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     What a nice morning. First let me do my hair ahhhh I am a dog. I Ran to the nearest person “ which way to the shops?” I panted.

“ To the right.” He replied 

First thing I did when I got there was go down a secret passage and then I found the man who did this to me. His name was Max.  He told me how to change back, he said that I need to go buy a car.

When I got there the man running the dealership said “ you can’t buy a car, you're just a dum talking dog.” 

Week 34 (21)
One  year ago a man that was fully grown acted like he was a kid. His friend Franchise said “look there are birds.” And Pee Wee Herman said “ I didn't realise they could fly!”
Franchise said “Yah idiot.” 
Pee Wee Herman replied with “I know you are but what am I.”
That went on for probably another few hours. Next Franchise said “should go to my to swim, then we should play some pranks on my dad with bubble gum.”
When they got to Franchise  house there was the pool right in front just so he could glot. Still Friends.

Week 33 (21)
 It was a sunny day with no storm clouds in sight but there were fluffy looking clouds.  But then in a quick second there were lots of storm clouds.  After a while it started to rain, then hail, then it went to a thunderstorm.  During all this wacky weather a scientist said,  “My machine did this weather I can fix it.  It will either take a million dollars or a year of work.”
  So the town got their money, gave the scientist a million dollars, then he fixed the problem and everything went back to normal and beautiful weather.

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   In a cabin in the woods lived a canoe racer he had the fastest time ever on a course. When he got to his next race he was banned because he broke a rule. Which he broke an oar in cellabration.
  One day he came out of his cabin to see a boy dressed in wrinkled clothes. Then he saw he had mushrooms. He sent the boy home.
     The boy came back the next day with an oar and mushroom and wistfully got in the canoe and took the boy on a ride. How happy the man was not explainable.

Week 30 (21)
    One afternoon a man was selling fidgets when suddenly, darkness enveloped the room then all the fidgets where gone the Rubik's cube, stretchy toys, squid toys. Then a customer noticed that there was a trial of black ink. They called the cops. They followed the ink to the man warehouse which was full of toys.

   When they went inside it was full of black ink the man was painting  a purple dog. Then the cops yelled “ come out with your hands up!” 
   The man came out, he went to jail. The whole store got its stuff back. Luckily. 

  “ Yay cops. “

Week 29 (21)
  One year ago there was a man named Jacob. He has a dog and a cat. They live on twenty-nine street. Also he has a white door and a brown house.The next day he came outside and looked at his house,and thought his house needed some color. So he painted his door blue. Then one hour later the cat scratched the door with pink paint on his feet.

   When he was walking home from work he thought it was very cool. Then the dog did it with purple.Then he painted his pets to paint. they painted well.

Week 28 (21)
   So when I was painting there must have been a break in, and sabotaged so I set up a trap to catch the messer upper. The next day I was painting a wolf as it let out a pitiful howl. After I was done and I left the room.

   Then I went to the camera room and found a donut and waited, then I saw the messer upper. It turns out my boss was just checking on me, then I saw him run by. It is the messer upper!

    I chased him down then I saw Jacob.  To be continued.

Week 27 (21)
    One day a violin player decided to paint his happy feelings with purple paint on a gray wall. After an hour of painting, he was done then he realized that he painted a purple elephant. After he realized it was a famous elephant, now he was in trouble but the town loved the elephant and the painted colors! 

    The next day, the zoo wanted him to paint the iguanas. Then when he got there he was so happy to paint but when he was done the town did not like it! Why he wonder? He was sabotaged!To be continued

Week 26 (21)

     “Good afternoon jeff.”Said Jack.Jeff offered Jack some toast. Jack got butter toast he asked “what kind of toast do you like.” “Jeff said what do you think?”Jack said jelly ’ No’, he said, ‘I like Marmite.’ What that it’s a type of spread it’s amazing. “Want to try some!” “sure.” “Wow that is amazing.”

“So you want to go on the trampoline?”  So when they went outside and bounced on the trampoline they both got cold and had hot chocolate.The next day Jack told his perantes how he likes marmite on toast. So the parents tried it.

Week 25 (21)

        One day a boy and his dad went on a trip to Maine. They stayed at a hotel called the Sparhawk. The next day the dad suggested that they take a walk on the marginal way.
       They saw some seals, took a photo and continued to walk. Then they saw a rock with a message in it. When they got to the drawbridge they saw a few boats.
        They ate lobster and some awesome hot dogs that were delicious. Once they got to their hotel they went and got some of the best whoopie pies and they relaxed and left.

