Week 36 (21)

Hi i’m Greg because I'm grey and I am the statue of legend because you know how many people know about the treasure underneath me 0 well besides me. And in statue culture that is the most famous you can be because nobody is trying to steal from you! Like what happened to grey all those years ago. Grey was my dad. He was nice and loving, oh you wanna know how I know him; because us statues have echolocation,so, I can talk to him and see him. I didn't have a mom by the way. 
Week 35 (21)

 “Which way to the shops?” it panted, well I panted. Hi my name is Gregory, I’m a werewolf And I need some dog food or I'm gonna starve! 
“That way.”mumbled the old man
“Thanks to you.”said I, huh that man looked kinda Mystical but who cares I NEED to eat! Okay I’m in close proximity to the shops, yes, yes, yes, food! Delicious food!
“W-w-w-er-WOLF!!!!!!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ”screamed a crowd!
“What's their problem?”
‘Don't m-mind th-em they’re j-just scare-d of you, c-cause people ‘round he-re are not exact-ly accustomed  t-to your kind, like you.” Said the old mumbling man.

Week 33 (21)
“Mario , Begins!” I'm In Iggy's castle this is a hard level okay I’m on the part where you gotta knock 'em in the lava. It's very brutal, ah-no a fireball! I dodged it. This guy is good but I'm better. Wow, I won. Wait, that was easy but this is not. “This is nonsense, what am I supposed to do about this? This is not okay Shy-shy What do you think about this? “Shuuu she shu she me.” “Well said.”said Bob da boss  “just give up on your dreams.” ~Bob da Boss yea just give up on your dreams 
Week 30 (21)
Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room we rushed to the door but it disappeared then the lights turned on! There was a big face, wait no a carrot or a baby, maybe a sandwich. I don't know what it was but it was ugly and terrifying! I couldn't deal with it and I didnt know what to do so I gave in and told her,IT where the cheese pufffffffs were I didn't know It would eat them all nonsense you know what it is I can tell! So just  give in for your own good I won't hurt you then.

Week 29 (21)
You see lots of things on 29th street. Blue cars, red cars’, sports cars’. But no friends when you’re just a rock, I like it but not gonna lie I could be better I mean if I wasn't always peed on and had some actual friends not just caterpillars and rolly-pollys’! And the worst thing is when somebody comes around and sits on me or takes a selfie standing on me! I always say something like , have respect for the rock, but nobody listens! I hate it but this would all be okay with me if I had some friends.

Week 28 (21)
As it let out a pitiful howl, I cried, my dog was going to the pound. I couldn't deal with myself, I felt like there was a big rock on my head pelting my face into my bed every time I looked up or heard my dog whimpering. I was so disappointed in myself I forgot to close the gate even after my parents told me 100 times. My dog must have gone through the doggie door and the gate held there on its hinges open, I admit it. It was all my fault and just one thing did it!

Week 27 (21)
A Purple elephant happily sprays Salt at all Predators For, it has Won And can not be hurt So in celebration he continues Then eats a Feast. When he was done he was no longer hungry and he was very happy so he decided to paint a picture of the wounded predators so he painted. And he enjoyed it, when the day ended he was so tired and then the predators got up while the elephant was sleeping. And the elephant found that he would never wake up from his horrible dream the violin he hated. it played on loop

Week 26 (21)

“Mmm, yum yum yum! In my tum,” ''shut up stardate!” Cafeteria: shout outs’ ,food fights’,And tray flips! This will all take place in the CAFETERIA and only one person can stop them Mason  Corn! Mason Corn is a secret agent, was a secret agent, retired, That means he dont work any more ! “I like marmite!” “I like marmalade too.” “No, she said,  I like marmite! “Oh that nasty man, I mean woman!art

Week 25 (21)

Hello, I am a scarecrow. I like to scare crows’ what do you like? Sigh, you're a rock, Okay… Does anyone else hear talk..?
No of course not, why would you! Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you. I’m just so lonely, Will YOU be my friend? ‘Silence’ Ugh. Okay crow eat anything you want, just leave me alone. Wait Not Me!!! “ Wow dude okay sorry, Jeez.” Wait, you talk! “Yae man. I talk?!” Sorry for snapping like that, But you know you can’t eat stone?

