Week 6 (21)

My parents said that they would have a surprise waiting when I got home. There were fifteen minutes till the school day would be done. Then the bell went off. I heard footsteps in the hallway. They were getting louder than before my feet could speak to my brain. I was dashing down the hall too. When I was home I saw a crate on the counter. I knew I wasn't supposed to look...but I had to see what was inside. Then my mom came into the room. And said “Open it!” I did and out jumped A PUPPY!

Week 5 (21)

Today was my birthday and we were going to see Hamilton! We drove over, I brought my tricorn hat I had got earlier. Then we finally got there
once we were seated the show began! There were people dancing, singing everywhere! After what seemed like forever they did this song where they shot this awesome fake cannon on song ¨Guns and ships.¨ it was cool. When the show was over I got my pamphlet signed by three of the actors! And then we went home and I fell asleep. I was going to tell all my friends about it!

Week 4(2)
I was walking Charlie, it was a beautiful day. We walked past lots of green grass. Finally we got to Sam's house. He was playing his violin, he loves it. We played with Charlie for a bit. And then Sam asked “Do you want to ride bikes?” “Sure,” I said. And I tied Charlie's leash to my handle. We rode for a while, then Sam asked “Wanna race?” I said “Ok” we tied Charlie to a fence. Then we went! I was wobbling then... I FELL! My arm was bruised, it prickled. Charlie licked my face, I suddenly felt better.

Week 3(21)
I was walking Charlie are dog, when a man came walking up the street he passed are house and went on are neighbors porch. The porch was big with a new red bike sitting on the wood. The man knocked and a girl opened the door, she said “Hello” and the man immediately asked “Can I use your bike?” she looked surprised and answered “O-ok” he took the bike, rode down the hill and was gone. Then we heard CRASH! Red metal pieces went flying! The girl was sad. She went inside, “She never should have said yes.” I said.

Practice Week

I was staring out my window and I saw a boy on a big old bike coming towards crates of pumpkins. I yelled” STOP” but he could not hear me. I ran down the stairs and halfway down I heard a CRASH! I went out the door to see what happend. I followed smashed pumpkins to the bike. As soon as I saw it I noticed that the boy was not on the bike! I looked around and I couldn't see him. Then I saw legs sticking out of a haystack! I helped him up and that's how we became friends.


  1. I like your story I thought it was really good. Keep up the good work.
    From Natalia Ortiz

  2. That was a scary/funny story. I like how you became friends at the end.

    -Dominic V.

  3. I like how they became friends
    ~Amina A

  4. I really liked how you helped him out of the hay stack and became friends ~Lizzie Lamme

  5. I really liked your story it was really funny i think you did a great job - Alba Hila

  6. I like how in your story you wanted to stop the incident from going on logan gates

  7. good job i like how you did not act like you saw it happen you saw it after from garrett doyon

  8. I liked you helped him out of the hay stack

    Soleil Dupuis

  9. Puppy story. Well done on an exciting story! So sweet it had a good ending! Well done!

  10. Kia ora from New Zealand Gemma.
    I really like your puppy story, and it is funny because I have now read quite a few stories where a puppy was in a box which the writer was not allowed to look into!
    I think that your sentence about how your footsteps sounded, is very clever, and well written. Keep up the great writing.
    If you get a chance come along to our class blog at: