Week 36 (21)
 I saw this park that I've never seen before, So I walked in and this statue stood out because it was my great great uncle who was a fighter in world war 2. It was weird because I walked over here all the time and this park has never been here and they couldn't have done it last night because the statues looked old. It was weird but I paid no attention and . I just went home then I realized that I forgot to go to the store which is the reason why I went outside in the first palace.   

Week 35 (21)
I was walking down the street and I saw this weird looking thing across the street. I just ignored it and kepted heading to the corner store. Around 2 blocks later that thing ran up to me and said “Which way to the shops”it panted. I was scared so I said “I don't know”. It seemed angry and started yelling and throwing stuff.I ran to the corner store and called my mom to tell her what just happened. She told me to wait there and she’ll come get me. She got me and we went to the park.       

Week 34 (21)

Hi, it's Amairi 3 months after getting out of a juvenile center. I decided to get a jood now that I just turned 17. I got hired at BurgerKing making $450 a week. After 1 month of payments and hard work I decided to get two birds. when I went in to the bird store with my younger  brother he sayed “ I didn’t realize they could fly” “well obviously  how do you think they move around so fast”
“Um... they run” “who told you that” “mom”  “well she lied”  “go pick one for yourself”   “I want this one” “go ahead”  

Week 29 (21)
Hi, I'm Amiri.  Remember the zoo story. It's been 3 months . School is just around the corner . I want to live with my dad but my mom will not let me.  I really don't want to be the new kid. If she says yes in the middle of the  school year. That is why  I  want to move in with my dad.
 School starts tomorrow and I have an idea ...

It's 2 am and I'm about to sneak out to see my dad. I pack my stuff.
I got to my dad's house. I saw my mom waiting right there.     


Pavement I'm riding a bike on the pavement. Then I threw my bike in the lake and its sinking. In school I use knowledge thinking. home depot I just bought a new ladder. my coins will sink in 1 liter. I'm in school right now but i'm leaving later.(ya)

 I Just broke my red pencil led noooooooooooooo!

“Mom i'm sorry I can just buy a new one”. “Do you know how expensive that was”. “No”. “$200”
IM sor ...SLAP…stop please! 

The next day 

Im sore it hurts

All comedy hope I made your day Garrett The end 

Week 26 (21)
“Marmite is trash,”I said. “First of all I like marmite,” he said. “What are you talking about, not even the best bread ever can save marmite!” I screamed . Let's stop screaming and talk. “I got marnite in my bag and you got bread, let's  test it out”. “Ok then let's go”. “Hearse the marmite where's the bread”. “second cadenet to the left”.“ok be right back”. “ hears the bread and a butter knife you can spread it on the bread since it's so bad”. ..sniff.. “This smells tradel but ill take the first bite” . .. chomp.. This is so good.  

Week 24 (21)

Narrator: All the friends are having a sleepover at Red’s house.
Red: How far away are you guys?
Narrator: The group is in the car in Red’s drive way
Cyan: Look out the window.
Narrator: The friends spend the night playing video games and eating chips. Everyone besides Cyan and Orange have fallen asleep.
Cyan: I just broke Red’s coffee maker. what should I do?
 Orange: I don’t know!
Orange: Let's Just get back upstairs.
Narrator:The boys went back to sleep.
Narrator: The orange one spoke first
Red: Cyan get out now!! 
… ...  

Week 20 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

One Friday morning Chris and I walked to my house. On the way there we saw this bicycle. I was so tempted to steal it but Chris talked me into asking my mom instead. 
 “Mom can you buy me this bicycle that I really want?”
 “No you already have a bike”. “Ok” 
I walked out of the house and started to get my own money. I kept thinking I will get this bike before the end of summer. I worked all day and all night for 2 weeks. I finally had $250. I had just enough to buy the bike.  

Week 18 (21)
 Once I was on vacation in Tampa and when I went to record a last to get knocked out wins $100 video I saw a yellow bicycle . I was really tempted to steal it but I did not because I didn't want to get in trouble. So I just filmed the video. On the way back I saw  the bicycle again and I rubbed  my hands Greedily . At the time I asked my friend if I should steal it.  He said “no” I did it anyways I got caught “  I’m  desperate for this  bike”. My friend said I warned you!   

