Week 35 (21)
“Hi  Felicia, which way to the shops?” it panted. That was my friend bob. “Hi Bob The shops are to the right.” And like that he was off. 
I sit here today remembering what happened that day. Just moments after I told him where the shops were, a big, blue, rounded body, with a square face ate him up and burped. 
Suddenly I started to twitch. I felt like I was in bed sleeping… The only thing was, I could not get out of bed. 
I suddenly woke up. It was all a dream.

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Falisha walked up the stairs and ran into her bedroom. She had to think of a story with the quote, 
“I didn’t realise they could fly!”
Falisha ran down the hallway, took a right then a left . Then she ran up the stairs to the 37462376142314235 floor in her house. By the time she was up all the stairs she only had 5 minutes to write her story. 
“Uhhggg, now I have to get a failing grade on this!”
And like that an idea clicked. She could write a story about the trip to her bedroom to write the story!

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The room filled with terror. Everyone petrified. Boom! A flash of light, then, darkness. 
The only thing you could see was the beating of your heart pounding. Beat by Beat. Everyone knew they would die one day, but not this way.
After A few minutes the sinens started to relax. The parents and adults in the room started whispering to each other. Trying to come up with a plan.
My mom was unusually calm. She did not feel harmed about what was happening. I felt like she knew that this was going to happen.

Week 31 (21)

The Mushroom Looked like a wrinkled nose, when he told us the rules of riding the oar.  The Mushroom was Wistful. He was looking for the perfect bach of flowers for his mother.  It was the night before mothers day. The mushroom told all 27464927871754637486319462974 of his children to go and find some flowers. In return, they would get 578345734583965 donuts. One mushroom found the perfect flowers and got 578345734583965 donuts. The mushroom was nice and decided to share the donuts with the others. Since there were 27464927871754637486319462974 mushrooms every kid got less than half a donut. Then boom… AAAAAAAAAAA.

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Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room.  Everyone was as silent as a mouse, not even the little kids screeched in horror.  A dark figure came into the room, we all ducked under the table we had been at. The dark figure suddenly turned blue. At this point we all started to scream and run. But the figure stopped us. One lady fainted. Was this how I was going to die? The dark figure started to laugh. Then, it started to talk. It said “This was a test, to see how good you will do during  a real attack”. I sat motionless…….

Week 29 (21)
I live in this house and I love it. Most of all I love seeing all the kidnappings. You get it, like Kids napping., I live in a house with a white door. Once you get in the door you will not believe what you will see. Our house looks so small, but when you get in the house it looks so big! Our house has a big indoor pool and all my friends like to come to my house. The other day a new kid came to school and I became her friend. When she came to my house...

Week 28 (21)
MmMmMMm… as it let out a pitiful howl? What a hard hundred word story to come up with. I could write a story about a dog, but the word pitiful means sad. I don't like writing sad stories. Oo,OOo,Ooo! What If i write a story starting like this: MmMmMMm… as it let out a pitiful howl? What a hard hundred word story to come up with. Oh wait, I'm already doing that… Uhhhgggg, writing this hundred word challenge is hard!  At the end of this sentence I will be at exactly a hundred words, no more no less!

Week 27 (21)
playing the Violin was not always my thing. I sound like an elephant when I play it. Most of all I hate playing it because it was painted purple. When I was little I loved how the violin was purple. I remember the day like any other. We hoped in the car. I was as happy as a mouse with a block of Cheese at that moment. We pulled up into the store - parking lot & I jumped right out. I started to run to the store, my dad could hardly Keep up. when I walked into the store, I was...


She was sinking into the pavement, her red hair filled with rocks, Some men had a ladder for her to climb up to but that also sinked in with her. 
What a tragedy. I felt bad for her so I went to the nearest wishing well and threw some coins in, wishing she was ok. 
How could this ever happen? How did she even trigger the switch that made the pavement sink? 
 I sat there and thought for a moment. 
The only people who knew how to trigger the switch were the army corps. 
I looked at her face then...

Week 26 (21)

My family and I were at a very fancy restaurant. We had already gotten our menus and were ready to order. 
“Hello, What would you like to order”. The waiter had asked me first.
“ I would like some mac’n cheese and a piece of toast”.  I said
“ Do you want butter with your toast?”
“No I said, I like Marmite”
“Ok,” said the  waiter.
After he had taken my order he took my moms, my dads, and my grandpa. We had the best dinner ever, ( better than grandmas) All thanks to the best marmite in the world. Or is it...

