Week 35 (21)
“Which way to the shops?” it panted. “Sir, What do you mean?” He spat in my face, “WHICH WAY TO THE SHOPS YOU IMBECILE!! IT’S IN THE NAME!”  It’s not my first time coming across an angry jnkblhbib. “Sir I’m new here I have no idea where they are!”
The jnkblhbib:
“Which way to the shops?” I said. “Sir, What do you mean?” This guy… “WHICH WAY TO THE SHOPS YOU IMBECILE!! IT’S IN THE NAME!”. He stares at me and he brings up the guts to say, “Sir I’m new here I have no idea where they are!” 

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Turkey’s, Turkey’s,
Oh me! Oh my!
I didn’t realize they could fly!
1, 2, 3! They wizzed right past me!
Turkey’s flying through the air,
Let’s call that fast, See if they care.
Turkey’s just flying,
Doing amazing tricks, daringly defying!
What happened to the turkey’s that walked on land?
Or was this something that they had planned?
This turkey trauma,
Worse than the llama,
I don’t know how and I don’t know why,
The turkey’s reign on land would be to say goodbye!
But turkey’s turkey’s, 
Oh me! Oh my! 
Who in this world would know they could fly.

Week 33 (21)
“Golly gee is it just me or did we teleport to a 18th century lighthouse?” “Bob, it’s not just you.” Bob and Joe are currently at an old lighthouse somewhere in poland. Bob, is an idiot who is waay to good at getting himself into bad situations, and Joe is the opposite. “Ok Joe how did we get here?” “Why are you asking ME Bob?” “Because you're the one who designed that weird thingy.” “Well ok bob fair enough. I think you have to burp 3 times and shout, HAM SANDWICH!!!” “I can’t burp on command.” “Neither can I bob.”

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In an old room. Filled with broken glass on the dirty floor. Scratched up furniture. A flash of light, then, darkness. Welcome to figurative hell. Or, as we spooks call it, home. Spooks are lost spirits looking for the afterlife. They still exist in this plain of existence, but not really. This is a dream created by our master, the evil haunter. He is the only reason we don't know our way to the afterlife. We inhabit a place called, A asylum. It’s not very welcoming… but it’s abandoned so that’s nice. That sums up my life as a spook.

Week 31 (21)
As it dripped it’s smelly breath, it wistfully made me want to run away. It’s rule on my back hurts. I looked up. It had a wrinkled body covered with mushrooms, it’s face was shriveled like a prune. I also saw a boat on a dock. I pretended to die and stopped struggling. It walked away. So that’s what it wanted. For me to die. In the split second I stopped thinking and dashed to the boat. My oar paddles as fast as a hummingbird's wing beat. I finally escaped that monster's horrible clutches. The silence of night guiding me.

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I was different. But I didn’t feel different. They say I’m a monster. But I don’t feel like it. Why do people call me weird unusual things? I didn’t do anything to hurt them… Well yes maybe I kinda am a mutant wasp meant for destruction but, I don’t think I’ve done anything bad. For as long as I can remember I was just hiding in an abandoned house then suddenly darkness enveloped the room! They carried me off to a facility, and then sedated me. It was very uncomfortable to confess. I didn’t have a choice. It was unfair.

Week 28 (21)

As it let out a pitiful howl I darted back to the mystery animal. It looked harmless and it was obviously in pain. I really wanted to help it. But then I remembered what it had done. Destroyed my home. I started walking away again. But i couldn’t bring myself to leave it alone. I wanted to help it. “Look what it did to you.” I thought to myself. When I was walking away, something heavy landed on my back. It was heavy and wet. I didn’t look up. I cried for help. No response. Is this the end?..........

Week 27 (21)

Please help me. I think my house is haunted…. my purple violin is playing itself a happy tune, and my room would usually be painted white, but now it’s the color of the rainbow! And not to mention the elephant in the room… that would be me. Please if you see this, call the exorcists and paranormal activity specialists, call anybody who can solve this mess! Oh great. Now I'm starting to hear whispers.. Huh? What's that? Oh just my wacky dreams. BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! Is that real? Wait….. Oh no. That's my alarm clock! No no no! I’m Late!

Gosh today is a day,
A chaotic day,
Where red ladders are sinking,
And Chairs are drinking, 
Coins in pavement,
Looks of lament
Around the room,
Bombs go off and a sudden big boom,
A boom of candy canes,
Bananas too,
Gosh it even exploded books that are new!
Gosh today is a day, 
A wonderful day.
A day of minds to think alike 
A day to ride your twisted bike,
Imagination for everyone, 
A day for fun,
Boring what's that? Psst there's none!
A day where all your dreams come true,
Today is a day for me and you.