Week 23 (21)

“I dare you to let go of it!” bugged Crosby. “Uhh, leave me alone!”Groaned Quint. “Okay.” Said Crosby. 
Quint had just won a balloon at the county carnival because he completely kicked the highscore for getting the most balloons’ to pop in one throw! Quint was six, so this was a BIG accomplishment!
“BOO!!!” Shouted Quint’s sister, Anya. “there it goes, I would have never thought you would lose it so quick!” taunted Crosby. “I hate you!!!” shouted Quint! “I didn’t think I was that frightening.” Said Anya, Regretting her actions.
“My beautiful brown balloon is gone.” Said Quint. 

Week 22 (21)

  “but where did it go?” Anya shouted! The worst thing possible happened! She lost the tv remote!!! “I just don't know where it could’ve gone!!!” Shouted Anya. “Did you check in the couch cushions, It always gets jammed in between them!” Said her Dad “YES!!!”Shouted Anya. “Well, I’m going to work now!” Shouted Anya’s Dad 
Great now I can't watch TV, thought Anya. Now I have to go outside!!! “RI-I-I-N-N-G!” Anya went to get the door, It was her friend Sophia she was asking if she wanted to have a sleepover and you could probably guess what she said!!!

Week 20 (21)
 Let's get in the truck,“let’s get this radio on, I thought.”. “ THUNDER, DUN NU NU NA NUNUNUOH THUNDER!” Way too heavy I thought. “Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again, because a vision softly creeping, left its seeds while I was sleeping.” Sure,  “And the vision’s that were planted  in my brain still remain, within the sound of silence.”, “In restless dreams I walked alone, narrow streets of cobblestone.” I like this song. I thought “ ‘ Neath the halo of a street lamp I turned-” OH NO! The paint went all over that guy's bike!

Week 19 (21)
“ Yes, I will win, it’s a flying plane I made all by myself”... When it just wouldn't take off, it sank like a boat with a hole in it. This made me look like an idiot in front of my entire class! The plane took off yesterday I swore to them, but they just kept laughing! I was so angry, I knew I had to prove them wrong! I completely re engineered the plane and tested it and I could literally fly it and use the controller from inside the plane so I did and won the school science fair!!!

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As I rode My Bicycle down the hill, the traffic cop warned me, I had to slow down, I did. It would be my last strike if I broke the rules one more time! Then I passed my friend’s house, and he was very desperate to play so I played with him. Then his sister came outside and asked umpelitley and greedily for some gum. But I’m a nice person so I gave her some gum, the brand of the gum was juicy fruit, so the gum was yellow. When it was 5:00P.M, I had to go home.

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“Oww,Ugh! My toe!” 
“You okay sweetie?!”said Mom.
“Yea, fine, I was kinda over exaggerating.”
“Eat up, You’ll need a lot of energy for your first day of school!” said Mom excitedly.
“UGH, Right it’s my first day of school, do I have to go!”
“Yes, Peter It's important! You want to make a good first impression, Right?” Said Mom

20 minutes later
“C’mon, Peter get out of the car!”said Mom angrily 
1 minute later
As I walked through the door everything started spinning faster and faster then everything stopped and I was fine, I wasn't nervous!

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“Mum this wedding is stupid!”I moaned. “Well, take this and go in a corner.” Whispered mum angrily. Trevor’s mum handed him her phone.”Thank’s?” I said confused. Mum never gives me her phone, So this must be  important to her!? But it’s confusing, because mum always takes her phone for pictures too! And this is a wedding so she might just hate these people too. Because Dad didn’t bother to show so that’s probably it. But then I heard a scream! It was at least a hundred people shouting, “SPIDERS, SPIDERS, SPIDERS!!!” Oh, god, Noo! I know what happened!!!

Week 13 (21)
“Duh nuh naaa, Duh nuh naaa, Duh nuh naaa, Du nu!” Hummed Quint as he rushed down the hall! We’re playing superheroes and I’m a fancy villain, Oswald Cobblepot. It’s sorta fun but I don’t want to do it. Mom just told me to distract him because she’s on an important call. “Alfred, get me into the database, we can't let Penguin get to Harvey he’ll lose the debate!” Right now I'm sneaking around the house trying not to get caught. “Alfred I’m caught !!!” Suddenly, I didn't remember putting it on,... “ ALFRED, I DIDN’T PUT ON, MY MASK!!!” Exclaimed Quint!

