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Hello, my name is Alexandria and I'm a new kid in town. I don't really know my way around yet.
     “HEY SWEETY CAN YOU PICK UP SOME EGGS FROM THE STORE LATER?” I always say yes to my mom, it's like saying yes to parents for the rest of your life challenge. “SURE MOM”

                                            ~An hour later~ 

“Ok time to go get some eggs”  ~A couple minutes later~ “WHICH WAY TO THE SHOPS?” I panted. Then I looked to my  right and there they were
~Back at home''~ “MOM I'M HOME”..... “What took you so long?”
*explains what happened.* 

Week 34 (21)

Hi, My name is Zenaida and my friend's name is Jackie.
She has these pets (only two) but that's not the point.

They are very strange. 

They both have REALLY big eyes, a cute but wide smile, and they have wings that are black and red.
Me and Jackie decided to take them outside, but as soon as we got out there they just started flying… 

    “I didn’t realise they could fly!” I say……. “Oh gosh WAIT don't go COME BACK.” Jackie says while screaming.
They did end up coming back to Jackie but I was not happy about it.
Week 33 (21)  

Hi, I'm Sophia and I live in Italy.  Today I'm so excited because me and my mom are going to England  
        “YAYYYYYY MOM MOM MOM”.....
   “what is it..OH RIGHT ENGLAND HURRY IN THE CAR” ~Five hours of driving we’re here~
   “Wowww...uh mom what is that?”
       “Oh uh that's called the count house” 
“Well i saw someone staring at me” ~An hour later~

“SOPHIA WHERE ARE YOU?” *cries* “m-mom is t-hat you?” “yes yes it’s me wherewere are you?” (But when sophia showed her face her mom knew that was not her) “AhHHH” ~and she was never seen again

Week 32 (21)
One day I was sitting outside waiting for my friend to come over.        ~An hour later~
She finally arrived so I invited her in.
A few hours later it was dark so we decided to watch a scary movie.
We end up watching IT and I hate clowns but she hates dolls.
When Pennywise popped out in the movie we both got really scared then there was A flash of light, then darkness.
After the lights went out we were horrified and a couple minutes after we heard a weird laugh. 
That's the story of how we both got kidnapped.

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               One day I was going on a quick walk around my neighborhood, when all of a sudden I saw a really pretty house with nice trees and pretty flowers surrounding it. I saw the number of the house and remembered something. My friend had a house with the same number (29) when she died. The house looked quite the same, only fixed up.
The next day I walked down the same path to see the house again.    

Later that day, I went inside the house when I heard something weird, It sounded like a person saying, “Hi, It's me, Abby.”   

Week 28 (21)

One day I was at school when I met a new girl and we quickly became friends.
After school we had a playdate at the playground.
“Wanna go on the swings?” “ sure” 
~On the swings~ 
“This is fun” As my dog let out a pitiful howl “OH NO ARE YOU OK ROCKY” “ROOF ROOF” 
~At the vet~ 
“Mom is rocky, going to be ok? He hit his tail pretty bad?” ”Yes he will be fine”
~An hour later~
        “Ok eat your food rocky” I said as I get a call *answers phone*  “Hey” “Oh hi?” “We can't be friends anymore.”

Week 27 (21)
“Mom Can You Paint My Room PURPLE Later?”    “Sure Sweety” 
~A Few Hours Later~....
    “Yup, And I Got You A Cute Stuffed Animal That Looks Like An ELEPHANT” 
   “OH MY GOSH IM SO HAPPY, But Can I Ask You Something?”
           “Sure What Is It”...  “CAN I
        “Why Do You Wanna Go? I Thought You Hated VIOLIN Class?”      
       “Well Abby's Moving And She Takes That Class” “Well Actually No But... You Girls Can Have A Sleepover” 
          “WAIT REALLY YAY YOUR THE BEST MOM EVER”... “Obviously I Am The Best.”

Week 26 (21)
Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy that were named Karl and Mia and they were German.

         They went out with their friends who were not German but they still liked each other.

