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“Which way to the shops?” It panted.

“Why do you want to go to the shops?” I asked.

“Because I’ll be late for my job and and and-”

“Calm dow-”

“-he said he would fire me if I was late one more time.” He wailed.

“Relax you are just having a bad dre-.”



“Wait it is?”

“That’s what I’ve been telling you all along!!!”

“Oh, few I’m not in trouble.”

“Not right now wake up or you’re going to be late for work!!!”

Week 34 (21)
September 1st.
Today I bought more ink, some pens, and some more rations. I should have enough rations to last the whole trip.

September 2nd.
  Today I discovered a whole new animal; it looked like a leaf. I didn’t realise they could fly!

September 3rd.
Things are going great; the weather has been clear, and the temperature is just right.

September 4th.
And here comes the train wreck. Those leaf animals raided my camp and consumed all my rations.

September 5th.
Today I set out in better hopes to find the legendary world of unity. Wish me good luck. Ok?
Week 33 (21)
Day the first,
                    Today we started the trip we have 7 days’ worth of rations. The weather is fair but, there’s a storm predicted.

Day the second,
                          The storm came and blew away our tents. I just managed to snag my explorer’s log.

Day the third,
Today half our team called the quits. We seem to be burning through our rations faster than I thought. The storm continued.

Day the fourth,
   Today the rest of my team called the quits. I have no one left and no rations.

Day the fifth,
Today is my last entry, my ink is depleted.

Week 32 (21)
There was a flash of light, then darkness. The forest went silent. The darkness enveloped all, ever-growing, ever-hungry, never resting darkness. All people know the forest is deadly. No one comes out, not a single soul, their spirits haunt the woods.
No one survives, a flash of light and all is gone souls left to haunt evermore. Those who get too close to the forest are forever changed, babbling about the wailing cries of the spirits. So beware of the forest, or the forest may take you.
They say the forest has come for the living ever-growing, ever-hungry, always seeking.

Week 28 (21)
The dog ran away at the sight of Bastet as it let out a pitiful howl. Tonight is the night of the cats! Watch “Night of the Cats in theaters” summer 2021! Thank you now we will return to your scheduled TV broadcast. 
“Welcome to the all cat show I’m your host Brian Jiang. In this show we strive to prove how cats are the best pet in every possible way. Also to all of you who own cats we offer state of the art pet care advice.” 
“1. Cats are better than dogs because they can be potty trained.”

I was on the pavement reading the 2021 tips for the Red Ladder. 
Red ladder is a game where you use coins to build ladders and help the citizens of fruitville climb up the red ladder eventually escaping the sinking base.
10-7+1.5*2 Tips:
Freeze puddles to guide fruitizens and fruit to more optimal positoins.
Prioritize high value fruitizens over low priority fruit.
Place ladders strategically to take advantage of ice.
This goes without saying but collect coins!
Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade!
Utilize flare and beacon placement to draw fruitizens and fruit to where you want them to be. 

Week 26 (21)

“No!” he said “I like Marmite.”
“Oh come on stop being so dramatic it’s only for one  day” Jack’s mom replied.
“No!” Jack repeated “If I can’t have Marmite I won’t eat breakfast.” This was what happened in Jacks house every time they ran out of Marmite. (He ate a jar a day sometimes more.) 
“I’ll I’ll stop buying marmite if you don’t stop Jack.” Yelled his mom. “EAT. YOUR. BREAKFAST!”
“Fine fine.”Replied Jack “Whatever you say.”
As you probably have noticed Jacks mom is about to blow her to this close |*this close*|. That’s why she’s going upstairs.

Week 25 (21) 
“Come one, come all, to the hardest scarecrow in the world.” the announcer announced.
But no one was listening to him, all of their eyes and ears were focused on the main attraction.
Suddenly he heard a hiss in his ear “Look at all those poor unknowing ssssouls. You mussst show them how wrong they are!”
“Yes show them the’re wrong.” the announcer said as if in a trance.
Then the announcer went to sabotage the show.
“So how do you like my story so far editor?” I asked.
“Well the last paragraph realy could use some work.”He repplied.

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Two things came out of the bag, the orange one spoke first.
“I am the original cheeto. I am the best.”

