One day I was at my uncle's farm  and there were some chickens and when I was with them one of them started to fly in the coop and I didn’t realise they could fly! I ran into the the house and i was telling my uncle and then he said thats strange because the chickens never fly and then i said that it started to glow 20 minutes later i went back and i saw that the coop turned into a mansion
And that the bird now had super powers and could do anything ande had super strange powers
Week 34 (21)

Week 30 (21)
 I was at my new house. It was like a new life. I love  being away from my step                           dad. He was the worst. But then one day he came to visit me and then suddenly, darkness enveloped the room the moment that he walked into my room I said  get out now and he said   ok I was coming in to say i hate you but bye ya i hate you too. next day my mom said are you ok i said ya but then she said that your step dad isn't allowed over here ever     thanks mom                       

Week 28 (21)
One day i was at the store.  I saw a muffin and the muffin said “hi.” So I threw a hamster at it!
As it let out a pitiful howl  I screamed and frantically ran away screaming like a psyco!

One day I was at my friends house.  I saw a chair, and and it ate my friend!  So I threw a Panera grilled cheese at it!

One day I was in school.  I saw a dog and I screamed!  I threw my lunch at it and quickly ran away.  The dog really enjoyed my rotten egg sandwich  ughhh

Week 24 (21)
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that orange just said hi  huh and there's another one.the orange one spoke first tho there's another one i think i'm going home now wait no don't leave me are you crazy. no obviously you are well i don't want you to have to tell my parents i got eaten alive by a fruit well you could run. good idea ruuuunnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!help. Why is there now 500000000000000000000000000 of them idk. why don't you tell me genius ya ya ya  just run ohhhh now  your going to ignore what i said yeah when i'm running for my life

Week 23 (21)
Hi I'm Chris and I'm in school. I'm supposed to be righting my 100 wc but instead i'm writing this I have to put these words ballon, never, kiked, frightening. And i'm having a hard time doing that so I just am writing now. oh I got it I think that I could do something about a living balloon that never kicked because it was being frightening uhhhhhh actually no because I would have to put frightening not frightened so that wouldn't work uuuuugh come on think chris think you know what i'm going to do it later at win.

Week 20 (21)
Hi I am Henry, I was walking past my friends house and he was behind me and out of no ware BOOM!!!!! He crashed into a tree on his yellow bike. We spent the rest of the day in the E.R and he broke his left rib and his right arm. He had to call his mom. He did and she was not happy. But since he was hurt she was not that mad, but that doesn't mean that she wasn't mad at him. I came and visited him alot. The bill was over 1,000,000,000 dollars!!!!!!!! 

Week 19 (21)

Hi, I'm Mike and my dream was  to become an engineer.  I went to my friends house frequently and I guess we tried to make a rocket but it didn't work when it just wouldn't take off I was so mad that I couldn't even think about my dream. I was too down on myself because 20 years later I'm an engineer now I'm very popular and I have a lot of cool inventions  one of my favorite is an electric motorcycle that i bilt. .now that I'm an engineer I am so happy. I learned you can do anything.

Week 18 (21)
Hi I'm Andy. I just got a new bicycle and I love it. I have been desperate for a new one, it's shiny and yellow. I warned all my friends that I would be the fastest kid in the neighborhood but my brother greedily said that he hated all of his presents and asked for more but I was so happy that I didn't even care that my brother got the new x box.  Also because we would share it well, that's what I thought but when i got home he was playing all night I was so so  furious!!!!!!

Week 16 (21)

One day I was walking down the road. everything stopped I was frozen I could not move. I was scared I saw  fire and ice in the sky half and half. I could now move but everything that was in the sky was not there there were these crystal butterflies flying around and the cars were all super cars. and there it was again the fire and ice and it looked like there was a clear barrier holding it back from coming in. I was so scared that I started running and then boom I woke up it was done.

Week 14 (21)

One day i went in a thrift shop. and who i thought was the manager  said congrats you are the first customer in 10 years
Then they brang me to this weird room that had cobwebs all over and there was this dress FILLED TO  THE  TOP WITH COBWEBS!!!! It was standing up that much was in there i was shook i felt like i could scream. so i ran out as fast as i could then i had later found out that that was a broken down building that has been abandon for 10 years and nobody worked there.

Week 13 (21)
One Halloween night I was sitting outside. I was mad because I ruined my costume and it was a super good costume.  Then I heard a crack of a tree branch and little did I know that  the tree branch was over my head. The next thing I know the huge  branch fell down on my head!!!!

  Then I woke up in the hospital and  I had a bunch of hospital things on  that I didn't  remember putting on. So then I went home and my family told me that I had a minor  concussion and I was so surprised.

Week 10 (21)

One day I was walking down the road (keep in mind that I am a galactic space warrior ) ok back to what I was saying I was walking down the road with my 6 friends and I saw A PORTAL   A   HUGE BLACk PORTAL!!!!!!! open up in the sky.  It was a cyborg dragon and I was so scared but luckily it was only 21 feet tall and 9 feet wide. If only it was a bit smaller I could  have slain it but it was so big that all six of us had to go at the same time.

Week 6 (21)
One crisp February morning I, Fred, was laying down on my couch. I was thinking about what I would do tomorrow. I decided to stop thinking and take a nice peaceful nap. BANG! BANG! BANG! I woke up immediately. It was surprisingly 11:00 pm already. I very slowly walked to the door, and cautiously cracked it open. Right on the porch there was a box that had DANGER written with big bold red letters!

I brought the big box in the house and I knew that I should not open it, but I had to see what was inside...

Week 5 (21)
I was a young boy lost during a battle. I was not with my family so I hopped into the back of a moving cart hoping that I would make it out alive. also that the cart wasn't going into a departing ship. Then all of a sudden I heard a door open and then I hopped out of the cart and ran in one direction and then opened a few doors and then I went in to a room and then I saw a bunch of people loading up a cannon and boom it went the end bye bye.
Week 4(2)

Bad luck!!!

One week I was having lots of bad luck. For example, one day I was with my friend. I fell into a green prickly bush. another day for some reason i painted my violin green and was walking with it and it hit my knee. my knee was bruised and a different day I got stung by a bee. another day I got hit in the finger by a hammer. That is a lot and I had to goto the hospital because I fell and hit my head really bad and that is my week thanks by by.

Week 3 (21)

They should have never said yes

One day I was with my friends and I saw a jet landing and they said do you want to ride in the jet. we said “yes” and we went in the jet and when we took a ride we all threw up. and we went upside down and swirled and they did back flips .and when they were done the jet flyer said that will be 3,000 dollars!!!!!!!!!! And they all said what we are only kids we do not have that much money well then you will have to make it


Practice Week

I live near Indian Ladder Farms and I bought a pumpkin there and went apple picking because I live near indainlader farms. I biked there. and on my way back I saw a rainbow and I looked back for a second and when I looked back in front of me I saw a round bale of hay nand boom right in to it and I was stuck there for

2 hours !!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! because some people thought that it was a halloween prop but then someone saw my foot move and then they helped me out and I had a great night bye


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