Week 6 (21)

I look out the window of my home, wondering what else is out there for me to see, touch, breath. No human has gone up into the sky to see the other places other than Earth. I want to see what is out in the world above my own. My eyes land on a jar. I open the jar, and I see the beautiful stars. I get a feeling that I want to go home. I’m stuck, caught, trapped. I wanted to go back to the place I was sitting, but I had to see what was inside that jar.

Week 5 (21)

I Dream of the Sea

I dream of the sea, with a world of adventure at my fingertips.

I dream of pirates, getting cannons ready for battle.

I dream of sunsets on the horizon, every stroke of sun rays as simple as the sea.

I dream of waves as the sea bounces up and down and up and down.

I dream of fish in the ocean, swimming like darts in the water.

I dream of beauty the sea has to offer.

I dream of all the wonder the sea wants me to see, and I don’t regret any little thing.

Week 4(21)
The Cactus Violin

I was walking down the street one day, and I saw a violin. He was green and prickly. He was wearing a green shirt with a green, prickly heart. He must love cactuses, I thought. I wonder what his name is. I walked over and asked the cactus violin what his name was.“My name is Cactus Violin!” he said, and I saw he was bruised all over. Then I woke up. That was a weird dream! I thought. The day after I had that dream I saw Cactus Violin! I walked with him the whole day.

Week 3(21)

My friends and I are on the walkway in the park. Hanna wants to go get some ice cream. Ellie wants pizza. Jillian wants to go to my house and have a snack. I want to go to my house also. Ellie says she wants us to jump in the lake near the park completely out of the blue. I laugh, and Jillian refuses to jump in. Then I say that I should sit out. They all agree. I watch them jump into the freezing lake, and I think to myself ‘They never should have said yes’ and jump in.
Practice Week

The Ford farm was busy this time of year. People wanted pumpkins and squash and apples. They wanted vegetables and fruit from Mr. Ford, and baked goods from Mrs. Ford, such as bread, cookies, and pastries. Analise was stuck in the middle. She was an only child. That meant she had to help her mother with cooking and baking, and her father with harvesting and planting. She was a busy child. She couldn’t go to school, but every chance they had her parents would teach her the things they learned in school when they were children, and Analise loved it.


  1. I think this is so fun and creative keep up the good work
    Amina Abbas

  2. great job!! Love it!! maybe add on to it some time it is really good.
    -Katherine Trimarchi

  3. I thought it was really good I loved the creativity. 😃😃😃 great work.
    From Natalia 😃😀

  4. Hi Cara, I really enjoyed reading your entry into the challenge this week and wonder why you think they will regret their decision and what will happen next. This is something that talented writers do. Keep up the great work. Mrs Moore Team 100 London, UK

  5. the theme to the pool i really love you should do more about summer!
    -Katherine Mae Trimarchi

  6. I really liked how you included that you were watching them when they jumped in the lake that was funny -Lizzie Lamme

  7. i think that the cactus violin was really silly! you should do more of it sometime!
    -Katherine Mae Trimarchi

  8. Week 5

    Hi Cara,
    I loved your poem. Well done.
    Firstly it was so unique & secondly it painted so many beautiful pictures in my mind for me.
    Great work this week. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.
    Keep writing.

    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)

  9. I love your week 4 story its so silly and I love it!
    ~Amina A

  10. wow reading your week 5 story gave me chills. That is AMAZING writing work.
    ~Amina A