Week 5 (21)

I woke up in a strange place. Where was I? Cannons could be heard everywhere.

I was in the bunker! I shot straight up... and immediately fell straight back down and felt a giant wave of nausea wash over me.

“Don’t move!” A lady worried. “You were found outside with a very big cut on your torso. You must stay still so I can treat it,”. How did this happen? First I was in the museum. Then I touched the special knife that almost killed my grandfather. Then, somehow, I came here! Hmm…. Was the knife cursed?!?!

Week4 (21)

Two violinists clutched their instruments and stopped for a second. They were bruised and had many scratches, for they had just run through a prickly briar patch.

“ Come on, Charlie! We have to get going. We must reach the town!” The older traveler, Noah, called.

“ k… OW! How come you got less scratches?!?” Charlie mumbled angrily.

Noah frowned. “You should change your pants, Charlie. They got ripped up.”

“Fine.” Charlie hid and changed into some green tights. When she came out she found Noah playing his violin.

She helped him up and they continued bickering as they walked to town.

Practice Week

I rode my bicycle to the farm to get vegetables for my family. I waved to my neighbor, Mrs. Mindel.

“ Hello, Mrs. Mindel!” I called.

“Hello, Michael. Could you grab my vegetables from the farm, too?” She asked.

“ Sure!” I grinned.

“Thank you!” she waved as I continued my journey.

20 minutes later, I headed back from the farm to my neighborhood, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the road and my bike hit a rock. The vegetables flew everywhere and I sailed through the air and crashed into the hay bale.

And that’s the story behind this photo!

The purple background represents the story. :)


  1. i like how it was aconversation to start it off ari.s

  2. I like how you added a different character in the story, because it gives more detail of how he fell into the hay bale -Lizzie Lamme

  3. I LOVED how you added differint caricters in your story too.

    Soleil Dupuis

  4. I like the way your story began in the middle of what ever adventure or misadventure Charlie and Noah were having; something must have happened to find them wandering through a briar patch. I also appreciated how you changed from a cactus to a briar patch, both being spiky but very different things.

  5. I like how you used imagination in the story and then you asked if there was a knife curse, that was a very cool story -Lizzie Lamme