Week 35 (21)
I live in a small town, in a small house, and a small family. I went to a small school, with small classrooms and small tables. One very humid day, my mom asked me to go to the small shops. Luckily, we had a small neighborhood, so it was a small walk. On my way there, a new kid came running up to me. 
“Which way to the shops?” they panted. I pointed and then went on my way. I  bought the bread from the small bakery and ran back home. “Did you see Emma? I have something for her.” 

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I was chasing my sister, Allie, into a lighthouse. While I was climbing, I saw a coin in the ocean. When Allie finally turned around, it wasn’t Allie! 
“I-i’m so sorry I thought you were my sister,” I stutter. “It’s okay,” The girl answers with a friendly smile.
 “You were talking about a coin?” She asked. I didn’t realize I said it out loud. 
“ I saw a coin in the ocean,” I say. When we get to the shore, a duck comes up to us. 
“Hello!” says Sadie. The duck flew away. “ I didn’t realize they could fly!” We giggle.

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“I think I found it!” I yell to my sister, Allie. I step into the tunnel. As we get deeper, it gets darker and we can’t see anything. I grab my flashlight and shine it on a deep blue thing sticking out of the sand. 
“This is it.” Allie whispers. Allie grabs her shovel and starts digging. We pull out a box. I open it and take a quick peek. Lots of gold. I smile proudly. But then, I notice Allie is not there! “Allie!” I call, but no luck. A flash of light, then, darkness. My flashlight is out. 
Week 31 (21)
Hi! I am Queen Cat, and I rule Mushroom Kingdom! Today though, is a very special day, for it is the anniversary of King Willbert’s death.
 I am very wistful today. I remember when King Willbet was in the rowboat, paddling that gold oar. Oh, how I miss the good times. 
Then that wrinkled old witch came along. I will get her back for that! Actually, I sent half of my soldiers to go looking for her, and I might have set a reward for the finder! I don’t care if she is alive or dead, I just want revenge!

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Life is hard,
Sometimes sad,
Sometimes happy,
When I see the phrase,
“Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room,”
I see sad,
I think of something bad happening,
And someone gets hurt,
But on the inside,
Either by friends,
Or themselves,
So when I see this phrase,
I see that life isn’t easy.

I sigh as I close my notebook. I am going back to school tomorrow! To the hard math and easy reading, to the tiring PE to the relaxing art. To me, life is like a road, sometimes bumpy,  and sometimes smooth. And the potholes are the hardest.

Week 29 (21)

One sunny afternoon I was on the bus on the way home. I was walking down the middle when a boy named Bob started screaming at the nerd, Willy. The words Bob was saying were so bad, I started to feel bad for Willy. Luckily, we had the same stop, so he was able to escape
“Hey, I saw what happened back there, you okay?” I ask. “Yeah, thanks,”  Willy answers. “ Want to come over to my house?” I ask. Willy follows me to number 29, with the red fence and shaded alleyway. After this day, we were best friends.

Week 28 (21)
Rachel, my best friend, and I were at the movies. We were watching a movie about werewolves, and we watched a bear eating a wolf, as it let out a pitiful howl. I crunch on my popcorn, when suddenly, I have to go to the bathroom! “ Rachel” I whisper. “What!” she says, tearing her eyes away from the movie. “I have to go to the bathroom,” I say. “Well, go!” she whisper-yells, earning some shhhhhs. I tiptoe out of the room and race to the bathroom, not wanting to miss much. “Ahhhhhhh,” I sigh. I wash up and run back.

Week 27 (21)
“Happy Birthday!”  Screams Emily. Izzy is at the Pottery Place for her birthday party, and she has invited all of her friends. “I want the elephant,” Izzy says. “I want the ladybug,” Emily says. “Can I have the owl please?” asks Courtney. “Can I have the llama?” Asks Katie.
When everyone has picked and painted their pottery, Courtney gives Izzy a present. Izzy quickly unwraps it...a purple violin! “OMG I have been wanting this forever thank you so much!” Says Izzy. 
When the party was over, everyone took their goody bags and left. “That was the best birthday ever!”

Week 26 (21)
“Happy birthday!“ screams Willie as she slams open the door. 
“Hi!” I say, hopping up and down. Today we are going to my favorite restaurant for breakfast. Once we get there, the waiter gives us a table. 
“You know what I'm gonna get,” I say. The waiter finally comes to our table. 
“Can I have the toast with the ice cream side?” Willie asks. “Butter?” the waiter asks. “No”, she said, “I like Marmite.” “Ok, you?” she says, pointing to me. 
“Yeah, um... same?” I whisper. My mom orders, and then Willie hands me a present. I quickly unwrap it...

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“What about we go there!” Squeals Annie, pointing at a pink clothing store. As we pass the garden, I trip, dropping three bags and knocking over two carts! 
Annie screams, jumping to gather her things, when the statue next to me holds out his hand, helping me up. I stare at it as it helps Annie put her last things away, points to a hat with a few coins, and turns back into a statue. 
While Annie is making sure nothing broke, I put a few dollars into his hat. As we walk away, I see him wink at me.

