Week 35 (21)
“Where shall we go, now that we’ve got our pidgets?” asked Mya as a bush shook with the wind. But, it wasn’t the wind. It was Mr. Aves, the owner of a bakery.
“Excuse me, kind ma’ams. Which way to the shops?” he panted.
“Oh! A left towards Ja’hool, then a right on Darmane. How are you lost from your own shop?” I asked.
“Just… forgot, I suppose. Goodbye!”
Me and Mya shook our heads. Little did we know, Mr. Loki was not, infact, going to the shops. He was on his way to pay my ‘missing’ father a visit.

Week 33 (21)
It started as a single stone. The kingdom of Neonia was claimed as our own. We had made a community. The stones built houses, walls, and a lighthouse. The county created a dance entitled ‘The Prospering Waltz’. Every year, on the third of November, we have a celebration of entering a new year as the kingdom of Neonia.
“The Great King was a good man. I am here to carry the torch.” said Father.
I am Una Storch of Neonia, and I must find my dear father again, or else the kingdom is doomed, and I lose everything I love.

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It all started when they came. They made me who I am now. No more than a minion, serving my ‘people’ with discomfort and somewhat ease, eyes drifting away like hypnotism. The master has asked me a thousand times to not try to escape his world, but I have.

Then, something miraculous happened. A flash of light, then, darkness shown through the clouds of a thousand years, lifting up their spirits and sinking them evilly. It seemed to free us. Something bad happened to bring some good, but that good never came. I suppose it wasn’t worth it at all.

Week 31 (21)
I awake with a highlight of sun on my face. With a wrinkled blanket at my feet, I groan, then stretch. I think about an oar, how it pushed a boat as far as it can before it snaps in two. That’s my rule for my life. That wistful look in the computer is my reflection. Like a mushroom, I sit there, typing away, a hypnotized look in my eyes. But, It’s what I have to do. I have to do this all day, every day, or else I will never get to groan at my wrinkled blanket ever again.

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Out at night,
Out of sight.
Hiding from the
All I want
Is it to go.
For it to go
Far away from me.
I wait.
I wait for it to find me.
It’ll make me like it did
Before I knew.
It made me like them.
They were evil and discrete.
I ran to a room
With a look of despair.
Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room.
I think it took me,
I don’t remember.
But now it’s gone
And I’m still alive and well.
I think that I can’t keep doing this.
I can’t keep hiding any longer.

Week 29 (21)
House Twenty Nine

Never go to House Twenty Nine;
It’s full of bats and spiders.
Never go to House Twenty Nine;
It’s insides are empty and hollow.
If you try to come in,
You’ll never come out.
The gate is unlocked,
But don’t ever be tempted.
There’s nobody there
Or anywhere near.
The outside looks so faded.
It looks like it’s abandoned.
Never go to House Twenty Nine,
If you do
You’ll surely be gone
Forever and ever
And never come back.
Just promise me,
Please promise me
That you’ll never, ever, ever
Go to House Twenty Nine
Ever again.

Week 28 (21)

I ran from my family who wouldn’t let me into their pack, my gray and white fur to the wind from my speed. I heard one of me, and as it let out a pitiful howl, I knew it was a little pup. Helpless, yet filled with hope of a better future. A pup, like I was. Dark came. I howled. I needed to burn my energy. I know my family heard me. I could tell. The wind told me to go to sleep, and it picked me up and we went together to a much better place than home.

Week 27 (21)

Remember our old friend Cactus Violin? Well, one day, as I was walking with Cactus Violin when I saw a purple dot on the sidewalk. It was so far away from us that it looked like a beautiful violet dot. As we got closer, I discovered that it was a purple violin walking an elephant. We stopped to say hello. “Hello. This is Cactus Violin. That’s a nice pet elephant you have there.”
“Oh, thank you. He’s named Happy. I’m Violet Violin.”
Then we both walked side by side on the sidewalk, and that’s how our lives picture was painted.

Center Square

In center square
There’s nothing but gray pavement
And a fountain with coins sinking in it.
In center square
There’s a nice guy on a bright red ladder.
He’s always smiling brightly and whistles as he fixes the street lamps.
In the middle of the square
There’s the statue of a bear
Next to a bunch of pink and yellow honeysuckles
As he stands there in a patch of them.
There’s a mother with a stroller,
A father with his daughter,
A carmel corn booth,
A girl standing alone-
Never mind, she’s a statue
In center square!

Week 26 (21)

You know why I’m talking to you?
It’s because I care.
I like the way we talk and walk together.
So what if you like different friends and things?
You know why I’m wondering about you?
It’s because I really like the way you're friendly.
The way you look like you're really listening,
The way you walk
And talk with me.
I was talking to someone else.
“No,” she said, “I like Marmite.”
I think of you as marmite.       
Some people really like you,
And some people dislike you,
But I like you just as we walk and talk together.

