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 Aria was taking a walk with her dog Mocha. 

Mocha was running and stopped at a statue, she was sniffing it while Aria was taking a picture.

 Aria tried to read the words but she couldn’t. 

Then she saw that the leg had moved and Mocha was barking at it. 

The statue reached down to Aria... Then she woke up.

 It was a dream, Aria ran downstairs and saw Mocha. She hugged her tightly and gave her food as she looked out the window there was a huge storm. 

A tree had fallen in her backyard and lighting was striking. 

There once was a cat that lived with her owner. 

She was upset that she had no friends, so she went out looking for some. 

Soon she realised that she had no idea where she was.

“Where am I?” she asked herself and ran around. 

Then she realised that she knew how to get home from the shop.

“Which way to the shops?” she panted and ran around. 

She was running through the alley-way when she heard a voice.

“Misky! Where are you?” the voice called. 

That's it! 

Her owner has found her. She knew he would find her soon.

Week 34 (21)

Amy was in the park with her brother Dexter, they were walking by the pond. 

They were excited that the year 2009 would be over soon.

“Look Dex ducks!” Amy called out 

“That one is flying, look at it!” Dex pointed at a duck

 “Whoa I didn’t realise they could fly!” Amy said as she watched it land. 

They were now sitting by the pond and watching the catfish, as they were watching Amy was dangling a worm that she found under the water and a fish came up and grabbed it. 

“Wow!” Amy said, dazzled. 

They ran home quickly.

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Mika was walking with her brother Miko and they found a count house. It was out of use and all Miko wanted to do was go into it.

“Come on Mika, we're twins, we do things together!” Miko was begging her to go in.

“No, mom wanted us to get food. We can't go in there!” Mika was walking away. Miko grabbed her arm and pulled her in. 

As they were walking up the creaking steps they heard a voice.

“Uhh..What was that?” Miko whispered. 

“Lets go, now.” Mika whispered back. 

They both started running back to their house.

Week 32 (21)

Amy woke up from a rumble. 

She knew what it was so she ran downstairs to her basement, her mom and Dexter were not there. 

There was a flash of light, then, darkness, she ran to her moms room and woke her up.

“MOM!!” Amy yelled out, 

“Ughh what?” She said as she was half asleep. 

Then she heard a CRASH!

“Wake up your brother and head to the basement.” her mom said calmly.

“Dex wake up!” Amy yelled.

“Wha-” he was cut off by a crash. 

They ran to the basement, the earthquake was loud. 

Amy was very scared.

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When Amy woke up she was feeling wistful. 

She was remembering about the time she was in Missouri. 

She was on a boat and took the oar, she poked a green looking mushroom, it made a green puff and she wrinkled her nose.  

Dexter was telling her not to, but she did!

“Amy no..NoOoO Amy!” he was shouting as he laughed.

“It's not a rule!” as she unwrinkled her nose. 

She went downstairs for breakfast.

“Mom when are we going to Missouri again?” she questioned.

“This summer we are, remember?” she chuckled. 

Amy was so excited to go again.

Week 30 (21)

Amy was watching the window. “BOOM” “CRASH”

She was terrified and walked to her moms room. 

“Lets go to the living room.” Her mom took her hand, but when they were walking.

Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. 

“AAH!” Amy let go of her mom's hand. 

Amy hates the dark a lot.

“You're okay, lets keep going. I have candles to light.” Her mom said, grabbing her hand again. 

As they made it into the living room they heard a                                                ‘BOOM!’ Amy looked outside and a tree fell just before the window. 

“MOM A TREE!” Amy shouted as she backed away.

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Amy ran across the street

“Mom, Hurry up!” 

Amy ran home, she knew where her house was because her house number is 29. 

It has a black gate, bushes all around, a big rock, and a bright red pole that had the number on it. 

The house looked abandoned on the outside. But, it was really nice on the inside.

“Where's mom?” Dexter asked

“She is slow, i’m faster than her!” Amy stated as she huffed over and over. 

Amy ran to the fridge to get her water bottle as Dexter stepped outside. 

 “Hey mom!” Dexter laughed.

“H-Hey!” She huffed.

Week 28 (21)

Amy ran back inside as it let out a pitiful howl. She was being chased..but by what? She saw a glimpse of it as she ran it didn't look like anything she knew of..

“HELP ME SOMEONE!!” she screeched as she ran. Then she woke up.