Week 24 (21)
   When I was walking around I saw a man in the largest pumpkin ever then he said “call me orange”.I Said “sure”.

   So we hung out then we saw a cool Jackalteren and I said “ what's with all the pumpkins”. Then we went to my naber and the orangen one spoke first and said” my name orange”. 

   We went to a store all they had was pumpkin then I found out today was halloween so I hurried to get a costume. So when we saw my friends we went trickertreting. We had a great night yay a snickers bar.
Week 23 (21)

  Today was a scary day my brother lost his balloon in a haunted house. I kicked down the brown door and looked around. It was a nice but scary house.It was frightening to be in there never have i’ve been so scared. But then I saw a cute cat. .Then I grabbed the balloon  and the cat and left.But then when I got home I named the cat Miko and relaxed. But that is not the scary part. When I went camping I saw a hook so I knew this was not going to be a normal day.

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…
    One day Ahmet and his best friend Lizzy were playing on the swings then Lizzy fell off sending her necklace flying.When she got up she asked “ oh no  where is my necklace?”

    We looked around but we saw  nothing   but then I hit and had an idea we went inside and grabbed my telescope.Next we looked around we saw nothing but my missing tooth in the grass “,but where did it go?”she shouted. Then we saw it on a plank of wood and we grabbed it “, in all the action it must have fallen off”I said.

Week 19 (21)

  When it just wouldn't take off. Well what should I write for my one hundred word challenge  Maybe about a boy that tried to make his cow fly. It was a cold night then boom it stopped flying nah not good.

    Maybe a dog that tried to fly and fell on his owner or, how bout a cat that fat and eats lasagna no that been done, how bout a big dog that needs to fly to pluto. I got it so it was a cold night a boy determined to launch a ball into space. Yah that the one.

Week 18 (21)
This week is a 5-word prompt.  All five words must be in your 100 word piece, but they can appear in any order.
Bicycle   Desperate   Yellow   Warned   Greedily

        Today is one ordinary Monday for the first few minutes an eleven year old rich kid came to target. He went to the lego section and took every yellow lego greedily. Then he hopped on his bicycle and rode home desperate to play with them. His mom came in and looked at the mess and she looked at him and the boy knew that face meant to pick up. He was warned never to do that again so he went out and gave the kids legos, iphones, toys, and so much more. He felt so good he did it again.

Week 17 (21)
   “Everyone! Let’s play hide and seek,” yelled Joey.
    “Ok!” replied everyone.
    We all got in hiding places. Conner was seeking, Joey hid in a tree, Jake hid on a roof, Crosby hid under a trail with leaves. Then he stepped on Crosby and made a noise sounding like a chipmunk he almost lost. Conner continued to walk.
     Then he saw Jake peeking his head of the rough Jake thought he was not Sean Conner snuck up and scared Jake. 
     Conner saw Joey In a tree stump then went to get ice cream without Crosby.”Geis, are we done yet?”,Says Crosby

Week 16 (21)

   Everything stopped and bang Godzilla came out taking out every building in his path!!!

    I was eating at a very fancy restaurant when my water in my glass shook  and then my glass fell off. Next I heard people scream. 

   I saw Godzilla and I ran up a long staircase after I ran to my good friend brian Shibu's farmTo trap it.

     So we prepared Brian and put glue and feathers in a big trailer. I saw Godzilla. I ran to the  trailer and then I slid underneath. Godzilla looked like a huge chicken. I said “let's go to dinner.”

Week 15 (21)  To comment, scroll to the bottom of this page.
  This year was not the best but it was awesome.  I was able to practice lacrosse, play with friends and get closer to family.  But I hope 2021 will be better than last year and I will make more friends, learn new tricks and get even closer with my friends and family.  So I love being with my friends and family because I can talk to them  And I hope that we all start to be closer to friends family and soon to be friends.  Also I want to be a lacrosse player to travel around and to meet people.

Week 14 (21)

One day at a very fancy fashion show a lady went to try on her dress and it was,before I tell you that let me tell you this story. So that night before the fashion show a robber tried to steal the dress but when he was trying to get out of the vent he fell on the floor and the mancin in the dress hit the microwave and caught on fire.Then the next day a lady came to the dress and screamed. Due to the problem the manikin was gross so was the dress And she cried.

