Week 6 (21)

…but I had to see what was inside…

Evan opened a bin and got shocked by what was inside.

“What?” asked Steve.

“Nothing,” said Evan.

Steve ran to the bin. Evan closed it.

“But I had to see what was inside!” yelled Steve.

“You wanted to,” corrected Evan.

Steve and Evan argued.

“Why can’t you just SHOW ME it?”



“Because of reasons.”


“Because if I show you it, you’ll want it. And I want it. Okay?”







Week 5 (21)

There were four people in a room. The window was open and there was something that looked like a cannon or something, and the room looked kinda weird and dark. One person looked like he was about to do something with the thing that looked like a cannon.

One person had bent down and also looked like he was about to help the guy do something with the thing that looked like a cannon.

One person was looking at ANOTHER person trying to use the thing that looked like a cannon.

It was a telescope and had a cannon feature.

Practice Week

There was a person on a road near a red house with a bike and a basket of pumpkins and apples that were both spilled over. But then they tripped and started to fall, but something that was rolling at that exact time stopped them at the funniest place possible!

The hay bale rolled with the person down the road until it got close to some bushes. Some of the pumpkins faced the person in the hay bale, same for the apples. As soon as the pay bale hit the bushes, it hit a wall, disappearing, and the person escaped!


  1. I love how you included that red house in the back no one else did that!! I like how you looked in the whole picture to look at all the little details.
    ~Amina A

  2. Hey, I really enjoyed your writing based on the photo prompts. I was kind of wondering whether the thing that they were all looking at that looked like a canon might actually be a canon but alas, you took it in a different direction in the end! Very smart, keep writing.
    From Michelle (Team 100) in Northern Ireland

  3. great stories man super interesting -KIernan