“It was a dream..?” she asked, confused. She went downstairs for breakfast. As she was walking down stairs she heard someone at the door and peeked out ‘DING DONG’ Amy ran back upstairs and hid. “W-What was that..” she trembled, uncovering herself..

She went downstairs..”HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY AMY! Her family shouted out

Week 27 (21)

“Mom, I know what instrument I want to play!” Amy shouted as she walked through the door. Amy just got home from school. 

“What is it?” her mom questioned. 

“Its violin!” she said with glee.

“I'm happy you chose violin.” her mom said with a smile.

The day Amy got her violin.

“I'm going to paint it purple, with an elephant on it!” Amy squealed as she ran to her room. Amy came back down and Dexter and the mom saw it. 

“Hm nice I guess.” Dexter said, looking up from his phone for one second. 

“Beautiful!” the mom said.

GES only WEEK (21)


“So my class is doing a boat challenge.” Amy said to her mom

“Okay what do you need for it” the mom said

“Just cardboard and- Oh wait we're doing an egg drop also but I don’t need to bring anything. But I need to bring some stuff for the sails and I would like red paint.” Amy stated

When their mom came home Amy started building her boat immediately. 

At the school Amy started putting coins but her boat started sinking. Then when they dropped the egg off the ladder and it hit the pavement it cracked. 

Jessica won.   

Week 26 (21) 

“Amy come downstairs!” Dexter said as he hid something. It was Amy's birthday.

“Eww why does it smell like Mmarmite you and I hate it” Amy plugged her nose

“No,” he said, “I like Mmarmite” Dexter said

“Oh happy birthday I got you a little something” Dexter said as he pulled out a lizard from behind his back

“Omg a...LIZARD yes!!’ Amy shouted. Amy loves lizards. She took the lizard to her room. 

Week 25 (21)

Miko was going on a walk, then he saw a statue. 

He was going to come back to it later, but he took a picture of it with him. 

But he saw that it moved and it was walking to him, Miko started to run as fast as he could but the statue caught up. 

The statue scooped him up then took him to a secret bunker. 

Soon Miko found out there was a zombie apocalypse and the statue saved him. “Thank you so much,” Miko cried. 

Week 24 (21)

“Derik Derik!” Amy yelled as she ran through the door

“What Amy?” Derik calmly said back.

“Can I tell you about the dream I had?” Amy asked curiously.

“Fine tell me” Derik wanted to leave at that moment.

Amy started by saying.

“First it was like I woke up. Then I saw two dinosaurs, an orange and a pink one. The orange one spoke first. He said, “I'm a pterodactyl!” As he flew up.

The pink one said he is a T-Rex.

Welcome to GES at FMS.  Your first 100 Word Challenge will be week 22. 

Week 23 (21)

(Remember, the challenge includes writing EXACTLY 100 words. )

“I’m never going to Jessica's party again.”Amy said as she left the balloon. 

“Why not, you got a balloon.” Derik said , confused .

“SHE GAVE ME A BROWN BALLOON” Amy yelled at derik as she kicked her balloon 

Amy thought of how she could be frightening to Abby. “I KNOW” amy yelled

“Be quiet Amy i'm talking with Abby” Derik yelled back annoyed 

“Fine,” Amy said.

Week 22 (21) (This is a great first effort.  Eventually you will be able to stick JUST TO 100 WORDS. Thanks for sharing this piece.)

“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

“Brother come on time for school!!” Amy shouted at her brother

“I'm coming , I'm coming. Don't forget Monika” Derik said back to her. Monika was Amy's favorite toy donkey she took him anywhere she went. 

“Oh yea thanks,”Amy said to him calmly. They went to school when Amy realized something was wrong...HER DONKEY 

“DERIK DERIK ICAN'T FIND MONIKA” Amy yelled almost crying. 

“Calm down we will find her later,” Derik said, trying to calm her down. ‘But I want her now’ Amy thought so she went to the wood they went to get to school when she saw a tree walking with some toys. 

“What the…” she silently muttered 

“I heard that, I don’t know where your friends are.” the tree said in the darkest voice she ever heard. 

“But where is Monika...but where did it go!!!!!” she shouted. 

“I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOUR LITTLE FRIEND IS” the tree yelled back. 


  1. Ella,
    I am so happy that you are sharing your challenge pieces with your classmates. I love reading your stories. Do you use character names of people in your real life? Like, I wonder if you know a Derik, an Amy, a Jessica, and an Abby?. Keep writing.
    Mrs. G.

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    “DERIK DERIK I CAN'T FIND MONIKA” Amy yelled almost crying.

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