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One night it was pouring rain outside! I could hear the raindrops hit the roof, “Ping, ping, and CRASH!!” 

“MOM! WHAT WAS THAT?” I yelled. 

“I DON’T KNOW!” My mom responded. I started to hear the raindrops louder, as if they were inside. I went closer to the noise, it was coming from the bathroom. I opened the door and to my surprise the room was being flooded with water! The roof collapsed! 

While I was trying to cover the hole, everything stopped and it was quiet. We cleaned the room, then called the repair company to fix the hole.

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BREAKING NEWS! I am Dominic from CBS 8 reporting to you live with breaking news! In a local museum a very rare and ancient sculpture has had its head stolen. The museum is talking with the police trying to get this valuable head. From what the museum told us they saw on the security footage, this seems like a very sneaky and crafty person. If you see a person with a sculpture head in black clothing with a full head mask, please contact us by email, phone, or on our app. This is breaking news with Dominic on CBS 8.

Week 13 (21)
One pleasant night I was watching TV before bed. I was watching a Christmas movie called The Grinch. It was a good movie, I was enjoying watching it until I heard my mom call out, “GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH, IT’S TIME FOR BED!” I turned up the volume on the TV so I could hear the movie while I was brushing my teeth.

After brushing my teeth I came back to the TV and saw that the news channel was on. I didn’t remember putting it on.. Who changed channels? I never knew who did it, that was super scary.

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I live in a quite tall white castle. One morning I heard a knock on the gates, so I went to answer it. When I opened the gates I saw a crafty wizard! I immediately backed up, hoping he would not use his magical powers on me. I asked him, “How may I help you?” He responded saying, “I’m here to poison you, and take your castle.” I immediately ran at him and pushed him off the side of the mountain. He was rolling super fast. After a while he landed in a pile of leaves. Phew, glad he’s gone!

Week 10 (21)
Today was the day… the day I get my new mattress! I want to feel it, there is special foam in it!

At 1 PM the delivery men arrived! Me and my mom went outside and greeted them. The men took the mattress and put it in the house. We said goodbye to them after their job was done. Now we need to get it to my room. We took the mattress. We got to my door, it wouldn’t move! We pushed and tugged. If only it was a bit smaller! I Guess we have to get a smaller one.

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One afternoon I am sitting on my porch, taking in the beautiful day. I look down at the ground and see a dead bee with very, very small white figures. They are the tiniest I’ve seen! These super small people we’re poking at the dead bee!

I ran inside and got my mom. We went outside to look. I showed my mom the small people. She was astonished too!

I asked my mom, “Can I pick one of them up?” My mom responded, “No, leave them.” I was sad, but I sat there watching what they did. It was amazing.

Week 8 (21)

One Sunday me and my mom were going on a hike! We took our hiking boots and put them on.

We got on the trail and started. It was rocky and up-hill. It was hard.

About halfway, we took a break. I took some deep breaths. I also took a sip of water. After that we were off again.

Just almost to the top I said to my mom “We are so close!”

About 300 feet later we made it. Me and my mom stood there exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and yelled “Hooray!” We made it.

Week 7(21)

One pleasant afternoon I was scootering on my way home after school. All of a sudden I see a rock on the sidewalk, it's too late for me to slow down. I crashed, my scooter went flying. I landed on the hard concrete. I saw red blood on the ground, it was my knee. I got up and danced around.

My scooter landed in the fluffy grass, I got on and went home.

When I got home I showed my mom the scrape, she took a bandaid and put it on my scrape. She said to give it a rest.

Week 6 (21)

Last night I saw my mom buying something online. It was a week before my birthday, I hoped it was a present for me! Then she closed her iPad quickly.

The next day I saw a package when I got home from school. I ask my mom what the package was, she knows what it is, but won’t tell.

When she's not around, I go to her hiding spot for presents. I know it's a bad thing to do, but I had to see what was inside. I see headphones! I am excited. Let's hope my mom doesn’t catch me!

