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Chickens can fly, I didn't realize they could fly
Chickens are tasty, They are super tender
Chickens are strips, CHICKEN STRIPS!!!!
Chickens are birds, Chickens have wings
Chickens are wonderful, They eat ticks
Chickens are KFC, and so finger lickin good
Chickens have small brains, that's why we shoot them
Chickens made the world of meats
Chickens are illuminati confirmed
Chicken nuggets are greasy,  #Mcdonalds
Chicken nuggets at Mcdonalds are 3% chicken.
Chicken nuggets inspired a game to make a characters name nugget
Nugget goes crazy for nuggets
Chickens will eat chicken nuggets, Chickens are cannibals.

Week 33 (21)
The beam of light through the ominous storm was a splash of hope but was quickly washed away by a look at the terrifying rocks. The lighthouse may have been too late. The storm was terrifying and I was almost capsized a bunch of times, I almost died. Uno reverse.

Reverse uno. Died almost I, times of bunch a capsized almost was I and terrifying was storm the. Late too been have may lighthouse the. Rocks terrifying the at look a by away washed quickly was but hope of splash a was storm ominous the through light of beam the.

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There was a flash of light, then, darkness.
"It's scary!" said Timmy.
"No It's fun," said Jason.
Maybe the maze of Maize was a bad idea, with the ongoing thunderstorm. If for some reason the lightning struck the maze, it could light it on fire, and burn the whole maze down. 
"I think we should turn back," said Lee.
"Which way is back?" asked Jason, voice shaky.  
CRACK! BOOM! BOOM! Lightning and thunder were striking all around us.
"NOT FUN! NOT FUN!" Screamed Jason.
  Crack! The maze is on fire! And It's clearing a path. Later they got out ok.

Week 31 (21)
I h8 Mushrooms

My rule in my wistful, wrinkled old house is that I hate mushrooms! A mushroom is a fungus and is so weird, who likes them? I once had a boat and It’s oar got close to a mushroom so I needed to sanitize and burn it and then buy a new one. My pathological fear of mushrooms kept growing worse and worse, they grow on dead things,  they take up space but they have almost no weight. It’s so weird but if I have been within a mile of a mushroom I spaz out.  It's really weird!

Week 29 (21)
I don’t like the 100 word challenge, but we have to do It.  It’s due on the 30th, but I want to turn it in on the 29th so I have some time to fix hard mistakes.  I can do it with a day to spare and this will be my 52nd word this will be easy.

 And I am over half way through so now I can rest easy and just relax like I want to, 78 words now.  I’m almost done and I can’t just give up. Or maybe I can,  no, actually yes cuz now I’m done. 

Week 28 (21)
I was eating a turkey on Thanksgiving, and I thought It was shot as it let out a pitiful howl the hunter proud. I didn’t want to eat turkey, but my parents they, they, made me, I wouldn't eat it but it was perfect, but they knew what I was going through I didn’t want to be tortured to, so I ran and ran but I had no plan, this wasn’t perfect but rather bland, I hated and hated and now its gone, I was so wrong. I never ate the turkey again. I never, never ate that turkey again.

Week 27 (21)

I am a professional violinist. I play a purple violin and that's what I enjoy.  My newest song is painted elephants.  It's a big hit in the musical community and it's going to be making me rich.  If this was to be produced it would be as big as beethoven.  I would be on top of the world!  But no one knows about it because it is so elegant it was outcast in the world and only musicians know about it.  It is going to be great but i need someone good to produce it.  But then my phone rang...

I Have some coins on my red skis for some reason,  I want to go skiing,  so I had to get my skis with a ladder.  As I drive to the mountain on the cold pavement I realize that the chairlifts are sinking in snow.  No one is there so I investigate and What I find is shocking.  I go into the lodge and I find that a hundred to two hundred people are there and they’re talking about a monster and how it was gross and smelly, creepy and crawly.  I walked to the door and there is a...

Week 26 (21)
“-No!” He said “I like Marmite!”  Timmy and Sally were arguing about their favorite spread,  Raspberry marmite.  It was so good and they had one bottle left,  they needed to share it but they each wanted it bad!
  Sally had prepared a plan to steal the marmite for herself.  Meanwhile Timmy was replacing the marmite with vegemite,  that  would set Sally straight.  Sally was in action now going mission impossible style.
  She had no idea that Timmy was already eating the last bottle.  When Sally grabbed the bottle she didn’t look at the bottle and when she opened it and...

