Week 36 (21)

“Hey mom, are we going to Tinka park today or tomorrow?”

“Today after school honey”

“Ok, sounds good!” It is the middle of lunch and all I can think about is park, park, park, park ,park! Next thing I know we're on the buses and everyone is talking about the upcoming field trip, but I don’t really care about it at the moment because Tinka park!

“Ok, are you ready to leave mom?”

“Yep, just one second.” 15 minutes later....

“Ok we’re here!”

“Mom, look at that cool statue, who is it?”

“ I don't know?”

“Hmm it says Dave Peter…”

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It was a hot summer day, the birds were chirping, and the bees were buzzing. I was playing street hockey with some of my friends from school. It was the last period with 10 seconds on the clock my team was down by 1. 

My sweat was pouring down my chin like the rainy days where I wish I was out playing hockey with my team. Then out of nowhere WHOOSH! I was in the past!? Somehow…

“Which way to the shops?” it panted.

“Uh, take a left.” What was that thing and how am I in the past? WHOOSH!

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“Who are you?”

“No one… I am going to teleport you” he said with a wistful smile

“You’re going to wha-”  Woosh 

“Where am I? Why are there so many mushrooms?”

“There is only one rule, you have to use oars to get back.”

“And where would I find oars?”

“In the river when the clock hits nine! No later, no sooner.”

“Why is the sky pink and fluffy like the cotton candy I get when I go to a Reds game with my dad and why are the mushrooms so wrinkled like my bed sheets when I wake up?”

Week 30 (21)

“Come on!” Yelled my brother from the basement. 

“I’m scared though bubby!” 

“Come on, it won't be that bad!”

“Mom said if you make me go down there then you have to buy me an ice cream cone!” 

“Fine! I will buy you an ice cream cone if you come in the basement.”

“Can I leave the door open?”

“Sure,” my brother said with an annoyed look on his face. As I creek open the door for some light. Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room.

“What, I just opened the door?!” 

“Hi!” A mysterious voice said from the top of the stairs!

Week 29 (21)

The red fence with the house number twenty-nine, people would sit on the old green mossy rock and look up at the sky.

Nobody knew why the cat ran away. Maybe he didn’t like the day or he chased a mouse nobody knew.

The cat was usually there everyday, the house was very old. There was still an old lady that lives there to this day!

She moved in the house in 1998 and has never made it look nice. The house has so many bushes you could barely see the house. It was like a forest.

Trees and bees...

Week 28 (21)

Hi! If you are new here you probably do not know who I am. I am Elliott, a babysitter and I am trying to find some babies to sit… Anyways, I have recently just babysat the WORST BABY IMAGINABLE, and when I say worst I mean WORST! The baby wouldn’t even eat the applesauce I gave her even though it was “Mrs. Choo Choo Train!” The baby was sweet until I wouldn’t give it a… COOKIE! As it let out a pitiful howl I covered my ears and said to myself, it is okay! I will just split… the… cookie?!

Week 27 (21)

On Friday, my friend Landon got a brand new Violin for his birthday. Landon was so happy he couldn’t believe he had actually gotten a violin! Another one of his presents was that he was getting his room painted purple! Because he really likes the color purple. But those weren’t his only gifts, because they weren’t that expensive! And last but not least Landon got a… ELEPHANT! So over break we decided to facetime and he showed me all of his awesome new gifts! I was so shocked that he got all those presents and he got a real elephant...


Our tall, bright red ladder was sinking into the ground faster every minute. I didn’t know what to do, know one else knew what to do either. So we just watched our tall, bright red ladder sink farther and farther into the dirt. 

All I could think about was how much I liked that ladder. 

I know it sounds weird, but I loved how bright it was, and how soft it was at the touch. It was helpful when we needed to put up decorations for holidays, and I have never had any other ladder. Yes I know it’s weird. 

Week 25 (21)

“Hi I am Sam!”

“Did you hear that Mom?!? Says Brad.

“Hear What?” 

“Sigh” “Nevermind…”

“OVER HERE! The one in the picture, you know silver, tall, and near flowers.

“Wait.. Wait.. Are you the-”

“YES I am the statue!

“Oh my gosh I am talking TO A STATUE!?! Like WHAT!!”

“Shh… Shh… Don’t tell anyone! You need to believe me.”

“Believe What??”

I couldn’t believe I was talking to a statue. I just have to calm down.

“Ok so you got to go to the flowers then pull one out then scream!”