Week 5 (21)

It is 1939, WW2. Inside our base, there is a cannon to attack. The enemies are in their base. I tell our team that we need to start talking about our plan if they attack. Our plan is when they are attacking, we shoot them with the cannonball! We agree with the plan. We wait for action.

An hour later the enemies start flooding towards us. We get our weapons ready, me and 2 guys gather around the cannonball. The enemies are close, we shoot the cannonball! They die! We charge with our weapons and kill. It was a success!

Week 4(21)
One pleasant day I was walking to school! I was walking down the sidewalk with my violin! All of a sudden a TON of kids come walking behind me going SUPER FAST. There are prickly bushes on the left so I can’t go that side, the right side goes into the middle of the road! I had no choice, I landed right into the prickly bushes! My violin was bruised and was covered in green smudges! I got up, brushed myself off, then I walked to school hoping my music teacher won’t yell at me when I go tell her.

Week 3(21)
One Sunday my friend asked me to go to his birthday this Wednesday, our week is going to be REALLY busy so we told him, ”Give us a little.” On Tuesday we were so BUSY. My mom and dad thought about the birthday and said, “Why not, we won’t be so busy, I hope.” Wednesday comes and we are SO BUSY. I think to myself and say, “They never should have said yes.” It was 12 PM, the party was at 4 PM. We got to the party 20 minutes late, we had fun. Still, my parents were not right.

Practice Week

One pleasant day I was riding my blue bike down Main St to drop off pumpkins at my Grandma and Grandpa's house! Suddenly a hay barrel was sliding down the mountain next to me! The hay barrel is now right in front of me. I tried going around it but.. I went right in the middle of the hay barrel. I was STUCK! The pumpkins we’re on the ground. I had to get out, I tried my best and after a little I was out! I was so tired. I took a minute, then I got back to my destination.


  1. Dom, I like how how you made the scene from the picture in the middle of your story, and not in the end


  2. I like how you made the hay bale roll instead of it being stationary. Way to go Dom
    Jake Avery

  3. I like it! You have good punctuation, and I like how you ended it like a bit of a cliffhanger, and an official ending, if you know what I mean.
    ~Cara C.

  4. Hi Dominic,
    I like how you set your story up by telling us when it was set (WW2) and your plan of attack. It was also good to know that it was a success!
    Minor point - rather than 'me and two guys', put the two guys first (Two guys and I).
    Good work!
    Michelle, Team 100WC,
    Melbourne, Australia

  5. That was very creative Dominic it made me laugh. Crosby

  6. I love the detail you put in your story Dominic ( it's too late for me to slow down. I crashed, my scooter went flying. I landed on the hard concrete. I saw red blood on the ground, it was my knee) Great story keep it up


  7. Hi Dominic

    Really good story it was very interesting.
    Have you ever gone on a hike in real life?
    Would you climb 300 feet?

    Aaron ms Brennocks 5th class

    1. Hi,

      Yes I have been on a hike in real life.
      Would I want to climb 300 feet? I would say.. yes!

  8. I like how you made your story about you and your mom hiking! Good job on the story! ~Lizzie

  9. I love how you left the story on a cliffhanger. Where did they go? I really liked it.


    1. I didn't really think about that... now thinking of it I would say they sat there for a while poking the bee and then took it to their HQ.


  10. I realy like week 4. i think it was funny when you landed in the bush. keep writting


  11. Hi Dominic
    I really liked your story it was incredible
    I wish that I had a really special fluffy mattress myself
    I would sleep all day and I would miss school

    Your sincerely

  12. Week 11 Response

    Hi Dominic,
    I enjoyed reading your story. Well done.
    Your quick response seemed to save the day ... and perhaps your life!
    Good work this week.
    Keep writing.

    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)

  13. Dominic, I like how you made your story a news broadcast. I thought that was really funny!!


  14. I liked week 14 because you were in my head a reporter and you really painted the picture
    Jake Avery

  15. Cool I liked how you stated a robbery in the museum!