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A Statue

Is it possible that a statue could change your life?
Is it possible to have workible parts
That help you see,
Help you breath,
Help you wonder?
Is it possible to have sights to see,
Air to breath,
Thoughts to wonder?
In the garden of life,
There are no lies,
No limits,
No luck needed.                           
There is only a statue,                  
A single stone statue
To save your sights,
Save your breath,
Save your wonders and thoughts and hopes and dreams.
To love all of the good things.
All from a single stone statue
In the garden of life.

Week 24 (21)


Feelings are feelings and people are people,
Everything floats around us,
Wondering if we’ll ever pay attention to them.
The feelings are colors and colors are feelings,
They will both react the same.
The orange one will speak first.
It’ll ask why you’re sad.
Then the blue one will answer for you,
And he’ll say why you’re so mad.
This is just normal,
Just plain old plain normal.
This is just how it is.
Hope and dream about other things,
But I’ll think about feelings and colors and colors and feelings,
And how all of these colors are feelings.

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Happiness is a funny thing. It’s one of those things that you sit and think about all day. Sometimes happiness feels like it’s one of those unexpected brown puddles you step in; it's just there waiting for you to get to it. Sometimes it slowly floats away, like a balloon. Sometimes it feels like it kicked you in the stomach, and then it apologizes. Sometimes it never goes away. Sometimes happiness is frightening - you wonder if it will ever come back to you when you’ve lost it. But it always bounces back, like it’s done a million times before.

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

“Diane, you don’t have to worry!”
“Thanks Megan, but Grandma Wilma will kill me if I don’t find that bracelet,” said Diane.
“Look, I’ll help you find it, but on one condition,” began Megan.
“And what, pray tell, would that be?” asked Diane.
“You have to bake me a cherry pie.”
“Now, we have to find that bracelet, but where did it go?” she shouted.
“Shh, Grandma Wilma will hear you!” whispered Megan.
“How are you faring up there? Don’t play with my jewlery!” shouted Grandma Wilma.
“Run,” whispered Megan.
“I like cherry pies, but not this much.”

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The Green, Grassy Morning

The morning was green.
The stars from the past night were gone, leaving only small strokes of sunlight on my windowsill.
Then the morning was blue.
The dark night sky was now a sort of blue one can’t name.
Then the morning was yellow.
The gray moon had moved off the earth, leaving a glowing yellow dot in the sky.
Then the morning was purple.
The daffodils were now a purple of beauty and peace.
That was our morning.
Our morning.
Our very own.
The silent wind whispered it to us;
Our morning.
Our very own.

Week 19 (21)

Of all the things I’m hoping for, I wanted more of this.
The sky was touchable, the clouds were in sight, the night sky had stars and constellations.
In all the days I’ve been up here, with the sun glowing and brightening with every second, with the navy blue balloon and the brown basket, in my dreams.
When it just wouldn’t take off, the world went dark, and all of the stars faded away.
But I can still see the clouds and the sun, glistening in howling wind all day.
And all I can see is the hot air balloon!

Week 18 (21)
 Green- child who wants a yellow bike.
Dark red- child who wants a kite and sun.
Blue- Someone who wants a dog and snow.
Brown- Someone who wants a cat and hail.
Purple- Someone who wants a fish and a storm.
Light red- Someone who wants their child to come in from the rain.
Olive green- someone who wants to talk.
Light green- Wants to be braver.
Black- Wants everyone to stop wishing.
Each color stands for different people. People all around the area all wish for something, but someone is thinking that they are greedy for wishing. In the last sentence, I am saying 'I want for you to end this wishing'. In ‘This wishing!’ Everyone says it together, which is why it’s multicolored.

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“And then, everything stopped and the witch never came back, for the world was frozen, and there was nothing to cast a spell on,” whispered Willa.
“Scary stories are my favorite! I love the  details that make it all come together,” said Jen.
“Well, you make them so scary that we all can’t sleep and then we can’t focus at school tomorrow,” mumbled Molly.
“We had better get to bed,” said Jen.
“‘Bye! Good night!’ said Molly and Willa.
Then they all pressed the ‘hang up’ button at the exact same time, like they always do.
~Events in the Pandemic~

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The Art of Human History, and the Mysteries of Life

The art of human history is the people singing songs.
Of people dancing, people prancing, around the ballroom halls.
Those people fighting, yelling, screaming, and then making up.
The art of human history is all of you growing up, to become the future of the world that we are living in.
Of people trying very hard to make the perfect pie for someone special.
Impressing people that came before us, and sharing secrets with ones after us.
To create a historic future.
That is the history and mysteries of life.

