Week 35 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.
“Which way to the shops?” it panted fast as if it was just running.
Who is even talking to me?
“Where do we go?” It said mysteriously.
“I am not going anywhere!” I nervously said.
“Don’t you want to leave? Change your look?”
“Why would I do that?”
“Because I sense your angry. You don’t like your mother.”
“I do… Sometimes.”
“Leave her then.” It whispered in my ear.
Is this a ghost?
“Take my hand… come with me... “
“Leave me alone.”
“But why, you have the perfect potential to be my perfect sidekick… I could make you evil…”

Week 34 (21)
Wings soaring through the air.
But chickens… they can’t fly.
They don’t know how fascinating it is.
When I was born, I was born with feathers on my wings and the ability to fly.
Chickens on the other hand just walk around.
I didn’t realise they could ‘fly’.
But in the afternoon I saw a chicken leap off a fence hovering in the air.
Of course I left after 5 seconds before I could see that the chicken fell on the ground.
When I try to find the chicken later, all I see is the chicken on the ground.

Week 33 (21)To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

The humid fall morning.
Walking out to see the autumn gifts it is bringing.
Seeing the fog in the distance
The ocean splashes along the side of the coast.
Looking on the side of the cliff for a view of the coral and fish.
Gushes of wind making ripples in the water as it sways.
The cold touch of the ocean was like a morning gift.
The leaves floating in the ocean then sinking to the bottom.
The clouds moving slowly not blocking the sun.
Grass tickling my feet as I walk to my only home.
The mossy cobblestone tower.

Week 32 (21)
A flash of light, then, darkness fell.
All you could see was the beautiful, bright moon.
The sea was rocking the boat like a rocking chair swaying delicately.
The tiny ripples were making the water sway.
Crickets were chirping but there was no sign of land.
No food.
No water.
All alone.
The toads made their croaks that sounded like a rhythm.
The lily pads floated in the water.
The fish danced and leaped out of the water making splashes and ripples everywhere.
Feeling the water’s soft, gentle touch with warmth.
My tiny row boat in the middle of nowhere.

Week 31 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

She ruled.
Wrinkled face and wistful smile.
Kingdom of darkness.
She walked all proper.
Cold mushrooms are served for dinner.
No one is happy.
All is lost in the kingdom of darkness.
The ruler locks people up.
She talked to no one.
Dark capes and velvet dress.
No one does anything anymore.
No ones goes on the lake with their oars.
No one wants to obey her.
But she has dark magic.
Shining bright is the crown on her head.
It is like a curse put on the kingdom.
But it shouldn’t be there.
She is not the rightful heir.

Week 30 (21)
Suddenly darkness enveloped the room...
Feeling my mother close by felt like a soft, fuzzy blanket around me.
Hugging me tight when I was sad.
Squeezing her hand when I was afraid of the darkness.
Listening to her lullaby when she sang to me at night.
Hearing the sweet ringing in my mind as I fall asleep.
Remembering her on those dark stormy nights when she was not there to comfort me.
Feeling her presence when I jump onto her bed at night.
Talking to her when I was upset and  angry.
When my mother was there, everything felt fine.

Week 29 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.
Moving to somewhere different.
Getting there to see an empty abandoned place.
Covered in lush green leaves of different sizes and shapes.
Number 29.
The door Creaks.
Floor boards move.
But seeing the beautiful place.
Open Area.
Just like home.
Windows covered in moss but still gorgeous.
Big doors leading the way to the grass.
Open gardens full of wildlife and many plants.
Feeling the grass between my toes as I step.
Climbing the rocks in the back finding the sunset.
Feeling the light breeze moving slowly around.
Waiting for the right time to step down.

Week 28 (21)

The moonlight shining on me as we drive through the tropical island.
A wolf running as it let out a pitiful howl of terror.
Looking back at the tracks the jeep is making on the dirt path.
Feeling the wind making me shiver.
Listening to the beach waves close by.
Parking where it is sandy.
Running to the shore for a midnight swim.
PLaying in the waves when the lifeguards are off the job.
Feeling the sand between my toes as I walk to my parents.
Watching the dolphins with my parents as they jump and leap back into the ocean.

