Week 35 (21)
One day I was at the zoo looking at this lion! The cage that the lion was in was so small I was almost able to touch him, I wonder why he doesn’t try to get out. Right after I thought of that, he made a big leap and jumped out of the cage!? Though people were screaming, the lion ran over to me: “Which way to the shops?” It panted.
“Uh, that way..?” I replied.
“Thanks,” the lion said.
After that he was off to the candy store. Um.. what just happened? Then I saw NBC 33 pull up.

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PREVIOUSLY ON NBC 33: “There’s a peephole in the door.” “Suddenly, a flash of light, then darkness.”

“Slowly the light started to regain, making us able to see something very, very strange in the sky,” said Larva.

“In the sky.. Were these weird.. ANIMALS!? It was the dog and wolf that were fighting when we cut the cameras! But this time they have something attached to them,” said Jimmy Bark.

“At the point when I looked through the peephole, I was.. Speechless,” said Larva.


Week 33 (21)
The big tower ahead was.. Really tall. I wonder what’s inside, are there people in there? Is it just some empty space? I guess we’ll get to know, because we are going inside it! Just a couple of more steps to go before we are right in front of the door.

Once we got to the door our tour guide opened it for us, with a special key. Inside it was dark until the guide flicked a switch. Inside there were lots of stairs, above the stairs were a lot of.. ALIENS??? WHY ARE THEY HERE? Screaming shaked the tower.

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Previously on NBC 33: “Darkness enveloped the room.” “LARVA.. CUT THE CAMERAS!”
“As I was saying, all I heard was pitiful howls.” Jimmy Bark said. “But then it stopped, the howling turned to silence. It seemed as if someone pressed the pause button.” 
“The room had two doors on the sides, one leads to the room on the right, the other leads to the room on the left. There were no doors to get out of the room, no windows either. Except for one peephole..” Larva says.
“Suddenly, a flash of light, then, darkness. Came through the peephole” - Jimmy Bark

Week 31 (21)

Today was the day that we went canoeing! It was going to be super hot, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

On the path to the water, I kept seeing mushroom after mushroom.

Once we were near the water, there were lots of nats everywhere. They kept going into my face so I wrinkled my face up and hit them.

After a while of canoeing and using the oars, I got super hungry. I asked my mom, “Can we go eat lunch now?”

“No, you know the rule. No lunch until we’re finished!”

I felt wistful, as my stomach growled.

Week 30 (21)  To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.
Previously on NBC 33: “Oh no, Larva, CUT THE CAMERAS!” Jimmy Bark yelled as it let out a pitiful howl. TO.. BE.. CONTINUED...

“All I remember is running into some room. Each broadcast crew had a room.” Says Jimmy Bark. “I remember then the director of the zoo going into each room saying that you will be locked in your room until the ‘disaster’ is over.” 

“A couple of minutes have passed and then suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. All I could hear was pitiful howls.” Says Jimmy Bark. TO BE CONTINUED… ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF NBC 33 DOCUMENTARIES.

Week 29 (21)
The iron fence in front of my house has had me thinking, thinking about why it has the number 29 in front of it! It’s not like our house number is 29, or someone likes the number 29 in our household, or someone is 29. It’s just there and I have no stinkin’ idea why, it bugs me a TON! 
Y’know, I never thought of this, but maybe it was the past owner’s idea? Were they 29 when they put up the fence? Was their favorite number 29? I don’t know! Maybe one day I’ll find out, eventually I will.

Week 28 (21)

Good evening and welcome to NBC 33 nightly news. I am Jim Jeff Bob Bark Kong handing it over to Jimmy Bark Woof who is at the scene of a wolf and dog fighting at the Albany Zoo. What’s happening Jimmy Bark?

“Well Jim Jeff, it is jam packed over here at the zoo. It looks as if they are barking and howling. I hope the zoo keepers come quick and break up this tragic scene.”

“Very sad news Jimmy Bark.”

“It sure is, oh no, Larva.. CUT THE CAMERAS!!” Jimmy Bark yelled as it let out a pitiful howl.

Week 27 (21)
Yes, it’s me spying on an elephant.. Not just an ordinary elephant, one that is about to paint something worth thousands of dollars. The elephant is going to paint a violin. The violin that he is about to paint is worth $100,000. I don’t know if I should stop him, he is pretty happy and it’s pretty entertaining if ya know what I mean. Popcorn please!

*5 minutes later* Oh no, here comes the paintbrush. Looks like it has purple paint on it.

*Another, 5 minutes later* What in the world.. he painted.. That? An investigation has been started

Good even ing and welcome to NBC nightly news. I am Jim Jeff Bob Bark Kong the 3rd. Here are our headlines for tonight: A red object has been reported coming after the White House forcing the president to go in the bunker, a terrifying ladder incident that led to a new law regarding ladders and truck safety, a tragic popular story of how a man sinking in pavement managed to escape alive with very minor injuries, lastly about the national coins shortage. This is Jim Jeff Bob Bark Kong the 3rd handing it over to Bob Jimmy Woof the 50th.