Week 25 (21)
“Come on, come on, come on! We go live any minute”!
“Hello this is Allvent Doodlebottem reporting the weather here is Degnan vill. Today is a sunny day. We have a 50% chance of rain tomorrow… unfortunately. “Now back to Bob crackerball”.
“Hello I am Bob crackerball here to report a flying statute, this statute went missing yesterday and is now interfering with air traffic. The FBI is trying to set up traps to catch this mysterious statute. If you see this statue please report to 911 IMMEDIATELY". What the reporters didn’t know was that the statute was behind them...
Week 24 (21)

Hello I am a crayon, a very big fat crayon. But I'm smaller than the other crayons.  I weigh only Two Hundred Eighty Seven  pounds. My friends weigh  three hundred pounds and up.
Let me tell you about the worst day in crayon history… my friends and I  were drawing a picture of our classroom and all of the children that used us at class. It was a very weird picture. Then all of a sudden a crayon snapped in half!
Silence fell… Everyone was as silent as a mouse. The orange one spoke first. Then the light when out...

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I was on  a big Brown hot air balloon, and let me tell you.. It was FRIGHTENING! Then all of a sudden the balloon got stuck in a tree. A BIG TREE.  Never in a Million years would I expect a hot air balloon to get stuck in a tree. I kicked the basket to try to get out of the balloon. I kicked and kicked and kicked and kicked. Finally I was able to make a hole. It was tiny so I had to use my hands to make the hole bigger. You won't believe what I saw outside……………..! 

Week 22 (21)
The tree was there, there in front of her. “But where did it go?” She shouted inside her head, as her heart pounded as powerfully as a gun.  
19 year old Jessica had been lost for almost three years. How, you ask? That's a whole other story…
Jessica turned around. The tree was behind her. It looked like it was glowing. There was a ladder slowly coming down the tree. Jessica hesitated for a moment, thinking of whether to climb up the ladder or to not. Without a doubt  Jessica ran to the ladder.
 She climbed up it and… BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 20 (21)
This is going to be quite the story. It all started out when my moms brothers sisters daughters uncles girlfriends nieces nepus uncles sister tied a bike up in the trees. Ya I know what you're thinking right now…. That she’s CRAZY. But what if I told you she won a million dollars for it. So basically she was in a group were the people did dumb things, like taping a bannana to a walk and ocining it for 150,000 dollors. And also zip tying  a bike to a tree. So that's the story. Please don't join the group!

Week 19 (21)

When it just wouldn’t take off our plan was to quit, to quit forever. We were building a rocket for our science project and when we pushed the button for it to fly it failed, failed miserably. And then out of nowhere the world's best scientists and robotasist came to help us. But then the other team had 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 evil robots helping them. We had NO choice but to quit. Then our teacher came into the room and told us that we could not have helpers. So we ended up winning because we only had two people helping us instead. 

Week 18 (21)
“Isn't it beautiful”! Grace said as she stared at the bright yellow bicycle through the window.
Grace was with her mom  in NewYork Desperate to get a new bike for her birthday. Grace’s mom warned her that she only had seventy five dollars to spend on her birthday. Grace would do ANYthing for the bike. 
“Mom, if I get the bike I Can go to the grocery store for you.” grace said. On the other hand Grace's mom was already down the block in a restaurant stuffing food in her face. 
Grace was greedliy, As she ran down the block

Week 17 (21)
My sister and I were lost all alone in the forest. Hungry, and Tired. it had rained for almost three days, and there we were lost all alone. 
It was almost dark and we needed a place to sleep. But where could we sleep? Everything was wet. Where would we find food? 
After walking for about 30 minutes, my sister saw a ladder that led up to a carved tree. We ran to the ladder and started to climb. When we got to the top there was a tree house. We went in and saw beds and some food. Then-...

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It was the day of the party ,everyone was wearing pretty dresses and beautiful suits
Me and my husband were sitting next to the queen and we got all nervous.  The queen was about to shake my hand when everything stopped and the lights went out.
The guards quickly pulled the queen away from us and made us hide under the tables. 
  There we were hiding under a small cramped table with little than less room. It was like a zombie apocalypse. 
After about three hours The light turned back on and then I got out from under the table...

Week 14 (21)
It was the day on my piano recital and I hadn't even chosen a dress. I did not like wearing dresses, but I HAD to wear a dress to this piano recital. I had now choice but to go to the attic and find a dress to wear. Mom was a fashion designer and she had manikins with dresses on them. I had know choice but to wear one of them. I searched and searched until I finally found a dress that fit. I tried to get it on me but when I wore it I turned into a witch.

