Week 6 (21)

“Hi Alex! I’m exited for your birthday tomorrow!” Riley exclaims. “I know! Me too!” I answer. “I have a gift for you in my backpack, but don’t open it” Riley wags her finger at me. I sigh. It’s so tempting. But I let it go. I can’t stop thinking about the suprise. When Riley is going to the bathroom, I snatch it, then I open it. Suddenly, sparkles and glue shoot onto my face! Everyone laughs. I rush into the bathroom, but it wouldn’t come off! What have I done, I thought. But I had to see what was inside.
Week 5 (21)

“Watch out!” There is a lot of yelling. I am hiding from the crazy commotion in the tower. “BOOM!” There goes the cannon again. A few more hours, and everything stops. I dare a peek out the window, and the war is over! People are cleaning up and going home to celebrate! My mom arrives to pick me up. “Where’s dad…” I say. “No.” “NO” I scream, crying and running home. I close myself in my room. Red doesn’t have parents, surely I can have just a mom. I open my door and hug mom. “My brave baby” she says.
Week 4(21)

It was a lesson day. I played the violin. I was going to Elementary school. I grabbed my violin and back pack. “Your bus is here!!!” shouted mom. I ran outside and just got there as the bus was about to leave. The bus stopped at the school and everyone crowded to get out. As we walked across the green field, I tripped on a stick. The prickly grass bruised my knees and elbows. Rye, my best friend, walks me to the nurse and the nurse bandaged my cuts. I was sent home, but got to play my violin online!!

Week 3(21)

“What’s up!!!” I say. My best friend Olivia is on the phone. “I have big news, ” she answers. “What!” I ask. “Amy asked me to be in her group and I said yes!!!!” she said in a rush. Amy is the most popular girl. “You are sooo lucky!!” “ have to go,” I hang up. The next day at lunch Olivia walks to Amys table. Amy holds out her foot and trips Olivia, laughing. Olivia’s cheeks turn red as she hurrys into the bathroom. After school, I try to call Olivia, but she doesn’t answer. They never should have said yes


  1. i think it was amazing and i love how you said "olivias cheeks turn red" because i could picture it~Zenaida:)

  2. I love the plot of the story and the detail. ~Ellie

  3. Katherine i like how you sarted with Whats up to get me interesterd.It did!

    Soleil Dupuis

  4. I really liked your ending of how you got to play the violin online and how much detail you had! -Lizzie Lamme

  5. You have put so much into this story about a war, Katherine. The mood changes as your story develops. Half way through we think everything is OK and then you bring some real sadness to the story. The way you get the charters in the story talking to each other makes it feel even more real. There are also some excellent descriptions in your writing. I particularly like ‘crazy commotion in the tower’.