Week 33 (21)

One day my dad told me that there are a lot of old buildings out there.  I wonder how old those buildings really are.  So I told my dad to drive me to one of the old buildings and he did.  When we got here there was an old tower next to the ocean or something.   It was all rocky and stuff like that.  After that we went to the beach.  Then we went home and watch the Tv for like 3 hours straight. Then we had dinner after dinner. I feel like I can't fall asleep but I did.  

Week 32 (21)

One night I had a party at my friend's house.  We were having lots of fun but that night there was a thunderstorm.  The lighting was loud but that did not stop us from having fun.  A flash of light, then darkness arrived.   It was very dark in the room. Everyone freaked out but I was saying “come down chickens.”
Then suddenly it was quiet. I lit a candle but it was still very dark.  After 12:30 am the power is back on.  Then I went home and slept because it was super late and I got school tomorrow. 

Week 31 (21) 

One day I was at school.  In class the teacher teaches us some words we don't know.  One word was Oar the teacher said,
 “It means like a boat paddle.”  so the next word is wistful.  The teacher said,
 “it means something you wish for.”  Next word is wrinkled. The teacher said, 
“wrinkled is like when you get old your skin is wrinkled.” So then we went outside for recess and we saw mushrooms that looked like we could eat it.   When we went inside we saw rules on the wall. We picked it up and got back in class.

Week 30 (21)

One day I went to my friend's house for a sleepover.  That night it was a creepy night.  It was thunderstorm outside and it's raining loud and with big winds.  The house was almost shaking suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. It was very dark, almost like the room was filled with darkness.  We found the candles and the lighter.  We lit up the room but it was still very dark.  We went to sleep instead because we can't really do anything at that moment.   In the morning the storm was finally gone.  After all of that it was finally gone.  

Week 28 (21)
One night my friends and I were on a Mountain.  We made a campfire to keep us warm.   We couldn't sleep in the tent because we kept hearing the howl from the wolf as it let out a pitiful howl.  We did not sleep at all so when it was the morning we drove back home.  All my friends were tried so they went to sleep but I didn’t because I was bored.    I drove to a farm to get some ChIcKeN.  Then after that I dove back and put the chickens in my friend's room to make a prank.  

Week 27 (21)
My friends and I were going to a zoo one time.  When We Got there we saw a painted purple elephant the elephant was playing a violin.  We never saw an elephant play violin.  The elephant looks happy but we are not sure.  So we ask the zoo keeper to see if the elephants are happy or not.   They said.
 “the animals are all happy.”   We just stand there looking at him like he is sus.   So we walk away.  When it was night time we went home. When we walked back to the car we stepped on a chicken.

My friend and I were walking on pavement road to the park.   We went biking in the park cus I was summer.   We saw a cat stuck on a tree so we grabbed a ladder that was painted red. We brightened the cat to safety then we went back home.  When we were walking home we saw a gold coins on the floor but when we picked it up it was chocolate.  Then we saw a box sinking from dirt and my friend and I were like o_0 so when we got home we just sat and watched the TV. 

Week 25 (21)
My friends and I were going to a Park.  When we got there we saw a garden so we went there and there were a lot of flowers.   And a man  we though it was a statue but it's actually a man color himself like a statue.  The man said.  
“I'm here to scare the birds away so they don't eat the seeds.”   We just sit on a bench and watch the birds flying close  to the garden trying to eat the seeds.  Time flew really fast and it was night time.  We drove back.  And just went to sleep.  

Week 24 (21)

My friend and I wanted to play among us in real life So we did. We started the game and we all felt nervous because we didn't know who was the imposter. 
  We all spread out and someone called the meeting right when we started.  The orange one spoke first, he said.
“it was pink” but pink said. 
“it was orange” we don't know who is the imposter so we skipped.  10 minutes later pink called the meeting and said.
 “orange vented” orange said. 
“pink vented.” but we voted orange and won the game we don't know how we won.

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

My friends and I were playing a ball in my backyard.  When one of my friends kicked the ball so hard that it flew over the fence.   I said, “i'll go get it.” 
When I looked at my neighbor’s backyard I couldn't find it so I went back to my backyard and said, “I can't find it anywhere.” “but where did it go?” she shouted. I said, “I don’t know.”  then one of our neighbors came to my house and said, “is this your ball?” he asked.  I said yes so he gave back our ball then we kept playing.  

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My friends and I are walking down the street.  Then I said, “Hey would you like to have a sleepover at my house?”
My friends said, “Yes!” 
So my friends got home, grabbed their pajamas and went to my house.  We watched a movie and then we had dinner.  So then we watched the TV again but, we fell asleep while watching the TV.  The next morning I woke up and found a bracelet on my hand.  I try to take it off but it  wouldn't.  When it just wouldn’t take off I guess I would have to cut off. 

