Week 11 (21)
The princess marley was in her kitchen making cupcakes for her friends. It was her birthday so she decided she is making cupcakes. She will put extra  white frosting like the color of her castle.Because she is very crafty in her cooking she loves cooking. 
 she heard her doorbell ring. It must be her friends, she thought. 
So she ran over to her door and asked what they wanted to do. They said we saw a big pile of leaves want to play in the leaves. Yes let's go. So they went outside and started rolling in the leaves. 

Week 10 (21)
It was the day before Christmas. I was finishing wrapping  the presents. I was down to the last present. I had just enough  wrapping paper, at least I thought so…

I grabbed a piece of tape and started wrapping the  present.  I ran out of paper half  way through, how disappointing, if only it was a bit smaller. What should I do? That was the last piece of wrapping paper. I asked my mom and she said we have plenty up in the attic.  I went to the attic and found exactly the same one. That's how Christmas was saved.

Week 9 (21)
It was a sunny fall Afternoon when I was playing with my action figures On the deck.when a bee plopped right where I was playing I was terrified how do I know if it is dead or not. so I decided to grab my action figure's hand and touch its leg and see if it was dead or not. The bee did not move, not a tiny bit. It was dead. I was so glad even though they gave us honey. I am terrified of bees so I decided I would go inside and tell my parents the story.
Week 8 (21)

One hot summer day Emily was playing, when her mom said “Emily, did you finish your chores?” She replied “Not yet, but I am doing it right now.”

Emily marched down the stairs to the kitchen and announced that she will be finishing her garden work.

When Emily went outside, she grabbed big heavy bags and went to the garden. Suddenly, she got surrounded by bees, she kept waving her hands all exhausted and breathing hard, she simply raised her fists to protect herself from them and alert her mom. She quickly ran inside with the big, painful, bee sting.

Week 7 (21)

One morning, when I was getting ready I heard a weird sound coming from my older sister's room. I was curious what it was. When I went in, I saw a little puppy with a red bow. I ran to it and picked him up. It felt so fluffy. I didn't understand why didn't anyone tell me? It had to be a surprise. Even Though I didn’t have concrete proof, I knew it. I danced out of her room with excitement. I decided to hop on my red scooter and ride to my friends house to share this exciting news.

Week 6 (21)
It was a beautiful day in the Fall when I arrived from school. I noticed a big box on my front porch. There was no name, no address. I knew that I am not supposed to open packages that were not addressed to me. The closer I approached the bigger my urge was to pick it up. I walked past it, but I had to see what was inside. I went back to the porch, grabbed the box and over sudden I heard noise. I quickly looked inside and saw the most beautiful white fur puppy with bright blue eyes.

Week 5 (21)
We are getting attacked, start getting ready and start pushing the cannon. Hurry up gentlemen, the enemy is approaching fast !!! Please take your positions,the cannonballs are ready to be launched boom.There it goes, we have hit the target. It is not over yet , everyone get into positions,we have a battle to win. We have a kingdom to protect. The people of the kingdom are counting on us. We cannot disappoint them.I see they are approaching from the other side. We launched the final cannonball .They are retrieving, Victory!!! we have won. Our kingdom is safe now.

Week 4(21)

One day I was practicing violin and I was having some trouble with my bow, so I decided to take a really long walk. While walking, I noticed a shadow behind the prickly green bush behind my neighbors house.. As I approached closer I noticed a dwarf goat. I got so excited because I always wanted one. Once I approached,the goat ran into my arms so fast that it bruised my forearm. I picked it up gently and went to my neighbors home to return it. My kind neighbors saw our immediate connection and allowed me to keep it.
Week 3(21)
Hi my name is emma i'm a Squirrel and i was climbing a tree and there was this tiny branch and there were a lot of acorn and it is hard to find acorns when there are so many Squirrel that i would go for it because i am a Squirrel so i went for it and 3 other Squirrels And they wanted some to so they said do it do it so i did and i fell i wish i never should have said yes a few minutes later i woke up and i realized my acorns wore gone

Practice Week

I am a bike and as you can see, there was a little accident. I will tell you the story of how it happened. I was riding and in this pretty neighborhood and my owner decided to not pay attention. Over sudden, he started to wave his hands because there were bees everywhere. Come on who is scared of bees.He lost balance and crashed into the heybell. My poor front wheel is hurting and I hope I can survive this horrific crash. Moreover, I hope my poor owner can get himself out of this situation. This is pretty embarrassing!


  1. I really liked how your bike narrates the story for your story
    ~Lizzie Lamme

  2. This is really good! I like how it's the bike narating, not a human.
    ~Cara C.

  3. I like how you wrote this from the bikes point of view
    ~Amina A

  4. I noticed that everybody loved the bikes point of view i really liked it too and i can almost hear you narrating the story i loved how you used a complex choice of words! -Alba Hila

  5. I Really liked how the bike narrates the story! Keep it up.

    Soleil Dupuis.

  6. I loved it it was so good I want to hear a second part .

    -from natalia

  7. I really like how you said the enemy is here and then you won and now your kingdom is safe. Liked reading it -Lizzie