Welcome to GES at FMS!  Your first 100 WC will be WEEK 19.

We are happy you started to submit pieces of your writing to put in our BLOG!

Week 26 (21)

One day someone wanted  mustard straight from the bottle when they thought out loud “No” they said, “I like Marmite.” so they got marmite mud flavor. Then they ate it and never spit it out or vomited. Then they ate the mustard. Then they mixed the ketchup and mustard and marmite together and ate it all then they were asleep when someone poured it on their bed. then they woke up and ate it off their bed. The person who dumped it on the bed had already left. Then they made a new house out of a lot of bread.

Week 25 (21)

One time there was a blue stone statue in a garden. the person who bought it was very happy. so when the owner saw it was gone they were sad. So they bought two this time, then three, then they bought a tree. Then they bought a ski. They put the ski on a ball and played skeeball. They put a basket on the ski on the ball. Then they played basketskiball. Then they put a rocket on the basket on the ski on the ball. Then it got caught in the tree they bought. The end.

Week 23 (21)

So I was playing ‘Bloons tower defence 6’ when I saw this weird brown balloon. Usually it goes red, blue, green, yellow, pink, zebra balloon, I don't know what's next. Then, ceramic, then the bosses. Moab, bfb, zomg, ddt, and finally, the bad. I never, in my whole life saw a brown ‘bloon’.

I was playing round 100, the last round. I was about to pop the bad when I saw it but the brown bloon sped past it and I lost all of my 1000 lives. And so the game has ended.


  1. IM relly looking fawerd to read your pecace


  2. I really liked your week 26, it was weird and funny because you said the they did not throw up and they also ate mustard?! That was really funny. Keep up the good work! ~ Suhaani

  3. Jason, your week 23 story is so relatable! I love TD games so its really relatable to see a enemy you've never seen before!

    Asher =)

  4. week 26 so did that person the the whole battle without putting it on anything? |[Brian l] :3

  5. HI Jason ,
    i like your week 26 because it was funny the part I liked was when they were asleep and someone poured it on the bed ! Nice job .

    Suzanna Cherian

  6. Jason,I liked your week 23 piece. I liked that you used a real game in your story! Keep up the good work! -Theo c