Week 15 (21)
Once upon a time, there was a yodeling cow that went “YoDel LAy HeE hOo!!!” Then “OOF.” All the villagers in our village hated it. They wanted to make the cow stop. But how?? They asked the cow to stop. It yodeled, “YoDel LAy HeE hOo!!!” then “OOF.” The people were getting fed REALLY up. They went to the cow and took out his yodeling box. Now everytime the cow tried to yodel, all it blurted out was, “meh”. Everyone was very happy. But the cow was MAD. That night it went to the village and took their voice boxes.

Week 13 (21)

I have A LOT of shoes. Some are shiny white, others are crazier than a 37 year old moose trying to run a marathon. I really think I might have TOO many. 

Anyways, I was going to school one day. We just had a big break, so I was not ready. I walked to school and into class. Everyone started laughing. I wondered what was so funny. It seemed like everyone was looking at my shoes. I looked down and saw that I was wearing my crocs that had a bunch of odd stuff on them. I was really embarrassed.

Week 10 (21)
I’ve been working on a drawing for 6 hours!! I think it's my best drawing! I just have to color the last piece of my drawing and… NOOOOOO! I just went over the edge!! Noooooo! It was the marker. If only it was a bit smaller. I could have made a perfect drawing!! Well, lesson learned. NEVER buy markers that are too big! Time to start a new drawing. 
6 hours later. Done! And this time I used the right type of marker. No mistakes! Just a perfect drawing of a person. Now I can relax and read a book.

Week 9 (21)

So, I kinda shrunk the weird neighbors. They have always been weird, but when they're small, they go NUTS. Like yesterday, I took this picture of them poking at a dead bee on our porch. WHO DOES THAT!? Who just goes up to a dead bee and starts POKING it?! I'm working on an antidote to make them big again, but for now, we're stuck with this! Tiny people who act wei--- THERE IN MY HOUSE!!!

I REALLY hope they move so that we can have normal neighbours for a change. But for now I have to live with this.

Week 8 (21)
My friend and I just adopted 100,000 cats. We spent all our money on food. Now we need to go get jobs and earn money or we will starve. I went and got a job. Weeks later we fed the cats again. My friend, exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and said NO MORE CATS!!! We had to sell all the cats. But where should we sell them? We sold them to the crazy cat lady of Alabama. She was very pleased to see all the cats. We drove back home only to find 100,000 dogs
Week 7(21)

I love playing in the concrete jungle of NYC. The red graffiti, the fluffy dogs that walk by, and the skateboard park. I don’t skateboard, I scooter. It's really fun!! My favorite trick is to do a 50-50 grind on railings. All day I just dance around on my scooter.

Yesterday, I fell. I broke my knee. My doctor said I can’t scooter for a month!! I was so sad. I watched every professional scooterer and picked up many tricks!! I would say that the break was actually good for me because I picked up lots of tricks!!

Week 6 (21)

I'm a insect lover. Well not exactly… I love dissecting insects. I have a microscope, so I can see what I’m dissecting. Today I was in my yard looking for bugs when I found a box. It said from1986, this is what was popular in this time. “Woah!!” I said!! I brought it inside and told my parents. They gasped! “DON’T OPEN THAT!!!”

…but I had to see what was inside…

I looked inside the box and I was amazed!! Active bombs!! My parents came up and called bomb control! They said never open those boxes!! I was so amazed.

Week 5 (21)

“Arg! There be another ship o’er there!! Load the cannons!!” cried a pirate. We were ready to fight. We had a smaller ship then the other pirates, but we had more wit and strategy. We loaded the first cannon. BOOM! A hit right in the center of the other boat. They missed. I went to the storage and got my special cannonballs I’ve been developing. (I'm the nerd) It's a cannonball that lights on fire. “And that's the story of how the Ruben pirates won that fight.” said the museum tourist. “Cool right?” “Ya” said the people in the crowd”

Week 4(21)

Young Tommy the violin was very sad. He had gotten bullied at school again. People said he played worse than green ogre trying to yodel. These prickly bongos pushed him around until he was bruised. He walked home to his parents (that were cellos) and told them about the mean bongos. His parents said not to listen to them. The next day, he ignored them. The bongos got no reaction out of him so they left him alone. He was SO happy!!! He told his parents that he ignored them and they were so proud of little Tommy!! The end.

Week 3 (21)

Jeffy was a lonley kid. He had just moved to a new house in the middle of nowhere. He had no friends. On the first day of his new school, he made 2 new friends! Those friends were inseparable. They went everywhere together. And both of them (Cley and Barb) had phones. So Jeffy begged his parents for a phone. And they got him one! So the next day, Jeffy told Cley and Barb about his phone. He called them everyday. And he got lots of cool games. He never got off his phone. ...They never should have said yes...


  1. hi cliff, this is cliff. you did great on the hundred word challenge. I love how you made jeffy addicted to his his phone. I can really relate


  2. I love your week 4 story its really funny -Kiernan=0000

  3. I love your week 4 story it so funny!
    ~Amina A :)

  4. WOW! That is a lot of cats and dogs! Imagen that was real! Very creative story, nice job! ~Lizzie

  5. Cliff, your week 8 story is so much FUN to read I love how when you got back there were 100,000 more dogs waiting! Your storys are all so funny. -Gemma Sela

  6. Hi Cliff,
    I really enjoyed your story. I can imagine you telling this story out loud! It's got lots of humour and I love the part where you write, 'There in my house!' Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

  7. I like how you made it your point of view, like a person talking. Not a narrator.

    -Dominic V.

  8. Great job on your response for week 7! I really liked the description at the beginning of your story. I’m happy that your character found a bright side to something that might seem not so great. Awesome job!


  9. I like your week 15 story, it was funny. The cow never stopped yodeling!


  10. I like how the cow went and took the villagers voice boxes