Week 11(21)

James was on the beach in Cancun Mexico he was there for christmas break. James was making a sand castle. “You're really crafty!” said his younger brother Max. “Thank you.” James said back. 
When James finished his castle he laid back and watched the rolling waves come into the shore. Before long James fell asleep he thought about his home back in Vermont. He thought of the trees without any leaves. He thought about the white fluffy snow that would be covering the ground. He thought about the warm hot chocolate his mother made. Then, he woke back in Mexico.

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“Ahhhhhhh! Giant bee!” someone yelled. “We must take it down!” yelled another. Darren went inside to take cover, from the bee. Then he heard gunshots, arrows, and cannons, and went off. Darren knew they were only to the bee but the sound hurt his ears so he went even further inside his house.

When the fighting had stopped Darren went outside to see the giant bee on the stone hard ground laying still. Then he noticed two men with their hazmat suits on and their gear and went over to the bee. “It is finally dead!” “Yay!” Everyone yelled happily.

Week 8 (21)

¨Lookout!¨ I yell. As another cannonball whipped by. We were in the middle of a battle and the enemy army had infiltrated the base and me and my brother were in a sword battle with an enemy. ¨NO!¨ I yell as my brother gets pinned down. I let my guard down and the enemy knocked my sword out of my hand. I scramble across the castle floor to doge an attack I manage to go around in a circle to get back to my brother. I see my brother exhausted and breathing hard, he simply raised his fists.

Week 7 (21)

It was a snow day in Springfield Massachusetts. So me and my brother came up with some dumb stuff to do on our day off. I came up with the Idea to ride our scooter down the sidewalk in the snow. So I started down the concrete sidewalk and as it sloped down I watched as the white fluffy snowflakes Danced in the air. I was going super fast and the brake on the scooter was too wet and slippery to step on. So I decided to jump off the scooter into a tall snowbank right before a red sign.

Week 6 (21)

I was finally done unpacking all my clothes into my closet at my new house. I was so exhausted that I had to lay down. But when I layed done a door fell into the closet. I could smell the dark musty air coming from inside the room.I had a gt feeling not to go in, but I had to see what was inside the secret room. I went inside and saw a desk with a chest ontop. It was very creepy so I left the room forever.

Week 5 (21)
Let me tell you a story about Captain Sam. Once he and his crew had set sail. And about half way through their journey THEY WERE UNDER ATTACK. Fire up the cannons yelled captain sam but they couldn't fire enough shots off to take the other boat down with them, the other boat had gotten too many shots off before they could fire. Aboard Captain Sams ship was lots and lots of gold. That gold aboard his ship has still not been found to this day. People have given up but I do still believe that it's out there, somewhere.

Week 4(21)

One day Jack was going on a bike ride when something caught his eye, something green. So he stopped and went to go check it out and when he got closer he realised it was a violin. A green prickly bruised violin. Jack had really wanted to play the violin but his parents didn't have the money to get one. So Jack decided to walk his bike and the violin back to his house. At home he fixed it into a brand new violin and Jack walked it over to his parents to show them his all fixed up violin.

Week 3(21)

One day Joey was over at his friend Andrews house. They were playing in the basement when Andrew's little brother asked them if they wanted to ride bikes. So they decided to say yes. They were riding their bikes down the street when Andrew started to go really fast so Joey followed. T Then they both hit a pothole and they both fell off their bikes and scraped their knee. So they had to go back to Andrews house. And as Joey was walking his bike back to Andrews house he thought to himself, they never should have said yes.
Practice Week

One day a group of friends was riding bikes and when they turned a corner they saw a guy's legs sticking out of a hay bail. So they went to go check it out then they saw his bike in front of the hay bail with a crate of pumpkins and apples that had been spilled. And then one of the kids said “hey guys he’s looking for the needle in the hay bail”. So then they pulled the guy out of the hay bail and he had a needle in his hand! “Hey it was just a joke guys!”


  1. I thought it was good i think you did a good job on it

    From Natalia

  2. Great job Connor it was very funny!Crosby

  3. i like how they came up to guy in the hay bale and thought he was looking for a needle when he was ari.s

  4. I liked your story. I liked how you incorporated the pun 'like finding a needle in a hay bale! - Jackie

  5. ha funny story con great story and keep up the amazing writing

    Kiernan Wendling

  6. I can't imagine riding a scooter on the sidewalk and there being snow! Great job Connor keep writing. Crosby

  7. I like how you put in your story in the winter time because you described it really well! Nice job! ~Lizzie

  8. To Connor, I like how you use words like ‘infiltrated’ and ‘scramble’. The stories are very interesting and good to read. Here is the link to our class blog so you can visit it sometime if you would like too : . From Kyle

  9. Hi Connor,
    Well done on your story this week. You have done a good job with the prompt picture. I felt a bit sad for the dead bee!
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c