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Jeff the Jester was a crafty young Jester who lived in the white castle on Rolling Street.  One day, Jeff decided to play a prank on king JIM JON JOSS.  But, this would be no prank, no not at all, indeed this would be the prank of the century.  It would be the prank of all pranks!  Jeff set out on an adventure, with a plan to fill the castle with leaves.  He started to gather more, and more leaves.
5 months later, Jeff finished filling the castle.
The king came back, and screamed ¨Jeffffffff what did you do.¨

Week 10 (21)

“Ouch my foot is hurting”  said Raff.
“Ok said Raff’s mom let's go get you some new shoes.”
5 hours later they were driving to the shoe store to go get Raff some new shoes.
1 hour later they were at the store to pick Raff some shoes.
“Whoa look at these shoes, mom” said Raff.  They say on the box that you can jump higher if you wear them.”  Well if only it was a little bigger” said Raff.
“OOO” , oooed Raff’s mom.  “Look at these Raff, they are just your size.”
And Raff said “yes.”

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“Hello, it’s Sara from Channel 13 reporting live at the scene of a giant bumble bee at the New York State building. Over to Tim in the studio. ”

“That's right Sara, scientists have come to the conclusion that this bee once was a regular bee, but has mutated into a giant highly venomous bee. Back to you Sara.”

“Well Tim, we just got a call, President Trump’s sending in the best scientists he could find to take down the bee...oh they are here already! Over to you Tim. Hold on, the bee just flew off leaving no trace behind…”

Week 8 (21)

Hello, I am Little John and yesterday was my sister's birthday. My sister is very hyper. When she woke up exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and yelled “Oh yeah, it's my birthday!”

So after she ran around the house about 7 billion 50 times, we finally ate breakfast and soon she was crazily asking our mom. “Can I open my presents, can I, can I?!” So when our mom said yes she quickly rushed over to her presents, and opened them like the tasmanian devil, and well it was a very very absolutely positively crazy crazy morning!

Week 7 (21)

One day Luis poured fluffy red concrete on a scooter to make a sculpture. When he was finished it was the best sculpture ever.

So, he started to make sculptures for a living, and whenever he made a perfect sculpture he would say “yes yes” and he would dance all around.

Years later, a billionaire (Jeff Besos) called and asked Luis if he could make a surprise sculpture for him. So, Luis got to work and soon had an amazing creation right in front of him. He showed Jeff what he had made, and all Jeff could say was “Wow!”

Week 6 (21)

One crisp February morning I, Fred, was laying down on my couch. I was thinking about what I would do tomorrow. I decided to stop thinking and take a nice peaceful nap. BANG! BANG! BANG! I woke up immediately. It was surprisingly 11:00 pm already. I very slowly walked to the door, and cautiously cracked it open. Right on the porch there was a box that had DANGER written with big bold red letters!

I brought the big box in the house and I knew that I should not open it, but I had to see what was inside...

Week 5 (21)

Hello I am your mom, just kidding, I am Jimmy Joe Bob III, and I will fire this cannon. I will tell you why, we all like cheese. That other country stole our cheese, now we will take their cheese. I, Jimmy Joe Bob III, am the general of Operation Cheese. While we pushed the cannon, the other country started eating all their cheese. It took a very long time before they could even eat ⅛ of their cheese. ¨Hey,¨ said Jack Black ¨let's just share all of the cheese!¨ ¨That is a good Idea¨ said the people.
Week 4(2)

I am a dog, yes. Yes, I am a dog! I know I can type, but that's not the story we're telling. I live in Violin town, it's called Violin town because people smash green very smelly violins on their heads for fun. All of those prickly green splinters bruised them so much that they needed to be walked to the hospital. So one day the king did it, but it was times 12! He got so bruised that he couldn't walk. He had to lay down for 5 whole days! Please help these people are really driving me crazy!
Week 3(21)

One day a boy was sitting on the couch, he heard a strange noise, he looked out his window and saw a flying saucer filled with hotdogs, not just any hotdogs, living hotdogs. He immediately went outside and got a big stick to defend himself. The flying saucer opened up and a hotdog came out, the boy turned into a hotdog. Then a hamburger army came out of the woods. There was a big battel and the hamburgers won, join us, said the hamburgers. The hotdogs very quickly said yes, well thought the boy they never should have said yes!

Practice Week

I am Jeeeeeeeff and I am currently falling into hay! But let me tell you how that happened. I was making some breakfast, and when I was eating my eggs I decided that I wanted to go on a bike ride. So I got my stuff on, and went out on my bike! The crisp air felt so good that I was not looking where I was going, and I was too busy thinking about what I was going to wear tomorrow. Suddenly I felt a bump on my bike, next thing I knew my face was in this hay!


  1. jayden this is so funny
    I love it
    From Izzy

  2. I like the Start with the falling into a hay bale Joey Aloy

  3. I like how you do a flashback in the begining when you say, 'but let me tell you how it happened'.
    ~Cara C.

  4. hi jayden nice story from Jayden

  5. I liked it. it was really good.

    -from natalia

  6. Hi Jayden I liked your story about the town where they hit themselves on the head with prickly green violins.I liked the way you based the story from a dog view.Do you ever think of making a part two? Oh and here is a link to our class blog https://msbrennocksclass.100wc.net/

  7. Hi Jayden,
    I enjoyed your story this week. I like how you used the prompt words. It seems like Luis was a really good sculptor and loved what he did. He was very lucky to get a commission from Jeff Besos! Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c
    Ms Brennock

  8. I thout it was very incheresting.


  9. Hi Jayden I liked your story about your sister. It is really good she is very happy. Do you have a sister?
    From Luke

  10. I like how you made a story about your sister and how crazy she was because it was her birthday! Very nice job! ~Lizzie

  11. I like how you did a news channel point of view and not just your point of view.

    -Dominic V.

  12. GIANT BUMBLE BEE i liked how you switched people to their point of view- Ahmet Dagli

  13. #Week11 Hello Jayden, what a great story. I really like how you described the prank, engaging me, as the reader, to read on to find out about the amazing prank. I wasn't disappointed. Imagine a castle full of leaves. Well done. (Cath, Team100, Melbourne, Australia)