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 I was running fast. I was on the run from the police. I was trying to get to the harbor.

I knew a shortcut through the shops.

A person walked by. “Which way to the shops?” I panted. 

 “Take the road up that way,” she said.

 I ran to the harbor and saw my boat.

 Now I could escape, but I had forgotten that there was a leak in my boat. Fifteen minutes later my boat sank. 

I’m still waiting to be found. I am traumatized by this event. 

Oh boy, this is going to be a long time.


Week 34 (21)

  When I was in the woods, I startled a deer nearby and it started chasing me. 

  When I thought I got away. I saw lift off the ground. I thought, I didn’t realise it could fly! The deer was flying an airplane.

  I was so scared that I fell off the side of the mountain. But the deer saved me and flew me to France.

I was so weirded out that day that I fainted.

It was actually a guy in a deer costume who wanted to prank me.


      I didn’t go to France. That was so disappointing.

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In the tallest tower, right next to the sea, is where I live.

It’s so peaceful you can hear the ocean right when you wake up.

There's a sushi restaurant right next to my house.

I go surfing on the weekend with dolphins.

 There are shops to go to  in the area.

My job is great too, I work remotely so I can travel the world if I wanted but I like it right here.

The best part though is the tree that I get to sit under and nap.

Would you like to live here? I bet you would.

Week 32 (21)

    I was up in my bed when a flash of light,then, darkness happened. My brother was standing over my bed then he said “Read this book and see how you feel at the end of the book”.  It had a guy trapped in snakes on the cover.

  As I read through the book many people didn’t make it. By the end I was getting goosebumps on my goose bumps, I was ready to scream at that moment. 

  Then my brother came in and crept around my bed and yelled 



“Ha ha Ha ha,you were so scared”.

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I love canoeing on the lake. It's so peaceful.

I have one oar in my hand and my other hand in the lake, I see my mushroom soup in my duffle bag and I get hungry.

My wistful personality makes me love this.

My wrinkled raincoat next to me.

I think I’m going to break for lunch, I grab my mushroom soup and my Mcdonalds soda bottle and I head for Rule docks.

Week 30 (21)

“Grandpa, can we hear the story of the creepy house?” said Om.

“Maybe some other time kids.”

“Aww” they said.

“Ok fine.”

“One day me friends and I were daring each other inside an old abandoned  house to open the door to a creepy old room.”

“Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room and a leg from under the couch grabbed my friend”. 

 “I ran out of there as quickly as I could and never saw my friend ever again.”

“Waaaa” cried the kids.

“That was a scary story”.

“I told ya it was a scary story but ya didn’t wanna listen.” 

Week 29 (21)

   One unlucky day in the forest, I got lost. I saw darkness fall,I was starving, when I finally got out of the woods. I saw my friend outside the woods. “I’m starving” I said

   “You're always hungry,” said my friend.

 “Oh yeah” I remembered.

 “Anyway it’s only been 29 minutes” said my friend.

 “How can it be daytime, I saw darkness”

“You imagined it in your head” said my friend

“You said you could walk blindfolded through a whole forest but you hit a tree and lied unconscious for 29 minutes” my friend said

“Oh”!? I said “That's weird”.

Week 28 (21)

Me and my dog were playing outside, when I went inside I heard a whimper  from the backyard. I was so worried. When I went outside the dog I saw the dog had stepped in a pile of sticks. As it let out a pitiful howl, I went inside to get a first aid kit. I got my first aid kit out and started helping the dog out with his injury. I made sure everything was okay with the dog. Thats when I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. 25 Y.L.: I’m becoming a vet!! I got the job!!!

Week 27 (21)

        “Welcome travelers: We have everything you need except a good hotel room, bathroom, fairground and everything else we have in this 18 acres of land.”

“We bought the worst violin and hired the worst violinist, to make your vacation so awful you will think 2020 was better than this amusement park.”

“We painted your hotel room with moldy purple peanut butter.”

“Do you have a problem when your bed won’t sink in?” 

“Well we made an elephant sit on your bed so your bed will be so flat you will almost touch the ground”

 “Happy 16 anniversary smurfland! No refunds!”



One hot day in the middle of summer, Orgman RAYN, was sinking in heat in the middle of the summer. “Why  don’t we have an air conditioner?!!”

“Too expensive,” said her dad.

Her brother was just talking + talking and she was starting to tune him out.

“Look at this Jurassic world Lego set I'm playing with” said her brother Aiden.

