Week 34 (21)
“This way” I whispered pointing to a door under the stairs

Alex nodded to me and shoved into the small door. Yes it was very uncomfortable but what could we do? There was an army of zombies and skeletons coming after us because we stole their bread! IT’S JUST BREAD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!

“Kat! Look out the window!” alex shoved me getting me to look out the small window

My face turned pale…. I didn’t realize they could fly!!!!! As if watching a movie the stupid zombies and sekeltons started banging into walls falling to the ground like flys!

Week 32 (21)
I looked over my shoulder at an abandoned ship rotting away on the sand. Even though it seemed wrong, I had the urge to climb up the small ladder and see the inside of an old ship with my own eyes.

I tried to fight back the urge, but it was no use. Without thinking, I ran over to the ship and placed my hand on the dusty medal plate with the name “Viking” implanted into it, I placed one hand on the ladder and hoisted myself up, there was a scroll that read, A flash of light, then, darkness….

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I skipped through the the forest dragging a 
Oar behind me, Of course I don’t know why I was carrying an Oar, but just as I came across a wrinkled old grandfather mushroom. The grandfather mushroom was wheezing in pain.
I walked past the wistful mushroom wanting to rule the land before he crumbled into the butterfly dirt. There was no way I was stopping to help a rotting mushroom, what can they do anyway?  Yeah there's my point They can’t do anything! So there's no point in helping them and they're stupid little dreams. But then I met a…..

Week 30 (21)

I tapped on my Ipad screen playing my favorite game, Of course it's a horror game! One of the best in my opinion
“Amelia! Are you still playing that stupid game?! Go to sleep already!” Alex called .

I grunted plugging in my tablet and got into bed, I really couldn’t go to sleep! So in resentment I stared at the ceiling 
After a bit everything went silent, suddenly, darkness enveloped the room, and sound came back but not a nice one,screams in fact 

“Hey! You're in MY hiding place! ” A voice whispered

I peeked just a bit and saw…...

Week 28 (21)

“Finally!” liv said as they were pulling up to her new stay over camp called Camp acorn

Liv rustled through the trunk to find her bag “Just you wait camp acorn! Liv is coming!” 

Liv finally found her bag and started to walk toward the camp counselor. 
            Liv jumped up and down seeing the buses coming towards the parking lot.

“ eek! I'm so excited!!” Liv exclaimed
     “I’m glad! But watch out for wolves! “The counsler said
     “W-Wolves? “Liv asked
Liv looked over at a poster of a wolf. As it let out a pitiful howl in Liv’s mind. Liv shutterd 


 Charlie lived on Red Ladder street with his family and a puppy named Oreo. He didn’t have much to offer when it came to coins. ,Charlie and his family lived in poverty so they had to make Charlie get a job as a messenger boy. Charlie hated seeing all this stuff he couldn’t afford. It made him very  jealous and angry. One day, laying on the pavement was a letter.
             He slowly tore it open and it read “Dear Charlie, You probably don’t remember me but I can help you with all of your problems… -Aunt Angie”
Charlie stepped back.

Week 25 (21)

“His legs and arms look broken” Kate said rolling her eyes

Adurey nodded her head in agreement

“So what!?” Allie said swinging from side to side on one of his arms

Creeeeaakk the statue made a sound

Kate pulled Allie of the statue as it was moving its arms

“Finally!” The statue creaked 

“WHO ARE YOU!?” Kate screamed “And why! Are you playing this silly prank!?”   

“Mood change…” Adurey mumbled to herself

“I’m the one and only CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS….. Wait that doesn't sound right” The statue said trying to remember his name 

“He doesn't know his name?” Allie asked herself

Week 23 (21)
I turned around to a brown balloon floating behind me, frightened I kicked it. I watched the balloon fall to the ground deflating like it was begging for help.
The next morning I never thought that the same thing would happen just with a different colored balloon. 
Later that day an array of balloons swept across the city floors, Everyone punched and kicked but more and more came.
The balloons swept together to make a Balloon godzilla, The Godzilla picked up the “Frightening costume store” and threw it all the way to Antarctica! Everyone ran. And that's all I remember 

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

I dived into a bush after seeing a figure running towards me.

“Wait!” it screamed its voice like nails on chalkboard 

I stood up,Noticing the figure was small. “Yes?” 

“Don’t be scared! I just need you for something!” The figure smirked

I notice my brother running towards the figure with a broom

As my brother swatted at The figure, it quickly moved out of the way watching my brother and I run into each other 

  When we stood up I noticed the figure was gone

My brother sighed “It's gone”

“I know! But where did it go!” I shouted

Week 20 (21)
Dad pushed me to the ground on the side of the street near the tied up yellow bike. I watched as my dad drove away leaving his 10 year old son on the streets of Florida. It was hot, and dry, and sticky. I had no food and no water. Abandoned, I thought turning around to the yellow bike.

It started to get darker. I still needed shelter so I got up to look for supplies to build. I found wood and I put it together to make a tee-pee.

  Later I heard something coming closer and closer and then...

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When I was younger I had a love for rockets and space, My favorite movie was “Hidden Figures” in the movie 3 women work for NASA. I always wanted to be like them but every time I try to build a rocket it wouldn’t work! So I just gave up.

“Honey your project,” Mom said “what are you going to do,”

I thought for a second.

“Rockets! Do rockets you’d get straight As!” Dad said.

  “Fine,” I sighed.

I worked and worked, but it wouldn't work! Just when it just wouldn't take off it started soaring across the sky gracefully.     