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2500 BC
Scarecrows sit in the starry night
The night can be a fright with crows
The scarecrow pinned in the midst of heavy wind
Might someone free this scarecrow from his frights
Sometimes it turns into a fight
I'm a new thing
But I feel as old as earth
Sometimes flocks of birds chirp 
Or a murder of crows caw
Anytime is my time
This place this brim of life
Where I can be used and not bothered by my inner strife
I am tearing and ripping
But for I am not tipping
I stand tall and eventually fall

Week 24 (21)

Annoying Orange
“Hey pear.”
“Hi orange”
“did you hear about pineapple? To kiwi he was painapple.”
“yeah that was berry funny!”
“Did you hear about banana? He told the doctor he wasn't peeling well!”
“Did you…”
“Do you know why apples are bad,  because they're rotten to the core!”
“I was playing with my toys and I made them play family feud and It was orange vs blue,  The orange one spoke first and he said Orange you glad I got it right.” 
“Why aren't you laughing?”
“Simple,  it's not that funny.”

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The balloon floating over air 
It kicked and struggled only to get snuggled
It wanted to escape and saw the window
It made its move and out the door
Just to feel like it would soar
The frightening wind made the balloon feel pinned
Brown frights more like delights
Chocolate never popped 
The balloon soared the big light
When it turned off 
It loved the starry night
Slowly night turned to day
It was a nice morning of may
The balloon returned for dusk it was so grey
The array of buildings while it was falling
The ground was calling 

Week 22 (21)
The super bowl cat-tastrophe 

Hey i’m Tom Brady and I just won the super bowl.  I am having a huge party,  we have everything from a snack bar to a movie theater.  And I will put my super bowl ring collection out.  “I have 7 rings for 7 wins.”  I said  “One,  Two,  Three,  Four,  Five,  Six,  Where is the seventh ring?!?”  “I had it here a couple of minutes ago.”  “But where did it go he shouted” in his head.  “I saw the cat over here but then I heard a purr,  what could this mean.”  

  TO Be Continued...

Week 20 (21)
Once I saw a bicycle chained up to a pole,  and it was in a perma-wheelie.  It was painted a full body of yellow,  and it was on the side of the road so I took it home. And 1 year later I gave it to a random person.  They gave it to their children and their children and so on,  and everyone who had ridden the bike put their name on it in a black sharpie,  and now 50 years later,  the frame looks black as the night sky instead of the yellow it was when I found it.

Week 19 (21)

I was so mad when it didn't take off.  The Kitten had been sitting there for days.  I had beat him in a tic tac toe match and he refused to move until he won.  But I knew I would lose so I refused to play,  he even tried to bribe me.  I kept refusing.  But when he took me on top of a house I felt like the girl in King Kong when she was on the Empire State building.  I gave in and  played him and played him until finally he was like a victorious tortoise.

Week 18 (21)
A young desperate businessman got on his yellow bicycle and he rode through town and everybody looked as he warned everyone.  Greedily,  he shouted.  He didn't realize it though.  By the time he realized it his pants fell down :(,  so that's why everyone was looking at me.  He thought.  Well I think I will just relax and next time I will go out and get everybody’s attention with my pants on!  And probably apologize to everyone that saw me.  This was a weird day,  I forgot my pants were falling down,  my cat fell down the stairs and I fell.

Week 17 (21)
“What,  do you think I’m superman?”  “I'm not going to fight a Golem!” said Ultimate Battledude. 
“Yes you are!” said the Golem in a deep voice.          yes

“Then you can have a fight!” said Ultimate Battledude.  

They battled and battled and battled until they got tired and took a nap,  then they got back to fighting and then signed a peace treaty.  But the Golem crossed his fingers and smacked Ultimate Battledude and beat him till he gave up  the fighting and they both teamed up to battle other bad people or mystical beings like the EvilGolem or Ultimate battleguy.

Week 16(21)
I was at the subway station in new york city,  and I was waiting for the train when I saw a guy just fall down,  everything stopped and stared at him,  but he wouldn't get up.  He didn't have a pulse either,  someone called 911 and the ambulance came and got the guy and said,  “You dummies this is a manikin!”  but everyone thought he was real!  Turns out he was real and the medics were the dummies and they got fired because they didn't take him to the hospital,  and they gave him to a store thinking it was...

Week 15 (21)
It was like a prison where I was,  (my basement)  I could hardly breathe in there and my parents didn't know I was downstairs.  When I finally managed to get out I was free,  freedom was being outside and not trapped like a large log.  I felt like a slimy slippery snake emerging from the egg.  The first glimpse of light in years,  or so it seemed.  A few minutes later mom asked me to go downstairs and get paper towels,  and when I refused to go downstairs again,  I was grounded for like a week or something like that!

Week 14 (21)
I went to a museum and saw a weird manikin and it had a spider web for a head and had a red dress with green spots among all the paintings and crafts.  It had a little barrier around it and was big,  bigger than a person it looked like something Mount Everest would be jealous of.  It was called J4K3 and It was next in line for best and creepiest thing I have seen at a museum,  right after the mona lisa and I have seen a lot of things at museums.  And I mean a lot a lot.

Week 13 (21)

I was in bed,  but for some reason I started sleepwalking and putting things on,  one of the things was a waffle iron on my head and when my mom told me that I said to her when I was sleepwalking “hoggle boggle dogus maximus!”  and I said “I didn’t remember putting it on” but after I was done with the iron I went and slept on the couch then migrated to my bed.  And then I started to whine like a dog and then passed out.  And then when I woke up I had a bump on me.  