Week 27 (21)

Life is painted for you.
You choose your life, but sometimes it is chosen for you.
You want to play violin, but you are chosen to play a band instrument.
You want to be happy when your enemy leaves the school, but people don’t let you.
You want to have your favorite color purple, but people choose blue for you.
Elephants are grand and you want to meet one, but your parents tell you, you can’t.
You really want these things, but everyone tells you not to.
You get forced to do things, but you should make your own story.


I ran up the hill to the meadows to find one single red rose standing there, looking strong but gentle.
I plucked it and the ground started to sink. Sinking till I was on pavement.
The meadow turned into a city. It was gone.
I saw a man on a ladder whistling to a song, working happily. 
But everything changed to darkness and rain poured down. The smile was gone from the man as he worked. The rose I held in my hand turned black and flew away. The homeless with no coins or help.
This was life. Everything changed.

Week 26 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

“Ok class! Let's say your name and, your favorite food!” Our teacher said. It was the first day of school and I saw the new girl. She knew nobody in homeroom.
“Hi my name is Emma and I like to eat spaghetti and meatballs.” 
A lot of people went… and then it was the new girls turn.
“Ummm… my name is Lizzie and my favorite food is Marmite.”
“Marmalade?” Alex questioned.
“No,” she said, “I like MARMITE!!!”
“Ok calm down. Just take a break.” She glared at Alex. She walked outside and there was a very loud high pitched scream!

Week 25 (21)
I was walking through a lush garden full of beautiful flowers and fruits.
I saw a statue with its arms out, like it needed a hug.
He looked very lonely.
I felt sorry for the statue so I walked over and hugged him!
It felt like the sun faced me!
I got blinded from the lights, but it dimmed.
10 seconds later a man was in front of me, and the statue was gone!
“Thank you, young lady!” He said, and gave me a smile.
“You have a pure heart.” 
I smiled and my heart fluttered as I walked away.

Week 24 (21)  To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

My vision was blurry… all I saw were colors. It started to clear. I jumped when I saw colors around me with faces staring. The orange one spoke first…
“What are you?” It says questionably.
“An animal?” The red one says
“No, definitely not.” The purple one says
“So then what is it?” asks the green one
“Umm… I’m a person, and I should be asking that question, what are you?” I snap back.
“We are nerds.” The pink one says
“We heard a thud and rushed over!” Says the blue nerd… and those were the last words I heard.

Week 23 (21)
I was walking on the crunchy leaves and brown grass when I saw a balloon. It was still floating, but it wasn’t moving or going up.
I was very confused to see the balloon, it looked like it was waiting for something, for the right moment to move.
I walked around it a bit and started wondering why it was here. I looked up and down staring at it. Then POP! Someone came over and kicked the balloon. It was very frightening! I looked down at the pieces of the balloon floating down to the ground peacefully like it knew.

Week 22 (21)  To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…
“Hurry up Mom!” I shout from outside “We are going to be late!” 
“I’m coming, be right there.” She yells back to me. I sigh, we are going to be late to Lauren’s concert. 
“Ok, I am ready!” She says. She tries to open the car door, but it was locked.
“I forgot my keys inside, be right back!
“Ok but hurry or we’re going to be late!” I say back to her. She walks back into the house and looks on the table... but they were gone! 
“My keys were right here, but where did it go?” She shouted... 

Week 20 (21)

“Hurry up!” Poppy says. I try and pedal to where she is, HONK HONK! 
“Sorry!” I say moving out of the way of an angry driver. Poppy stops at a sidewalk but I can’t stop pedaling…
“INCOMING!” I yell and she quickly moves aside. I tried braking but it wouldn’t work! I crashed into a pole and my bike got stuck in it.
“Are you okay?” Poppy shouts down to me.
“Yeah, but my bike isn’t…” I stand up and we suddenly burst out laughing and tied my bike to the pole
“Maybe it is better like this!”