Week 24 (21)
My name is Kelly Rilley, and I have a story to tell. It started Monday morning, when I was getting ready for school. “Sam! The bus is here! Kelly! Eat your breakfast!” I sit at the table, staring at the different colored grapes. My mom made rainbow grapes for breakfast. Now, you might want to leave now, as it gets weird. See, the orange one spoke first. “Don’t eat me!” I blinked. “Please don’t eat me!” There it was again. Where was it coming from? I press my ear to the grape. “AHHH! Don’t eat me please!”

To be Continued...

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The beautiful princess hugged me, opening her mouth.
“James! What is the saying for NESW?”
 “Um... Never Kick Frightening Brown Balloons?” I answer, still drowsy from my short nap. 
“James! There isn’t even a K for kicked!” she answered, muttering something about kids and videogames. 
“Sorry Miss Dackle.” I whisper, looking for Emily. Emily is my best friend. I spot her two rows in front of me, right next to the window. How I wish to be there. Instead, I am in the very back, next to Dylan, the school bully. 
“James,” he hisses, right on cue.
To be Continued...

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

“Aguamenti!” Emma screams, blasting a spray of water the robbers way. The black man dodged it, holding the glowing purple crystal. 
“I need to work on that spell,” she mutters. I roll my eyes. “Ridiculous!” I whisper, knocking the person down. He drops it and runs away. We started digging where he dropped the artifact, but had no luck. 
“Maybe he threw it,” Emma exclaims. “We better find it fast before Dumbledore makes us water the plants for a month.” The plants are very ferocious.  Emma wandered off. 
“Yeah, but where did it go?” she shouted. “Wait…”

To Be Continued...

Week 20 (21)

“Come on!” Screams Emma, excitedly. Emma stops in front of me, and I knock her over. 
“What was that for?” I ask. Then, I see it. Sighing, I untie my yellow bike from the tree. 
“I don’t understand why Bill hates me so much,” I Exclaim. I make sure there isn’t slime on it or anything, Then hop on. Emma gets on her hot pink bike beside me. As we ride, we hear a voice.
“Hey, James! Did you like the bike tree?” He laughs. 
“Go away Bill,” Emma Yells. “To where,the store?” he laughs again. 

Week 19 (21)

“AHHHHH!” I scream. I watch the rodent scurrying on the floor. You are probably thinking to call animal control or just my parents, but I am home alone and my mom doesn’t like other people at our apartment. The small mouse somehow had a hat on and eating from a bag of chips…Wait. That hat is my dads hat!  
“Hey, mousie mouse mouse! Please take that hat off. It’s my dads.” When it just wouldn’t take off the hat, I jumped off the couch and ran to get my cat. 
“And… CHARGE!” the cat got lose and…
To BeContinued… 

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“You sure?” Mom warned. 
“Yes! This is my chance!” I answer desperately, running out the door. I grab my yellow bicycle and hopped on. 
Once I got to James’s house, I greedily took the cookies that his mom gave me. 
“Ok, lets go.” James smirks. We jump onto our bikes and start riding. I am flying like a bird. I am flying like the wind. I am… 
“AHHHHHH!” I am in the air, heading for a tree! Then everything goes by in a blur. I remember being laughed at, then Pulled into a ambulance. After that, nothing.

To be Continued…

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“Take that!” Jack yells, punching Ben in the stomach. Ben falls onto the ground, trying to get away. 
“Ok, ok, you win” he winches. Jack puts his hands on his hips 
“This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t steal my homework.” Jack was a athlete, and Ben was the bully. I was watching the whole thing from my hiding spot in the bushes. Jack looked my way. 
“Ashley?” Everything stopped and my heart beat. I have been spotted. Ben looks up. 
“Whaddya mean?” he looks at me. “Oh. Hi Ashley”  Jack punches Ben playfully in the arm... 

To Be Continued...

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“AHHHH!!” a woman, made out of plastic, came running, Screaming at the top of her lungs!  I jump into a bush to hide, the spiky leaves cutting into my skin. The weird monster looks right at me, but runs off.  I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding. 
I started wandering around the forest, but after a few hours it was night.  As I closed my eyes, I thought about the creepy plastic woman.  I snuggled into my soft clothes, thankful for the warmth. As I lay there, staring at the stars, the world faded to blackness.

Week 13 (21)
“Roar!!!” the green-ish blue-ish dragon swoops down and opens it’s mouth, sharp, pointy teeth heading right towards me, about to chomp me to bits. I jolt awake, gasping for air. All I see is blinding white light. When my eyes adjust, I look around at the white world, full of snow. How is this possible? Its the middle of summer! I look down at my clothes. They are not the fluffy pink polkadot pajamas I was just wearing, but a white fur coat, white fur pants, and leather shoes. I didn’t remember putting it on. I slowly stood up. “AHHHH!!”