Week 13 (21)
Today is a perfect summer day.  ¨Joe come get in the car let's go get your tetanus shot¨.1 hour later now Dad home ¨ let's go get some subway¨I say. We need milk Joe.¨ok¨. ¨I want a turkey sub¨. ¨Joe get out of the car let's go.¨aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh my finger ¨dad I slammed my finger in the door¨.¨Joe what happened¨.¨I slammed my finger Mom¨.¨let's go rap it¨.Mom why is my finger raped I didn't remember putting it on.Then we relaxed and i tried to forget about it.¨let's go to bed Joe¨.night.

Week 10 (21)
I drove over to lacrosse. We played at Niskayuna and also played Ballston Spa there. They were good. That day Ballston Spa had no goalie. So they used him because he was an excellent player. I thought about how we do. I went up to play. The kid that I faced off against a kid. I won the ball and I got by two defenders and scored. I got another chance to pass the ball around then I got the ball. The goaley saved it if only he was a bit smaller it would have gone in. Came home happy!

Week 9 (21)

One day while camping a boy saw a bee farm for honey. Then when they get there the boy and his friend say let's go check it out.Ok then when they get to the honey farm they get offered to help and if they do they can keep some honey.After a hour of work the boys get to scape honey they also got some honey come It was sticky and it was so satisfying. When the boys got home they  had some honey tea. They relaxed for the rest of the day and they thought lets have more.

Week 8 (21) To comment, scroll ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM.

One day my mom was working on getting rid of my kitchen for a reno. Exhausted and breathing hard,she simply raised her fist and said come here paul.Then they boot me out of the house.Then I grab my lacrosse gloves and my stick and then I start shooting.Then I hit the pipe on my lacrosse goal I have no time to think I jump over the ball and land on my feet.Then I go find the ball then I find it wedge in a bush.When I get it out I go inside and sleep.

Week 7 (21)
One day a boy and five of his friends decided to do a race on their scooters. They were red, the losers had to do the chicken dance in public. So they went to a flat road and the first person to the stop sign wins.The race begins some of the boys get caught in concrete then Joey one by a hari. Then they went to Target and did the dance. They danced for hours, some of the boys slip on the fluffy carpet and then they got kicked out. They ran home and they party all night long.

Week 6 (21)
One day I realised how I would contact my parents When I came home from school.So we went to get me a phone. Then when we got there they had an awesome deal on the SE .The SE is A phone that has the 11 pro chip in it . When we were setting it up .But I had to see what was inside So I looked A slick red phone . I was so excited then I got all my family on it to text so I made sure it was up to date. So everything is alright.

Week 5 (21)

One day a fifth grade class went on a field trip to a museum and they were going to look at the canons. All the kids hate it so when they get back at recess they see the playground they pretend they were in a war with lots and lots of canons! So what do they do when recess is over? They wait for school to end then they go play at home for hours. So when the day is over and their parents tuch them in bed they dream about what will come next.Then they go to bed.
Week 4(21)

One day my Mom is waiting for me. She asks me what happened to my violin. The bow was torn to shreds and I broke it but I don't want to admit it. So what I do is blame the cat. But really I threw it at the green prickly cactus. The bow strings snapped and then I whacked my leg and then it bruised me. But I came clean later on when I admitted what I did. Now I gave my Mom the money to fix my violin . I feed my cats more. I love my cute cat everyday.
Week 3(21)
One day a boy named Joey. Had his friend Kerien come over and the aloy they never should have said yes to shooting rockets.So Joey and Kirien shout rockets and Joey thought let's take a video so Joey got his phone and took the videos and then when kieran shot it up Joey Lost it then He got hit.Joey dad started laughing and then Jacob Then Joey And Kieran Then they played then Joey got hit in the head again. So the two Friends kept playing until one had to go home so they left and ¨said bye¨.

Practice Week

One week before halloween a man named Jake from a halloween shop was Coming home from a shop to carve pumpkins . When he got home he forgot he forgot his phone. So he got on his bike and started heading to the shop so he got his phone and grabbed a bumpkin and head back so on his way he almost hit someone and turned away and ran into a hay bail.And then people helped him out.He started his journey agin home. Next thing that happened was carved pumpkins.Now he ready.ooh no I forgot my costume.


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