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I was rolling in the leaves when father called me back to the castle and father had gotten new white curtains and ribbons to hang over the throne. I think they look quite ugly but father says it's the new fashion and that it looks crafty! Then we had to eat dinner and it was quite scrumptious and filling,dessert was great too. When I went back to playing I noticed that there was a group of neanderthals playing in my pile of leaves so I stomped over there and declared and demanded for them to leave then went inside!

Week 10 (21)

“What's wrong with my bike!” “It's sinking”! Exclaimed Kiernan!
 “Dude your seat is loose and it's going down and yelling timber”. Laughed Joey.
 “Then in that case we have to go to my house to fix up the bike”. Aggravatedly said Kiernan!
  “UUUghh, make it quick!”Said Joey, annoyed. 
That took way too long thought Joey, “JOEY come here, were you even listening!!! I have to adjust the seat, here's the Allen wrench.”Said Kiernan annoyed.
 “It's too big, if only it was a bit smaller.”Said Joey.
 “ If only, but it's not, so, go find another one.”Said Kiernan.

Week 9 (21)
¨We made it!¨ we were on a planet with alien life on it! Me and martial we're so excited and then, we hit something I was not sure what it was but it had looked like a box of cheerios but we only saw it for a quick second and then when we turned back and snapped out of amazement I saw that we were currently spinning out and heading to the wrong side of the small planet the we were trying to get to then we crashed and saw what we hit!!! It was a giant bumble bee!!!!!!!!!

Week 7 (21)
I tripped on the concrete because my sister was riding her red scooter and annoying me and my friends. Even though me and my friends didn't want to, we had to drop her off at her friend's house so they could bring her to the dance recital! When we dropped her off she danced to show us a sneak peek of the show. It was pretty decent, well it was definitely way better than me and my friends at dancing and then we dashed away in order to play some more and, I realized that she didn't have her dress
Week 6 (21)

I was in New York City and I was going to visit my godmother and we were taking the subway. It took a long time and halfway through all of the train rides cause there were 12 trains that we had to take! Anyway halfway through. I saw a box,I was so confused and curious because somebody just threw the box in the subway. I was terrified for a hot minute and then when my mom wasn’t looking I went up to the box cause I had to see what was inside… It was a super cute puppy dog!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Week 5 (21)

I was at a really boring museum for a school trip and we passed all the cool exhibits and went to the boring old ones about wars and defense with castles well anyway there was this old creep that kept on muttering about the past and then he poured this weird green juice all over the exhibit and the old man got kicked out of the museum and everybody laughed at him because he was looking through the window with his lips on it then we moved on to the next one but then everybody heard a loud cannon noise!!!
Week 4(21)

The green grass was fresh and prickly and I walked to my seat and the lovely violin’s started playing . Then somebody dropped their violin and it looked really bruised and the harmony stopped for a moment, then started again after a while it was beautiful and peaceful . And I never wanted it to stop and then something super duper dramatic happened. I woke up from the dream and then my dog jumped out the window all fine. I was on the second floor in an apartment building. I looked out the window and beneath a dog laid in a flower basket!!!

Week 3(21)
I’m so nervous, Jason said in his head, Jason is new to the school and is trying to impress his friends. With his writing for a good first impression he will also get his video games taken away so he won’t be able to play with his friend’s and win the bet. When Jason finished the test he got the score and he nailed it! Everybody was impressed at the end of the day he got an amazing score and all worrying wasn’t worth it at all! And he schooled his friends in video games and won a bet “YES!!!”

They should of never said yes

Practice Week

One day I was on my bicycle going up the hill going to get some food that mother asked me to get . But when I got there (at the market) it was closed so I had to go back home to tell the bad news when I had the idea! There’s another market on the scary side of town and I get the food from there. But it’s so scary I thought in my mind but I started biking there but I turned back when I saw a wild animal and it chased me into a haystack oh god“AAHHH”!!!


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