Week 35 (21)
One Saturday morning I went to Lake George Beach for the weekend with my family. 
We hung out for a while and played games, ate fish, went swimming and went on a boat. 
Later our aunt Becky and uncle george came and said hi then we talked to each other then they both left and everything was good. Then, someone came running up to us and said “which way to the shops?” he panted. 
We told the man where the shops were and we just moved on with our vacation and had a great time at the lake george hotel.

Week 34 (21)
On the weekend I came to my mom's house for a little. 
After I got there I went to see our dog Bella. 
“Hey Bella boo,” I said.
She was so excited to see us that she was jumping and was begging me for some belly rubs.
Later at night we gathered around a campfire roasting marshmallows, making smores, singing songs, dancing and having a real good time. Then out came a small squirrel.
It took a marshmallow or two and it flew away. “I didn't realize they could fly,” then, my sister said, 
 ¨We learn new stuff don't we?¨

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One morning I was in Cornwall with my family and I was taking a walk when I saw a Count house.
Later on, we went inside it, and we saw some money on the ground. I thought it was cool to see the money. After, we went to our aunt's house and slept.
The next day we visited the count house and all the money was gone.
I wondered: “Who would steal all the money?”
We asked the locals about the money but no one knew where it was. So, we decided to go home and leave this case unsolved.

Week 32 (21)
On a saturday morning I was heading to my mom’s house. 
When I came I saw that my mom made a ramp and I asked “what is the ramp for” and she said “it's for the four wheeler.” So, I went on the four wheeler first.
I went on the ramp but I slipped and the four wheeler landed on me and then I saw a flash of light, then, darkness and I woke up in a hospital and the doctor said that I would be ok! So, my mom took the ramp down cause it was way too dangerous.   

Week 30 (21)

“I found it, I finally found it, it took a while though,” said Jim.
 “Found what?” I asked. 
“I found my ouija board,” Jim said. 
As soon as it was 3:00 am we started to play. 
“Hello is anyone there?” Jim asked. 
It pointed to yes. Then suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. “WHAT DO YOU WANT!” I shouted. 
The ouija board said I w...a...n...t  t...o  b...e  f...r...e...e. Then the lights came on but the color was red and then...I woke up and it was luckily all a dream. I hope.

Week 29 (21)
“It was Saturday morning my family and I were heading to Lake George beach.
When I got there we went to the diner, and when we finished eating we went on a walk and we saw this abandoned house but it was still in good shape but in bad shape at the same time and it is number 29. 
Then I wondered “hey mabie someone still lives there” and then I saw a homeless guy just walk in and he brought a mattress, and then we went swimming in the lake and had fun and then we went home.

Week 28 (21)
One saturday morning I was going to my moms house so I packed my nintendo switch and my phone said goodbye then and went off. 1 and a half hours passed and we made it then when we got out of the car I saw what I wanted to see. I saw my moms dog bella and I said to her “hey bella boo” she was so excited and then the neighbor's dog magie came over and they were playing fighting then magie bit bella in the neck and we were helping her as it let out a pitiful howl.

Week 27 (21)

On a saturday morning I went to a zoo and I saw a baby elephant and I was able to feed it peanuts, then suddenly I saw a violin and I took it with me home and I painted it purple for my sister. When I gave my sister the violin she was so happy and she gave me a hug. And we went to get her some lessons for it and it went well but at first she sounded terrible but she got better later we went to show our friend how good she was and he liked it.


One saturday afternoon, I was at the beach. I had some coins for an arcade nearby, then I dropped a coin in the water. It was slowly sinking but at least it was one. Then I dropped another one but it landed on the pavement. After that, we went to the arcade and I saw a red boat and said. “I have never seen a red boat before” then we went home but I tripped on a big ladder and I wondered how it got there but I didn't think about it much and we left into the sunset home.