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“C'monn, you ready to go?” Cameron asked.

“Yeah sure,” I said, meanwhile Cameron was already halfway into the woods.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, Cameron’s steps flattened the leaves on the ground,Then loud footsteps started. Not from Cameron and not from me. I looked up at the crows circling the trees, being quiet

“Uhh...” Cameron said. 

“What?” I asked.

“We have to get out of here, now!” Cameron yelled, grabbing my hand firmly.

It was too late, a big hand made out of wood grabbed Cameron. Without thinking I ran after Camreon, forgetting about the broken bridge we were working on...

Week 13 (21)  

I did’t remember putting it on but when I walked out of my little green house I noticed that I had Mrs.Reds heels on! 

“Oh my!” I said and walked back into my little green house

I picked up the phone and dialed the number 824156 

“Hello Mrs.Red?” I asked 

“Oh hello Mrs.Green!” Mrs.Red said

“Oh golly thank greeness! I hoped I could return your little red shoes?” I said
“Oh of course” Mrs.Red said and hung up the phone 

Later Mrs.Red showed up in her little red car and she took her shoes.
Week 11 (21)
We walked into the beaming white castle with leaves rolling and a old crafty woman standing there.  
“Hi were the Kaniku family were moving into the castle” My dad cheerfully said
The woman said nothing then swiped out a card and handed it to my dad then walked out of sight. 
“Weird….” My brother whispered into my ear his breath against my neck
We walked further  into the castle and I looked back to see my little brother was gone! 
“Dad!” I skreeched 
“Yes Maria?” my dad said in this dry voice
My dad looked at me, eyes glowing red.

Week 10 (21)
I looked down at my feet in class  then looked up again at miss greenwill she was looking at me with that Ugh face 

“Miss Quinel” Miss.Greenwill started with a smirk “Come up and repeat what I just said”

I walked looking down and then looking at the chalkboard wishing if only  it was a bit smaller

“Come on now hurry up!” Miss Greenwill said

When I got up to the chalkboard  everything went dizzy then black, The next moment I woke up in the hospital 

  Mrs.Greenwills voice grew louder “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU'RE FIRING ME!” 

I chuckled 

Week 9 (21)

“Look, I found this giant bug!,” Jeremiah said.

I looked at what Jeremiah was standing behind of looking at me with his eyes filled of  fortune

“a giant bee” I said shockingly “how did I not see this” 

I ran over to Jeremiah and softly put my hand onto the bee stroking it.I looked up at Jeremiah he was already taking things out of the van.I took a picture of the bee and stroked it again

“You could’ve lived bud” I said softly “We can maybe help ya” 

I looked up at Jeremiah again still stroking the bee and nodded 

Week 6 (21)

Alex was running down the stream in courage trail. Alex would stop when she saw a animal sometimes if she brought her Camera she would take pictures, But today was different today she found a box. Alex ran to town where she bumped into Lukas her best friend

“Oh Lukas hi” Alex said nervously looking back and forth

“What’s wrong?” Lukas asked

“Why do you say something is wrong?” Alex’s palms started to sweat

Lukas gave Alex his ‘really’ look

“Fine!” Alex said “I found a box on Courage trail,But I had to see what was inside ” Alex Gulped

Week 5 (21)

“FIRE THE CANNON BOB!” Jearmy screamed

“WHAT!?” Bob screamed

No one could hear each other over the the crashing waves

The ship was moving back and fourth, Bob turned to see Lucifer peacefully drinking his tea not moving a inch

“Will you look at that!” Bob angrily said “Lucifers not helping!”

Lucifer kept drinking his tea

“Why isn’t Lucifer helping” Juniper asked

“Because he’s to ‘Dainty’” Jeramy said

“No It’s because we are on a Kids ride at a Carnival” Lucifer said

Everyone looked over and saw a line of kids

“And the waves and ships are fake!” Lucifer said

Week 4 (21)

I walked into Mrs.Virgian’s classroom with my green prickly bruised violin case! Everyone laughed,I quickly headed to my seat and looked down at my feet. Mrs.Virgina quieted the class but Jimmy Ross was still quietly snickering in front of me.I put my head up while Mrs.Virgina was showing how to play the scale on her violin and then the worst thing in my life happened! Mrs.Virgina asked ME to come up and talk about MY violin case and my violin! I walked and then stopped and then…. I ran out of the classroom! Yikes!

Week 3(21)

Evil duck burned the forest and turned it into a giant pond! then he flew his duck jet to the next forest

“MWAHAHAHA” Evil duck laughed watching flames touch the trees

“Sir, there are squirrels down there” A zombie animal said

Evil duck grind he had a plan!

“ZOMBIE’S” evil duck quacked “grab my disguise”

“Yes sir” The zombies said

Evil duck opened the jet and went out to the squirrels in his disguise

“You poor poor things would you like to come with me?” evil duck said

“yes! yes! Please!” The squirrels yelped

They should have never said yes….
Practice Week

“CALEB, GET OUT NOW!” Kassie screamed

Caleb ran out of the house, He scanned the yard but he didn’t see anything to do, then he saw his bike, Caleb ran over and hopped on the bike and rode off. He rode past Mrs.Quinn's house past the soni twin’s house past the jones house and took a sharp turn on the right corner, but Caleb forgot about the Yui’s house.

“AH!” Caleb screamed. Caleb got stuck in a hay bale, with only his feet and legs sticking out. The pumpkin and apple cart tipped over along with his bike, ow!


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