Week 26 (21)
One day my friend Jack came over to my house, we were having so much fun playing outside. We were jumping on the trampoline, going down the slide, and swinging on the swings.
At last, my mom yelled “COME INSIDE! IT’S TIME FOR A SNACK!”
We went inside, my mom had made toast. I asked Jack, “Do you want cream cheese?”
“No.” he said. “I like Marmite.”
“Oh okay, I’ll get that for you.” I said.
I came back with the Marmite and we had a super nice snack! We thanked my mom and ran back outside, resuming our activity!
© Copyright Dominic V. 2021

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Hello there, I am Bob from CBS 33 reporting a statue that has been stolen from the State Park. This statue is reportedly worth “1 million dollars”, and the person who took it is wanted. From the security cameras, the person has/looks “short, dark hair, black face covering.” The reward for finding this person is $10,000 dollars. If you see someone with the statue or with the matching description, please report it to the police department. Or report it to us on the CBS 33 app, email, or website. This is Bob reporting to you on CBS 33.

Week 24 (21)
One day I was chilling playing video games when this portal opened next to me, it looked like space. It started sucking me and everything in my room into it. Once everything was sucked up, I CRASHED onto the floor. I was on the moon.

I still had my controller and gaming console but they were broken.

Suddenly I heard someone’s footsteps. Then I heard two. I turned around, aliens were looking at me. They were weird colors, orange and blue. The orange one spoke first, “We are here to kill you. MUHAHAHAHAHA”


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One day my mom and I were going to Party City. I saw a brown balloon I wanted, I asked my mom “Mom, can I get that brown balloon please?”
“Sure honey.” my mom responded.
The store clerk went and got the brown balloon. 
My mom and I went to check out. My mom had lots of candy and I had the brown balloon.
After checking out while we were walking to the car, I started kicking the balloon. I thought it was fun until *BOOM*. The balloon burst. It was so frightening. I am never kicking a balloon again!

Week 22 (21)

One morning Sally was going on a walk through the forest. She was looking for scenery to take photos of!

While walking, she kept hearing things. She thought it was just her thinking, because she is alone walking the dark morning. So, she kept on walking, not thinking.

5 minutes later she heard it again! She looked around. She found it.. “MOM!” 

Her mom came running, Sally saw her above. 

“MOM, I SAW THIS BIG THING, BUT WHERE DID IT GO?” she shouted to her mom. “I’m not sure honey, come inside. You scared me.” replied Mom.

“Fine.” Sally replied.

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One pleasant day my family and I were going on a walk! It was a nice walk, beautiful outside. We also saw a lot of people riding bikes! I took my bike to ride!

We continue walking and I see a bike laid up onto a power pole! I asked my mom, “What is that bike there for?”

“I’m not sure, someone tied it up.” my mom responded.

“Very cool sight to see, let me take a picture.” I responded.

Week 19 (21)
One pleasant summer afternoon I was laying on my trampoline looking at trees! I saw this one tree with tons of branches, and I spotted a squirrel on one of the branches. The squirrel was looking at a branch below him, he looked scared. Like he didn’t want to jump. 

I sat there looking at him for 10 minutes. He was just sitting there, looking at the branch. 

I got a ladder to go and help the Squirrel, but that didn’t work. I tried using a drone,  when it just wouldn't take off, I was devastated. That squirrel isn’t jumping.

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One pleasant afternoon I was riding my bicycle around town when I saw a big bump in the sidewalk! I was going super fast. I went FLYING, along with the bike. I landed on the ground with my bike ON TOP OF ME! It hurt so bad, the impact. I was even warned about the bump, the big yellow sign! I was desperate for help. I yelled, and yelled.


Eventually someone came with a bottle of water, I greedily drank the water while she helped me up. I got up and called my mom. That was SCARY.

Week 17 (21)

One pleasant afternoon I am hiking with my mom! We have been hiking for at least a mile so far. Our goal is 2 miles. 

“Mom, what’s that tree? Is that a person!?” I said. 

“Whoa. What is that? I don’t know.” My mom responded. 

I walked towards it to get a better look. “Wow. Somebody carved that!” 

I told my mom. “I’m going to climb it!”

“Be careful!” My mom said.

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One night it was pouring rain outside! I could hear the raindrops hit the roof, “Ping, ping, and CRASH!!” 

“MOM! WHAT WAS THAT?” I yelled. 

“I DON’T KNOW!” My mom responded. I started to hear the raindrops louder, as if they were inside. I went closer to the noise, it was coming from the bathroom. I opened the door and to my surprise the room was being flooded with water! The roof collapsed! 

While I was trying to cover the hole, everything stopped and it was quiet. We cleaned the room, then called the repair company to fix the hole.

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BREAKING NEWS! I am Dominic from CBS 8 reporting to you live with breaking news! In a local museum a very rare and ancient sculpture has had its head stolen. The museum is talking with the police trying to get this valuable head. From what the museum told us they saw on the security footage, this seems like a very sneaky and crafty person. If you see a person with a sculpture head in black clothing with a full head mask, please contact us by email, phone, or on our app. This is breaking news with Dominic on CBS 8.