      “Hey we should say our favorite snack or food or anything that you like,” says one of their friends.  
“You first Emma! ”
   “PIZZA,” says Emma, “ok, now you, Jake!” “Burgers,”says Jake 
…. “Your turn Mia”.... “Hmmmm, oh oh ,fried chicken!”... “You, karl”…… “ I like marmite.”...“NO EW,”  they said, but when it came to his sister.. She said ,“Ya, gross! ”

Week 25 (21)

     One day there was a girl named Matilda, she did not have nice parents.

     “I'm going to the mall,” says Matilda. “Oh whatever” her mom says. 
       Matilda’s friend Abby was waiting outside in her car because they were actually going to the beach.

        They finally got there and.. “Uhhhhhhh what is that!”Matilda screams“oh my gosh that was close” 
             (behind her the man that was standing far in the ocean was there) “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  HELP PLEASE” * Abby runs away and the man gives Matilda a lot of money that was poisoned* “oh uh um thanks” ....... *he walks away flinching.* 
Week 24 (21)

       There was a new game called “Among us”.
       And a person named Yamey.
       Yamey got the game, First he was confused with       how the game worked, but when he played… in the chat there was Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Black, Pink, and White. (Joseph is Yamey’s cousin)
        “HEY JOSEPH,”  says Yamey. 
“Come up here”
(A Few Hours Later) *In the chat* “HEY, THE ORANGE SPOKE FIRST, I SAW IN THE CHAT, HE SAID THAT HE'S IMPOSTER” says blue…. 
        “You can't trust him even if he says that because what if he's actually not an imposter” It's true though.

Week 23 (21)

“GOOD MORNING,” says Morgan with her scratchy voice.
She looked in the mirror and screamed so loud that china could hear her and she lived in new york  “Oh my goddd who so loud,” said a person in china. 
      Morgan’s hair was messed up and she had to get ready for school.
She tried to get the knots out but she couldn't. (An hour later) “AHHHHHH OMG IM GONNA BE LATE AND MY HAIR IS A MESS,” 
(She cried for 10 minutes) “I guess it's a bad hair day,” (she stayed  home from school and relaxed.)     

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted
      Once upon a time there was a ten year old girl, And she had a stuffed animal that she had since she was nine months old.
          One day she woke up, got ready and then the dad and the girl left, But little did she know that she forgot her stuffed animal.
       Later that day she found out they were going to a hotel but when they got there she freaked out, the dad said “Calm down” when she said “...,but where did it go?”  she shouted.                   
         The Next Day “Can we go home now dad?” 
*sighs* “Sure why not.” 

Week 20 (21)
               Once upon a time there was a girl that was obsessed with her yellow bike but one day after school she asked her mom if she could ride it around the neighborhood and her mom said “Yes.” 

When she was riding her bike and out of nowhere her school bully popped out of a bush and he's in 5th grade and she's only in 3rd but the problem was when... “BOOM” he pushed her hard off the bike and took it. 
A few years later she was in 6th grade and still never had a bike then she saw it.

Week 19 (21) 

Once upon a time there was a boy that was kinda greedy but he was also very smart. One day someone asked him if he could make a rocket for them for prom and he said “yes” (The next day) “Ok time to make the rocket.” After a little while he was done so he brought it to the person but then when that person pressed the button for the candy to come out of the rocket, it didn’t work. “What is this?” “it just wouldn’t take off im sorry.” “I guess it's ok can you make another please?” “No.”

Week 17  (21)

Once upon a time there was a little girl named abby. Abby and her grandpa were in the woods throwing a toy ball but when Abby threw the ball it fell in a pond full of mud and her grandpa fell in when he was trying to get the ball, but then a giant creepy monster was full of mud and chased her. Five years later she was 15 and had a friend named Alex. When her and Alex were playing in the woods, that mud monster came and almost ate her friend but Abby and the monster were friends.

Week 13 (21)      

There once was a boy named Max. He loved video games. He never wanted to stop but when his mom said stop he said ok.
     One night Max couldn't fall asleep so he got up and went to play a game. When he got tired he went upstairs and went to bed. The next morning he woke up from his mom screaming. Max ran downstairs and saw a fire... his mom said you forgot to turn the game off but Max said i didt so his mom put the security camera on and he did forget he sighed i forgot.

