Week 35 (21)
Today, I was walking around when someone ran up to me and said ¨Which way to the shops?¨ He panted. I said make a left on Spaw road then turn right on Carmen road and it will be on your right and So, he ran off.
 The next morning, I woke up and looked out of my window and saw the same man riding a bike with a big duffle bag and was heading to the shops. I wondered what is he doing with that duffle bag at 6:45 A.M. It's still very early for many people.

Week 28 (21)
¨Grrrrrr¨ ¨Bang Bang¨ The wolf fell as it let out a pitiful howl it was shot by two 44 magnum bullets. Then, it then tried to get up but it fell back down.
 The next day park rangers were scoping out the area when they saw a wolf on the ground dead!

 ¨Poachers!¨ ¨But why just leave it?¨ ¨I don't know Clide.¨ ¨ Well Joe should we leave it or take to the station?¨ ¨ Clide put on your gloves and help me put it in the back.¨ ¨ And yes we'll take it.¨ Is it good?

Week 27 (21)

Today, I got to go and see elephants painted purple. There will be people all over and there will be a raffle for a free violin. I was so happy because  I had won the raffle! But there was one problem I didn’t know how to play the violin. So The next day, I sold the violin for 1 dollar which was the amount for the raffle ticket but the person was shocked because the violin was worth 500$ but I still didn’t care so I sold it to the guy and he was so happy he said to me.

One day, I was climbing up a ladder when my coin fell onto the pavement. It was a lucky coin. It was red and I found it on heads but just then a tree started sinking into the ground and then it disappeared under the ground. ¨That was weird.¨ I said looking at the spot where the tree was 30 sec. ago. Then more things started to sink but only where the grass was not the pavement. I ran home and told my entire family what was happening and where it was happening. Just then our yard sank down. 

Week 25 (21)
One day, I was walking in the park when I saw a statue in the park and it was being airlifted down to the ground just then a wormhole opened and men with deer skins and hatchets called tomahawks jumped out with men in red coats with muskets and swivel guns came out and a (swivel gun is a gun with 2 barrels) I think they were from the time called the bloody sevens which was 1777 and they were running all over the park then I saw a guy hiding behind a tee  another jumping into  a small stream! 

Week 24 (21)

Once I was at a toy store and I was walking around and a boy pressed all the buttons of the toys in one row the orange one spoke first. ¨Do you want to play?¨ Then I heard more toys and more! I ran out but there were worm holes in the sky and monsters were falling out and there was a zombie plague! I ran back into the toy shop and slammed the door and told everyone. 
¨Hide quickly!¨ Then a monster broke through the window and ate a toy man. ¨ROOOOAR!¨ ¨SMASH!¨ ¨POP!¨  

Week 23 (21)
¨Time to wake up Luki!¨ ¨Nooooooooooooo mom don't open the blinds!¨ A couple minutes later I got up and kicked a balloon on the floor but I never kicked the brown balloon. Suddenly a person came out with a frightening mask. I punched it hard then it started to cry and I found out it was my little annoying brother. I did not feel bad he deserved it. My mom told my brother it was an accident and I left for school only to slip and fall in mud. ¨Karma.¨I got to school wet, cold and mad.

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

¨Waaaaaaaaa!¨ ¨Mama I want the toy, but where did it go?¨ she shouted ¨I don't know sweety where did you put it last?¨ ¨Over on the shelf but when I came back it was gone!¨ ¨Waaaaaaaaa!¨ Then I saw a boy with a toy dino and I asked. ¨Where did you get that toy?¨ He said ¨ over on that shelf where the girl is.¨ Then I said. ¨Can I borrow that ?¨ He said. ¨yes¨ And I walked to the little girl when I got there she grabbed the toy. ¨Yes!¨  

Week 20 (21)
One day, I was walking on a path when I saw a bike attached to a pole and wondered who put it there!
 I had no time to stay though. I had a champion party for being the only person alive on the track and to have stopped that greedy thief so yeh.
 And now I am walking on the steps to the party when a portal opens up And a zombie plague comes out with three eyed monsters too!
 I ran into the building and warned everyone inside and I told them to. “Barricade the door and then hide!”

Week 19 (21)

One day, I was walking around my house and I saw a rocket ship when it just wouldn't take off! Finally, they gave up and left the rocket ship. So, I ran to it and climbed to the top on a ladder and then I found a way to get in and then the door slammed! And there was a RuMbLe and it took off to space with me in the cockpit! Then, there were millions  of stars and Like looked down and saw a small ball with all of humanity on it except me in space super far away.

Week 18 (21)
SQUEAK! The tires of my bicycle squeaked along the track. I was desperate to win the race and get that yellow and gold trophy! But, I was warned that the track would fall 10 min. in the race by some futuristic man.
 Then I looked to the right and saw a man greedily take a wallet from someone's pocket! I made a sharp turn and then the entire track fell right as I got off of it but I was not paying attention to it.
 I was going straight for the greedy thief that stole the man’s wallet from him. 

