Week 6 (21)

I was in New York City and I was going to visit my godmother and we were taking the subway. It took a long time and halfway through all of the train rides cause there were 12 trains that we had to take! Anyway halfway through. I saw a box,I was so confused and curious because somebody just threw the box in the subway. I was terrified for a hot minute and then when my mom wasn’t looking I went up to the box cause I had to see what was inside… It was a super cute puppy dog!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Week 5 (21)

I was at a really boring museum for a school trip and we passed all the cool exhibits and went to the boring old ones about wars and defense with castles well anyway there was this old creep that kept on muttering about the past and then he poured this weird green juice all over the exhibit and the old man got kicked out of the museum and everybody laughed at him because he was looking through the window with his lips on it then we moved on to the next one but then everybody heard a loud cannon noise!!!
Week 4(21)

The green grass was fresh and prickly and I walked to my seat and the lovely violin’s started playing . Then somebody dropped their violin and it looked really bruised and the harmony stopped for a moment, then started again after a while it was beautiful and peaceful . And I never wanted it to stop and then something super duper dramatic happened. I woke up from the dream and then my dog jumped out the window all fine. I was on the second floor in an apartment building. I looked out the window and beneath a dog laid in a flower basket!!!

Week 3(21)
I’m so nervous, Jason said in his head, Jason is new to the school and is trying to impress his friends. With his writing for a good first impression he will also get his video games taken away so he won’t be able to play with his friend’s and win the bet. When Jason finished the test he got the score and he nailed it! Everybody was impressed at the end of the day he got an amazing score and all worrying wasn’t worth it at all! And he schooled his friends in video games and won a bet “YES!!!”

They should of never said yes

Practice Week

One day I was on my bicycle going up the hill going to get some food that mother asked me to get . But when I got there (at the market) it was closed so I had to go back home to tell the bad news when I had the idea! There’s another market on the scary side of town and I get the food from there. But it’s so scary I thought in my mind but I started biking there but I turned back when I saw a wild animal and it chased me into a haystack oh god“AAHHH”!!!


  1. I love the story line and how you made it like you were the guy

    Anthony williams

  2. Hi Kiernan
    This was a great story and you used a great amount of adjectives like fresh and it made great sense.
    I loved how you explained the that the dog was ok.
    How did the dog 🐶 jump out the window?
    Tadhg Dublin

  3. Great job Kiernan I wonder what the old creep was muttering about?
    I would like to hear more. Crosby Cooper