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 Today was hot. It was one of those days where it was too hot to do anything, the leaves were crispy in the heat of the blazing sun. The ice pop in my fist melted down my hand. 
 My dog sat in the corner of my room, his tongue lolled out of his mouth. Heat started to seep into my head, I started to feel dizzy, then my dog said 
 “Which way to the shops?” He panted. “Why do you want to go there?” I asked “WATER,” he said. When I woke up I gave him a bowl of water.

Week 34 (21)

  The little owlets poked their heads through the eggshell. After a few minutes their puffy down fluff began to show. I had been watching them the whole time, they lived in the barn towards the back of my house. 
  They were barn owls, and they had decided to make their home in our barn! 

  After a few months I had almost forgotten about the owls in the barn. One day after school I went to check on them, and I didn’t realise they could fly! Like that, they were gone.

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 The blue sky floated above me with puffy white clouds strung up in the air. 
 I took a walk one day down by the shore, and almost instantly a huge stone wall was in front of me. It kept going up, and up, the top of the mysterious tower poked through the fluffy clouds. 

The odd tower looked very old, because the cobblestone had thick layers of moss and vine climbing up the walls. I heard something coming in the distance, 
 I ran home faster than my legs had ever carried me before, and the tower had once more vanished.

Week 32 (21)
The sun shone on the dew wet grass, the early morning chill spread across the newly awoken flowers stretching out their gentle petals. The soft sound of the wet silky water flowing through the old muddy stream bed. 
 The loud rustling leaves singing the fresh song of spring. White fluffy clouds held up above my head, and bright young feathered bluebirds zoomed through the airy open sky. 
 Each step on the lush green grass brought happiness to my soul. I looked up at the bright shining sun then a flash of light, then darkness. It was all just a dream. 

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  “Swish, swish”, the splintered wooden oar dove in and out of the glassy blue water, moving the sturdy old canoe. Wrinkled mushrooms small and large, grew on one side of the small lake. 

  The wistful breeze sped  up the boat, and  the loud honking geese ruled the little island in the middle of the lake, where sweet smelling jasmine flowers grew, and where groggy old toads talked in their low gravelly voices. 

  Young snapping turtles popped their small pointy heads up above the water. Small scaly fish made their sandy nests where the bright sunlight shone into the dark water.

Week 30 (21)

I walked into a house,
 There were white marble walls, and a velvet rug that spread across the bare wood floor. Gigantic tapestries hung down empty hallways.  

I walked into a parlor,
 A soft blue sofa lay in front of a red brick fireplace with a gentle blazing fire that lay within.

I walked into a kitchen,
 Rows of gleaming metal pots and pans lined the wall. Sturdy light shone through the open window, and the rough wooden table sat with 4 old chairs.

I walked into a room,
It was painted bright yellow... but suddenly, darkness enveloped the room.

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  The smooth cobblestone street seemed to go on forever. It was a warm cloudless day. And the trees were green and lush.

 Behind the bright blossoming flowers stood a huge house, it was made of rough brick, and had huge arched windows. Grape vines grew on the old forgotten fence.

 Creatures made their own homes in an old forgotten home. The soft young grass sprouted through the earth. On the old red fence there was a plack, and the plack had faded gold numbers on it, and the gold formed to make the number 29.

                 It was house number 29...

Week 28 (21)

Wide yellow eyes stared at me through a dark prickly forest.
The moon reflected off of its rough silver fur.
It showed its white glistening fangs. 
The wolf's eyes flickered with sadness as it let out a pitiful howl. Suddenly I wanted to run and comfort the sad lonely creature, but I knew better.
 I carefully stepped toward the whimpering wolf, and said “It’s ok.” it was now pitch black out and stars were starting to fill the empty inky blackness of the sky.
 “Goodbye,” I said. And then she gave a mourningful look that said till we meet again… 

Week 27 (21)

The muddy water splashed, as we drove through the African Savannah. 
The beautiful sunset, and desert trees looked like a painted picture. 
The happy jumping gazelles frolicked and ate. 
The juicy purple figs hung low on an old tree. Dust wrose from the ground, as a stampede of elephants ran through the desert. The warm air filled my lungs, and the sun blazed until the soft light of the moon filled the sky. 
The soft breeze swept the grass that had been yellowed by sunlight. 
The gentle sound of the blowing wind sounded like the soft music of a violi


 My reflection stared back at me, through the clear glassy water, as I threw my lucky pennies into the deep cobblestone well. I watched as the sinking coins touched the glimmering bottom. 
 I walked back down the splintery old wooden ladder and walked back home. 
In my driveway I stared down at my feet. The pavement looked so glossy and black that I thought that it was the well I had thrown my pennies into.
 I walked back into the fresh little red house and hoped that my wish would come true, hoping, hoping, hoping, that's all I could do.

