Week 36 (21)
“Dad your so cool” “why am I so cool then son give me a reason” “well because you have a statue of yourself” “well I guess that is kind of cool but it’s not that cool” “then what's better than having a statue of yourself” “family family is better than having a statue” “I guess you're right yeah you are right, but dad you have a group of people outside the house and they want your autograph” “ugh not again” creek snap snap snap “hey stop taking pictures of me get out of here and don’t come back ever again.”   
Week 35 (21)
‘Which way to the shops?’ It panted “this way” “wait how does your dog It talk?” “What do you mean of course he talks” “but he’s a dog” “ohhhh right I figured out that he could talk like two weeks ago” “wait why do we even need to go to the shops?” “I want to go to the shops to buy all of the dog food and toys and most of all so we can get another dog.” 
     “It watch where your going It watch out” bang! Bam! “NO NO NO you hit my dog I will get my revenge.” 

Week 34 (21)
“What's that boots why are you boots in the middle of the road so i'm going to grab you well no i'm not going to grab you just because you told me to come and grab you well ok just because you said please wow these are so cool no there not what do they even do wow I didn't realise they could fly! That's so much more cooler I thought the boots were just normal boots” “thanks for liking me” “wait i've been talking to the boots that are flying right now” “yep you have” “that's so cool ugh.       
Week 33 (21)
¨yay we finally made it to the mining village¨ ¨wait why is there a giant tower here there wasn't giant towers at the other mining villages¨ ¨ummm I dont know do you know¨ ¨I just said dwah never mind¨ ¨why did you just say dwah¨ ¨I said that because you don't listen to anything I say¨ ¨ huh what did you say¨ ¨ugh never mind¨ ¨can we go to the village now¨ ¨yes now let's go¨ ¨are we there yet?¨ ¨no¨ ¨what about now NO¨ ¨what 

Week 32 (21)
   “I gave the people a flash of light, then, darkness because I left the area so I could stop the thief who was mind controlling everyone. 
    He was making them say when I get you I'm gonna eat you, people were with the people who were mind controlled people said when I get you I'm gonna to eat you so the other people ran for their lives and when they got home they went in lock down but but when I got there he was gone so the bad guy got away he's lucky but not for long.
    ¨Goodnight kids.     

Week 31 (21)
¨Bro you spelled it wrong its oar not or thats a rule¨ ¨what's the difference you literally said the same thing and how is that a rule¨  ¨there are more than one ors bro¨ ¨ohhhh that makes more sense now, lets eat some mushroom pizza okay¨ ¨for the millionth time I don't like mushrooms¨ ¨ohh right sorry, lets go to the pool after we eat the pizza¨ ¨but were going to get so wrinkled¨ ¨so¨ howl ¨did you hear that wistful howl¨ ¨you mean pitiful howl¨ ¨uhh yeah pitiful howl¨ ¨dude what the heck is wrong with you ugh.¨ 

Week 29 (21)
Just a normal day of among us but there is an imposter again so that's bad.
     ¨hello guys¨ red said ¨hi¨ green, black and orange said ¨what are you guys building? ¨we are building a portal¨ ¨like that will work¨ ¨and done¨ ¨that was fast¨ ¨yep let's all jump in at the same time 3...2...1 jump.
     Bonk ¨ where am I why is there a mailbox here with the number 29 0n it here meh.
     Ahhhhhhhh bonk ow ¨hi guys¨ ¨hi where are we¨ ¨I don´t know¨ ¨were on earth¨ ¨nooooo who are wait don't step on us... 

Week 28 (21)
¨ddd...dddddocter yyyooo...yyyoour aaaa werewolf¨ ugh ¨wake up Justin Justin are you okay bro¨ ¨go away mom let me sleep for ten more minutes¨ ¨WAKE UP JUSTIN¨ Nick yelled ¨im up im up¨ we'll hit the weredocter on the leg with a pipe pow then they looked at the werewolf as it let out a pitiful howl just then Justin and Nick ran out of there as fast as they could and hid from the weredocter but the weredocter found them Justin and Nick both ¨goodbye¨… ¨alright kids go to bed¨ ¨what happened to them¨ ¨nobody knows goodnight¨ ¨goodnight¨.  

