Week 10 (21)
Clara was walking in her neighborhood with her mom and friends.

Clara has been taking piano lessons for a year, and they need a piano. 

Someone in the neighborhood put a piano at the end of their driveway with a free sign on it. 

“ Here is a piano for your lessons!” said Clara's mom.

They pushed the piano to Clara's house.

They tried to push the piano through the door, and the piano didn’t fit.  
If only it was a bit smaller! 

“Let's put the piano in the garage.” suggested Jen.

“Good idea Jen.” said Leona.

“I agree.” said Clara. 

Week 9 (21)
I was running around, the green grass tickling my toes. 

Then the I rain to the fence to say hi to Lissa, a golden retriever. 
I pet her, and her coat was like satten. 

There is one thing I always do when I see Lissa. And that is I always give her a stick. So I did. 

Then I had enough outdoor play time for today. So as I was running through the soft green grass I felt a prick. 

So I rain in the house crying and told mom what happend. She gave me a band-aid. 

Week 8 (21)

It was Saturday morning. Leona hopped out of bed and got dressed.

Today Leona was going hiking up a Mount Caskade in the Adirondacks. It wasn't her first mountain hike.

This time Leona was going to hike up the mountain with Clara, and Jen, her best friends.

When Leona finished getting ready for the hike her friend's car pulled into the driveway.

“Ready?” asked Jen.

“Yes.” Leona replied.

The hike was hard but worth it. The fall scenery was amazing.

Exhausted and breathing hard, she simply raised her fists!

“That was the best hike ever! Let’s go again!” Leona exclaimed.
Week 7 (21)

It was a beautiful autumn day. The sun was shining, and the colorful leaves danced in the autumn breeze.

Ivy was riding her red scooter.

Ivy was going so fast she didn’t notice the bump in the road. So the front wheel of the scooter went over the bump, and tipped over.

Ivy fell on the hard concrete. She only got a scratch.

Later when Ivy got home she put on a band ade, and snuggled with Fluffy, the family's dog. She is a bichon frize.

“ you shouldn't go riding your scooter without mom or dad watching you.” Said Lena

Week 6 (21)

It was friday afternoon, and there was a storm. The wind howled like wolves, the trees swayed like they were made of rube, and there was lightning thunder and of course RAIN.

When the storm stopped Lily opened the front door. There were leaves, branches and pine cones everywhere. But there was also a package on the bottom step. Lily brought the package inside.

And asked mom if it was hers. But my mom only said ¨don't open it.¨

I had to see what was inside the box so I opened it. And it was birthday decorations.

Week 5 (21)

My family went to a museum with me and when we got to the Colonial America section there was this exhibit. It looked like that the Colonists were stuffing the canon. One of the guides said that the Colonists are preparing the canon to sink a British ship.

The person that has a green shirt on is going to fire the canon. In the Colonial America exhibits we learned that the Colonists wanted to break free from the British but the British wanted to rule America. Then there was the Revolutionary war. My favorite exibit was the Colonial America exibit.

Week 4(21)

It was early in the morning when Mrs. Green went for a walk with her dog. The sun was just coming out when Mrs. Green walked on the prickly grass.

When she turned the corner she heard the sweet sound of a violin coming from her friends house. As Mrs. Green walked towards the beautiful melody, she was not looking where she was going, so she tripped over her dog and bruised her leg.

When Mrs. Green noticed the bruise on her leg she cleaned with peroxide then put some healing ointment on the bruise, and it never really hurt.

Week 3(21)

…they never should have said yes…

The Bike Race.

Maddie got out of bed. This summer Maddie really wanted to have a bike race, so she hopped out of bed, put on her favorite biking shorts and t-shirt.

Then Maddie went into the shed to get her bike.

When she asked her parents if she could have a bike race they said yes. Clara came over and they raced up and down her street when Maddie fell off her bike, and scraped her arm. When she put a bandaid on she thought to herself they never should have said yes.


  1. lena, i love riding bikes and i love this story, maybe do more about sports!
    -Katherine Mae Trimarchi

  2. I liked it. It was really good.

    -from natalia

  3. i like that the violin story was a lot about you!
    -Katherine Mae Trimarchi

  4. I like how much detail you put in your story. It makes the story flow! That was a really good story! ~Lizzie ;)

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