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 I got back from swimming practice, and I was starving! 
All that swimming made me hungry, so I asked mom to make me a nice sweet Nutella sandwich but we were out of the thick creamy delicious Nutella, so instead my mom made me a Marmite sandwich. 
I hated Marmite, it had a strong sour and icky flavor, “No I said, I like Marmite”. But inside my stomach was badly churning. I would have taken any other sandwich, 
I fed some to my dog but even he didn't like it. I guess there is only one thing to do… Munch.  

Week 25 (21)

Rows and rows of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Perfectly straight rows of food. The air smoothly drifted inside my  system and made everything fresh inside. The warm breeze surrounded me like a welcoming hug, and the soft sound of birds chirping made the garden feel like home. 
That's when I saw a statue, made of stone the stone was now green and faint, but I could tell it was once a color of shimmering silver. The statues arms were spread out wide in a joyful and friendly way, and even though he couldn't talk I knew I was welcome here.

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Banana and Apple were very worried, then the orange one spoke first. He said “Do you fruits really want to be blended into mush?” We said no, but there was nowhere we could go. 
Pineapple and Grapefruit said we could jump out the window but we would end up as mush then too. 
Avocado was the only smart one, but he didn't have to worry because who puts avocado in a smoothie? Mango said all his goodbyes, and that this was the last day of are life. Then a big hand scooped us up and into the blender we went!

Week 23 (21)

“Awooooooooo” the frightening sound of the wolves howling went deep into the starry night. The dark brown trees surrounding the tent like a sappy shield. The wet “tap, tap, tap,” on the tents roof kept us all awake.  
My younger brother holding his bright red balloon. My eyes gently opened and the dense mist hugged my body. Birds were chirping, and the crackling fire rose up into the pink and orange sky. 
I kicked away the dirt that was where I was going to sit,  and explored the never ending rows of trees. That's when I knew… We were camping. Week 22 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

  The drive home from the Shelter was long and dull. The new puppy romping around the car, excited for what was next. 
  We pulled up the driveway, and jumped out of the car, the ground was frozen from the blanket of sparkling snow covering the soft earth. The young puppy was curious, he had never seen snow before.
  The unliving trees of winter surrounded the yard and the puppy jumped away. Like that we were looking for him in seconds. We had searched everywhere, “But where did it go?” Luca asked. Then out of the frozen snow jumped the puppy!

Week 20 (21)
  The bike was as yellow as the sun, on a sunny day. It zoomed down the faded street. After I heard a loud crash I ran down the road to the bike. It was leaning against an old red Maple tree. 

   I stared at the blinding bike and set it down on the road once again. I carefully sat on the old cushioned seat, and started to zoom down the pavement, faster and faster I went. It felt as if I were flying. Then the bike almost automatically stopped in front of my house and like that it was gone.

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With a crash the little blue bird flew through the window and on to the smooth dark oak table, it had soft blue feathers, and a smooth beak. I looked it over with gentle fingers. And then I wrapped it in my favorite flower blanket, 
  I wished that I knew where its home was... It had been four days since the baby bird flew through my kitchen window. And on the fourth day I thought it could fly, so I gently threw him out the second floor window. When it just wouldn’t take off. WOOSH up it went finally, home…  

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 The moss sinking under my fingers, the air drifting into my nose, my eyes tightly closed, and I was in my favorite spot, under my favorite tree. The lush green jungle surrounded me. And the voices of birds ringing from tree to tree and bouncing into my ears. I touched the silky leaves of the elderly tree, it all seemed too good to be real. 
      That's when my eyes fluttered open and I could see the city street my eyes blurred and for the tiniest second I saw the tree standing there, with its cinnamon bark standing strong and tall. 

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My mom always tells me to be appreciative of our home and that we have hot food to eat during winter and a warm bed to sleep in. And I now know that we are the luckiest people to others. I love playing with my cats and toys and sometimes it doesn't bother me that other people in the world don't have any of this. We should think about ways we can change and help others. And we should remember that even though right now might feel bad, we're really the lucky ones. All we have to do is appreciate.

Week 13 (21)
I woke up, I could smell a faraway hint of Christmas in the air. Then I noticed  I was wearing a Christmas hat. I didn't remember putting it on. And I was  confused. Who put it on me? I didn't, and I doubted my cat did it, so I bet it was my brother. I asked him, he said he didn't do it. I took off the hat. It was red velvet and had gentle white clouds of cotton around the edge. It smelled like peppermint sticks and hot chocolate. Then to my surprise up on the shelf sat our...