Week 19 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.
I went faster down the hill with my rollerskates, trying to get home! Mom was making my favorite dinner, Chicken noodle soup!
I raced down the road and went up the driveway… and rode over a rock! I tumbled down to the ground and scraped my knee. I took off my skates trying to avoid the blood.
I ran inside, and when I found a band aid, I shoved it on my knee stopping the blood from coming out. When it just wouldn’t take off that afternoon! I tried everything… maybe I just shoved it on my knee too hard!

Week 18 (21)
I saw the yellow leaves fluttering down softly onto the ground. I sat there at the window watching, waiting for the right time to get my bicycle. I was desperate to get to the fall carnival even though my Mom warned me not to go there today.
I arrived at the carnival and greedily looked at all of the treats. I reached out for one of the pumpkin flavored sugar cookies. But I remembered I had no money, so I raced back home and dropped my bike down. I walked in the house and saw my mom holding my money.

Week 17 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.
Lily finally saw it. She stopped and looked out in the misty meadows to see the family tree. 
She felt the wind give her goosebumps as she stepped a small step towards the tree. She put her hand on the tree and felt a strong pull in her heart.
Someone put a hand on her shoulder. “Isn’t it beautiful!” She turned around and saw her mom and dad with thousands of family ghosts.
“Be strong, and love yourself.” And then the ancestors disappeared into the air. All she could hear that day, was those last words ringing in her mind.

Week 16 (21)

“Please? I have been waiting!” I said in my dream. “I don’t know sweetie. It is a big responsibility.” My Mom says softly “Please?” My Mom and Dad paused, looking at each other. “Ok honey you can…” I was waiting for the words get a puppy but suddenly everything stopped and I heard my alarm clock buzzing! I woke up hearing a very light sound coming from downstairs. I snuck down the steps, and saw a box that said fragile. It moved. I heard the sound again. I slowly opened the box and peered in, and out came… A puppy!

Week 15 (21) To comment, scroll to the bottom of this page.

CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY!! This year has been really crazy! Everybody is going crazy because of the pandemic and everybody is freaking out because everything is different. Online schools and jobs and wearing masks and social distancing. Next year I want it to be calmer even if we do not have a vaccine. If we do, great! No more masks and no more social distancing. But if we still do not have a vaccine, I hope that we can still be safe and not be crazy again, I hope we have a normal happy life again soon. I hope we can! 

Week 14 (21)
She shivered from the coldness of the air, mist floats in to the night sky. She got goosebumps on her arm! She walked down stairs with the boards creaking. She thought maybe she can work on her dress for the contest tomorrow. She steps down stairs into the basement and the creaking of the stairs gives her the chills. She walks into the room, and SCREAMED!!! 
“MY DRESS IS HIDEOUS!” she looks up, to see something that looks exactly like her cat with glaring red eyes. 
“You did this didn’t you?” 
“AAHHHH!” . . . And that girl was never seen again!

Week 13 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

Wait? I didn’t remember putting it on! I think in my mind as I look down at the silky white and gold dress. This must be a mistake, I am going to a party tonight, and I am wearing this dress. BOOM!! What? Why am I in the party now?  “Hi!” Chloe says “I have a question. Why are you 2 hours late?” “I arrived at 7:00!” I look down at my new watch and see it is 9:00 at night! I walk outside and see a gorgeous city, which is not where Chloe lives… Where am I?

Week 11 (21)
In my dreams I see a castle.

Men with red carpets letting them roll onto the marble castle floor.

White fluffy clouds holding the castle in the sky.

Pretty white roses all around the castle while white snow falls over them.

Leaves as pretty as roses.
The swans gracefully swimming.

Crafty women carve sculptures of ice.

Music in the castle that sounds like the songs of birds.

I see this beautiful place and yet can not go there only in my dreams.

As I wake up I see the castle where it once was and hope to see it again.

