Week 6 (21)

Last night I saw my mom buying something online. It was a week before my birthday, I hoped it was a present for me! Then she closed her iPad quickly.

The next day I saw a package when I got home from school. I ask my mom what the package was, she knows what it is, but won’t tell.

When she's not around, I go to her hiding spot for presents. I know it's a bad thing to do, but I had to see what was inside. I see headphones! I am excited. Let's hope my mom doesn’t catch me!

Week 5 (21)

It is 1939, WW2. Inside our base, there is a cannon to attack. The enemies are in their base. I tell our team that we need to start talking about our plan if they attack. Our plan is when they are attacking, we shoot them with the cannonball! We agree with the plan. We wait for action.

An hour later the enemies start flooding towards us. We get our weapons ready, me and 2 guys gather around the cannonball. The enemies are close, we shoot the cannonball! They die! We charge with our weapons and kill. It was a success!

Week 4(21)
One pleasant day I was walking to school! I was walking down the sidewalk with my violin! All of a sudden a TON of kids come walking behind me going SUPER FAST. There are prickly bushes on the left so I can’t go that side, the right side goes into the middle of the road! I had no choice, I landed right into the prickly bushes! My violin was bruised and was covered in green smudges! I got up, brushed myself off, then I walked to school hoping my music teacher won’t yell at me when I go tell her.

Week 3(21)
One Sunday my friend asked me to go to his birthday this Wednesday, our week is going to be REALLY busy so we told him, ”Give us a little.” On Tuesday we were so BUSY. My mom and dad thought about the birthday and said, “Why not, we won’t be so busy, I hope.” Wednesday comes and we are SO BUSY. I think to myself and say, “They never should have said yes.” It was 12 PM, the party was at 4 PM. We got to the party 20 minutes late, we had fun. Still, my parents were not right.

Practice Week

One pleasant day I was riding my blue bike down Main St to drop off pumpkins at my Grandma and Grandpa's house! Suddenly a hay barrel was sliding down the mountain next to me! The hay barrel is now right in front of me. I tried going around it but.. I went right in the middle of the hay barrel. I was STUCK! The pumpkins we’re on the ground. I had to get out, I tried my best and after a little I was out! I was so tired. I took a minute, then I got back to my destination.


  1. Dom, I like how how you made the scene from the picture in the middle of your story, and not in the end


  2. I like how you made the hay bale roll instead of it being stationary. Way to go Dom
    Jake Avery

  3. I like it! You have good punctuation, and I like how you ended it like a bit of a cliffhanger, and an official ending, if you know what I mean.
    ~Cara C.

  4. Hi Dominic,
    I like how you set your story up by telling us when it was set (WW2) and your plan of attack. It was also good to know that it was a success!
    Minor point - rather than 'me and two guys', put the two guys first (Two guys and I).
    Good work!
    Michelle, Team 100WC,
    Melbourne, Australia

  5. That was very creative Dominic it made me laugh. Crosby