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2020 has been hard for everyone. We just have to push our way through it and look forward, and be hopeful for 2021, because that's all we can do right now, just be hopeful for a new year, wear masks, social distance and do the right thing. 
2020 has been very very hard but we can all make it to 2021 and hopefully have a much less chaotic year than 2020. The whole world has had many losses but vaccines are coming out and 2021 has even more hope now because we just all have to do the right thing.

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I didn’t remember putting it on? My favorite pajamas? But I only wore them on special occasions like Christmas and three days ago was just a normal December first. I mean I guess I don’t mind that they got washed. It's not like they shrunk or anything it just, I swear I didn’t wear them. But yet my mom said that she was glad I wore them because I hadn't in a long time. I was not helping myself so I just decided to not wear them till Christmas and bed done with the big, bad fight in my head.

Week 11 (21)
I pushed back some leaves. Then I saw a beautiful white castle, with tall magnificent towers. Then I saw a huge tree branch rolling down the hill with a man running in front of it! I did not know what to do, then I saw a shack with a very crafty door in front. I went up and knocked. A woman answered. I told her about the man and she said “Oh he will be fine. Would you like tea?” Then I herd music and shot right up. 
“Oh, just a dream.” I said as I turned off my alarm.

Week 10 (21)
Me and my brother went to one side of our couch and my dad to the other side. We were in our den and something very bad happened. So we picked it up and walked slowly to the living room, careful to not step on any wet drywall or wet towels on the floor because of the leaking pipe above us. Then we stopped. We had to try to fit our couch past our fridge that was sticking out a bit, if only it was a bit smaller, I thought, as we just barely got it past the big fridge.

Week 9 (21)

I was in our sunroom, my eyes closed.  Then my eyes snapped open and I heard a very loud buzzing sound to the left of my head. 
I looked to my left and saw a very, very large bee. I thought it was inside so I got up so fast I stubbed my toe and ran inside the house thinking of how it could have gotten inside. 
Then I looked again, and realized that it was outside! It kept hitting the window like it could magically get through it. I sat back down thinking of how it couldn’t get through. 

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They were home alone and they knew all the rules. Then her brother started to play his violin in the living room.

She was not in the mood for his violin because she was doing homework and was very tired so she asked him if he could please play it in his room and he simply said no and keeped playing, she asked him again and again, but he would not stop, exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and then thought that this wasn't right so she took one of their dogs and headed up to her room.

Week 7 (21)

I pet my Bailey, one of my fluffy dogs. I had a cast on then because I sprained my ankle and the cast was such a nuisance . Then mom said that we should walk the puppies, she was not talking to me of course she was talking to my brother. I wanted to go and we found out that I could ride my scooter with my cast so we went outside. I stood out because I was wearing a red shirt with a reindeer that danced on it. The concrete felt hard and cold as we walked along the road.
Week 6 (21)

It was three days before my birthday, and my aunt already sent her a present for me. My mom opened it without me looking, then she said to bring it up to my room and not to open it yet.

So I brought it up, stared and set it down on the floor. I know she told me not to open it but I had to see what was inside. I told myself no but I thought just a small peak, and so I looked in, saw something rainbow and then dashed back down the stairs like everything was fine.

Week 5(21)
“Do you like cannons?” Asked Lizzie as we where walking home. I answered “Not really I mean they were used for war wich is pretty violent and violence is never good” I was definitely not prepared for that question and was supplies again for what she said next “Couldn't you use canos for something else?” I thought about that for a moment, and then finally said “You could put glitter in one and shout it out the end.” After she said “Ya so they could be used for something other than violence, like shouting glitter.” “Ya.” I agreed. “They can.”

Week 4(21)

I walked out the door. My brother was playing his violin and I found it quite annoying right then, so I decided to climb my tree in our front yard. When I stated to walk I tripped and bruised my elbow, down there I saw a green prickly leaf, it was odd but I got to the tree and climbed to my favorite branch to sit on. I sat there for a while. Then a couple just walked by. They did not notice me, but when I got back to my house I wondered why no one ever looked up.

Week 3(21)
They never should have said yes. It was bad not that bad, but still bad. So I asked my mom if we could bring our dog to my brother's soccer game and I was not prepared for the answer. I thought she would say no, but she said yes so. We went to my brother's soccer game with are dog and it was great at first and then he saw all the people that were there , and started to bark. He was the loudest dog on earth. He is so, so friendly but so loud. Everyone was looking at us.

Practice Week

I know how he got stuck in the hay. I watched the whole thing happen. I was outside with my dog, we were playing with a ball, and then we saw him come up the road and on to the grass. Suddenly Buch my dog was not interested in the ball anymore. He moved and lay down.The bike was heading right for him! Then the bike came to a frighting stop everything flipped over and he flew into the hay! I had to pule him out of the hay and say “I am so sorry for my dog sir”.


  1. I love how you jumped right in to the story!
    ~Amina A

  2. i like how you added more characters to the scene like the dog ari.s

  3. I really liked your story but i think you misspelled pule there is no E only 2 L´s and i liked how you made you had the point of view it was a funny story Great job!! - Alba Hila

  4. I like the start with the dog Joey Aloy

  5. I liked how you jumped right into the story

    Soleil Dupuis

  6. Hi Emma,
    Well done on your story.
    I think it is quite realistic to be annoyed by a brother or sister playing their musical instrument! I can also imagine being doubly annoyed by falling over and getting bruised.
    I loved how at the end you thought about how people don't tend to look up when they walk around. It's very true. I wonder how much we miss?
    Thank you for sharing,
    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

  7. I like how you are so creative by wanting to put other things in a cannon like glitter.
    logan gates ges at fms

  8. I really liked how added how you dashed downstairs and pretended that nothing was wrong nice job! ~Lizzie :)

  9. you were very creative on week 11 good job.
    logan gates ges at fms

  10. Your week 9 story: I really liked how you were scared of the bee getting in till you realised that it was behind the window.
    Keep up the good work, -Gemma

  11. I agree we have to be hopeful for 2021

    logan gates ges at fms

  12. I agree with week 15 too. we have to push through and move on and do the best we can and just hope.

    -Katherine Mae Trimarchi

  13. I liked you week 15 I thought it really explained this year, and next year. You did a really good job on that weeks.