Then the red one spoke.

“I am the improved spicy cheeto. I’m the best.”

Suddenly they noticed me and wanted me to pick who was the best.

The orange cheeto said he would give me a lifetime card to unlimited normal cheetos.

The red cheeto said he would give me a lifetime card to unlimited spicy cheetos.

Then they kept asking me and asking me.

“Pick, pick, pick, pick, pick…”

I still have nightmares about it when I sleep

Week 23 (21) 
Sam: What do you mean you've never kicked a balloon before?!

Jake: Well as I’ve said it’s not easy being the underpaid coworker of the month!

Sam: Which one were you on?

Jake: Frightening statistics for brown nosers.

There’s an awkward silence as Sam remembers reading that very magazine.

Sam: Wait you never told me before now?!

Jake: Well you never asked about it.

Sam: Looks around uncomfortably.

Sam: I’m sorry Jake I didn’t notice it.

Jake: What do you mean I see you read it every month.

Jake and Sam: Silence.
 May or may not be an actual magazine.

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“Then a hush fell over the world and the magic began. It was the time of day where everyone’s asleep, the time where strange things happened.

“What happened next mommy?”

“Well let’s go see where the next book is.” Her mom replied.

Soon after her mom saw that the next book was missing and she told her daughter.

“I know it’s gone, but where did it go?” she shouted.

“I’m sorry I’ll get it at the library.”

But it turned out that no one had the book and someone had stolen them all.”

“What happened next mommy?”

“The book’s stolen...”
Week 20 (21)
I was just riding my bicycle when suddenly I lost control of the bicycle and it started driving itself up a wooden pole, half way up it abruptly stopped!

I tried screaming for help but no sound came out. I was trapped up the wooden post with the hard concrete beneath me!

Then I heard a voice “I wonder what type of human got captured in our trap this time.”

A face came into view that was unmistakable evil. The thing moved toward me, a look of Menace on his face.

Then everything went black and I felt something hard…

Week 19 (21)
“Kosu no time to be looking around we have to escape.”

“All right Sam.” Kosu replied.

As the haunted armor got closer Kosu and Sam jumped onto the boat.

Sam started the boat's engine but when it just wouldn’t take off he started to worry.

“Sam” yelled Kosu there almost onboarded.

“Ok you try using your magic on the engine,” Replied Sam “It won’t start!”

As Koshu reached to touch the engine his hand brushed a sensor and the boat started!

Week 17 (21)

“The legends must be true, it's the guardian of the forgotten forest!” Exclaimed lek

“Good Good now hand me the crystal.” Dr.Gran ordered.

“Why?” asked lek, looking uneasily at the forest guardian.
“Stop asking questions and shaddup!” yelled the Doctor.

“Sir I won’t hand you the crystal until you tell me what it is for.”

“OK OK,” the doctor replied “It’s for summoning the elder guardian.”

Then the doctor snached the crystle out of lek’s hand.

Ad : For a limited time only achm products is having a 2 for 3 sale! Terms and restrictions apply. All products are fake.
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The world has been so different, but now I have the hope that it can change.

To right those wrongs to make things right.

To stop the pandemic that is here.

Keep away and wear your mask.

So be safe till the vaccine’s here.

You know what’s best.

For you to do.

The world needs to be conscious during times.

And now your scheduled ad.

Go to masks//free.100wc for a chance to win a free face mask pack!

Terms and restrictions apply and will be published next challenge.

Website does not work (URL is fake. So go figure).

Week 13 (21)
I didn’t remember putting it on I really didn't but now it is on.

I guess that's a good thing the bee can’t possibly get to me underwater thought sam.

E.S.V. (Expandable submersive vehicle) Transmission : Sam I’m coming toward you and once I’m there get ready to swim on kay?

Reply : sure but what are we going to do after this.

E.S.V. Transmission : Well I’m sure the writer will come up with some grand adventure for us.

Suddenly poof Sam and Jake turned into dainty little cute dolls.

Sigh that's not what I----

Week 11 (21)
The white castle was the crafty one he liked to roll in leaves and use them for his projects.

Then one day as we played a game of chess the black castle set up a clever trap with leaves.