Week 13 (21)

I slowly opened my eyes to my alarm. I didn’t remember putting it on, but I just groaned and clicked the ‘Dismiss’ button on my phone and sat up.  I got dressed and grabbed my bag then headed outside to walk to the mall and open up my Cafe. I heard footsteps in the distance. Soon I heard my alarm getting louder and louder, and a big phone was chasing me down the street. Before I could turn around, I woke up, and thought, ‘Boy, if I could throw away my phone, I totally would. Today I’m switching to Android.’

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If I wanted to fly, I could, but I can’t.
If I wanted to dive into the air, I could, but I can’t.
If I wanted to see silver white winters that melt into spring, and crafty birds building a twig nest, I could, but I can’t.
If I wanted to hear children laughing and rolling in colorful leaves, and a castle in a field, I could, but I can’t.
I want to do all of those things, but I can’t. My life is controlled by you, you, you. It’s unbearable. Now, thanks to you, I’m stuck in a dream.

Week 10 (21)

The orchestra music makes people sway back and forth, back and forth. The sound of forks clicking on plates fills the room. This music, these sounds, those people, they all seem so in sync and formal and… just not me. If only it was a bit smaller. The party, the expensive foods and drinks, the chocolate fountain with strawberry seeds floating in it. Until I see them. The small, giggling little group of girls, and someone extending her hand to me. I take it, and the people stop swaying, the forks stop clinking, and I’m in my own little world.

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May all of your wishes come true

In a time of picnics and filming.

Reading books about bees,

And swimming in pools.

Calculating Pi in algebra.

Unicorns dancing in my head!

Letting dreams get the best of me,

Outside and in,

Umbrellas singing in the rain!

Soon I will see that this is all fun and games until all of these things happen to me!

That, my friend, would all be miraculous!

Don’t you see?

I can fly high in my mind,

Or strut down a red carpet.

And I go home with ease,

Saying my all-time favorite word! (Miraculous!)

Week 8 (21)

Ruby looked around, then ran again. These figures were chasing her. They had hats and coats and they never talked. Every night she ran from them. She looked left and right, then behind her. She saw the shadows. She ran again, harder, faster. She heard them panting, too. She stopped running and turned around slowly. She saw them coming closer. Exhausted and breathing hard, she simply raised her fists, then they ran to her. They ran, and Ruby stayed still. She knew who these people were. They were actors, just like her, and they starred in a movie with her.

Week 7 (21)

As the bullies push me, the concrete walls smash my hands into a red, scraped mess.

My sister danced in a show far away to make money for our family.

Our scooter had to be sold to help bring food to the table.

My fluffy rabbit had to go. She paid for my blanket.

Sometimes I feel like a wild bird, trying to find its way back home.

Like I’m soaring, yet I get lost in this big world.

I’m with my family one minute, and the next I’m lost in the trees.

But at least I’m free to fly.

Week 6 (21)

I look out the window of my home, wondering what else is out there for me to see, touch, breath. No human has gone up into the sky to see the other places other than Earth. I want to see what is out in the world above my own. My eyes land on a jar. I open the jar, and I see the beautiful stars. I get a feeling that I want to go home. I’m stuck, caught, trapped. I wanted to go back to the place I was sitting, but I had to see what was inside that jar.

Week 5 (21)

I Dream of the Sea

I dream of the sea, with a world of adventure at my fingertips.

I dream of pirates, getting cannons ready for battle.

I dream of sunsets on the horizon, every stroke of sun rays as simple as the sea.

I dream of waves as the sea bounces up and down and up and down.

I dream of fish in the ocean, swimming like darts in the water.

I dream of beauty the sea has to offer.

I dream of all the wonder the sea wants me to see, and I don’t regret any little thing.

Week 4(21)
The Cactus Violin

I was walking down the street one day, and I saw a violin. He was green and prickly. He was wearing a green shirt with a green, prickly heart. He must love cactuses, I thought. I wonder what his name is. I walked over and asked the cactus violin what his name was.“My name is Cactus Violin!” he said, and I saw he was bruised all over. Then I woke up. That was a weird dream! I thought. The day after I had that dream I saw Cactus Violin! I walked with him the whole day.

Week 3(21)

My friends and I are on the walkway in the park. Hanna wants to go get some ice cream. Ellie wants pizza. Jillian wants to go to my house and have a snack. I want to go to my house also. Ellie says she wants us to jump in the lake near the park completely out of the blue. I laugh, and Jillian refuses to jump in. Then I say that I should sit out. They all agree. I watch them jump into the freezing lake, and I think to myself ‘They never should have said yes’ and jump in.
Practice Week

The Ford farm was busy this time of year. People wanted pumpkins and squash and apples. They wanted vegetables and fruit from Mr. Ford, and baked goods from Mrs. Ford, such as bread, cookies, and pastries. Analise was stuck in the middle. She was an only child. That meant she had to help her mother with cooking and baking, and her father with harvesting and planting. She was a busy child. She couldn’t go to school, but every chance they had her parents would teach her the things they learned in school when they were children, and Analise loved it.


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