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“Are we there yet?” asked Steve to Mom for the 56th time.
“I already said that it’s always gonna be no, Steve!” responded Evan. “You’re so fo--”
“Yes,” said Mom.
They had arrived at a strange place where Steve and Evan’s great-great-great-great-grandma (or Mom’s great-great-great- grandma) was standing. She was so old, her whole body was stone and she was leaning on a stone wall so that she wouldn’t fall down. She didn’t even have a cane!

Evan tripped. Ten seconds went by before the slow great-great-great-great-grandma broke the long silence with a raspy voice. “Who disturbs me?”

Week 30 (21)
Steve and Evan timed their clicks so that they managed to join the same exact room. It worked! SteveSteve was Mario, IWillHoldU was Luigi, Nave was Toad and 1029384756 was Toadette. But 1029384756 had TERRIBLE Wi-Fi.
“Are you causing this?” asked Evan.
“NO” responded Steve.
“I was just joking,” laughed Evan. “HAHAHAHA--”
Suddenly, darkness enveloped the game room.
“Oh dea,” said both brOthers.
The loading symbol suddenly appeared.
“I have to go to the bathroom,” said Evan.
It started. Toadette gave up. It was a Mario 1 flagpole level.
Steve kindly controlled Toad to finish.

Week 29 (21)
So one time there was this really hard test, but it didn’t seem THAT hard. There were 50 questions.
“Dang, I got a 60,” moaned Steve.
“And I got a 44,” said Evan.
“Oh no,” said the disappointed teacher.
“What?” asked almost everybody.
“Somebody got a 29.”
“How did he even get an ODD number grade in 50 questions!?” said a girl in the class.
“I’m a girl,” the student responded.
“They got partial credit. I have learned to try making the other part of the problem visible now.
Looks like Steve got the only passing grade.”

Week 28 (21)

“OH MY GOD A PINK SHEEP!!” screamed Evan.
“That’s just a pig,” corrected Steve.
“Oh,” said Evan disappointedly.
Evan walked around a little bit until he was VERY HAPPY AND SHOCKED THAT HE FOUND A PINK SHEEP!!!! Turns out that his eyes were deceiving him, because it was another pig. He started hitting the pig until Steve stopped him when it had 1 HP left.
“OH MY GOD A PINK SHEEP!!” yelled Steve.
“(O_O),” Evan said as he punched the rarity in jealousy until Steve spawned another one and bred them. Then a wolf let out a pitiful howl.

Week 27 (21)
A kid (seven years old) was forced to write this on a chalkboard:
a happy elephant that crushed a purple-painted violin?
a happy elephant that crushed a purple-painted violin?.
“That good, TEACHER??”
“No, remove ‘a happy elephant that crushed a purple-painted violin?’, and replace ‘a happy elephant that crushed a purple-painted violin?’ with ‘an elephant that happily crushed a purple violin that just HAPPENED to be painted’ WITHOUT THE QUESTION MARK. That way you will be less repetitive AND!!!! have more words in a sentence and sound way more decisive without the question mark.”
“OOOOOOOH, okay teacher, I get it.”

“The goal of this game is ‘get at least 10 stars before the timer runs out!’!” said Steve excitedly. “You start on pavement with two minutes, and you can climb a red ladder to get one MORE!1!1 There are also 20 coins in each and every level.”
“Every double level!?1/” asked Evan.
“Yes. And if you get 100 coins, you get either a star, three stars, 10 coins OR :OOO an extra life!!!! The minimum amount of stars to beat the game is 220/280, otherwise you might lose all lives and start sinking into a blackhole.”

Week 26 (21) 
“No”, she said, “I like Marmite.”
to be continued
“No”, she said, “I like Marmite.”
to be continued
“No”, she said, “I like Marmite.”
to be continued
Lucas was talking to Lucas and asked if she would like to have lunch.
“Do you want a chicken patty?” asked boy Lucas.
“Nah,” said girl Lucas.
“Chicken nuggets?”
“Oreo cookies?”
“A wooden spoon?”
“The kitchen?”
“Let me think about that…maybe--no thank you.”
 “UHHH…b-g-h-h-how about snack?”
“Marmite?” said girl Lucas.
“No”, she said, “I like marmite.”
to be continued

Week 25 (21)

There was a person in a blue outfit standing directly next to grass. There was a blue scarecrow right across from him. The blue scarecrow scared away a blue bird, then it scared a blue bird, and then…oh boy, a blue bird! Oh, I wonder what’s next…wow! A purple bird! That’s…DIFFERENT!
Oh, another blue bird! Aw, a baby bluebird! Yeah, dere a bunch of blue birds hea. Look at DA bluebird…oh, big surprise! DANOTHER BLUEBIRD!!!! Oh, he’s really lucky, since the next bird was BLUE! Look at this bird…it’s RED!
Bluebird after bluebird, one of them…

Week 24 (21)

Super Mario 3D World is a game where you are guaranteed to get the new power-up (unless you don’t wanna, of course) the cat suit. This lets Mario scratch (breaks bricks, press X/Y), dive (breaks bricks, hold X/Y in air), climb up things (press ↑ on wall) and meow right after finishing the level.
The game also includes 4-players multiplayer (Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach). In this case, everybody had a cat suit and the guy that played the orange one spoke (TALKED) first (Mario [he’s actually yellow]). Then he threw Toad, Peach and Luigi off of the cliff like normal.