“Ok! I did it then..?”



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“Sure,” I said hoping it would be cool. 

“I am going to give you mind control and make you dream!” Mr.Brown said. 


“Look at my watch… calm your body down...let yourself rest…”

“SLEEP!” The clown yelled as I fell asleep…

“Woah!” I screamed waking up in this winter wonderland thing?!

“Wha- What are you? Who are you?”

“We are the troooooolls!” The “Troll” said. The orange one spoke first, the green, and then the yellow…

“Hi my name is Overtaught orange I know everything known to troll kind! Wanna see our village?”

“Sure!” I said. No regrets...


Week 23 (21)


Today my family and I went to a circus. When we went there I met someone named Mr.Brown the clown. It was so frightening, seeing him and that little red balloon of his. I never wanted to see that weirdo again in my life! Then Mr. Brown the clown said…

“Want to see a trick?”

“Definitely!” I said in panic now wanting to kick the dirt. And I did, I kicked the dirt so hard it blew in the clown’s face! He said,

“Phhhh spitting out the dirt.”

“Can I help?”

“No but want to see the trick still..?”

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Exactly a year from today a girl named Sabrina lost it... Now, you are all probably like.

“Wha- What did she lose?” She lost her dog! She woke up on a freezing day in December. Wondering where it could have gone?! So, Sabrina went to look for her dog. Then 2 HOURS later she found her dog! But then she met this crazy guy that took her into the past?! So she was confused. Very confused. She saw herself talking to her mom about her dog, saying

“but where did it go?” She shouted!! She was back in real life...

Welcome to GES at FMS!  Your first 100 WC will be WEEK 19.

Week 20 (21)

     “NO!” I screamed as my yellow bike drifted off into the distance. I couldn’t believe that had just happened! “Mom, I need a new bike.” I said, my eyes almost watering up.

“But me and your father just got you that yellow bike a month ago?” She whispered in confusion, knowing my Dad would hear from the other room. 

Grounding me for not keeping track of my stuff. “I know” I whispered back, my throat shaking. 

“Let’s go look for it, ok?” Mom asked.

”Ok.” I reapplied. We were walking down the block. And… there it was! “My yellow bike!”

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     In Minecraft I was making a rocket ship! When it just wouldn’t take off. So I tried many different ways! But every way still wouldn’t work? Then I tried to add slime blocks but… Here! I'll try to guess. Yes, It didn’t work. I didn’t know what to do? I found the special ingredient! 

    Pistons it might seem weird but yes pistons! If You don’t know what pistons are basically. They are a device in MineCraft that can push blocks forward. Or if it is a sticky piston it can push and pull blocks! So finally I built the ship!


  1. I loved your story!!! And i got it case i play Minecraft!!! I love the part where it said " When it just wouldn’t take off. So I tried many different ways! But every way still wouldn’t work?" It was funny case i had that happen to me the first year i started playing!!!! Keep up the great work!!! Bye!!!


  2. Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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    logan gates

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    I like how you included Minecraft into your story. I think that it represents you! Great first 100WC.
    Keep up the awesome writing.

    -Gemma Sela,

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    -Gemma Sela,

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  15. Hi Elliot,
    I really liked your week 20 in the 100 word challenge. It was very well described and I would have been sad if my bike disappeared, and happy when I found it. I really liked the line when you said "Grounding me for not keeping track of my stuff. “I know” I whispered back, my throat shaking." That was a very cool line.
    Great job!
    ~Lizzie :D

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    I really liked your week 23 story. I like how the clown still wanted to do his trick after you kicked dirt in his face. I can't wait to see week 24. Keep writing. Crosby :-)

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    A sequel to Week #23? Great start. I had to read Week #23 before starting Week #24.

    Your sequel was a great continuation. It caught my interest both by how well it was written and how well it continued an adventure at a circus while successfully using the prompt words. Well done.

    I suspect other sequels are on the way. Your Week #24 was left open to share the adventure in the troll village. It can be amazing what we can be made to believe when in a highly suggestive state as in hypnosis.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  19. week 24 was great 10/10
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  36. Morgan (Team 100)May 4, 2021 at 5:41 PM

    Hiya Elliott, a very interesting story this week. You were really good at conveying a mysterious tone. You use really good descriptive words, and set the scene well. I wonder if you will continue this story? Thanks for letting me read it, and have a great week!

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    I liked your week 30 because there was a lot of dialogue. Keep writing. Crosby:)

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