Week 17 (21)
Crack, Bang Thump! Darn I was so close to getting to the top of the tree. Then, I looked to the left and there it was a tree that looked like a person! I ran to it and at the top of it was a gem. So, I climbed and got it but then the ground shook and then the tree was moving until it was alive I jumped off it and ran and then the tree which I thought was a tree ran after me! So, I ran faster but it got faster like me! Then, I lost it.

Week 15 (21) To comment, scroll to the bottom of this page.
I think 2020 is  a bit difficult. Others may say that it is bad but to me I think it's lucky for me because if there was no pandemik I would still be in California and I would not be able to meet new people. I hope that 2021 will be better and I won't have to wear a mask all day cause I tend to get headaches and if I say I have a headache at school there goes $100 for a covid test. So that is what I think about 2020 and hope for 2021 to be better.

Week 13 (21)
Once I remember going on a field trip to the Indian center in Newbury Park California, and if my memory is correct it was racing down a hill with my friends Keegan, Connor and Kyle and we were on a small trail on a 90 degree day and our teacher was out of site.
And the rest of the class was with us and  parents too.  After a while it was so hot I wanted to take off my shirt so I did and when I  took it off there was another shirt and I didn't remember putting it on. 

Week 11 (21)

“Crunch crunch” I was walking through the woods of Slovakia. It was fall so there were many leaves. I was walking up a hill and when I got there was a clear meadow on a hillside. So being me I rolled down the hill but then I felt that similar feeling fall but not at the same time but soon I felt my weight again but I looked up and saw a crafty person and behind hima white castle. Then, 2 guards grabbed me and it was all dark. When I woke up I was chained up to a wall! 

Week 10 (21)

On a saturday morning, I was running around outside. When, I saw a bird with several colors on its feathers and behind it were a small group of people and then I heard the man in the middle say if anyone gets that bird will get 500$.
 And I was running after the bird with my net high in the air until I caught that bird. Soon I got close and I tried to get it in the net but  it did not fit if only it was a bit smaller! 
After a long time me and the bird fell.

Week 9 (21)
Buzzzzzzz men panting motors roaring through the snow of the himalayas.
A few weeks ago, at a top secret base they were experimenting a type of liquid that would have oversized any type of animal so they made a bee turn into a bee the size of a car which was crazy! It was doctor Zord who came up with this liquid and his brother Tod. Soon there were elephants the size of mansions running around. Finally, doctor Zord and doctor Tod were arrested and sadly the oversized animals were euthanized and there was no more cayos around the world.

Week 8 (21)

Once, I was playing at the park when I saw some on the path running. She had a military jacket on and was doing an exercise.

Then another person walked up to her and started yelling at her in the face but she stood still while he yelled at her. Exhausted & breathing hard she simply raised her fists and struck at the man. And I knew it was a fist in fist combat fight. In the middle of the fight a crowd was cheering ¨fight, fight, fight!¨, After a while the man fell with a whack to the vagus nerve.

Week 7 (21)

One day, I was on my red scooter riding around the neighborhood when I saw a fluffy mountain lion cub and it was on the side of the trail and it was just sitting there and there were 3 people there pointing sticks at it like the stick was a spear or a long sword but I knew it was to weak to fight so I hopped on my scooter and raced home got gloves and rode when I got back it was trying dance on the concrete. Then the people told me the cub had danced while I left.

Week 6 (21)
BANG! Suddenly, I got all my memory back. I remembered the fall through time I think because I remembered reading about the redcoats and right now I saw men in redcoats. And then, a man walked to the men at the cannon and spoke in english but very bad english. And then the man faced me and said ¨lad your in officially in the American army. Then he pulled out a giant box and put it in a room. Then there were men in fucheristic close that told me to go… but I to see what was inside the box!

Week 5 (21)

One day, I was walking in the woods minding my own business and it was nice and warm out but suddenly I tripped and I was falling but It felt like I was still standing but could not feel the weight of my body be then slowly I could feel my weight and then I was in the same forest except there was no trail and the two men jumped out of the bushes and then it was all dark. When I woke up I saw 4 men reloading a canon! And in the distance were men with red coats.
Week 4(21)

One day I was walking along and I heard someone playing a violin and then as was paying my attention to the person I walked right into a pothole and the next thing I saw was the green of the grass. When I woke up I was heart all over and I was bruised and I had fallen into a prickly field of thorn bushes. So, then I walked to the end of the field and I was so bloody. So, I walked through the town and to the farmisey and the blood had dried up and I went home.
Week 3 (21)

Once, I was at the airport and I heard someone that was boarding another plane say ¨Yes I do want to go on the plane I have to get there now,¨! Then I saw him boarding the plane. It looked so old it was probably a B22 bomber from world war 2 and I wondered why a B22 bomber. Then he got on the entire plane and was shaking. And when it took off on the runway a part of the plane came off and then it exploded and I knew he never should have said yes to him.

Practice Week

One day I was riding my bike on a farm and I had a basket full of fruits. Then, I hit a rock and I went tumbling off the bike and then I hit something head on when I woke up I couldn't see anything and I was hungry. Then, I heard someone or something. So, I started yelling HELP! But no answer came then I heard leaves crunching and heard a howl and then I knew it was a pack of wolves! So, I decided to squeeze farther into the hay bail finally I was safe in the hay.


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