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 I was rolling through the leaves  when I started to fall. I fell and fell, I started screaming and then a few minutes later I landed on a white fluffy cloud and saw a  big crafty castle. I slowly got up and bounced my way on some clouds to the castle. When I got to the big castle doors A big rounded man came outside shirtless eating chocolate and wearing  underwear with pictures of his face on it.  I was shocked! I thought that people who lived in castles were not fat, And they would not wear underwear while eating!

Week 10 (21)

The sun glared in her eyes making it hard for her to see. She could barely  see the ball soaring through the air. The air was sweaty, the sun was big, bigger than big.  The score was one to nothing, And their team was the nothing. They didn't even have enough money for anything, and that's why the score was nothing...  Arly’s eyes hurt from staring at the sun waiting for a ball to land in her glove, but it never did. Then a ball was hit  into the sky with the fat sun. if only it was a bit smaller….

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Two very evil scientists were dissecting a bee when a little bit of bee goop got into both of their eyes. They started to shrink till they were as tiny as an ant. They were astonished. When the two evil scientists tried to talk to each other they had a VERY high pitched voice. “Hey Bob”, said one of the scientists, “Can you please get me the hammer”? I think that this bee has things inside of it that will make us turn back to normal. “Ok” said the other Bob. Then they managed to cut the bee in half…

Week 7 (21)

Ugggggg this week's 100 word challenge is so hard. I have to come up with a story using the words
CONCRETE, FLUFFY, SCOOTER,RED ,DANCED. I'm typing this word after word trying to get my 100 word challenge over with. Maybe I should write a story about me righting a story or something like that. Bye the way when i am dne righting this sentence i wil be at 71 words. My srory could go like… once opon a time, someone was sleeping is a redd fluffy bed. Now want sould i do with the rest off my words…

Week 6 (21)

the sun was shining in my face as I walked home from school. sweat was coming down my face. It started to get cold all of a sudden. Not like a breeze cold but like the snow cold! I started to shiver. I was only wearing shorts and a t- shirt . And then I saw it was a big, humongous machine. It was a monster, it was gigantic. I looked around and there was nowone around me. It was weird, very weird there was caution tape all over the machine. I saw a door …but I had to see what was inside…

Week 5 (21)

Load the gun and shoot the cannon stand back. Me and my friends were at a museum pretending to be in a war.” Imagine actually being in a war”, I said to my friend. “Imagen getting hit by a cannon” My friend said. “Well it would hurt,” I said. Imagine how some one made this cannon. I said. Look at the close these people are wearing. They would be very uncomfortable. This reminds me of what were doing in social studies, My friend said. Ooo ya! We're studying the war! Life was very unfair in that time period. Just imagine

Week 4(21)

I'm sitting in my chair at school wearing a mask that is bruising my ears, I'm trying to think of a story to make out with these words, Violin,Bruised,walked,& prickly. I know that I have to be in a 100 word limit, and I'm typing here word after word trying to get this over with. Ooo! I got an idea, what if I make the story about me trying to write a story. Wait.. i'm already doing that… any ways, by the time I finish this sentence I will be at 95 words.What should I write now...

Week 3(21)

The door had fallen, & in seconds Chip was being thrown and dragged to the floor. Chip was panicking and in pain. My father… My father… “Dad was threatened like this”. Chip heard a voice that had not been heard in forever. It was his dad. Chip screeched in joy and pain. “Dad? dad!” “son be quiet, i've been put out of jail; but they want to take you now!” “stay with me dont make a peep” slowly Chip and dad crawled out the window and out to the shed. They never should've said yes... to taking the job in germany…
Practice Week

Trees can talk, yes they can. We go long back. Like in 1876 when a man was riding his bike with a basket of crops in the spring breeze and lost control, and he fell into a pile of hay face first, legs out! Man that was funny. Also I'm 584 years old. I am made mostly of dead cells, but I have a great sense of humor,that's what others say... Let's get back on track. After he fell in 23 people helped to get him out! I love being a tree, it's way more fun than being human!


  1. I liked how you told the story from a trees view I might try that from J-a-y-d-e-n

  2. I liked it was really good I loved that too how yo had the trees talked really good job.

    -from natalia

  3. I liked the story of how you are writing a story about writing a story for the 100 word challenge and you used the words in a unique way! ~Lizzie Lamme

  4. I love the cliffhanger of your week 6 story!
    ~Amina A

  5. Hi
    I loved your week 9 entry; that was very clever of your scientist to know the bee could help them
    and quite brave.
    Keep on writing.
    Mrs MooreTeam 100London

  6. Hi Kavya
    This is a really interesting 100 word challenge for week 9. I like how you started with the two evil scientists as while scientists are generally good, your use of the word "evil" created a picture in my mind of two scientists up to no good! Your story also highlights the importance of and the need for good scientists in this world as the bees could do with all the help they can get as they are so important to the human race. Well done and keep up the good work writing for the 100 word challenge.
    Máire O'Keeffe (Team 100wc)
    Galway, Ireland.