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     Extra 2020: 2020 is extra for all of us and me. Here we are and here we go with examples. Health care workers have EXTRA patients. I have EXTRA thoughts in my head. I have EXTRA work after school. Lastly there are EXTRA words in the dictionary. TOO MUCH EXTRA !

     Hopeful 2021: Everyone is hoping for next year. I HOPE I can still hang out with friends next year. I HOPE that this will end. I HOPE that I can still go to school. Lastly I HOPE that I will remember this EXTRA  year when I am older. HOPE 2021

Week 11 (21)

     Once upon a time there was an old witch named Mrs. Moldy who lived in a castle. She would scream at little kids and cast spells to make people faint or disappear. She was very crafty.She had a white brain that would stick out of her head, mold was her hair, and she had fingers that had rotten leaves and so many splits.
      One day she was climbing a hill and tripped on a rock and started rolling down the hill and fell into a well. Everyone closed the well and the witch was trapped forever until one day  . . .

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      “What a huge spider!”I screamed. “I wish that I could be on an adventure with a small spider.” “If only it was a bit smaller…”.

      I got to work right away.

        I was finished with my Smaller Adventure 100000.

       The spider is smaller.

       I went outside, found the spider and tried hopping on it.I just could not hop on top of the spider.

       Then I sang,”Why Why can I not hop on top of the spider”
        And suddenly the spider came toward me and then... I was on the ground and I could see all the ghosts.

Week 9 (21)
      “Finally”Jimmy shouted”We caught this ginormous monster”

    I was so happy my heart was pumping.The thing was giant.It was 4,000,000,000 times bigger than me.It had this red core we had to try to hit and it was hard there was a huge opening but there was only a little hole because there was dry blood around the hole.

    Suddenly there was a humongous shake that shook the world.Me and Jimmy were rising out of the ground and then there was a huge blast that made us fall out of the sky.Then...

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“Ahhhh!!!” “No not me please!!!”

“Why not you!!!” “You're the prettiest among us!!!”

I was crying before I died and became a ghost and before the Imposters won instead of the Crewmates.

But then there was this pretty girl that helped me.She was exhausted and breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and...hit the emergency button.

Everyone came together as a group and figured out that brown/white was an Imposter and they died and the Crewmates won.

I jumped out of the game and my saver was right next to me.

“Jessie!”I cried “You saved me!”

Week 7 (21)

Once there was a rabbit named Fluffy.Fluffy had an interview about how your owner treats you.

She went out to find her owner so she could figure out anything about her.

She figured out many things like the owner danced with her,and many more things.

One day her owner was dancing with her in the garage. The owner tripped on a red scooter with real diamonds on the scooter, and fell on the concrete hitting their head.

Then the next day Fluffy’s interview was turned in by the new rabbit in school…BOOM CRASH “HEEE” “MWAHAHA” “GO AWAY” “AHHHH!!!!!”

Week 6 (21)

I was walking down the street when I saw a box that had my name on it.

It read

Do not open this until halloween or else.

I was ready to see what was inside because I have been on adventures like this before.Like I walked with ghosts before,and walked with a witch and many more.

I walked home with that big box and placed it down on the table.I grabbed a pair of scissors and opened the box.What was inside was a costume.But I had to see what was in that

I went to bed with silence and then “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Week 5(21)
It was time for a monster and cannon monsters WAR! The Monsters got out their superpowers to use and the Cannon Monsters were ready to shoot.
One day the Human Monsters came to the base of the Cannon Monsters and said”we want to help you fight the Monsters”
“ My pleasure said the Cannon Monsters”
They all got in position to fight and let the Cannon and the Human Monsters be free.
It was time and many passed out and the warriors fought until there was a and there was.The winner was Cannon and Human Monsters won yay.

Week 4(21)

“No walking to school” I yelled “yes Emma” “Fine”.I walked to school with my violin in a horrible mood.Could this day get any worse I thought.I saw big green plants while I walked .I was close to the door and didn’t see a bully in front of me.“Aww whos walking down the road”.”Oww” he kicked me on the knee and my knee was bruised.What a prickly guy.I went to class with a hurt knee.I told my teacher what happened and she got mad on Matt the bully that sits next to me.

One day Zury and Jessie found Old Bob in the woods. Old Bob was strong.

Zury was walking with the old man and she was in a cage when she woke up.Jessie was trapped being forced to sneak outside.The kids were trapped in a cage. The old man was evil.They never should have said yes and be his friend.Oh the Old Bob was evil.They were a distraction.Old Bob took over the world.The kids were superheroes and without them the world won’t survive.They were never seen again. The earth was now robot land.


  1. i have a feeling you were talking about one of the episodes from the show jessie but i think you did good~Zenaida:)

  2. This reminds me of the show jessie!
    ~Amina A

  3. It dose not sond aridinl so maby cange that but over all i liked it.

    Soleil Dupuis

  4. I like how you made in your story a rabbit, very cute! ~Lizzie

  5. I love the way you have set your piece out, Hannah. Your chosen words are clear to see and you explain why you have chosen each one very clearly. I particularly like the way you link them both towards the end. The way you use paragraphs and capital letters is really effective. An excellent piece of writing!