Week 11 (21)  To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
My hundo word castle
Hi, I'm Ryan.  I'm in my backyard rolling in a pile of leaves,  I’m looking for my white castle.   I’m kinda crafty.  I made the castle just like a medieval castle.  maybe even better than medieval,  it had catapults and everything else you could possibly imagine,  also I put 100 words on it so it would be eligible for a school project.  I'm not smart but I can build things real well,  like I built a scale model of a human and I built a model of the leaning tower of pisa made out of pizza!

Week 10 (21)

“I want to eat the world!  Hahahaha!”  yelled super bad guy. 
“Yeah sure you do.  If only it were a bit smaller.”  shouted super good guy.
They were in a super cool intergalactic war then.  Now they live in peace with each other on jupiter.  But during the war they were the leaders of each side,  and they had lots of power.  
But they still had trouble traveling because they had to run,  and also they have to deal with the heat of five suns.  But super good guy won the war.  And now they are playing some nice old chess.

Week 9(21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

“Ahhh!” yelled scientist 2. “It’s a giant bee.”

“Yes of course it is giant, that’s our experiment dummy.” said scientist 1

Scientist 1 and 2 are working on a growth elixir and their first test was on a worker bee. They spent days perfecting this wonderful elixir, the side effects killed the bee, but then they got all the side effects out and tested it on a person!

When they were finished with the person they shrunk him with a shrink ray back to normal size and they were in fame and fortune for the rest of their long lives.

 Week 8 (21)

It’s 1783 and It's the international thumb wrestling tournament, It was the Semi Finals, “Tank Vs Tank jr. A father vs son extreme thumb battle, who will win? We don’t know!” Blared the Announcer In his megaphone.

10 minutes had passed and Tank jr was victorious.

The FINALS! Tank jr. 's thumb was crazy tired, exhausted & breathing hard, he simply raised his fists and wrestled Tank jr. vs slammer, he did a thumb suplex, “1,2” said the Referee. And he got back up. BOOM! He dropped the hammer and “1,2,3, He’s pinned!” Tank jr is the champ!
Week 7 (21)

The scooter accident!
Hi, my name Is Mac. I was going for a ride on my scooter when a miracle happened, there was snow falling in a fluffy flurry and I got super cold and I got red. So I headed home to my house which was a couple blocks away. As the snow danced the air heated up and It turned into a mist, that mist was so thick you couldn't even see a foot in front of you. And I went to the gas station by mistake then hit a rock. WHAM! I felt concrete on my face
Week 6 (21)

The box…

Finn had a super secret box that gave him superpowers. And he had something inside, something secret.

I am a bad guy named bad guy. And I wanted to take the box, but I had to see what was inside the box first, or else you get vaporized so I had to pull off a heist. It was dangerous so I did it with my friends.

We broke into Finn’s house with ease and made our way to the big vault. We deflected the lasers and cracked the code Finn’s secret vault open. And there was nothing Inside!

Week 5 (21)

“It’s 1667 and me hearties are hungry. We got no food so we must plunder! Ole Jeff tried to kill ye captain.”

“Blow the man down” yelled the captain. 5 hours had passed and we see a cog/ smaller ship. “Fire the chase gun.” said the captain. “Oh it's a clipper eh, well dead men tell no tales, so feed the fish.” cannons were firing, Boom! Boom! Boom! The harpoons were hitting the other ship and cutlasses were swinging Cling! Clang! Boom! Boom! More cannons. This was no battle, this was a war. And a war that we will win.

Week 4 (21)

The violin bow

In 1866 a farmer in Arizona had made a violin but it was different, it was a healing violin. And he would play it for hurt and bruised animals. As he walked around from animal to animal he would play from 9 am to 9 pm. He always did and he passed that violin down for decades, until a terrible thing happened, one of the farmers dropped the violin in a bucket of green paint and rocks fell in and so did cactus prickers and that's why they invented the bow. That’s a really weird story right.

Week 3(21)

“Hello my name is Mashed Potato you can call me potato for short! Anyway I was just on the way to a dodgeball tournament, can you come?” said mashed potatoes. 1 hour had passed and potato was on the court and in my mind I was saying they never should have said yes to let him in. He was amazing, zip, zap, zoop went the balls and his team won round after round and they pulverized the competition. After the tournament potato said that I was a great help by cheering, and that I was his 1st best friend forever.

Practice Week

OMG! I was walking down the street and I saw the strangest thing, a man was riding his bike and he hit a box of pumpkins & apples, and he flew like a bird off his bike and face planted into a hay bale. He spilled the pumpkins & apples all over. The farmers who lived there came out to see if he was okay, he was scraped and cut badly, and the farmers pulled out a honey badger! One of the farmers said, “how did that get there?” At that point I knew that it was time to leave. So weird!


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