Week 16 (21)

It was a bright, beautiful day. Everyone was having a good time in the town. The satellites saw something funny plummeting towards earth. Everyone soon realized that it was a giant spaceship, bigger than the moon.
Everything stopped and everyone ran. People were running around trying to run to shelter. There was very little food inside the shelter. The animals that lived there had eaten most of it.
After a while people started to starve. The army were the only people not in the shelter. If you were in the shelter  you could hear ZAP! Everyone was horrified by aliens. 

Week 15 (21)

There once was a 5th grader named Grace she was going through a tough time during the pandemic. Online school was hard for her. She didn’t know how to turn up the volume on her computer. She couldn’t find out how to turn on her mic. Grace was hopeful that they wouldn’t have to do online classes for much longer. But little did she know that it was going to still be the pandemic in a year. Everyday when she got on the meet she just sat there and fiddled around with her fingers. She did not like online school.

Week 14 (21)
It was a cold and wet winter night and no one was awake. The wind howled and the trees creaked. Suddenly the front door creaked open slowly and a ghost dressed in a red dress slowly made its way to your bedroom. The next thing you know is you're up in bed and start screaming and running away from the ghost. You jump out the window and run into the woods as fast as you can. 
The ghost goes rummaging through your closet. Looking for something specific not money, jewelry or car keys but the ghost wanted your beautiful clothes.

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It was a beautiful spring day. I woke up and started to get ready for school. 
When I got on the bus everyone started to laugh at me. I wondered what was so funny. So I just ignored it. But the whole bus ride everyone was laughing their heads off and pointing at me.
When I got to school I forgot about it. When I stepped off the bus everyone stopped what they were doing and laughed, even the bus drivers!
I noticed that I was wearing a ugly sweater and it was May! I didn’t remember putting it on.

Week 11 (21)

It was a windy fall afternoon. All the leaves were getting pushed and rolled around by the winds. The weather forecast said it was going to rain at 5:00 it was 4:24 and instead of raining it snowed. The white flakes flew in the breeze and gracefully landed on the ground.
Behind my house there is a castle and it is really fancy. Whoever made it must have been really crafty. There are decorations everywhere. Each area is unique. The red banners are colorful and all have different designs. And I went rolling down the snow covered hill.

Week 10 (21)

Tim was trying to throw a tennis ball into a small ring. He didn’t check if the ball could even go through it. So he threw at the ring for hours sometimes he got close and other times far away.
I came out and asked what he was doing and he said he was trying to throw it into the ring. So I asked “Can I try?”
“Sure.” Tim said. So he tossed me the ball and I tried to throw it but I got it stuck in the ring.
I was thinking “if only it was a bit smaller.”

Week 9 (21)
It was a beautiful day in the town of Hatchet. Everyone was having a pleasant day when all of a sudden a ginormous bee flew out of a house.
Everyone was screaming, running around and no one felt safe. The mayor called pest control and said there is a bee after everyone! Pest control was there in a hurry but when they saw it they knew it was too big for their little vacuum.
The army came with its cannons and tanks. The tanks were aiming for the bee and BOOM, the bee was taken down and never seen again. 

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Allison was in a soccer game with all of her friends. They were winning by 1 point against the Mighty Shrimp.

Allison was coming up the middle with the ball she zig zagged through everyone. The next thing she knew was that her teammates were next to the goal. She knew she had to pass the ball. Allison kicked the ball over all the other teams heads and landed the ball right at Melody's feet.

Melody kicked the ball right through the goalie's legs and scored! Exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists for the most amazing fist bump ever!
Week 7 (21)

It was a beautiful day in Guilderland. There were no clouds and it was super hot and sunny.

I was riding my red scooter on the concrete sidewalk.I was counting cracks on the sidewalk and seeing which one was the deepest.

My little sister was wearing a fluffy jacket when it was like 80 degrees. She danced while I was riding my scooter.

Brigid wasn’t paying attention so she danced right into a big crack and tripped. I told her it was there right before she stepped in it. She bruised her knee and scraped her hands really badly.

Week 6 (21)

There was an old lady that lived next to me and she acted very strange, having stuff being shipped to her house. She didn’t have a car so her garage was always loud with some animals inside. I didn’t know what was in the garage so I ignored it. One day she got a safe shipped to her house.

The next day she was gone and out of the house for the first time in months. I saw her go on a walk. She was gone. I know I can't go inside her house but I had to see what was inside.
Week 5 (21)

It was midnight in the kingdom of scrafet there was no sound, everyone was quiet and asleep. Until they heard a cannon fire in the night. Everyone was awake after that shot. All the royal guards got to their positions somewhere up at the cannons and loaded the heavy metal balls and others were sniping with arrows.

It was the hatchet kingdom attacking the scrafet farms so they stayed away from the farms and aimed for the castle. The scrafet were ready they fired cannonball after cannonball. Then they shot the hatchets until they ran out of cannon balls.

Week 4(21)

One day Orbit was playing his violin. He was having fun learning new songs and dancing. He was walking to his fridge to get some water when he walked right into a prickly green cactus. He bruised and scratched himself. He fell on to the floor and started crawling and wiggling to the fridge. He pulled himself up on to the counter and grabbed a cup and started filling up his water at the fridge. He crawled over to the bathroom to get some bandaids. He stuck the bandaids to himself and went back to playing his violin and dancing.

Week 3(21)
Gabe walked to his next door neighbors house and knocked on their door. “Hello Gabe” said Mrs.Reed and Mr.Reed as they opened the door. “Can I jump on your trampoline” “Yes Gabe you may jump on our trampoline” Gabe walked to the back of Mrs.Reed's house. Gabe started jumping on the trampoline he was trying to do flips on the trampoline but could never land one. Gabe was jumping super high and then mid air he got into a ball and when he hit the trampoline it snapped from underneath him. They never should have said yes.

Practice Week

The paper boy was riding his bike around the country roads he was surrounded by farms. He was throwing the newspapers on the drive ways. He was minding his own business humming to himself. All a sudden he was going down a hill on one of the farmers' land. He was zooming so fast down the hill that he lost control. Next thing he knew he ran right into a hay bale! He was so stunned he passed out. When he woke up he was in the farmers house but he was ok and rode off into the beautiful sunset.


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    Lucas Savay Nice ending Crosby.

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    logan gates ges at fms

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