Week 11 (21)

We were driving to the beach, the car wheels rolling on the sand covered pavement. Salty wind blowing through my hair. We got there, I cartwheeled out of the car. Threw off my shoes, my feet dove into the soft white sand. We set up a spot. I went to work building a sand castle. It was small and had leaves sticking out. I was satisfied with my crafty castle. We had sandwiches. The sand crawled into mine. It tasted like the ocean. Later we drove home, this time no salty wind in my hair just the seagulls saying goodbye.

Week 10 (21)

 It was freezing cold out. I tripped and snow trickled down into my gloves. I saw my friend outside shoveling his walkway. I stumbled over and Sam said “Hi”. My teeth were chattering…”H...h...hi” I said. “Wanna come inside?” he asked “Sure” I said. We went inside and I took off my cold frozen gloves. Sam threw them over near the fireplace. I had been inside Sam's house before it was cozy inside. He gave me a fresh pair of gloves. I put them on if only they were a bit smaller. I went outside back into whiteness...

Week 9 (21)
“Bzzzzzzzzz” I flew down toward a flower I dove inside and sucked out the sweet juice. Then a boy and a dog came running toward me “ahhhhh” I yelled, I had my stinger ready but I didn’t want to use it. Then the boy gently put his finger down on a petal and I slowly climbed up once I was on he slowly started to raise me off my petal. And examined me for a long time he put me back and gently let me climb back on to the flower. And I have been visiting their flowers ever since.

Week 8 (21)
I was walking Charlie. It was late and the sky agreed it was turning pink, it looked like cotton candy. We walked onto the porch when Charlie smelt something. I could tell by the way he pulled it didn’t bother me but when I took off my shoes he lept! “No” I said I tried to chase him but he was faraway . Exhausted and breathing hard, I simply raised my fists. “UHH” I said. I stayed out on the porch. Then I heard a “Bark” and then Charlie came running up to me with a steak in his mouth, I kissed his head and we went inside.

Week 7 (21)

I was riding my scooter Charlie panting at my side. It was a bumpy ride since my sidewalk was made of concrete. I put one of my hands in Charlie's fluffy fur. Under his ears was the red collar that we got for him when he was a pup. We went home, I threw a ball around for a bit, the way Charlie ran and jumped for the ball was so funny. It looked like he was trying to do a silly dance. We went inside and I sat on the sofa with Charlie on my lap and fell asleep.
Week 6 (21)

My parents said that they would have a surprise waiting when I got home. There were fifteen minutes till the school day would be done. Then the bell went off. I heard footsteps in the hallway. They were getting louder than before my feet could speak to my brain. I was dashing down the hall too. When I was home I saw a crate on the counter. I knew I wasn't supposed to look...but I had to see what was inside. Then my mom came into the room. And said “Open it!” I did and out jumped A PUPPY!

Week 5 (21)

Today was my birthday and we were going to see Hamilton! We drove over, I brought my tricorn hat I had got earlier. Then we finally got there
once we were seated the show began! There were people dancing, singing everywhere! After what seemed like forever they did this song where they shot this awesome fake cannon on song ¨Guns and ships.¨ it was cool. When the show was over I got my pamphlet signed by three of the actors! And then we went home and I fell asleep. I was going to tell all my friends about it!

Week 4(2)
I was walking Charlie, it was a beautiful day. We walked past lots of green grass. Finally we got to Sam's house. He was playing his violin, he loves it. We played with Charlie for a bit. And then Sam asked “Do you want to ride bikes?” “Sure,” I said. And I tied Charlie's leash to my handle. We rode for a while, then Sam asked “Wanna race?” I said “Ok” we tied Charlie to a fence. Then we went! I was wobbling then... I FELL! My arm was bruised, it prickled. Charlie licked my face, I suddenly felt better.

Week 3(21)
I was walking Charlie are dog, when a man came walking up the street he passed are house and went on are neighbors porch. The porch was big with a new red bike sitting on the wood. The man knocked and a girl opened the door, she said “Hello” and the man immediately asked “Can I use your bike?” she looked surprised and answered “O-ok” he took the bike, rode down the hill and was gone. Then we heard CRASH! Red metal pieces went flying! The girl was sad. She went inside, “She never should have said yes.” I said.

Practice Week

I was staring out my window and I saw a boy on a big old bike coming towards crates of pumpkins. I yelled” STOP” but he could not hear me. I ran down the stairs and halfway down I heard a CRASH! I went out the door to see what happend. I followed smashed pumpkins to the bike. As soon as I saw it I noticed that the boy was not on the bike! I looked around and I couldn't see him. Then I saw legs sticking out of a haystack! I helped him up and that's how we became friends.


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