at FMS!  Your first 100 WC will be WEEK 19.

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A plane wouldn't take off. If there weren't the wings that help the plane infiltrate in the air.

 Or the engine. Engine helps the plane control the speed. The wheels. A plane wouldn't take off or land if there weren't wheels. 

Pilot.  The plane wouldn't take off if there is no one who is going to drive the plane. 

The tail. A plane wouldn't take off if there wasn't a tail. A tail can provide stability for the plane and the tail includes control surfaces for the plane. 

“If there wasn't these things a plane couldn't take off.” 


  1. I loved your story!!!!! I loved it case it was soooo funny!!!! I loved the part where you said "Or the engine. Engine helps the plane control the speed. The wheels. A plane wouldn't take off or land if there weren't wheels.

    Pilot. The plane wouldn't take off if there is no one who is going to drive the plane."

    It was a funny part of the story!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Week 19
    Hi Mil,
    I enjoyed reading your story. Well done.
    I liked the factual element to your story … learning about all the necessary parts that a plane needs for it to take off.

    Good work.
    Keep writing.

    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)


  3. I liked your story mir keep it up bro


  4. Mir, Great job on your 1st Story! It was very good. I like the part where it said "A plane wouldn't take off. If there weren't the wings that help the plane infiltrate in the air." And I like the fact that you used the word "infiltrate!"
    Keep Writing.
    - Elliott Iddings

  5. Mir,
    I enjoyed reading your week 19 story. It taught me a lot about planes. I like learning new things in peoples 100WC storys, and in yours I definitlly learned somthing new!
    Keep up the awesome writing.

    -Gemma Sela

  6. Mir,
    your week 19 100WC was amazing. I liked how it told me all the parts about a plane and how it will not take off without all the parts it needs. great job

    Keep writing


  7. Hi Mir,

    I stopped in to read your Week 20 100WC, which made me laugh out loud. Those picnicking kids were mighty brave to stand up to the older wallet crooks. I don't think I would have been as brave. Your story reminded me of when I set down my brand new, very expensive sunglasses on a rock next to a waterfall. We were hiking a popular trail, and I stopped for only a minute to snap a photo. We hiked on for another five minutes when I realized I'd left my sunglasses. We quickly returned to the rock, but the sunglasses were gone. In less than 10 minutes, someone had snatched them as their own. Argh! So, as you can see, your story is very relatable. I never saw anyone with my glasses, although you can bet I looked for the duration of the hike. :)

    Keep on writing!
    Mrs. Rombach - Team 100WC
    8th Grade English & Communications Teacher from VA/USA

  8. Dear Mir,
    You shared about a fun afternoon with friends until danger showed up. The contrast caught my attention. While I'm not so sure that was a safe choice that John made, I am thankful all ended well!

    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Silver
    Team 100
    IL, USA

  9. mir you 22 100 word challenge you maia shouted but you had to do she shouted. mason

  10. Happy for you to be showcased mir .
    Suzanna Sara Cherian

  11. week 24 i like how you call the nation rainbow-brian L

  12. Hi Mir I loved your 100wc week 24 because it sounds like that could be a good movie and rainbow nation is a nation with every color as a city


  13. Hey Mir
    I like your 100WC because the orange city stole ALL the pieces! It made me laugh!


  14. Mir
    Your week 26 story is very funny! I like how your beginning starts like "The new Marmite Lovers Club was opened 11 months ago."
    Keep up the awesome writing
    -Gemma Sela🌺

  15. HI mir I loved your week 26 100 wc because they had a marmite club and the other team was trying to sabotage them


  16. I love how you left the story on a cliffhanger


  17. In week 24 it kind of reminded me of the French and Indian war. They were fighting for land and these guys are fighting for a heart. ~Ellie

  18. your story are funny 😂🤣🤣😂
    brian l

  19. I really liked week 29! I wonder why Andrew did not come back. ~ Suhaani

  20. HI Mir
    I loved your week 29 100 wc because andrew said give my phone to mir and all of you guys said it was a joke but he never came back


  21. I like when andrew kicked the ball it went to the 29th block,. It was Good, By that I mean Go0d

    -Ahmet Dagli :)

  22. Kia ora Mir. Well done, I really enjoyed reading your 100 Word Challenge. I like how your story begins at (almost) the end, and then you take the reader back to the start. I also like your sentence 'Suddenly the water wrinkled....'. That's a really interesting use of the word, and a lovely way to describe water! Keep up the super writing Mir!
    Heidi (Team 100WC, New Zealand)

  23. hi Mir I liked your week 31 100wc because you started with your ending

  24. mir I like the start of your week 31 how it was a flashback Joey Aloy.

  25. i like your week 26 because it funny -jason

  26. your week 33 story sounds scary mysterious keep up the good work mir


  27. 3 quarters from 1796 wow thats cool and creative good job. mason

  28. Mir,
    I really liked how you used snow in your Week 34 piece!
    - Elliott Iddings {Keep Writing}

  29. I like how you guys were stuck in Antarctica. (brrrrr)

    ________AHMET________DAGLI________ (wk 34)

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  31. I loved how you used snow in week 34(:

  32. Mir the week 34 was good and fun and i wish there was more to the story keep writing
    From: Jacob.R
    cohort 1

  33. I like that week 34 starts at the end then goes back to what happened before the story started.