Week 27 (21)

I was so excited Because there is a parade today and mom said there was going to Be a elephant that is painted Purple I was so happy that I could go to a parade But I have a Violin lesson at lets see at 5:00 and the parade ends at 4:30 so I can go to the Parade “oh ya oh ya letsa go mom” “ok let's go.” “we're finally here, it took 2 hours to get here” “wait you forgot your violin” mom said “i hate my life let’s go back and get it” sigh ughhhhh. 

Week 24 (21)
(Blue) “hey you” (all) “hey who” (blue) “the orange one spoke first” (orange) “you mean speke first” (blue) “speke first why were you near the body” (orange) “I walked into the room and ran past the body to do my task” (blue) “then why didn’t you report when you were done with your task” (orange) “because I didn’t finish it” (blue) “ok then let's skip orange don’t do that again though ok” (orange) “hu what ohh uh sure” (next meeting) (blue) “orange” (orange) “what” (blue) “you did the same thing over again (orange) “so what” orange was not the imposter. 
Week 23 (21)
  my brother and I were playing, never have I ever, it was my brother's turn, and he said “never have I ever talked to a stranger” now it was my turn, and I said “never have I ever kicked a brown balloon that looked frightening.” Then it was my brother’s turn but he was  in shock on why what I just said was so specific but then he went, and he tried to be so specific too he said “never have I ever been doing my biggest fear for more than two minutes” then I said “bro that is bad.”   

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

One day in the land of monsters there was a family of six there was a little girl a big brother a little brother the mom the dad and their dog, hiding in the land of monsters because they didn’t want to get eaten but one one of the monsters saw the dog so it ran to try and find a way to eat them. The girl shouted “,but where did it go?” she shouted. Then the slimy monster took the little girl and ate her. Then everybody started to cry. Then They hid forever from that day and on.    

Week 20 (21)
   One day I saw a bicycle so I got on it and drove around, but I had no idea how to drive it so then I crashed into a pole, which electrocuted me, and it threw me. 
  Then I got slammed into my neighbor's house.
  They were acting weird because they didn't say are you okay instead they said howdy neighbor which was a little strange how they said it.
  They didn’t help me up, they didn’t call 911, they just said howdy neighbor over and over so I layed there until I got help.              
   (Years later) help me please.

Week 19 (21) 
I was so sad when that yellow alien left wait what if people spot the spaceship nah that wouldn't happen then the police spotted the spaceship “ohh poop.”
The police shot down the spaceship then Mason ran to the spaceship.! 
The little yellow alien said “when it just wouldn't take off all the aliens got scared just like me.!”
Then Mason tried to fix the alien spaceship but he was a farmer not an engineer but Mason couldn't do it then all the aliens had the best idea in the world (they thought) “let's all live with you” “ok.”   

Week 17 (21)
One day two friends named Mason and Ken, they were the best of friends until one day. It all started when they were  on a walk in the woods Mason was scared because he said the trees would grab you then turn you into a tree. Later in the walk they found the tree that would turn any human or animal it sees into a tree then Mason yelled “told you!” then the tree grabbed Mason and turned him into a tree every day Ken would go there but this one day Ken kicked a rock and Mason heard him...  


Week 15 (21)  To comment, scroll to the bottom of this page.

One day one guy can go to the future and he really really wanted to go to the future because right now he thinks the world is really sucky so he went to 2021 and he thought it was so much better than 2020 so he stayed there and then ten days later he thought to himself that he should go home then he said ¨wait ohh noo I forgot that the rules of the future and if I stay in some place in the future for more than ten days you will get trapped there forever¨ then he died.        