Suddenly a hand came from above and swiped away the leaves revealing who but the black queen herself.

Then we heard the voice “you know that’s not how you play chess.”

Aww fine you got me okay let’s play chess then.

Then the real game starts. Every day at least 1 game is played and we are always used.

----White Bishop.

Week 10 (21)
“If only it was a bit smaller if only the shrinking bomb was a bit smaller we wouldn’t “bee” whoops I meant be attacked by the bee that seems so giant to us because you activated the bomb and shrank both of us.” complained sam.

(Oh by the way you might understand the story better if you read my week 9)

“Um sam, you might want to stop “bee”ing so sarcastic and help me fight the bee that’s coming after us!”

“Oh okay how about we see if anything in the plastic toy box will help us.” sam replied.

Week 9 (21)
“Oh Sam don’t “bee” mad.” said Jake.

“Nice words coming from the person who got us into this mess.” Sam snapped back “just leave me alone.”

“Okay I’ll “buzz” off and mind my own “beeswax”.” Jake Joked

“And STOP with those bee puns!” Sam ordered His anger and annoyance almost exploding out like lava from an active volcano. 

“Aw you know that there’s nothing scary about bees it's not like an actual---” 

“Don't say it, you'll jinx us.” Sam said pleadingly.

However it was too late. Jake had already finished his sentence. “--An actual bee will to appear”

Suddenly Buzz.

Week 8 (21)

Exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists in cheer. Elizabith had done it, she had won the race, she had won the gold medal.

Back at the school everyone was cheering for Elizabith. And the trophy was put in the display case.

Back at home she was treated as a celebrity. Her family had a fancy dinner and she got a cake to share.

After a good night's sleep Elizabith felt refreshed and ready for the next day.

At school that day everyone had a assemblie where the superintendent congratulated her and she gave everyone a speech about success.

Week 6 (21)

If I hadn’t opened that box my whole life would have been totally normal but I had to see what was inside of it.

That magic box full of eggciting things yes eggciting, for it was full of many eggs that did everything from eggs that cook to eggs that fix. There was every single kind. At once they started to build a town and name it eggville. And it grew and grew.

One very hot day it all started to fry and everybody had eggs. After that more eggs came and it all started again and again and again.
Week 5 (21)

“Fire the cannons”

“Wait WAIT!”


“Wait, let's give them a chance to surrender.”

“No time to do that, they have already broken through the castle gates.”

“Oh well than fire away”

“Wait we surrender”

“Oh Ok well now go!”

“But they will try to attack again.”

“Ok than throw them into the dungeon”

“Roger that.”

“Than go now”


“And stop saying roger.”




“Wait, I will go help you.”


“But the dungeons won’t hold them all.”

“Then kill the rest!”

“Isn’t that a bit brutal?”

“Do not question me.”

“Okay then fire the cannons now.”

Week 4(21)

A green, bruised, and prickly Violin just walked by me but it doesn't mean anything special, just an average gift even I have one, though I don’t know why. But the Rarest thing you could ever own was dirt. It costs 20 billion Bitcoins per international gram. A cactus might sell for 16 trillion Bitcoins per plant on the black market these days. My grandparents told me stories of the times where they costed nothing, they were everywhere but they tore that all down to create the futuristic world almost everyone wanted. But there are still places where they reside.

Week 3 (21)
I know they have done a lot of crazy things in the past and made a lot of crazy choices but they never should have said yes…

Yes to the thing, how could they know they would get stuck? We would get stuck in a room with paper, pens, ink and books at this point I have to say being a pen has its bonuses.

But anyways we will be stuck here forever unless some hero or other rescues us. Well there is not much hope that that is going to happen we might as well just give up now.
Practice Week

“Channel 2 news reporter Brian here”.

“Today we are at the site of an interesting case.” “A man stuck in the middle of a round hay bale.” 

“Over to you Claire.”
“Thanks --”
“Help me out of here already.”
“Cut,” “I’m going to help you out, do not worry.”
“Please stand by while our reporter helps him out.”
Brian : “Well he needs to go to the hospital,” “Now for the daily weather report.”

Add playing : “Tired of falling off your bike and spilling all your things try the basket cap 1 for the cheap price of two hundred dollars 99 cents.


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