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It was a cold fall day and Max was walking around in the forest with only the rolling leaves to keep her company. She heard rustling and jumped back in fright. A crafty fox slipped by her and told her, “Castle white, stay out of sight” Max wondered what that meant and “thanked” the fox for his advice. The fox nodded and then disappeared. Max kept on walking and then standing right in front of her, was a giant building, fitting the foxes description. She ran away but felt a tug at her arm. A familiar face appeared…..

Week 10 (21)
Liam and Sam were cleaning out the basement, and they were told to put the stuff into boxes. “Hey look Sam!” “Yeah?” “ I found your old tricycle!” “LIAM!!” “ What! we were told to clean this junk out!” Liam took the tricycle and tried to stuff it in the box. “Ugh. If only it was a bit smaller…..”  Sam walked over and sighed. “Dude we need a bigger box.” “ Fine. I almost had it in anyways.” Liam grumbled . He shoved pass Sam and went upstairs. “Ugh what is up with him sometimes… He needs a real attitude change.” and walked away.

Week 9 (21)

They poked me. They pulled at me. They took pictures of me. It was uncomfortable. They had little boxes filled with strange devices. They treated me like I was dangerous. They wore hazmat suits. They pushed me into a vehicle. They drove me away to somewhere. They cut me open. They pulled off my wings. They murmured about me. They took out stuff. They took experiments and tests. They screamed. They called me scary. I was stuffed inside a box. They took me to a dark place. They told me evil stuff. I got scared. They called me a bee.
Week 8 (21)
Taura was walking to her school. 2 neighborhood boys came up to her and said “Give us your money, or you're in trouble.” Hearing this, Taura ran. The boys chased after her. Then they finally caught up to her and said “ Bad choice.” They went to punch her, but her, exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and blocked the punch with her own 2 fists. It stung her fists. The boys walked away and said “We’ll be back PUNK.” The words punk hit her hard. She swore to herself to never let them try to hurt her again.
Week 7 (21)
Trey’s scooter scooted along the concrete. It was fall and he was miserable. This was the season whence his mother had died. Red leaves danced in the wind. They were her favorite. He remembered when he was younger she and him would walk around the neighborhood and try to find the red trees. He also thought of his mother’s blankets. They were fluffy. Trey would never forget his mother. But he couldn’t keep his mother’s death in his mind. He had to let it go. He knew it was bad for him. But no matter, he would always love her.

Week 6 (21)

My family had moved to a house. It looked like a really old house. I told myself that It would be a great house. I had some free time to myself so I decided to explore the place. I don’t really care if I don't find anything interesting. I started to explore and then I found a very odd looking statue that hadn’t been removed. I picked it up and there was a string on it! A door opened and I wanted to go, but I remembered What my parents had said. But I had to see what was inside...

Week 5 (21)
“FIRE THE CANNONS!!! WERE GOIN DOWN BUT WE AIN’T GOIN DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!” said the cap’n. That's good ol cap’n for you. Always says that before he THINKS we're goin down. But we never do. He thinks we’re weak. But we ain’t. We fought the legendary kraken without getting a single wound. “DANIEL! FIRE THE CANNONS!! MICH YOU TO!” They shot. We missed and the other ship hit us. We ran up to the deck and saw splinters of wood everywhere. The cap’n, not one to give up, ran up to the wheel and turned us around. THE END.
Week 4(21)

It was morning. I walked outside, the grass felt wet and prickly on my feet. I breathed the fresh morning air and walked back inside. Everybody was still asleep. Only if they could see this beautiful morning instead of sleeping in so late and missing it. I heard a thump and turned around, a bird had hit our window. It bruised my heart to see animals dead. All of a sudden i heard some violin music. It was so gentle and sweet. I felt like flying to heaven. I feel like if the bird were alive it would tweet happily. THE END

Week 3

“ Mom dad, pretty please can I have a cookie?” “Sure honey, BUT ONLY ONE.” Stacy was a 5 year’syea’r old and she was very persuasive and cute. Stacy went to the cookie bin and took 5 cookies. NOT ONE, FIVE. Stacy’s older brother walked into the room and saw her “grand scheme’ he was 9 years old. He said the only way to get him to not tell mom was to give him 2. They both ate them in delight, walked into the living room and hollered in joy, “... …they never should have said yes…” Mom/dad never found out...

Practice Week
Poor man. I was watching him. It looked like it hurt. Maybe it did. Maybe it didn't. I wish i could help him. But I'm just a hay bale. It felt weird when he crashed into me. Wish i could get him out. But then again i’m just a hay bale. This happens every day. Sometimes they don’t look. But that's ok. We don’t really care. We would care if it would hurt. But it doesn’t so we don't make a fuss. Do you want to know what i mean by “we”?

I mean there are others like me. Bye.


  1. I like how the hay bale tells the story.
    ~Cara C.

  2. Ellie,
    I loved your story! it has lots of hummar! you have inspired me to use all 5 sences in my writting ~ kavya kondreddy

  3. I thought it was really good it was funny.

    -from natalia

  4. I thout your storys were very funny.

    Soleil Dupuis

  5. I like week 5 it was very funny and creative! Nice job! ~Lizzie