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My wagon starts rolling down the hill as the big, white castle comes in sight. “MA! I SEE IT!!!” squeals my little sister, Eglantine. I lean out to see it. Suddenly, the wagon door opens and I fall out! The wagon keeps moving. The leaves make a loud CRUNCH! Under me. I run all the way to the castle and my family is waiting for me. I hug them. Then I go to the person who is waiting in the castle and they lead me into a crafty room. There, they bandage my cuts and bruises. “Thank you” I say.

Week 10 (21) 

   Sam and I sit in our seats. The lights turn off. “Lights, Camera, ACTION!” yells the director. “ Natasha’s fabulous outfit” the speakers sing. Some beautiful women walks around and shows off. Three more girls come on. “Time to Judge” Sam said. I look at Natasha. I look at her big red poofy dress. if only it was a bit smaller.  I look at the second persons dress. Then the third. Then, I talk to Sam. “Amy?”  “Perfect,” she answers.  Then she announces: “The winner is…Amy!” Amy screams loudly. Everyone has a party and Amy gets her prize: A million dollars.

Week 9 (21)
“RUN!” Jack yells, flinging his skinny stick at the giant monster.  We run into the forest until our legs hurt.  “Why did we come here,” I complain.  “So we can be famous, remember?” Jack answers.  “ROAR!” We start running again.  We came to a undiscovered planet, then died from a giant bee.  Just great.  Maddie thought.  Suddenly, the bee falls!  “What…” Jack says.  He pokes the bee with his stick.  “It’s dead” Maddie whispers.  “Let's make camp.” They chop down some trees and build a small house.  They make a fire and eat the monstrous bee for dinner. “ROAR!” CRASH!

Week 8 (21)

“Goal!” coach yells. The red team scored. Claire stomps her foot. “We can still win” (Claire was on the blue team.) The score was 4-4. “Go!” the coach screams. Everyone races to the ball. Claire follows, blocking, kicking, and suddenly... she has the ball! She can’t pass, she has to kick! This is going to be the winning kick. “She kicks, she scores!!!!” Exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists. Everyone one the blue team celebrate. Claire walks to the coach, then the coach gives her a trophy! “The Winner is blue team!” he says, picking up her hand.

Week 7 (21)

“Cmon” I yelled to my brother, SCOOTER. We rushed outside. The music blared in our ears. Our neighbors played music, and when they did, we went outside. We couldn’t afford music. I grabbed my RED dress and DANCED to the beat across our CONCRETE driveway. FLUFFY, our neighbor's cat, walked around us. Suddenly, people came and threw us money! More people came, watching our dance. Soon , we danced everyday, and got so much money, we got rich! We were able to get a dog, we were able to get our own music, we were even able to go to school!

Week 6 (21)

“Hi Alex! I’m exited for your birthday tomorrow!” Riley exclaims. “I know! Me too!” I answer. “I have a gift for you in my backpack, but don’t open it” Riley wags her finger at me. I sigh. It’s so tempting. But I let it go. I can’t stop thinking about the suprise. When Riley is going to the bathroom, I snatch it, then I open it. Suddenly, sparkles and glue shoot onto my face! Everyone laughs. I rush into the bathroom, but it wouldn’t come off! What have I done, I thought. But I had to see what was inside.
Week 5 (21)

“Watch out!” There is a lot of yelling. I am hiding from the crazy commotion in the tower. “BOOM!” There goes the cannon again. A few more hours, and everything stops. I dare a peek out the window, and the war is over! People are cleaning up and going home to celebrate! My mom arrives to pick me up. “Where’s dad…” I say. “No.” “NO” I scream, crying and running home. I close myself in my room. Red doesn’t have parents, surely I can have just a mom. I open my door and hug mom. “My brave baby” she says.
Week 4(21)

It was a lesson day. I played the violin. I was going to Elementary school. I grabbed my violin and back pack. “Your bus is here!!!” shouted mom. I ran outside and just got there as the bus was about to leave. The bus stopped at the school and everyone crowded to get out. As we walked across the green field, I tripped on a stick. The prickly grass bruised my knees and elbows. Rye, my best friend, walks me to the nurse and the nurse bandaged my cuts. I was sent home, but got to play my violin online!!

Week 3(21)

“What’s up!!!” I say. My best friend Olivia is on the phone. “I have big news, ” she answers. “What!” I ask. “Amy asked me to be in her group and I said yes!!!!” she said in a rush. Amy is the most popular girl. “You are sooo lucky!!” “ have to go,” I hang up. The next day at lunch Olivia walks to Amys table. Amy holds out her foot and trips Olivia, laughing. Olivia’s cheeks turn red as she hurrys into the bathroom. After school, I try to call Olivia, but she doesn’t answer. They never should have said yes


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    Michelle, Team 100wc
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