Week 17 (21)
Me and my friends want to go hiking.  we got in our car and drove to a forest.
In the forest we found a statue that looks like a person.  My friend grabbed his phone and record. 
 I said “why will a stone look like this?”  my friend said “look there's a lot of comments on my phone.”
 I came to look and it looks like a lot of people are saying it's god. People are saying “look at what god did for use”
My friend stopped recording and we went home. We don't want to see more sad things.

Week 13 (21)
My friends and I wanted to make animation today so we got on our computers and started working.  After a whole day of working on the animation it was finished.  I told my friends it's night, let's go to bed.  My friends said, “okay.”  So the next morning my friends woke me up and said,  “what did you put on your hand?”  I said,  “what do you mean there is nothing on my hand,”  and my friends said,  “look then”  I said, “okay” so I looked at my hand and was like O_O but I didn't remember putting it on.   

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My friends and I are playing with a ball outside in my backyard.  When I kicked the ball too hard it flew up in the air and the ball went down really fast and got stuck in a small hole.  I got my dog to get it but my dog was too big to fit in that small hole.  If only it was a bit smaller.   Then my friend said “here use this shovel to dig up the ball.”  Then I dug the hole bigger and the ball was dirty so we washed it and dried it then kept playing.  

Week 9 (21)
I see two small people and a huge bee.   One person touches the bee to see if it is dead or not and the other person is ready to vacuum the beeswing just in case if it flies away.              They got a lot of bags in the two boxes so maybe they are going to bring the bee home or somewhere to see what is inside that bee or how many honey do it make or is it poisonous or maybe they are going to take pictures of the bee and let everyone know that there is a huge bee.  

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Ms. Aperance like the race and want to enter the race. She was excited to see the race. So after Ms. Aperance went home and she got all the rest and all the energy that she needs to start the race. Tomorrow morning when she wakes up she got ready and went to the race right away so when Ms. Aperance got there the race started Ms. Aperance runs as fast as it can to beat the other player. After the race Ms. Aperance was exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists world record and she went home happy.

Week 7 (21)

It was a nice day and My friend invited me to the dance party. So i say “ok i'm on my way there”. So when I was on my way there I saw 3 people walking with a fluffy dog and 2 kids on the scooter. I saw a shortcut so I took the shortcut but I saw the road is built with Concrete. The red car in front of me is not going but its green light so I beep and the car starts going. At the dance party I danced until 12 am. It was the best day.

Week 6 (21)
One time my friend brought a box over to my house. My friend says I bought this box on the dark web. It cost me 500$ to buy and my friend brought some friends over. And we all try to open it but it was taped to hard so we cant open it but i had to see what was inside my friends give up but I didn't give up I say let go to the store and buy something sharp to open it so me and my friends go to the store we buy a axe,sawmill,drill,and a lots of needles to open it.After the shop we went back to my house and we tried to open it again. We tried to open it for hours and it finally opened. We saw a lot of things that shouldn't be in it. There was a fish that glowed in the dark. I ever seen a fish that can glow in the dark. I was like let's see what is in there more. Then we found a knife,a dog but it's dirty,and potion there was orange water inside and we didn't want to see any more scary stuff anymore so we threw it in the trash can and my friends all went home.

Week 4(21)

My friends walked down the road. Then one ball came flying out and bruised my friend's eye. Then we keep walking… Then I stepped on something prickly. It was a cactus then I was like “bruh good thing my shoe was hard enough to only hurt me a little”. So we just kept walking. My friend saw a violin so my friend said “can I play it” and my other friend was like “ok ok fine”. After the play we walked to a restaurant and we haved green beans and a stake after the meal. We all went back home.

Week 3(21)

they never should have said yes

I was lost in the dark woods for 10 days. I was so hungry then I saw someone. I Walked up and said “can I have some food?” She said “Yes.” She never should have said yes. Then she said “Come in.” Inside her house everything was meat,candy,ice cream, I ate everything she said “Stop eating.” I didn't care and just kept eating. 2 hours later I finished. She was mad and kicked me up in the air. After 10 mins I finally got down then I looked back and I saw the woods. Then I walked home.


  1. I like all of the detail you put in to your story! ~Lizzie

  2. Kia ora Brian. I'm commenting on Week 8's 100 Word Challenge. Well done, I really enjoyed reading it. I especially like your thoughts about getting all the 'rest and energy she needed to start the race'. Definitely a good idea if you're hoping to break world records! Great story Brian - keep rising to the 100WC!
    Heidi (Team 100WC, New Zealand)

  3. I LOVED your story!!!!!! It was sooooo funny when it said “okay” so I looked at my hand and was like O_O but I didn't remember putting it on." I liked how you put a face in it your story is SUPER curative!!!!!! I also LOVED the part were it said " So the next morning my friends woke me up and said, “what did you put on your hand?” I said, “what do you mean there is nothing on my hand,” that's what I call a GREAT STORY!!!!
    P.S (Im talking bout your week 13 one)


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    Hope any of your story is real and your story is epic .
    Suzanna Sara Cherian

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    Suzanna Sara Cherian

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