Week 36 (21)  

 Once there was a war a war that was so bad it involved so many people fallen warriors it would take a continent of people to persuade it to stop but no it only took one man willing to risk his life after the war ended he was dead so they decided to carve a statue just for him and till this very day he represented a symbol of peace there inside the statue lays his treasures and him! This was a long time ago now there's just peace to the land if he made peace you definitely can!

Week 34 (21)

As I walk around my neighborhood near the entrance I look up and see a small spider jumping off and flying? 
                                “ I didn't realise they could fly, I said out loud”.
“What did you realise could fly?'' said my dad? “ . “the spider”.”They don't fly, they glide, they make a parachute out of their web and jump off” . “oh that's cool, flying must be really fun is it?!”. It is, you've been on a plane. “I have”! “Well that's when you were a baby too small to remember” . “Can we go again please? I want to see maybe next time”.
Week 33 (21)
“Come on, kids gather around the fire. I'm gonna tell you a story about the cursed tower.
      Once there was a rumor about treasure in the tippy top of the tower, but once you entered the tower there would be no coming back”.

                 As that memory fades from my mind I look ahead and see the huge tower. It's  spooky over the beautiful ocean. As I enter the tower I go up stairs and find gold, but behind that I see a  dragon. I carefully walk up and grab some, but then the dragon wakes Up, so I send it!!!       

Week 32 (21)
La la la la🎵 as i walked into my house. I had an urge to go to the i went after a minute it went dark then a flash of light then darkness .”oh come on i yelled” it was pitch dark. My eyes can't adjust that fast.when i finished i got out and my mom and dad had flashlights so we used them. we went out for a drive but before we could get on the mainroad we looked up and the traffic lights aren't working “of course 20min later the lights are back whoo ray
Week 31 (21)

“As the old Wrinkled mushroom stood in place as a gateway, a rule To never cross into animal territory because you’ll get taken away never to be seen again” my grandfather says. It's a scary story to not cross the gate. 

         As we go home there's a person with an oar in his hand  getting into a boat. It's so peaceful here.

              As I got into bed I felt wistful for whatever is behind that mushroom. There are probably so many beautiful  things out there, animals of different kinds. If I had a wish it would be to be free.

Week 30 (21)

As I was getting ready to get my hair cut 
Suddenly ,darkness enveloped the room. It was a power outage and then it turns on then turns off again . So my dad uses the time he has when the lights on and turns on his flashlight  and the light goes out for good but we have a phone light so we try to get what we have. We have some lantern’s, candles, torch lights, phones, flashlights and try to light up the house  and  I use my hover board because it has lights. We were good to go right now...

Week 29 (21)
 As I walk down the alleyway, I see a red fence that looks like spears So i decided to follow it.

     When I look I see an end to the fence and there's a number 29 in a square. So i knock on the door “knock knock knock”.

            “ Hello” an elderly voice says “come in you want a suit?”.wait this is a hotel “yup” can i see them first''okay”. When i got to the room it was so big and was really nice i couldn't believe it . it was fancier than my house so i decided to stay .whew

Week 28 (21)
Wolfy and me in minecraft
  the hardest minecraft mod  rl craft there's so many monsters it's almost impossible to avoid them they even can spawn in your base if its too dark as i go up out of my base to collect wood i see something in the distance it's a wolf you i had some bones and a lead so i decided to tame it and bring it into my base. 5 minutes  later. I decide to go hunting with my wolf bam bam killing monsters my dream was to tame a dragon but the as it let out a pitiful howl ,wolf,died

Week 27 (21)
While I'm playing my Violin the teacher said we can stop. And so I went back to the classroom to see something purple or blackish on the screen. It was math time and they were talking about elephants. There was something on the screen saying that there was gonna be a new kid coming tomorrow and his name was Ryley. I was happy. And while recess painted something on the new chrome book with the stylish.tomorrow morning i wake up and go to school and i wait and there ryley was coming and i met him nice meeting you...