Week 13 (21)
I walked into the burger king store amazed at all of the food choices. There were double cheeseburgers and bacon sandwiches there were so many to choose from. When I walked to the counter the order man was telling me about how they didn't have enough workers and that they would shut down if more workers did not come in. He tried to convince me to work for him but I was not old enough. “Umm I was- “grate so you're going to work for us” I woke up wearing the burger king apron. I didn’t remember putting it on…

Week 11 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.
 I was rolling through the leaves  when I started to fall. I fell and fell, I started screaming and then a few minutes later I landed on a white fluffy cloud and saw a  big crafty castle. I slowly got up and bounced my way on some clouds to the castle. When I got to the big castle doors A big rounded man came outside shirtless eating chocolate and wearing  underwear with pictures of his face on it.  I was shocked! I thought that people who lived in castles were not fat, And they would not wear underwear while eating!

Week 10 (21)

The sun glared in her eyes making it hard for her to see. She could barely  see the ball soaring through the air. The air was sweaty, the sun was big, bigger than big.  The score was one to nothing, And their team was the nothing. They didn't even have enough money for anything, and that's why the score was nothing...  Arly’s eyes hurt from staring at the sun waiting for a ball to land in her glove, but it never did. Then a ball was hit  into the sky with the fat sun. if only it was a bit smaller….

Week 9 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Two very evil scientists were dissecting a bee when a little bit of bee goop got into both of their eyes. They started to shrink till they were as tiny as an ant. They were astonished. When the two evil scientists tried to talk to each other they had a VERY high pitched voice. “Hey Bob”, said one of the scientists, “Can you please get me the hammer”? I think that this bee has things inside of it that will make us turn back to normal. “Ok” said the other Bob. Then they managed to cut the bee in half…

Week 7 (21)

Ugggggg this week's 100 word challenge is so hard. I have to come up with a story using the words
CONCRETE, FLUFFY, SCOOTER,RED ,DANCED. I'm typing this word after word trying to get my 100 word challenge over with. Maybe I should write a story about me righting a story or something like that. Bye the way when i am dne righting this sentence i wil be at 71 words. My srory could go like… once opon a time, someone was sleeping is a redd fluffy bed. Now want sould i do with the rest off my words…

Week 6 (21)

the sun was shining in my face as I walked home from school. sweat was coming down my face. It started to get cold all of a sudden. Not like a breeze cold but like the snow cold! I started to shiver. I was only wearing shorts and a t- shirt . And then I saw it was a big, humongous machine. It was a monster, it was gigantic. I looked around and there was nowone around me. It was weird, very weird there was caution tape all over the machine. I saw a door …but I had to see what was inside…

Week 5 (21)

Load the gun and shoot the cannon stand back. Me and my friends were at a museum pretending to be in a war.” Imagine actually being in a war”, I said to my friend. “Imagen getting hit by a cannon” My friend said. “Well it would hurt,” I said. Imagine how some one made this cannon. I said. Look at the close these people are wearing. They would be very uncomfortable. This reminds me of what were doing in social studies, My friend said. Ooo ya! We're studying the war! Life was very unfair in that time period. Just imagine

Week 4(21)

I'm sitting in my chair at school wearing a mask that is bruising my ears, I'm trying to think of a story to make out with these words, Violin,Bruised,walked,& prickly. I know that I have to be in a 100 word limit, and I'm typing here word after word trying to get this over with. Ooo! I got an idea, what if I make the story about me trying to write a story. Wait.. i'm already doing that… any ways, by the time I finish this sentence I will be at 95 words.What should I write now...

Week 3(21)

The door had fallen, & in seconds Chip was being thrown and dragged to the floor. Chip was panicking and in pain. My father… My father… “Dad was threatened like this”. Chip heard a voice that had not been heard in forever. It was his dad. Chip screeched in joy and pain. “Dad? dad!” “son be quiet, i've been put out of jail; but they want to take you now!” “stay with me dont make a peep” slowly Chip and dad crawled out the window and out to the shed. They never should've said yes... to taking the job in germany…
Practice Week

Trees can talk, yes they can. We go long back. Like in 1876 when a man was riding his bike with a basket of crops in the spring breeze and lost control, and he fell into a pile of hay face first, legs out! Man that was funny. Also I'm 584 years old. I am made mostly of dead cells, but I have a great sense of humor,that's what others say... Let's get back on track. After he fell in 23 people helped to get him out! I love being a tree, it's way more fun than being human!


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