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I was looking on Amazon when I saw a fidget pack. I bought it. After 3 days it came. When I opened it the dna ball started to fly. Then the pop tube. I didn’t realise they could fly.  
 Now I was missing a dna ball and a pop tube. At least the fidget pad didn't fly away. When I reached the front door a pop tube hit me in the head. Then a dna ball hit my dog on the forehead. This was a strange Amazon order. At least the dna ball and pop tube came back to me. 

Week 31 (21)

I was on a boat with my friend. She had the oar. We were going fishing
When I pulled in my line I had caught a mushroom, I caught a mushroom 5 more times. I was going to rule mushrooms. 
I was wistful for more mushrooms, maybe a green one.
Then I found a wrinkled sock. Then when I pulled my line back I had hooked my friend's wallet! I didn't know and I flung it back into the water. She got so mad she dived into the water trying to get her wallet back. She came back soaking wet.

Week 30 (21)

One day I was in my bedroom talking with my friend.  When suddenly darkness enveloped the room slowly. My dog jumped on a switch which made the world turn black. My mom and dad turned black even my pizza turned black. The switch was made by a deadly pencil called the deadly black writer. The only way to stop it was to dig underground and find the switch. But I had no time but then a switch appeared in my pizza so I pulled it. And my pizza turned normal again. I wonder why someone would make a deadly lever.

Week 29 (21)

 One day Kate got a letter saying “come to get your dream job” so she went. 
When she went there this man said “Hello Kate come with me.” 
He brought Kate to a basement and said “Get this for me please.” So as she got in he locked her in!  
 She screamed at the top of her lungs. He threw in a can of beans and said “lunch.” 
she was so hungry but she didn't trust that he would give her edible food. She didn't have windows or a Television in the room. She was stuck there for 32 years!!!

Week 28 (21)
 One very cold day I was playing basketball and the ball fell out of my hands. It fell on a fire ant. The ball was falling as it let out a pitiful howl  I felt bad . Once the horrific scene happened I went to ride my mountain bike. I went without using my hands . Then I wanted to call my friend so I did. Once I was done my dog would get trooper love. So we went into my mom's bedroom and I gave him chin scratches and belly rubs. He fell asleep on me and started snoring very loudly.

Week 27 (21)
It was petting zoo day my brother mike painted a poor elephant purple and then he got kicked out. I bet the elephant was happy that he was gone. Then Mike broke in but this time with a violin then he got kicked out again. I was thinking I would get kicked out the next time because he was my brother. Then he struck again but now he had a flamethrower so the staff tackled him. And Mike slapped a staff member in the face. But why dose mike keep coming back in when he knows he is not welcomed.

Week 20 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

It was Halloween. I was riding my bike to get around faster so I could get more candy . My house was 20 seconds away from where I was . My bucket was full so I had to go home and empty it. I leaned my bike on the ground. 

When I got home my parents were watching tv. They let me go trick or treating by myself. I dumped the bucked and went back. 

When I went to grab my bike it was not there. I looked around shaking because I loved that bike. My bike was tied to a pole.

Week 19 (21)

It was 4th of july, I was at my family's friend house for a 4th of july party. I was hanging out with my cousin Savannah whose parents were hosting the party. There was a cornhole Savannah and I played against my aunt and her sister. We won. 

It was time for the food. I had chicken mashed potatoes and some strawberries.

It was time for the fireworks. My uncle drove 2 hours just to get the fireworks and lit them when it just wouldn’t take off it whent of everybody jumped in surprise. It was so loud but pretty.

Week 17 (21)

Hi I am Jimmy and I am a tree. I have seen a lot of things in my time. I have seen squirrels have a Thanksgiving feast. I have seen  some kids hide behind me. They were weird kids. My friend Bob lives next to me. We normally talk about tree things. It's a secret so you can’t know what they are. I wish I could move around ,but I'm stuck to the ground. Also my sister's friend lives two trees in front of me. My mom and dad are 1 tree behind me. I like being near my family.

Week 13 (21)
One day Libby woke up and looked out her bedroom window and she saw snow. She was wondering if school was closed because of the snow. She heard the phone ring, it was her school saying they were closed for the day. She immediately grabbed her snow stuff and ran to the door. She went outside and leaped into the cold snow. Soon she said “I'm kinda hot”. “Wait,” she said “I have too many mittens, I didn't remember putting it on the first time”. She ran inside and took one pair when she went outside she said “That's better”.

Week 11 (21)

One summer day Emma was walking and saw a pile of leaves in her back yard so she thought to get crafty and draw some leaves. She had to roll down a hill to get to her house

 so she started rolling down the hill. She made it to her white house It looked like a castle. So she went to her art room. She grabbed a pencil, crayons, markers and a piece of paper. She sat down on her desk and started drawing. Now Emma was an Excellent artist so this would be a piece of cake for her. 

Week 9 (21)
One day I was crawling on the ground me and my friend Bob saw a huge bee. Bob and I had no idea what to do. Will it sting us? asked Bob, “I hope not” I said. I grabbed a stick and Bob grabbed a spoon. We slowly walked towards the giant bee. It was on the ground so I jumped on it and it started to get mad. But I used my stick and I killed it. It's finally dead, Bob said let's cook it “NO WAY!” I said let's just leave it where it is for now.

Week 8 (21)

Grace wanted to run in a race so she asked her mom. She said yes, Grace had to practice a lot of times. The day had come for the race, Grace was ready, she got there and she started warming up. She did some running squats and sit ups because they include leg work. She was ready. The race was 1 mile and only for 9 year olds. She started running. 10 minutes later she was close, she could see the finish line. Grace had won first place. Exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and said “I won!”
Week 7 (21)

Today was the day I get a scooter I ran to the car and got in Me and dad got there. I walked to the scooter section I saw a red scooter. I immediately picked it up and said dad I want this. We got home. I put the scooter on the ground. It danced across the driveway. When I was done I walked across the concrete ground. I walked to my room and dove on my new fluffy grey bed and said I love that red scooter. I got up and walked to dad. thank you for the scooter.

Week 4(21)

My mom woke me up and said “can you play the violin” “uh I guess” I said. “Why”? “because my work wants you to play the violin” “only if its green I said. “Thank you,” she said. I walked to the car cause we were getting me a violin. We got there. “These thorn bushes look prickly,” I said. We went back home and all of a sudden my mom pushed me as a joke. “MOM I yelled I’m going to have a bruise now”. “Mom I’m not doing it, I'm too scared”. “What why yelled mom” sorry I said.

Practice Week

I was flying across the sky to go to my nest to feed my babies and I saw the town farmer riding his bike in the street. Famer here, I am riding my bike until my wife finishes dinner so I’m going to joy ride around the neighborhood. Pumpkin here, the farmer just left to ride his bike and I’m stuck here now. If only pumpkins had legs that would be amazing, maybe in 2063 my generation will have legs. Farmer, here again, my wife just called and dinner is done so I better head back before it gets cold.


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