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It was Halloween 21050. Steve had never worn a costume before and was planning not to change. Evan was wearing a brown costume and had a balloon. It was red, his favorite color. But wait! They both forgot their Halloween baskets! Steve’s was red, his favorite color. Evan’s was the classic orange.
Steve got his basket. Evan reached out for his, but he just kicked it and it made a plan for a trip to the basement that would happen ½ second later. Eventually, he got it, though.
“Covid-19. You can’t go.” said Dad.
“WHAT!?” screamed Evan frighteningly. “AAAAAAAAAA”

Week 22 (21)
“I have six stars, fifty-three coins!” said Evan. “Good actual luck catching up to me!”
“Ya sure about that?” questioned Steve. “I have three stars, fifty-four coins! Don’t praise yaself, because it just makes you lose.”
“Don’t praise YAself,” replied Evan, “because it just makes YA lose!”
“The first bonus is the minigame bonus!” said Toad.”
“That’s the only bonus that you’re definitely getting!” said Evan.
“Mario gets it!” said Toadette.
“Well, I DID win every minigame.”
“The coin bonus goes to Mario, Bowser and Peach!” said Toad.
“Slowpoke bonus…Mario!” said Toadette.
“But where did it go?” he shouted. 

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Steve and Evan were playing SMM2 (Super Mario Maker 2) online on each of their Nintendo Switches when suddenly THEY WERE IN A MATCH TOGETHER!!!! Unfortunately, just one of the players had suuuuch goooood Iiiinterneeet conneeeeeection that you would exaggerate that they were playing their Nintendo Switch on the beach. It was ridiculous. But then suddenly, everything stopped and they were stuck in incredibly bad lag. Steve and Evan put their controllers down in awe.
Then the lag abruptly stopped and Evan’s character went directly into a Piranha Plant and Evan was the only one to not reach the flagpole.

Week 13 (21)
Steve and Evan were playing on their Nintendo Switch.
“What the heck is this font!!??” yelled Evan.
“I don’t know,” said Steve.
“Stop throwing me into a Goomba!” yelled Evan.
“But they’re so adorable!” responded Steve. “And Mario is player one!”
“Wee,” said Evan as Luigi threw Mario into a Koopa. Luigi popped Mario and jumped into a spike trap. When he popped, he threw Mario on a Koopa. He bounced off of it, then killed Luigi.
“I didn’t remember putting it on!”

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So two people were trying to make the gap in between two pieces of a table littler when a bee fell from the sky, dying on impact.
They were surprised by what had happened, so they just stared at eachother for a couple and/or few moments and the bee for a couple and/or few moments as well, also and too and then continued to work.
The bee looked big to them, but that’s only because they were really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really little compared to most humans.

Week 8 (21)

A a  a a a  a a  a s   a a  a a  s s  s s  a a  a a a  a a  a a a exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists d d  d d d  d d   x x  x x x  z  a a  a a a  a a  a a  a a  a a  a a  a a  a  a a  a a a a   a a  a    a  a   a a a a a a  a  a a   a  a    a  a a  a      a a a (i was out of time)

Practice Week

There was a person on a road near a red house with a bike and a basket of pumpkins and apples that were both spilled over. But then they tripped and started to fall, but something that was rolling at that exact time stopped them at the funniest place possible!

The hay bale rolled with the person down the road until it got close to some bushes. Some of the pumpkins faced the person in the hay bale, same for the apples. As soon as the pay bale hit the bushes, it hit a wall, disappearing, and the person escaped!
Week 5 (21)

There were four people in a room. The window was open and there was something that looked like a cannon or something, and the room looked kinda weird and dark. One person looked like he was about to do something with the thing that looked like a cannon.

One person had bent down and also looked like he was about to help the guy do something with the thing that looked like a cannon.

One person was looking at ANOTHER person trying to use the thing that looked like a cannon.

It was a telescope and had a cannon feature.
Week 6 (21)

…but I had to see what was inside…

Evan opened a bin and got shocked by what was inside.

“What?” asked Steve.

“Nothing,” said Evan.

Steve ran to the bin. Evan closed it.

“But I had to see what was inside!” yelled Steve.

“You wanted to,” corrected Evan.

Steve and Evan argued.

“Why can’t you just SHOW ME it?”



“Because of reasons.”


“Because if I show you it, you’ll want it. And I want it. Okay?”








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