Week 26 (21)
I got in this conversation with my friend one day. It was about marmite. It went like this, “So Mary told me that you like marmite.” “No,” I said. “I like marmite. In the TRASH.” “Gosh Tera you're a mystery.” “Why thank you Sam!” “Hey speaking of marmite, do you like it Sam?” “... Maybe.” “Hmm…. So you do!” “!!!! WHAT GIVES YOU THAT IDEA?!” “just a hunch.. I haven’t seen you eating it. I totally haven’t.” “You little….”. And Since these are teenagers talking I’m not going to continue the story because these kids swear. Now have a good day! Bye.

Week 24 (21)
Is it normal to have a portal in your room? I mean heck I don’t think it is. And is it normal to have 4 blob-like things that are orange, blue, green and yellow? Well the orange one spoke first and said this “ew deen rouy sananab. Tup meht ni siht gab.” The green one said “ew deen meht rof eht ananab dog.” and the blue one said “ os dnah meht revo.” … I don’t know what they're saying. And they have these space lasers that look like they could burn me to a crisp. So please please, help me.

Week 23 (21)
That balloon has never moved from that spot. That brown balloon. Seriously, it's kinda frightening. People kicked stones at it. Still wouldn’t move. But one day it was gone. Just flat out disappeared. I went to bed tonight and saw it outside my window. It had like.. Mutated. It had a weird face and the balloon string had spikes and it looked pointy. I ran out of my room but I heard glass shatter. The balloon darted after me. I felt a quick jolt then black. I wake up and I'm in a hospital bed.. To be continued! Adios amigos.

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

But when he got back to tell of his good deed,
A man arrived at their door, with a look of great greed,
With the bike,
His name was Mike.
And behind him was a woman,
that goes by the last name of Truman.
“I had it, but where did it go?”
She shouted, “Oh No!”
The forget full officer,
Who used to be a shoe polisher,
Took the bike,
From the man named Mike,
Gave it to the woman, 
Who’s last name was Truman,
And said “Here ya go ma’am.”
She gave him some jam.
Well that's the end.

Week 20 (21)

One there was an officer.
A terrible, terrible officer.
Tell him to guard a bank,
The command is quite frank,
But do you know what he'll do instead?
Play with the police dog, 
Old big red.
There once was a bike out of place,
So he grabbed a big fat rope,
He was being big fat dope,
Tied the bike a pole,
With the raggedy rope that he stole,
Tied by the tire,
What a weird desire.
He went back to his office.
To tell of his good deed.
But when he got back to tell of his good deed,

Week 19 (21)

I’ve tried for so long. Yet I have never succeeded. It’s hard being a lone engineer. No assistants to help you. Right now I’m working on something that needs to be done with two people or more. It’s a rocket that will go to the top of my apartment building. But It won't even move off of the “launch pad” This is my 56th design and it still doesn’t work. Mommy will not understand. After all, I'm only 5. But when it just wouldn’t take off It went shooting in the air and landed on top of the building. Wow. 

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I was on my bicycle pedaling, desperate to get out of the place pop warned me to never go. I remember it clearly in my head. And here I was. In the crooked woods pedaling away from a pack of wolves, chasing me and making me go deeper into the woods and away from the yellow sun. I’ve heard them greedily cackle and say “There’s no running- oop I mean BIKING away from usss!” I was scared until I figured out that I had pepper spray. Yeah long story short, I got home safely and my pop never figured out.

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Why was I out there?
Why was I out there?
I don't know why!
It was only a fly.
I don't know why!
Everything stopped and there was a great BOOM!
Oh why oh why did I leave that fly in my room!
It got into mischief.
Blew up the bed.
Oh I wish it blew up the tv instead!
Fly so small and a boom so big!
I´m pretty sure I lost my wig!
Smoke was everywhere.
Even blew up the lights.
Oh how am I going to sleep at night!
Well, At least my imagination is a hallucination!

Week 14 (21)
Mahri And Seri were walking around the market and saw a very fancy dress in the market. Mahri walked up to the fancy dress and said, ¨Oi LoOk i'M a NiNcOmPoOp iN A dReSs!!!¨ ¨Mahri! Watch who your saying that to!¨ Mahri turned around to see the queen looking at her with ¨the tea has been spilt time for you to go¨ look. Seri ran up to Mahri and They dashed out of the market as fast as they could. ¨MAHRI!¨ Seri said tired and exhausted. ¨YOU LITERALLY GOT US BANNED!¨ ¨oops. I regret life.¨

Week 13 (21)
The fox was on his legs and said “I told you to stay out of sight.¨ and walked inside the building. I was now curious about what was inside now that the fox told me to stay out. The door to the castle was still slightly open. I quietly tipe toed over to the door making sure nobody noticed me. I walked in and felt woozy. I felt my eyes get heavy and then went black. I woke up in a small bed. I looked around and saw a bracelet on my wrist. I didn't remember putting it on….  

