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David said to his father“This year is the craziest year.” His dad said “yes this is Coronavirus time you have to be Careful and always wash your hand.”David said “okay dad I am going to play with my friends at the park.” David went to play. David and his friends drove their bike and David came home. His dad said “ pray for your mother she is working in the Coronavirus area. We prayed for a very long time and went to sleep. In his dreams he said  I hope that 2021 is going to be a good year. 

Week 14 (21)
There was a dress that was cursed. 100 years later, one girl was wearing the dress that was cursed. The girl turned into a spider net and the girl died. 
They all decided to burn the dress but when they were burning the dress the dress won’t burn one man said “You have to bury it,” but that won’t work. They tried everything but nothing worked. 

One man said “ You have to keep it safe and tell them not to touch the dress and keep it hidden somewhere.” They Talked about it and they all agreed to it.  It worked!  

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We were going to India. When we reached India, we went to a hotel. When we reached the hotel, my father said “give the key for the room.” I didn’t remember putting it on. When I reached my right side pocket it WAS NOT THERE!!!! I said “Dad, it is not here.” Dad asked me to check my other pocket. Then when I reached my left side pocket it was there. I was very happy. I said “I FOUND IT!!!  My dad said “I have faith in you. You are the best.” When I heard these words, I was happy. 

Week 11 (21)
A princess lived in a white castle between the trees. She loved playing with the leaves of trees. She did not know that there was a crafty witch living in the basement of the castle. One day the witch came out of the basement while the princess was playing in the castle. The witch captured the princess and tried to take her down to the basement. However the princess was strong and she had learned kung-fu. She kicked the witch hard on her leg. The witch lost her balance and started rolling down the stairs- THUD, THUD, THUD she fell!

Week 10 (21)

“Don’t forget to get the big book to read on the train,” his dad said.
  When they were on the train Barry's dad said, “Read the book,”
He couldn't find his book. 
His father said “Where is the book?” 
Barry said “I don't know where the book is!” Barry said. “If only it was a bit smaller than I could bring from home.”
I think that I left the book at home. His dad said “It is okay I brought it for you I kind of knew that this would happen that is why I brought the book from home.”

Week 9 (21)
My dad, mom, Ben and I were going on a boat when a big wave came.The boat was drowning. We jumped on a lifeboat. We were asleep when we found out that we were on an island. There was a very big building. We went into the building. We saw that they were creating large bees with superpowers. We were thinking of freeing them because they were very sad and they were locked up in a cage. At night there was nobody in the building. We were very careful. We opened all the cages and freed the big bees!! 
Week 8 (21)

Angel was going to play with her friends. When she reached there her friends were playing soccer.

She said “Why are you playing soccer.”

Her friends said “ It is for a tryout tomorrow.” Do you want to join soccer? Yes I will join soccer.

Angel said “I will ask my mother.” She went to her home and asked her mom about joining soccer. Angel’s mom said “ YES you can join soccer”. She went to try out. They said you all will run first. Angel was first to reach the end. Angel was exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists…
Week 7 (21)

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Harry was riding his scooter on the sidewalk. He had his red earphones on. He was listening to loud music. Suddenly a car on the road lost its balance. The driver shouted “ MOVE” and honked his horn. The car would hit Harry if he didn't move. Harry could not hear anything because of his loud music. Suddenly, a heavy, fluffy thing jumped on Harry’s face with force. He lost his balance and fell to the concrete ground. The fluffy thing was his friend’s big dog. Harry was saved from the accident. Both danced together.
Week 6 (21)

“What is that box?”I asked.My dad said “It is a lesson. Don't open this box”. I was curious. I took it, shook it and held it to my ear. Dad doesn't want me to open it,but I had to see what was inside. I slowly opened the box. Suddenly two flies flew out of the box. I was scared. My father will surely punish me. I heard my parents coming. My dad saw the box and smiled. “I told you it is a lesson”, he said “Don’t let curiosity get to you.” I had learned my lesson.
Week 5 (21)

“ATTACK,” said Captain Brian.


His crew said “but we have no AMMO!!!!!”

“What???” said captain Brian.

Captain Brian remembered that his mother and his father had said that he was a very smart guy. He was a soldier too. He will not go down without a fight. He had to think some awesome plan fast. Suddenly, he had an idea. “Quick, get as many big, round and large stones as you can find”. The soldiers brought a lot of stones. Captain Brian put the big stones in the cannon and fired it at the enemies. He won!!!!!!
Week 4 (21)

Brian was walking down the street when he heard a man playing violin. Brian loved the violin. He started walking to the sound. He walked and walked. Something pricked his hand. He saw a prickly little cactus. It had bruised him. He saw green trees all around him. He walked and he reached the man playing the violin. Brian was very happy. Brian begged the man to teach him. The man said “I will teach you kid.” Brian was very happy. Brian asks what your name is. He said “my name is Amet ”. Let's start learning violin. Okay let’s go.
Week 3

“Can I go outside to play and to ride my bike?” David asked.

His dad said “Yes.”

Dave went to play. He reached a hill. His Parents said “Do not go down the hill”. Dave was jealous because his friends had ridden their bikes down the hill. He rode his bike fast down the hill for the first time. Dave lost control. Dave fell down and broke his legs! Dave thinks they never should have said yes. Someone Herd Dave falling and scming. They helped him and took him to his parents. His parents then took him to the hospital.

Practice Week

Jake woke up in the morning and the sun was on his face. The birds were singing so he woke up and went to buy a pumpkin. He took his bike and went to the store. He bought a pumpkin and some apples. He remembered that his father had said not to ride the bike very fast. Jake loved adventure. He rode his bike fast and fast like his friends do. Suddenly, a dog came from nowhere. He tried to save the dog by turning his bike to the side. He lost control of his bike and found himself flying to a nearby field. He remembers seeing a roll of hay. When he woke up, he realized his head was in the roll of hay. He could not free himself. Suddenly, someone was pulling his legs. It took people ten minutes to free him from the hay roll. His pumpkin was in pieces and the apples were scattered. He returned home with no fruits and a broken bike. His father was waiting for him. Jake was scared. News had reached his father. When he reached home, his father was waiting with band-aids. His father had forgiven him. He cried and promised never to ride the bike fast anymore. Jake had learned his lesson.


  1. Good Brian I like how you detailed the story

  2. its very good and detailed story but you went way over the challenge amount so dont add as much small detail next time

    from ari schumann

  3. good how you made the beginning

    from brian l

  4. i like how you put details in it was really good keep writing brian


  5. Hi Brian,
    I enjoyed your story this week. It reminds me of Aoesp's fables.
    Keep up the good work.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

  6. i like how much detail you put in your story! Nice job! ~Lizzie

  7. i comment on your week 9 100 words i like how you say in like a movie superpowers. >>>>>BrianL

  8. I liked your coronavirus story
    From: Ari Schumann