Week 13 (21)
One pleasant night I was watching TV before bed. I was watching a Christmas movie called The Grinch. It was a good movie, I was enjoying watching it until I heard my mom call out, “GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH, IT’S TIME FOR BED!” I turned up the volume on the TV so I could hear the movie while I was brushing my teeth.

After brushing my teeth I came back to the TV and saw that the news channel was on. I didn’t remember putting it on.. Who changed channels? I never knew who did it, that was super scary.

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I live in a quite tall white castle. One morning I heard a knock on the gates, so I went to answer it. When I opened the gates I saw a crafty wizard! I immediately backed up, hoping he would not use his magical powers on me. I asked him, “How may I help you?” He responded saying, “I’m here to poison you, and take your castle.” I immediately ran at him and pushed him off the side of the mountain. He was rolling super fast. After a while he landed in a pile of leaves. Phew, glad he’s gone!

Week 10 (21)
Today was the day… the day I get my new mattress! I want to feel it, there is special foam in it!

At 1 PM the delivery men arrived! Me and my mom went outside and greeted them. The men took the mattress and put it in the house. We said goodbye to them after their job was done. Now we need to get it to my room. We took the mattress. We got to my door, it wouldn’t move! We pushed and tugged. If only it was a bit smaller! I Guess we have to get a smaller one.

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One afternoon I am sitting on my porch, taking in the beautiful day. I look down at the ground and see a dead bee with very, very small white figures. They are the tiniest I’ve seen! These super small people we’re poking at the dead bee!

I ran inside and got my mom. We went outside to look. I showed my mom the small people. She was astonished too!

I asked my mom, “Can I pick one of them up?” My mom responded, “No, leave them.” I was sad, but I sat there watching what they did. It was amazing.

Week 8 (21)

One Sunday me and my mom were going on a hike! We took our hiking boots and put them on.

We got on the trail and started. It was rocky and up-hill. It was hard.

About halfway, we took a break. I took some deep breaths. I also took a sip of water. After that we were off again.

Just almost to the top I said to my mom “We are so close!”

About 300 feet later we made it. Me and my mom stood there exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and yelled “Hooray!” We made it.

Week 7(21)

One pleasant afternoon I was scootering on my way home after school. All of a sudden I see a rock on the sidewalk, it's too late for me to slow down. I crashed, my scooter went flying. I landed on the hard concrete. I saw red blood on the ground, it was my knee. I got up and danced around.

My scooter landed in the fluffy grass, I got on and went home.

When I got home I showed my mom the scrape, she took a bandaid and put it on my scrape. She said to give it a rest.

Week 6 (21)

Last night I saw my mom buying something online. It was a week before my birthday, I hoped it was a present for me! Then she closed her iPad quickly.

The next day I saw a package when I got home from school. I ask my mom what the package was, she knows what it is, but won’t tell.

When she's not around, I go to her hiding spot for presents. I know it's a bad thing to do, but I had to see what was inside. I see headphones! I am excited. Let's hope my mom doesn’t catch me!

Week 5 (21)

It is 1939, WW2. Inside our base, there is a cannon to attack. The enemies are in their base. I tell our team that we need to start talking about our plan if they attack. Our plan is when they are attacking, we shoot them with the cannonball! We agree with the plan. We wait for action.

An hour later the enemies start flooding towards us. We get our weapons ready, me and 2 guys gather around the cannonball. The enemies are close, we shoot the cannonball! They die! We charge with our weapons and kill. It was a success!

Week 4(21)
One pleasant day I was walking to school! I was walking down the sidewalk with my violin! All of a sudden a TON of kids come walking behind me going SUPER FAST. There are prickly bushes on the left so I can’t go that side, the right side goes into the middle of the road! I had no choice, I landed right into the prickly bushes! My violin was bruised and was covered in green smudges! I got up, brushed myself off, then I walked to school hoping my music teacher won’t yell at me when I go tell her.

Week 3(21)
One Sunday my friend asked me to go to his birthday this Wednesday, our week is going to be REALLY busy so we told him, ”Give us a little.” On Tuesday we were so BUSY. My mom and dad thought about the birthday and said, “Why not, we won’t be so busy, I hope.” Wednesday comes and we are SO BUSY. I think to myself and say, “They never should have said yes.” It was 12 PM, the party was at 4 PM. We got to the party 20 minutes late, we had fun. Still, my parents were not right.

Practice Week

One pleasant day I was riding my blue bike down Main St to drop off pumpkins at my Grandma and Grandpa's house! Suddenly a hay barrel was sliding down the mountain next to me! The hay barrel is now right in front of me. I tried going around it but.. I went right in the middle of the hay barrel. I was STUCK! The pumpkins we’re on the ground. I had to get out, I tried my best and after a little I was out! I was so tired. I took a minute, then I got back to my destination.


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    Michelle, Team 100WC,
    Melbourne, Australia

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    Have you ever gone on a hike in real life?
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    1. Hi,

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