Week 6 (21)

The box…

Finn had a super secret box that gave him superpowers. And he had something inside, something secret.

I am a bad guy named bad guy. And I wanted to take the box, but I had to see what was inside the box first, or else you get vaporized so I had to pull off a heist. It was dangerous so I did it with my friends.

We broke into Finn’s house with ease and made our way to the big vault. We deflected the lasers and cracked the code Finn’s secret vault open. And there was nothing Inside!

Week 5 (21)

“It’s 1667 and me hearties are hungry. We got no food so we must plunder! Ole Jeff tried to kill ye captain.”

“Blow the man down” yelled the captain. 5 hours had passed and we see a cog/ smaller ship. “Fire the chase gun.” said the captain. “Oh it's a clipper eh, well dead men tell no tales, so feed the fish.” cannons were firing, Boom! Boom! Boom! The harpoons were hitting the other ship and cutlasses were swinging Cling! Clang! Boom! Boom! More cannons. This was no battle, this was a war. And a war that we will win.

Week 4 (21)

The violin bow

In 1866 a farmer in Arizona had made a violin but it was different, it was a healing violin. And he would play it for hurt and bruised animals. As he walked around from animal to animal he would play from 9 am to 9 pm. He always did and he passed that violin down for decades, until a terrible thing happened, one of the farmers dropped the violin in a bucket of green paint and rocks fell in and so did cactus prickers and that's why they invented the bow. That’s a really weird story right.

Week 3(21)

“Hello my name is Mashed Potato you can call me potato for short! Anyway I was just on the way to a dodgeball tournament, can you come?” said mashed potatoes. 1 hour had passed and potato was on the court and in my mind I was saying they never should have said yes to let him in. He was amazing, zip, zap, zoop went the balls and his team won round after round and they pulverized the competition. After the tournament potato said that I was a great help by cheering, and that I was his 1st best friend forever.

Practice Week

OMG! I was walking down the street and I saw the strangest thing, a man was riding his bike and he hit a box of pumpkins & apples, and he flew like a bird off his bike and face planted into a hay bale. He spilled the pumpkins & apples all over. The farmers who lived there came out to see if he was okay, he was scraped and cut badly, and the farmers pulled out a honey badger! One of the farmers said, “how did that get there?” At that point I knew that it was time to leave. So weird!


  1. Yours was really good I Think you did a really good job

    From Natalia

  2. It was funny when they pulled out the honey badger. I wonder how it got there? Crosby

  3. I liked how you jumped right into the story


  4. nice story Jake I liked how you put in the wiled twist of the honey badger keep up the great writing! Kiernan Wendling

  5. Well I don't know that I've ever been friends with a mashed potato Jake. You've successfully drawn on your knowledge of basketball and the word pulverised seals the teams expertise. I can see they're certainly regretting having said yes.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100 WC
    New Zealand

  6. I like how it was the history of a violin


  7. Hi Jake,
    These stories are very good and I like the violin one especially. I also liked the way there was someone called Mashed Potatoes. I was just wondering what game were they playing in week 3?
    Please come visit our blog if you can. Here is the link: https://msbrennocksclass.100wc.net/


  8. I like how you used pirate talk. Crosby Cooper