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It was a cold fall day and Max was walking around in the forest with only the rolling leaves to keep her company. She heard rustling and jumped back in fright. A crafty fox slipped by her and told her, “Castle white, stay out of sight” Max wondered what that meant and “thanked” the fox for his advice. The fox nodded and then disappeared. Max kept on walking and then standing right in front of her, was a giant building, fitting the foxes description. She ran away but felt a tug at her arm. A familiar face appeared…..

Week 10 (21)
Liam and Sam were cleaning out the basement, and they were told to put the stuff into boxes. “Hey look Sam!” “Yeah?” “ I found your old tricycle!” “LIAM!!” “ What! we were told to clean this junk out!” Liam took the tricycle and tried to stuff it in the box. “Ugh. If only it was a bit smaller…..”  Sam walked over and sighed. “Dude we need a bigger box.” “ Fine. I almost had it in anyways.” Liam grumbled . He shoved pass Sam and went upstairs. “Ugh what is up with him sometimes… He needs a real attitude change.” and walked away.

Week 9 (21)

They poked me. They pulled at me. They took pictures of me. It was uncomfortable. They had little boxes filled with strange devices. They treated me like I was dangerous. They wore hazmat suits. They pushed me into a vehicle. They drove me away to somewhere. They cut me open. They pulled off my wings. They murmured about me. They took out stuff. They took experiments and tests. They screamed. They called me scary. I was stuffed inside a box. They took me to a dark place. They told me evil stuff. I got scared. They called me a bee.
Week 8 (21)
Taura was walking to her school. 2 neighborhood boys came up to her and said “Give us your money, or you're in trouble.” Hearing this, Taura ran. The boys chased after her. Then they finally caught up to her and said “ Bad choice.” They went to punch her, but her, exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and blocked the punch with her own 2 fists. It stung her fists. The boys walked away and said “We’ll be back PUNK.” The words punk hit her hard. She swore to herself to never let them try to hurt her again.
Week 7 (21)
Trey’s scooter scooted along the concrete. It was fall and he was miserable. This was the season whence his mother had died. Red leaves danced in the wind. They were her favorite. He remembered when he was younger she and him would walk around the neighborhood and try to find the red trees. He also thought of his mother’s blankets. They were fluffy. Trey would never forget his mother. But he couldn’t keep his mother’s death in his mind. He had to let it go. He knew it was bad for him. But no matter, he would always love her.

Week 6 (21)

My family had moved to a house. It looked like a really old house. I told myself that It would be a great house. I had some free time to myself so I decided to explore the place. I don’t really care if I don't find anything interesting. I started to explore and then I found a very odd looking statue that hadn’t been removed. I picked it up and there was a string on it! A door opened and I wanted to go, but I remembered What my parents had said. But I had to see what was inside...

Week 5 (21)
“FIRE THE CANNONS!!! WERE GOIN DOWN BUT WE AIN’T GOIN DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!” said the cap’n. That's good ol cap’n for you. Always says that before he THINKS we're goin down. But we never do. He thinks we’re weak. But we ain’t. We fought the legendary kraken without getting a single wound. “DANIEL! FIRE THE CANNONS!! MICH YOU TO!” They shot. We missed and the other ship hit us. We ran up to the deck and saw splinters of wood everywhere. The cap’n, not one to give up, ran up to the wheel and turned us around. THE END.
Week 4(21)

It was morning. I walked outside, the grass felt wet and prickly on my feet. I breathed the fresh morning air and walked back inside. Everybody was still asleep. Only if they could see this beautiful morning instead of sleeping in so late and missing it. I heard a thump and turned around, a bird had hit our window. It bruised my heart to see animals dead. All of a sudden i heard some violin music. It was so gentle and sweet. I felt like flying to heaven. I feel like if the bird were alive it would tweet happily. THE END

Week 3

“ Mom dad, pretty please can I have a cookie?” “Sure honey, BUT ONLY ONE.” Stacy was a 5 year’syea’r old and she was very persuasive and cute. Stacy went to the cookie bin and took 5 cookies. NOT ONE, FIVE. Stacy’s older brother walked into the room and saw her “grand scheme’ he was 9 years old. He said the only way to get him to not tell mom was to give him 2. They both ate them in delight, walked into the living room and hollered in joy, “... …they never should have said yes…” Mom/dad never found out...

Practice Week
Poor man. I was watching him. It looked like it hurt. Maybe it did. Maybe it didn't. I wish i could help him. But I'm just a hay bale. It felt weird when he crashed into me. Wish i could get him out. But then again i’m just a hay bale. This happens every day. Sometimes they don’t look. But that's ok. We don’t really care. We would care if it would hurt. But it doesn’t so we don't make a fuss. Do you want to know what i mean by “we”?

I mean there are others like me. Bye.


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