Week 6 (21)

I was walking down the street when I saw a box that had my name on it.

It read

Do not open this until halloween or else.

I was ready to see what was inside because I have been on adventures like this before.Like I walked with ghosts before,and walked with a witch and many more.

I walked home with that big box and placed it down on the table.I grabbed a pair of scissors and opened the box.What was inside was a costume.But I had to see what was in that

I went to bed with silence and then “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Week 5(21)
It was time for a monster and cannon monsters WAR! The Monsters got out their superpowers to use and the Cannon Monsters were ready to shoot.
One day the Human Monsters came to the base of the Cannon Monsters and said”we want to help you fight the Monsters”
“ My pleasure said the Cannon Monsters”
They all got in position to fight and let the Cannon and the Human Monsters be free.
It was time and many passed out and the warriors fought until there was a and there was.The winner was Cannon and Human Monsters won yay.

Week 4(21)

“No walking to school” I yelled “yes Emma” “Fine”.I walked to school with my violin in a horrible mood.Could this day get any worse I thought.I saw big green plants while I walked .I was close to the door and didn’t see a bully in front of me.“Aww whos walking down the road”.”Oww” he kicked me on the knee and my knee was bruised.What a prickly guy.I went to class with a hurt knee.I told my teacher what happened and she got mad on Matt the bully that sits next to me.

One day Zury and Jessie found Old Bob in the woods. Old Bob was strong.

Zury was walking with the old man and she was in a cage when she woke up.Jessie was trapped being forced to sneak outside.The kids were trapped in a cage. The old man was evil.They never should have said yes and be his friend.Oh the Old Bob was evil.They were a distraction.Old Bob took over the world.The kids were superheroes and without them the world won’t survive.They were never seen again. The earth was now robot land.


  1. i have a feeling you were talking about one of the episodes from the show jessie but i think you did good~Zenaida:)

  2. This reminds me of the show jessie!
    ~Amina A

  3. It dose not sond aridinl so maby cange that but over all i liked it.

    Soleil Dupuis