Week 10 (21)  To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.
“Can I please get it?” I whine while I point to a unicorn stuffed animal. “No Lizzie, that is too big to fit in the car and it is too much money!” She says. I sigh.  Mom got a lot of stuff at Target and I quickly shoved the giant unicorn into the cart and told the lady to quickly put it in a bag before my Mom sees it. Later that day I was trying to find a box to hide the unicorn so Mom couldn’t see. If only it was a bit smaller I could hide it better!

Week 9 (21)
“Hurry up!” Fred says
“Why do I have to come!” Bob whines.
“Because Lizzie says we have to be there to get the huge dead bee at 12:00, and it is 11:52!” Fred angrily says.
After 20 slow minutes of walking and fighting they eventually got to the bee on a wooden table! They got all their gear out and studied the bee with their tools.
“Ok were done, let's get out of here!”
“But I don’t want to!” 
“You didn’t even want to come here! Why did you change your mind?!”
And that afternoon they were fighting!

Week 8 (21) To comment, please SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM.

“3, 2, 1 GOOO!” I was in a cross country meet! All I hear when I am running is my heavy breathing. I see the fast girl Chloe, she passes me “See ya!” she said so quietly only I can hear. Come on! I was first and now I am second! I run faster and faster.

After a long time of running... I see the finish line! I see Chloe and I start sprinting and I pass her and cross the finish line first! I was exhausted and breathing hard, I simply raised my fists and fist bumped my teammate!

Week 7 (21)

I danced in my favorite fluffy, red dress on the concrete in front of my house. I was practicing for my recital in a couple days! I was dancing and dancing to the music until suddenly I didn't notice a scooter coming down the concrete so I put my foot down and stepped on the scooter and tripped on it and fell on my arm! I started freaking out because I had a recital in a couple days! And the next day, I discovered that I sprained my wrist! And in a couple days I didn’t go to the recital!
Week 6 (21)

I woke up by laughter and giggles! I wonder who it is because mom said no sleepovers this weekend, so I walk out of bed and open the door slowly but... the door squeaks loudly. My mom quietly asks “Lizzie? Are you awake?” I hear her footsteps up the stairs coming through the hallway. I jump in my bed and pretend to be asleep, she walks away. I walk out of my bedroom door and I knew I had to give my sister privacy... But I had to see what was inside! I walk in through Lauren’s door and gasp...

Week 5 (21)
“I am Alexander Hamilton!” I know every single word to every single song in Hamilton. Next is “Right hand man”. I watch the part where there are shooting cannons. I watch in amazement when I see the canons “Mama, we have to watch this again!” I say when we are getting our snacks. “ Your right.” She says. 1 year later... “ Mom, we are never going to see Hamilton again because of corona!” I say. “Yes you are because it is on disney+ so you can watch it whenever you want.” I get excited. And the next day I watch it!
Week 4(21)

I was playing violin, and I was playing a beautiful piece then I bonked my elbow on the corner of table next to me, it started to hurt and then it became numb and it felt prickly. It bruised pretty fast, so then I walked around thinking about what I should do. Then I got it! I walked outside and sat down on the green grass. I thought what am I going to do? I have bruised elbow and I can’t really do anything! Suddenly I did not feel the pain anymore, I thought to myself everything will be okay!
Week 3 (21)

My mom said I could buy a puppy, so I was riding my bike there excitedly! When I walked in I saw a little girl buying 2 dogs, but she kept on adding more and more to the pile! There were none when she was done! “Would you like to buy these dogs?” asked the woman at the front desk. “Yes I would!” said the girl, she looked really excited. She was going to pay with her money… but her money could only pay for 1 dog! She started crying and I instantly thought they should have never said yes!

Practice Week

Life as a scarecrow is not very exciting, all we do is just scare away crows! Nothing good has been going in my life until recently. . . I saw a man biking down the street delivering pumpkins and vegetables. Suddenly I saw him go in a pot hole! Most of his veggies and pumpkins rolled down the street! He tried to turn quickly to get them but he went over a curb and went right into the hay bale right next to my post. He said “Help!!!!” then he fainted. It was the funniest thing I have seen in my life!


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