Week 11 (21)
  There once was a girl that was very CRAFTY but the problem with this girl was she believed in witches. ONCE she was watching a scary movie about witches and a haunted house but it was a fun one so she went. While she was ROLLING on her skateboard she saw this creepy CASTLE. There was dead LEAVES but then she saw a white bag she got off her skateboard and went to see it she opened it then BOOM… “AHAHAHAH” she  screamed and there was the witch in her dreams. After that night no one saw her ever again.

Week 10 (21)

There was a girl named Emma that had a big sis name Emily. They went to the beach. While they were sitting they saw the sand move so they digged and digged, after a five seconds past they found a cute little crab so they took it home. When they got home they grabbed a colander and ran back to the beach with stapper (that's what they called the crab) . When they went to the beach they put a whole bunch of sand in the colander and wet it and got pretty shells. For the day they watched a movie.
Week 9 (21)

     I heard buzzing from under my bed so i went to look there was nothing I went back to bed in the middle of the night. I heard the buzzing again. I looked under my bed and there was nothing again. Then I said is anyone there I looked up and I saw a huge bee like it was even bigger than my new born brother jackson. I almost fainted but then I screamed . The big bee had stung me. 

     My mom came in and said what's wrong while I was sobbing. I said a big bee on my bed.. 

Week 8 (21)

Once there was a woman who had just gotten married and had twins. When the twins turned 8 they found out their mom was having another kid.When the dad took the mom to the hospital the kids stayed home and when their dad came back he was only with the baby and he told them the mom did not make it. ( years later) “I'm gonna go to the bathroom so watch your brother” said dad.

A couple minutes the girls got worried the girls checked on him when they opened the door. The ghost of the mom was there

Week 7 (21)

There was a girl named Emma. She just got a new house and they were putting CONCRETE because it was all ruined.While emma's parents were doing the floor while emma went inside to look in her room.

When emma got to her room she started to set it up all she can think about is about her prom and wearing that beautiful RED dress with her fluffy RED jacket.

After a while she went to go play with her SCOOTER then she saw a big rock she got so scared she could not stop she fell off her SCOOTER.

Week 6 (21)

There was as girls whose name was chloe

she was the daughter of the mayor

she was very bossy and selfish

she saw the box that her friend said not to touch

Chloe looked around and opened the box and saw her diary and she looked in it and she read it said “im secretly giving my friend this present” and on the side there was the most prettiest expensive bracelet

Then chloe looked up and saw her friend and ran away

Her friend chased her then she saw Chloe and said i said not go touch it.

Chloe sighed.

Week 5 (21)

There was a girl name zenaida who was very clumsy she loved to eat tuna with mac and cheese she was a very nice girl she went on vacay with her friends and her very annoying sister that always wanted to use zenaida's phone her best friend was name jackie. jackie lovesssssssssssssssss books evan at recess she reads books.Zenaida and Jackie went to florida for a week they did so many things then when it was dark they went to a house from a long time ago and then they went in here was 4 status and a bullet

Btw i dont know what that is called so i said bullet lol

Week 4(21)

There was a girl name Lily she loved to play violin but the thing that stopped her from playing she was very bruised bc her mom passed a away the day before her birth day.Lily always walked past her old house were her momed lived before she passed away Lily's mom was named Daisy Green.Big kids at emmas school are very prickly well that's what Lily thinks.Lily has a lot of dogs she's not a big fan of cats but she lovessss dogs. Lily has a lot of good dogs she's a very good girl and dog.:)

Week 3
One day Abigail heard a cat meowing at midnight so she woke her parents up to go see it. They said yes because they were tired. Abigail was curious so she went downstairs and left the house. The cat was gone so she went to look for it in the backyard. She was looking for a while now but suddenly she tripped over something, it was dark which meant she couldnt see a thing. She tried to feel what she tripped over and it was the cat! Abigail felt so bad so she took the cat back home with her.

Practice Week

when I was in kindergarten me and my mom and my class all went to a farm and went pumpkin picking yay.

I remember there was a time where I fell off my bike when I had no training wheels.

There was a time when I went on a trail by a farm in my old school.

I remember when my mom had a car that looks like the one in the back.

I remember when I lived by a lot of trees.

I remember when my grandma lived in a house that looks like the house in the back


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