Week 6 (21)

There was an old lady that lived next to me and she acted very strange, having stuff being shipped to her house. She didn’t have a car so her garage was always loud with some animals inside. I didn’t know what was in the garage so I ignored it. One day she got a safe shipped to her house.

The next day she was gone and out of the house for the first time in months. I saw her go on a walk. She was gone. I know I can't go inside her house but I had to see what was inside.
Week 5 (21)

It was midnight in the kingdom of scrafet there was no sound, everyone was quiet and asleep. Until they heard a cannon fire in the night. Everyone was awake after that shot. All the royal guards got to their positions somewhere up at the cannons and loaded the heavy metal balls and others were sniping with arrows.

It was the hatchet kingdom attacking the scrafet farms so they stayed away from the farms and aimed for the castle. The scrafet were ready they fired cannonball after cannonball. Then they shot the hatchets until they ran out of cannon balls.

Week 4(21)

One day Orbit was playing his violin. He was having fun learning new songs and dancing. He was walking to his fridge to get some water when he walked right into a prickly green cactus. He bruised and scratched himself. He fell on to the floor and started crawling and wiggling to the fridge. He pulled himself up on to the counter and grabbed a cup and started filling up his water at the fridge. He crawled over to the bathroom to get some bandaids. He stuck the bandaids to himself and went back to playing his violin and dancing.

Week 3(21)
Gabe walked to his next door neighbors house and knocked on their door. “Hello Gabe” said Mrs.Reed and Mr.Reed as they opened the door. “Can I jump on your trampoline” “Yes Gabe you may jump on our trampoline” Gabe walked to the back of Mrs.Reed's house. Gabe started jumping on the trampoline he was trying to do flips on the trampoline but could never land one. Gabe was jumping super high and then mid air he got into a ball and when he hit the trampoline it snapped from underneath him. They never should have said yes.

Practice Week

The paper boy was riding his bike around the country roads he was surrounded by farms. He was throwing the newspapers on the drive ways. He was minding his own business humming to himself. All a sudden he was going down a hill on one of the farmers' land. He was zooming so fast down the hill that he lost control. Next thing he knew he ran right into a hay bale! He was so stunned he passed out. When he woke up he was in the farmers house but he was ok and rode off into the beautiful sunset.


  1. I like the end when the paper boy is ride a off into the sun set.
    Lucas Savay Nice ending Crosby.

  2. great Jub cooper it awesome Joey aloy

  3. i like the part where he lost control and flew into the ay bale it was funny ari.s

  4. great job cooper from Kiernan Wendling

  5. I liked how you made the paperboy ride of into the sunset
    logan gates

  6. I liked how you just jumped right into the story

    Soleil Dupuis