As I was entering the escape room I heard other people in another escape room say get COINS are SINKING get the LADDER and pull it out and we need that 

As we enter the room its like theres RED PAVEMENT on the walls but it's just the LED lights
As we teleport wish and then everything goes black and the doors open without a sound we walk in just exploring and I see a button press it and the ship turns on all the lights are normal and the computer says its name eve and it's an emergency , meteors?...

Week 24 (21)
It was my first day going to wizard academy its  an arcade put super fun once i got ther i run up to the door  and there's too robot wizards standing there...the orange one spoke first…”welcome traveler i hope you have fun!!!” and as we go in i see a castle  and arcade home more and more ill lets go to the counter to get our wand i say i got the wand called the lightning wand over blue the first game we play was super fun where you have to use your  wand to blast little goblins

Week 23 (21)
As a spy working my way through the city was easy now taking away radioactive weapons and getting the bad guys in cells. The agency called me and said i had a very important mission to sneak up on an aircraft and take back the golden statue
On the aircraft. Code brown balloon meant go retrieve the item .  once i got in it was very frightening photos of tattooed guy everywhere  i was never gonna give up this was a very important mission so i kicked down the doors through the laser and finally i had the statue ,head quarters

Week 22 (21)
 Early in the morning and it's sunny, it's my friend's birthday

 ready to go to her party .  I went down stairs racing to eat breakfast cause i was i got to  the dining table my mom came with pancakes on plates ready to eat and said “good timing!” as i gobbled while eating the pancakes i realized i didn't get her a present my friend “ where's the present” i asked “for my friend” 

 .i don't know? Mom said “do you know? ”“… ,but where did it go? ”i shouted…
Dad finally said “it's in the car?” What how!!! 

Week 20 (21)
     As I was biking with my pure yellow bike I wanted to get off  and explore the forest because it is a nice day but I didn't want anyone stealing my bike so I had a zip tie and scissors.

 As i went into the forest i see something brown moving and realize it's a bear “oh no” i scream i run the way i went to my bike trying the cut the zip tie but it was right there i waved for help from a car got in and told him to “hit the pedal to the metal now”!!!

Week 19 (21)

     At the launch site we were making preparations for the take off around the school. We gathered supplies and made the launch pad ready to take off  now but we decided tomorrow because it was much more sunny that day than yesterday. We invited our parents, teachers, friends and classmates. many different rockets where there  whoosh went one again another and again and our  when it just wouldn’t take off… its not going  we tried and tried to fix it but we couldn't at the last minute i saw something metal sticking out put it back in woosh it went.
Week 18 (21)
As I was on my   Bicycle I was  Desperate  to find the scroll something someone Warned me about.It was in Yellowstone park . but there was also someone that was Greedily

Wanting that scroll's power I wonder where it was, he said it was in a cave guarded by a dragon. Once I got there I saw a hole so I went in the dragon was blast bule fire at the evil sourcer
   Bam he down and the dragon threw him out of the cave and fast the dragon stood up and bowed giving me the scroll it was awesome...

Week 14 (21)
 Halloween day 10:17 at night
“Whoa look at that house lets go in” i say
“Um you sure” jayden say its a bit creepy
Let's just go trick or ahhh
I tug jayden hard into the creepy house let go where it wants to go ahhh a trap door makes us fall 

After a minute ughh where are we? It's dark? I pull out my flashlight. I look around and see everything dressed in white blancet i wake up Jayden and go straight to one and pull it down. Ahhh  help me!! Help me.  whep that was a  dream

Week 13 (21)
One day, rainy and wet, I woke up and found my pillow on the top of my shelf and confused. I don't remember putting it on the shelf?Who could have done that? When i went to the bathroom and came back my lego was all over the place and my light was flickering. What was going on?! Is this karma for stealing my brothers candys mhhh no something else i got suspicious i checked everywhere when i came out of the bathroom in my room i saw my secret bases light on and when i checked it was ryan

Week 11 (21)

What a sunny morning. I can't wait to see my friend . But don't let the sky   fool you. The wind is Rolling as the Leaves fly with a White sky bird flying . Hiding in the shadows is a  Crafty fox waiting for its prey to be seen.In the night when i get a dream  a  Castle of dreams  is there waiting to be seen!    When you enter your dream dragons  are seen! Riding along on the dragon back you see the whole kingdom back and front what a wonderful place you see .when the sun set its all done.