The weather station was saying

“Don’t step a foot outside or you will burn”

“Someone left their ladder on the pavement, it disintegrated”

Then commercials played “Get red coke ,everlasting”Said some guy

“ Why is it so hot”!!! Said Orgman ” 

Week 26 (21)

“I dare you to try Marmite” said Toby

“Um, do I have too?” said Hyren“Yep, its a dare” said Zach

“Um how ‘bout we save this Marmite stuff for another day”v

“You have to ITS A DARE”

“Um,ookayy” said Hyren

“Do it” said Toby

“Im allergic to Marmite” said hyren


“He's lying” said Toby

“I think I have a boy scouts meeting” said Hyren 

“No you don’t I go to boy scouts because we go to the same boy scouts” said Toby

“Um, may I see the Marmite” 

“mmm” said Toby


“Thanks time to destroy it”.


Week 25 (21)

I always feel like he's watching me. I know he is just a statue in our front yard, but sometimes even the birds suddenly fly away, as if  spooked.

The night it was my turn to walk the dog, I thought the statue moved closer every time I blinked. Suddenly, my mind started to swirl and I found myself in my kitchen. 

My mother walked in and said excitedly, “We bought a statue”. “In addition to the weird one we already have” “We don’t have a statue” said my mother

“We don’t?”. The bell rang. “That's the statue”. I Froze

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  Once there was an amazing chicken who lived on a farm and always thought he could do great things. He never met his dad, but people said he was made into chicken tenders, (whatever that was).

   His mom always said he should escape the farm, but he never knew why. 

  Until he saw two farmers and the orange one spoke first, “we're goin’ do this the easy way”. They killed a pig. The chicken was horrified. 

   He ran around the farm telling everyone to protest, but everywhere he went he was chased.

    There would never be justice for us chickens.

Week 23 (21)

  We had just finished watching Ghostbusters 2  when my parents said we’re going to the beach. 

  I hadn’t been to the beach in five years and I was excited to be standing on the wet brown sand in Maine.  

  At first the waves felt frightening like a water balloon popping against my chest and when they  kicked me into the ocean, I swallowed a mouthful of salty water. 

  I also lost my favorite pair of swimming goggles. I looked for them but I think a fish ended up wearing them.

   I had so much fun! I never wanted to leave.

Week 22 (21)

 but where did it go?” she shouted…

This story is about people who exaggerate.

One day Jazz.M.ine was walking in the park but then she lost cheesy.She asked her friend to come help her in the park but then she started singing 

“Where are my cheesy chips,but where did it go?”she shouted and sang some more

“Now I can’t go on”.

     Then her best friend started to tune her out and then saw the chips in her back pocket.

”The chips are in your back pocket”

“Oh,well that was dumb”. 

“Ya it was”

“You wasted 3 hours of my beautiful life”

Week 20 (21)

New York City is full of things like subways, apartments and lots of different things. The thing that I do not like is the trash in the city and weird smells in the air but I ignored it a long time and just thought that’s what the city is like until one day. I noticed how somebody had cleaned the air. There wasn’t any trash I saw the girl who did this and I thought why hadn’t I done this so I told her I thought of this all along, but then she asked “Why didn’t you”.

Week 19 (21)

I have never made a mistake in my life and now I have to watch my spaceship launch.I think I never made a mistake on that spaceship.They were counting down 5,4,3,2,1 when it just wouldn’t take off I froze.Wait now something was wrong a few seconds later the spaceship blew up and now 2 people have died because of me. I felt so bad and I was now responsible for killing 2 people in a spaceship. From that day on I learned to always check your work, I never made a spaceship again.

Week 18 (21)

There was a peasant who did not have much  money,  he had a  yellow bicycle and was desperate for money. He one day went to the bank and made a mistake of saying his name wrong when they told him he had 1 million dollars. He screamed greedily of what he could own.He spent his money on pigs and pillows and jumanji which sucked him into the jungle for thirty years. Before he died he realized he had wasted the last years of life.He died thirty years later, before he died he warned not to get greedy.End.


Week 17 (21)

If you ever wonder why trees are standing still and sometimes they look as if they want to move around.

     Well back a million years ago they walked and talked. But the one thing they did not like was the way that when it came to winter their little leafy friends would die.

      They would never understand why they die. So they asked  the goddess if they could have their friends to live forever.They were turned right to stone because of their ungratefulness For they had friends.


  1. I like how your message is that you cant be greedy and you have to be grateful for what you have


  2. I liked the part that said " Well back a million years ago they walked and talked. But the one thing they did not like was the way that when it came to winter their little leafy friends would die." I liked how you said the truth a little and I loved it!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

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    Though There is only two of your story both of them are epic . good job keep it up !!!!!!!!
    Suzanna Sara Cherian

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    Your best friend, Asher =]

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    Hi you week 23 writing is really funny. I liked how you said a fish ended up wearing the goggles.
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    Your week 29 story is very good! I like how you started off your story with, "One unlucky day"
    Keep up the awesome writing,
    Gemma Sela🌺

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