Week 6 (21)
One day I realised how I would contact my parents When I came home from school.So we went to get me a phone. Then when we got there they had an awesome deal on the SE .The SE is A phone that has the 11 pro chip in it . When we were setting it up .But I had to see what was inside So I looked A slick red phone . I was so excited then I got all my family on it to text so I made sure it was up to date. So everything is alright.

Week 5 (21)

One day a fifth grade class went on a field trip to a museum and they were going to look at the canons. All the kids hate it so when they get back at recess they see the playground they pretend they were in a war with lots and lots of canons! So what do they do when recess is over? They wait for school to end then they go play at home for hours. So when the day is over and their parents tuch them in bed they dream about what will come next.Then they go to bed.
Week 4(21)

One day my Mom is waiting for me. She asks me what happened to my violin. The bow was torn to shreds and I broke it but I don't want to admit it. So what I do is blame the cat. But really I threw it at the green prickly cactus. The bow strings snapped and then I whacked my leg and then it bruised me. But I came clean later on when I admitted what I did. Now I gave my Mom the money to fix my violin . I feed my cats more. I love my cute cat everyday.
Week 3(21)
One day a boy named Joey. Had his friend Kerien come over and the aloy they never should have said yes to shooting rockets.So Joey and Kirien shout rockets and Joey thought let's take a video so Joey got his phone and took the videos and then when kieran shot it up Joey Lost it then He got hit.Joey dad started laughing and then Jacob Then Joey And Kieran Then they played then Joey got hit in the head again. So the two Friends kept playing until one had to go home so they left and ¨said bye¨.

Practice Week

One week before halloween a man named Jake from a halloween shop was Coming home from a shop to carve pumpkins . When he got home he forgot he forgot his phone. So he got on his bike and started heading to the shop so he got his phone and grabbed a bumpkin and head back so on his way he almost hit someone and turned away and ran into a hay bail.And then people helped him out.He started his journey agin home. Next thing that happened was carved pumpkins.Now he ready.ooh no I forgot my costume.


  1. Joey that was a good story I like how you did hallows eve because the prompt had pumpkins
    Jake avery

  2. Joey I like how he forgets the costume after he already went back. Crosby Cooper

  3. hahahahah hilarious joey amazing story and keep up the great writing bro Kiernan Wendling

  4. Hey joey I love the story and I love that it was true
    Jake Avery

  5. Hi Joey,
    Great story and really good use of the prompt. I liked how he swerved out of the way and hit into the hay bale.
    Come and check our class blog:
    By Eden