Week 10 (21)

 Writing time!  Mrs .Gagnon comes to the front and teaches us about a literacy essay. Once we get started I go to the bathroom and once I come back I stretch my arms and type. I wonder what I should write.  I went to google classroom to  100 wc topics . Then to the topic 100 wc and click on my draft and I say I have an idea I should write a literacy essay about my 100 wc.  Once I'm done I look at my words and say if only it was a bit smaller. I was 8 words off
Week 9 (21)

Boooom ! a loud noise boomed the earth it's everywhere on the news saying what could this noise possibly be everyone thinks its a meteorite or an earthquake but one very secret photo was taken and its whereabouts were sent to area 51 about an unknown creature. A scientist called this creature a bee. They sent in swat members and their top scientist to investigate then they found out this creature was dangerous with a stinger so they transported it to a different planet mars and left it there as alientologists try to revive the creature but it didn't wake up.

Week 8 (21)

Bright and sunny morning and the sun is out and it is 12 :00 !! I gotta race, I gotta play a game to win . Phew I made it just in time I better get ready to batter up .

Okay I've done this before , let's do this again. Exhausted & breathing hard, he simply raised his fist and brought them down like a crash landing. I know I can do this. He stepped up to the batter plate and looked at the ball fiercely and when he was ready to throw he hit it and ran like the wind .first ,second ,home.

Week 6 (21)

it's christmas i wake up, get out of bed and say to my mom i'm going for a scooter ride. I get on my jacket and my sneakers on and head out the door.I hear the rumbling of the CONCRETE floor coming from my SCOOTER .I pass houses and head down and then i hear music coming from inside a house i see dancing people there were two other people that were eating they must have

DANCED I whispered I continued . I see red decorations on the house. Christmas time the snow is so FLUFFY as it can be.

Week 7 (21)

but I had to see what was inside… but you shouldn't have looked inside your bleeding now “it's not that big” well what if you're poisoned “i'll just get an antidote umm what going on i hear something wait whoa what's this

krpp “what was that” that sounded scary let's go back and tell mom “comon don't be a scared what could be the harm and he gone to tell mom off i guess he a little right it's somewhat scary emeily what going on i'm here mom where did that come i thought there was nothing in this room

Week 5 (21)
Ah come on mate work work “hey it working over there” nope? I don't know why “ maybe nothings in the canon should we look inside okay just don't light it up”what was that “dont light it up” i couldn't hear him oh well i'll just light it up but before that let me check under it oh ahh the dust my eyes i can see anything it's balck im blind”here” thanks mate ah that much better bye the easy lets fix the cannon let's put that ball in put these headphone three two one boom ahh help me ?

Week 4(21)
A wacky day
When I was walking from school to my friend's house where we play outside, and inside , gaming ,working on homework together with my violin I tripped over on the sidewalk and my knee got a big bruise so i ran ran ran to my friends house hoping it would not get infected when i got there i said i got bruised i need a bandage . my violin was the color green because the color green was my favorite color it reminded me of nature and how i loved it. I got a pit tired so i was grumpy and prickly

Week 3 (21)

Risks are hard choices

If you want to free nathan you must first say yes to my rule someone else must become my new vessels this was a hard choice they can't risk their lives just for nathan but it was to hard everyone was scared there wole team feared each other but they had a plan they gave up striker but then one of them would sneak behind snatch nathan and striker but they didn't get stricker nathan was just a hologram they never should have said yes why thank you said mr .a he wanted test subjects for his zombie army hahahahaha


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