Week 26 (21)
On saturday morning me and my family went to the grocery store like any other saturday with my family and on the list was marmite. So then I asked my parents “what's marmite is it for grandpa or someone else”. No’, s/he/they said, ‘I like marmot so I put it on the list and then we continued our journey to get the groceries. It was a very tough journey and we waited in line for five to ten minutes and we made it and got checked out  and then we arrived home with our groceries and saved money.

Week 25 (21)
It was a normal Monday morning. I was on a walk and my Dad said “hey Logan want to go to my Mom's garden?” I said yes and we went on our way there. It was a beautiful morning. Then we arrived and there were so many plants and flowers it was beautiful. Then I saw a statue of a man and then I said hey grandma who is that statue of a man. “that's your grandpa when he was your dad's age”. She said. “wow” I whispered in shock.  She said ``I know he was so young back then”.

Week 24 (21)
“On Saturday I was playing among us with my brother, sister and babysitter and luckily I was the imposter with my brother, so we went around the map but everyone stuck together. And then I had a plan to sabotage the lights and we did great until someone reported. The orange one spoke first so I said sus and I got voted out and then in the next round my brother got voted because he was caught venting in the cafeteria.

Week 23 (21)
“On Saturday I finally  got a balloon. Luckily it didn't have huliem so it wouldn't fly off, but my brother popped it and it was frightening. After my brother popped the balloon I blew another one and it was brown this time so then I told my brother “never pop this one”. But my brother went to go get something and he showed it to me. It was a clip we had for a long time. Then my brother kicked the balloon across the room and I screamed at him, “LANDON!”He ran in our room and locked the door. 

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted...
“On Saturday my sister Sadie and I were playing outside in the snow, then I pushed my sister in the snow! “LOGAN!” She shouted. “Then she made multiple snowballs and then she started throwing them then it turned into a snowball war. (Snowball war not snowball fight). “Sadie was throwing snowball after snowball so I knew that I had to act fast! So I ran and built a snow fortress and made as many snowballs as possible and started to throw them all. Then I threw Sadies favorite ball and it landed somewhere. “But where did it go?” she shouted.

Week 20 (21)
“I was riding my bike around my house doing wheelies and all sorts of tricks just having fun with my brother and sister, and we decided to ask our dad if we can go to the woods, he said “ok but i'm coming with you.”Then our dad was driving us and we got there and we decided to go to a restaurant nearby, so we tied our bikes to trees and I did mine a little wrong, but it looked like a sick wheelie though and I thought it was pretty cool so then I left it like that.

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On saturday morning my dad got me a rocket. 
We were trying to build but we needed our dad to help us. 
And after we finished I called my friends. 
My  friends came over and I was starting to figure out how the rocket worked. 
And then we finally found out how it worked,  but then we got mad because we needed batteries to make it work.
We finally got the triple A batteries and then finally we shot the rocket. 
We got really mad again when it just wouldn’t take off so I just put it in my basement.

Week 17 (21)
One Saturday morning, me and my brother went walking in the woods and my brother said sometimes these trees come to life and I said ¨yeah right¨ so we kept on walking in the woods and then we heard something like something was walking but me and my brother thought it was a deer or something and we kept on walking and then we heard the same thing again and then we thought something isn't right and the right there we saw something it was a walking tree so we made a couple of turns then lost it. We thought!

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On a monday I was heading to school and when I got to school I hoped that 2021 will be better than this year and because of covid 19 I couldn’t go on my family vacation this year and I hate wearing masks it is so painful but I’ll do it to keep everyone safe from covid 19 and to help the community and hopefully next year won't be so bad unlike this year and I want to go on my family vacation next year just like the other years.

Week 13 (21)
On november fifth (my birthday) I was in school for the day it was a good day at school and then I went home and my babysitter and my little sister surprised me and we had a lot of fun and then my dad came home and we had presents and cake and we listened to some birthday music and then we played some good games it was fun and I got new clothes and then I went to bed and when I woke up I had my new clothes on I didn’t remember putting it on. 

