Week 6 (21)

I woke up by laughter and giggles! I wonder who it is because mom said no sleepovers this weekend, so I walk out of bed and open the door slowly but... the door squeaks loudly. My mom quietly asks “Lizzie? Are you awake?” I hear her footsteps up the stairs coming through the hallway. I jump in my bed and pretend to be asleep, she walks away. I walk out of my bedroom door and I knew I had to give my sister privacy... But I had to see what was inside! I walk in through Lauren’s door and gasp...

Week 5 (21)
“I am Alexander Hamilton!” I know every single word to every single song in Hamilton. Next is “Right hand man”. I watch the part where there are shooting cannons. I watch in amazement when I see the canons “Mama, we have to watch this again!” I say when we are getting our snacks. “ Your right.” She says. 1 year later... “ Mom, we are never going to see Hamilton again because of corona!” I say. “Yes you are because it is on disney+ so you can watch it whenever you want.” I get excited. And the next day I watch it!
Week 4(21)

I was playing violin, and I was playing a beautiful piece then I bonked my elbow on the corner of table next to me, it started to hurt and then it became numb and it felt prickly. It bruised pretty fast, so then I walked around thinking about what I should do. Then I got it! I walked outside and sat down on the green grass. I thought what am I going to do? I have bruised elbow and I can’t really do anything! Suddenly I did not feel the pain anymore, I thought to myself everything will be okay!
Week 3 (21)

My mom said I could buy a puppy, so I was riding my bike there excitedly! When I walked in I saw a little girl buying 2 dogs, but she kept on adding more and more to the pile! There were none when she was done! “Would you like to buy these dogs?” asked the woman at the front desk. “Yes I would!” said the girl, she looked really excited. She was going to pay with her money… but her money could only pay for 1 dog! She started crying and I instantly thought they should have never said yes!

Practice Week

Life as a scarecrow is not very exciting, all we do is just scare away crows! Nothing good has been going in my life until recently. . . I saw a man biking down the street delivering pumpkins and vegetables. Suddenly I saw him go in a pot hole! Most of his veggies and pumpkins rolled down the street! He tried to turn quickly to get them but he went over a curb and went right into the hay bale right next to my post. He said “Help!!!!” then he fainted. It was the funniest thing I have seen in my life!


  1. Um I think it was good but the ending I didn't get it but other than that i thought it was really good.

    From Natalia Ortiz

  2. I think it was good because you did like the scarecrows point of veiw of what happend to my man godd job

    From Izzy Pangburn

  3. i like how you were there scarecrow i haven't seen a story that love it lily hubbard

  4. where did the scarecrow come from? other than that it was a funny story ari.s

  5. Its funny how the scarecrow is watching him run into the hay bale! Crosby Cooper

  6. I really liked how you used a scarecrows point of view but I did not really get the ending you could add a bit more detail otherwise you did a great job with your story. - Alba Hila

  7. amazing story lizzie i thing the story was great I liked how you started with just a plane old scarecrow than went to a guy crashing into a hay bale keep up the great writing
    Kiernan Wendling

  8. i didnt really get the ending of of the girl who wanted to but puppies story - alba hila

  9. I liked how you decribed everything that was happing

    Soleil Dupuis

  10. Hi Lizzie
    I really like the dog story. Maybe you could add more describing words but it was a very good story. And did you get a dog at the end of the story? You can visit are blog from Mya

  11. I Love your week 5 story Lizzie, I think it's really creative. <3
    ~Amina A