Week 13 (21)
One day two guys one Bob two Kevin were at their haunted house   , and then they both went in the living room, and the tv was on then Bob said ¨I didn't remember putting it on¨ then Kevin said ¨I didn't turn the tv on¨ then they both yelled ¨IT'S A GHOST .¨ then they both as fast as they could out of there. Then ten days later they have made it to their Grandma's house , but what they did not know is that their Grandma's house was haunted too so when they went inside they ran right back outside. 

Week 11 (21)

One day me and my brother went to the beach and it was fall and so many leaves were rolling down the street and they were so cool so cool that they had some white spots on them. When we finally got there me and my brother started to build a castle when we were done with the castle both me and my brother both said at the same time ¨so crafty¨ then I said jenks and then he did a really really really really really loud sigh ¨SIGH¨ then he couldn't talk for the rest of the time there. 

Week 10 (21)
   One day to guy´s one Hulk two Iron Man were going on a walk, and they ran into a giant spider, but the spider did´int see them so they ran the other way, and then they ran into the giant spiders web and got stuck in the web. Then the spider turned around and saw Hulk and Iron Man. Then both Hulk and Iron Man yelled ¨if only it was a bit smaller then we would binaboul to get away from the giant spider¨, and then the spider fell in a big hole. Then  Hulk and Iron Man got away.

Week 9 (21)

    One day two guys were working on a srinkray. 
   When they were working on the srinkray a baseball from a baseball game came and hit the srinkray. 
   Then the srinkray went out of control, and then it shrunk them to the size of a grape. Bob yelled ¨what happened to us?¨ Bob asked ¨I don´t know but why is there a giant bee next to us?¨ Kevin asked. 
   Then they both fell to the ground.
   Later Bob and Kevin woke up and they were big again and then they laid back down in their beds and fell asleep.   

Week 8 (21)

One day I was on my bike riding back from school and on my way home I saw two girls fighting. They were exhausted and breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and goes for a punch, but she missed the other girl. The one girl yelled “I'M GOING TO GET YOU” then went in for another punch and missed. Then I got out of there as fast as i could. When I got home I told my mom what i saw and she asked “why were they fighting?” I said “I don’t know mom” then I did my homework.

Week 7 (21)
One day I was on my scooter going to the store to get some food for my family that is over at the house on my way back I saw a lot of concrete when I got back my family were all dancing they danced and danced for so long that it made me sleepy so I sat on my red fluffy bed but my family put the music to full blast then I yelled as loud as I could turn that down rite now mom so then my mom did and then said sorry mason then I fell asleep.
Week 6 (21)

One day one boy and one girl were together and then the boy saw a box.

Then the girl saw a box.

The girl said we should go home now but the boy said I am going to open the box.

So then he did open the box then a clown popped out of the box then the boy said “but I had to see what was inside that box”.

The girl screamed really really loud that it made the boy scream but even louder than the girl. Then the boy and girl ran home as fast as they could .

Week 5 (21)

One day two kids and their mom and dad went to a museum, and after a little bit they saw four men next to a cannon, and it looked like it was aiming at a different ship. The mom and the dad and the two kids all said wow cool. One of the kids went to the window that the cannon was aiming at and the mom and dad said come back rite now. Or we will get kicked out of the museum. So the kid came back to the mom and dad mom and dad gave them a hug.
Week 4(21)

Two girls one Emma two Jemma they are twins. They both are at a violin lesson.

When they both are done with their violin lessons.

They walked to the car and then Jemma tripped on a rock, and landed in a prickly green bush, and then Emma laughed at Jemma, and Jemma screamed really really really loud.

So loud that Emma ran to the car, then Emma went in the car, and when Jemma got out of the bush she had bruised herself.

When they got home Emma said she was sorry, and then Jemma said I forgive you Emma…

Week 3 (21)

One night it was 2:00 am in in the morning and two kids and there mom and dad they got a invited to a sleepover at 3:00 am and then the two kids begged to go to the sleepover and the two kids begged until the mom and dad said yes and when they got there the mom and dad rang the doorbell when they when in side the mom and dad went to the car and they heard two really really really loud screams and then the mom and dad thought they never should have said yes...


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