Week 11 (21)
Rolling    Leaves    Crafty     Castle     White
So on wednesday when my dad left the house then my favorite people my grandparents came over to my house  and my grandpa took me and my sister and landon to a big hill then me and sadie were rolling around and we ran or should I say rolled into some leaves and when I came home I saw my uncle goerge and then my grandma took us to burger king next and after that my grandma gave me, sadie and landon. And then she  showed me a crafty castle made of popsicle sticks and then we watched snow white.

Week 10 (21)

So my brother, mom, sister and I were looking for a place to eat so we went around town looking for a place to eat and then we found a burger but it was closed and then we found a mcdonalds so then we  went to McDonalds, we ordered me a ten piece chicken landon ordered an ice cream but the ice cream machine was broken. So then landon ordered a travis scott and sadie ordered a burger and when we got our order sadie couldn't eat the burger and she was sad if only it was a bit smaller. 

Week 9 (21)
So I was just minding my own business and then I saw a ton of bees in their nest and some beekeepers came and took down the nest and the bees tried to sting them but they could not sting them because the suits are made of rubber or something and then a bee came straight at me but luckily I had a electric fly swatter and I got him and then I put in some tiny plastic beekeepers and boxes and it looked so funny that I invited some friends over. When they got here they were laughing too.
Week 8 (21)
So my mom was taking me and Landon to Mcdonalds and she was gonna go through the drive through but the line was to long and then she had to go inside and when she got inside that line was long too. So then we went to a different mcdonalds so she still didn't go to the drive through so when we went inside she didn't have enough money to pay for our food so she got exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and then she put them down and went back to the car and left.
Week 7 (21)

So it was on the weekend “saturday.” I was riding a scooter and then I tripped on a stick and I hit the concrete and my knee was red and then my neighbors were walking and their fluffy dog came over to me and gave me a big kiss and then the dog danced. It was so cute.

Week 6(21)

So I was just playing at my dads old school and me and my bro were playing hide and seek tag and then we had to go home and when we went home dad ordered a lot of stuff and when the package came my dad said don't go near the wall in the bathroom and I did and bees stung me a lot but I had to see what was inside.

Week 4 (21)

So my aunt Becky gave me a very bruised clue game and she also asked if I wanted her old violin and I said no but let’s get to the point. And I also asked her what her favorite character is. She said mr green. So then I took the game home and me and my family and we so fun and after that we went outside and we played lots and lots of sports like soccer football baseball tennis any sport you name it and then there was pizza but I got hit by a prickly bush and I got cut it was not so big but it still hurt but it was worth it at the end.

Week 3(21)

So I was having dinner with my dad sister brother and roommate was having crab legs and I asked if I can have some they said yes but I ate most of it they never should have said yes.
Practice Week

Hi I am Jon and let me tell you a story. I was going on my bike and I just remembered that I had to go to work. The boss is going to get mad. I gotta go fast. I do not want to get fired. Hey boss sorry I am late my watch did not work. Do not worry it’s ok Jon. Said the boss. Ok. I said in relief. Now you need to get to work. Said the boss. Ok. I said. So then I got the baskets full of fruits and vegetables and put them on my bike and then I went door to door giving the people the fruits and vegetables and then I came back all but there was even more than before. And there were watermelons and pumpkins so now my job is even harder. So then I went door to door over and over and over. And then it was over. The day was over and I got to see my wife Sofia and child jimmy. Dad dad dad. Said jimmy. Wow hey jimmy. I said. hey hunny. Said Sofia.hey Sofia what are planning for dinner today. I said. We are having tater tots today. Said Sofia. Great, I love tater tots. I said. And I am very hungry. LET'S GET TO COOKING! 1 hour later. Man I am tired goodnight. In the morning. Hey I am on time. I said. Good said the boss. So then I got the goods and went door to door again and again and again and then my bike hit a rock and I face planted in a hay bale and the goods went all over. And that's the story.


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