Week 14 (21)  To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.
Like 5 months ago me and my friend Junon went to a haunted mansion. I was already spending the night there. In to the mansion we went. Instantly I felt like I was going to pass out. I felt weird when I laid  out the air mattress. I used my mouth to blow it up. I could not blow it up because my head hurt. I started to see stuff and I needed to use the  bathroom.So I went to the toilet but when I went in  the room I saw this and we ran out the mansion,SCREAMING!!!!!!

Week 13 (21)
One day I was hanging out with my step sister. My mom called her into the room.  I want to go see what was  going on. She said “lets go to a haunted house”mom said  “ok”I said and into the car we went. When we got there i got out of the car . I started to get chased by a clown right a way and I ran so fast  after that we went in to all the houses and when we got home there  was creepy  music on the tv  I though I didn't remember putting it on

Week 11 (21)
One beautiful fall day i was  rolling down a hill full of leaves. when i had seen a huge white castle. Me and my friends went to go see  and it was crazy. I Had never seen anything this big .We decided to stay the night there  but to do that i had to call my mom and ask  her if i can spend the night and my friends house she said yes and in my head i was thinking i am so crafty and we went into the huge  castle 
When we went to bed  I saw a person... 

Week 10 (21)

One Saturday it was super sunny.  When I was riding my dike at my old house, I fell and started to bleed very badly.  good thing I was right down the street from my house.  I walked my bike home. At this point my blood was down to my foot.  I got home and washed it out and attempted to put a  bandage on it.  If only it was a bit smaller than on it I graded 5$ from my room and walked over to the stare and had got my mom a flower because she had broken her nose... 

Week 9 (21)

So one day I was scrolling down on instagram and I had seen this photo and I did not like it, it was disturbing because the bee was dead.

I asked myself why the bee is bigger than the people I said “It don't make no sense!” Trying to be funny then I sayed “didn't even worry about it,” and I went on with my day.

And then when I went to bed and when I shut my eyes this picture popped up and I was so scared, then I just went to bed and now i am just fine

Week 7 (21)
For 2 years me and my friend would go down to florida and we would drive to the place and stay there for 2 weeks and in the car i would stay up all night and looked and the red sun set with the fluffy clouds and when i was doing that on the last night we were on the highway and SMASH. We hit a big pothole on the concrete and after i needed to chrol out of the car because it flipped i help everybody get out then my friend danced and in return everyone go a scooter     

Week 6 (21)

So on a Tuesday. I was playing fortnight and there were 4 people left, my teammate and me and then 1 other team of 2 they were. In a fort that they built . My teammate told me not to go in. I said ok and we got the high ground as I pulled out my golden AR aka scar. As I started shooting at them I went into the fort and. I was holding down the stringer and I knocked one as I got killed. My teammate yielded ‘’Y’’ i said “but i had to see what was inside.
Week 5 (21)

So one weakened my friends and me were lighting off a canyon for the first time. It was so loud and we had to have the owner call the cops and tell them that we were litting the canyon and they said ok and. POW I lit . It hurt my ear so bad. I was not able to hear out of it for a week. But it was a fun experience. And i would do it again if .I had the chance but my mom will not let me because it was annoying that i kept saying whut . The end. 

Week 4(21)

This was the most crazy Monday of my life. It was not fun because. So i bruised my teeth and walked out the door. Half way down the street I stubbed my toe and dropped my violin and fell into a green prickly bush and when I got to school i went to the nurse. She gave me some peroxide and 4 bandages for my cuts. When i got home i told my grandma and we put more peroxide on it and then I went into my room and played Roblox and fortnite then. I went to bed . bye bye
Week 3(21)
On one sunny day me and my friends were at the park and I said ‘’let's jump off the swing’’. They said ‘’yes’’. As we got high, my  friend Bella just jumped and she did not get hurt. Then Junon got on. He got going and he jumped and hurt his arm. Then Anthony got on the swing. He got going and jumped and hurt his leg . Then Dhashmer got going. He jumped off and  hurt his leg.  Then it was my turn. I got going and jumped …  And ouw broke my wrist . they never should have said yes .

Practice Week

So won time me and my stepsister where on a bike ride and i looked to my to my left ond i saw this crazy guy on a form that decided to ride in to horse hay. I immediately stoped and got a picture my stepsister said what am i looking at. And then we got my brother to show him he was laughing so hard no all of us where . Wen we got got to the house and i showed my mom she was dying not dieing dying thin i showed my holl home evry one was laughing hard .


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