Week 37 (21) This is our last week for the 100 WC from GES at FMS.  ENJOY
I was driving my shiney vehicle to the airport because I was going to New Jersey! Suddenly, I saw a little cat on the side of the road!
 I slowly climbed out of my car. He was a  furry little tabby and he was eating some cat food!
“Maybe someone gave him some food! I said.
I looked at it’s neck and there was no collar so I knew it was a stray.

I got it cleaned up, bought a collar that had music notes on it, and took care of him!

This story was inspired by my cat, Milo!

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So uhhh, my name is Trevor Fosse and I was playing E X T R E M E  H I D E  A N D  S E E K
with my friends and I had the greatest idea ever! Tomorrow was the day so I had some planning. We were going to play it in Quaker Park and there was a stone thingy so I was going to pretend I was a statue! So I put on some silver makeup, and got other stuff and boom! Statue! Later when the game was over, I actually won! I was so happy!!

Week 35 (21)
I had just arrived in NYC when suddenly, a talking wooden choo-choo train came up to me!
“Which way to the shops? It panted.
“You mean the toy stores?” I asked.
“Yeah! I was just leaving one of the stores to explore the city, but now I can’t find the toy store!”
“I can help!” I replied
We walked for soooooo long my legs were getting tired but eventually we found the toy stores!
“Which one is the right one?” I asked
“Duncans Toy Chest! And by the way, thanks for helping me!” It said,
“You're welcome!” I happily replied.

Week 34 (21)

Me and my Camera Crew were making an Animal Planet episode about penguins! It took a long time to get there in the plane because it’s on the other side of the earth! But something very weird was happening when we landed… THE. PENGUINS. WERE. FLYING!

“I didn’t realise they could fly!” I said AKA the leader.

“I wish my mum was here!” Said the 2nd in 

Later, my Camera Crew found they were robots! The makers of Animal Planet were playing a trick on us!
“How did you-” I said
“Mechanicle parts!” The leader of Animal Planet said.
Week 33 (21)
Last time, Edwin’s neon flashlight had gone out! So he started looking for the Infinite Lightning Batteries in the secret sewers of Neo Plaza. Then, he found a very suspicious door!
“Oh there’s the key!” Edwin said.
It was in a corner!
*Click* The door opened! 
“There’s the batteries! Wait! It's a hologram!”
But then he found them.
Once he put the batteries in his flashlight, he came out of a manhole and ended up in front of an old tower outside of the city!
“Wow, it’s so peaceful now that there’s the fresh breeze of air and birds chirping!

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It was the year 3000 and bang! A flash of light, then, darkness. Edwin’s flash light had gone out while he was looking for the infinite lightning batteries in the secret sewers of Neo Plaza. You would expect to have better things than flash lights in the year 3000 but no!
Time had passed and Edwin had found a door labled: “TOTALLY NOT THE ROOM WITH THE WITH THE INFINITE LIGHTNING BATTERIES”
“It's in there!” Edwin had whispered.
When he went to open the door, there was a big lock labled: “THIS LOCK REQUIRES A NEO KEY”

Week 31 (21)
Once upon a time in the Mushroom Forest lived a tiny  wrinkled elf! He was traviling to the Oak Kingdom to see his Mom and Dad! Expect… It was on the other side of a huge ocean! Which was bad because he only had a canoe and an oar. And there was a rule. If you get in a canoe, you have to keep going until you get to your destination.

As soon as he started to row to Oak Kingdom, he was wistful. It was a very long journey!

“Mom! Dad!” He yelled to his family. “I missed you!”

Week 30 (21)
It was 7:50 PM and we were about to go to bed. But then, it happened… BANG!

The power had gone out!

“THERE'S A MONSTER THAT'S GONN EAT ME!” Yelled my little sister.

“Relax, there's no monster here!” I replied in a calm voice.
But the thing was that the estimated guess of it coming back on, was 9:00 PM.

“But we don’t want to go to bed if the power’s not on!” My little sister said.

“You might have to though.” My mom replied.

Later, we were about to go to bed and… Ding! Everything was back!

Week 29 (21)

Philip and Hugo were exploring the home city, Saylost! Then they found this creepy gate.
“Dude! I dare you to go in there!” Said Philip.
“I don’t know if I should go in there!” Said Hugo. 

“FINE! I will go if you wont go you scaredy cat!

So he headed in
“See! There’s nothing to be afraid o-AHHHHHH” Screamed Philip. 


Hugo ran as fast as he could!

“HELP MEEEEE!” Philip had screamed

“I’m on my way Philip!” Hugo yelled.

But for some reason, he heard Philip laughing!

“I pranked you!” Said Philip

Week 28 (21)
Larside is a small town, known for tourism. But recently people have been seeing big black silhouettes of a wolf! Or some would say, “A Werewolf” So the world famous hunters Joe and Tim went off to Larside to hunt the werewolf. By the time they got there, it was night time and they saw the werewolf! Tim shot the werewolf with a silver bullit as it let out a pitiful howl. Everyone came out of their houses and celebrated! They had a huge party with desserts and balloons and everything you would find at a party! Everyone was happy!

Week 27 (21)

Last time, Luke Webster and his team were in the Red Sea’s of Egypt and they found a secret area in some pavement! Ok, back to the story. Luke and his team went into the room and all of the walls were painted with tons of violins! But then his team saw that there was treasure! And for some reason violins! Luke and his team were very happy! Then a purple elephant came out of nowhere and said that they could keep the treasure and violins! So they came out, went back to the airport and flew right back home!

Luke Webster is a famous archaeologist! Him and his team were on their way to The Red Sea’s of Eygipt! P.s. The Red Seas of Eygipt is not a place. They were thinking about bringing their ladder and climbing the pyramids but they decided to not. So they wanted to go to the Sinking Sands of The Red Sea’s. When they got there, Luke Webster’s coins fell into the sinking sand! He had lost his coins! But then he continued his adventure! His team had found this secret room in the pavement!

Week 26 (21)

Tim and his mother were going shopping at PriceChopper! They were getting ingredients for their grandma’s cake! They had eggs, flour, frosting, cake batter, and of course, SPRINKLES! But they were missing candles! So they looked all over the store! But when they were running through the store, Tim found some Marmite. “Mom, I know you think I don’t like Marmite but, No, he said, “I like Marmite” “WHAT? You like Marmite?” Said Mom. “Yes I do.” said Tim. Eventually they found the candles they needed and left! “I can’t believe you like Marmite!” said Mom. “I know, it's crazy!”

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Hello! My name is Herbert Armstrong! And my job is to be a statue! I know it sounds kind of silly, but it's true! Here’s how it works: 1. Dress up as a statue 2. Find a good spot like in a park! 3. Put a hat in front of you so that people can give you money and Stand and wait for the entire day. I stop at 8:00 PM. But one day, something crazy happened!
So basically, this guy gives $1,000! I think his name was Mr.Beast or something like that, but it was awesome!

Week 24 (21)

The crayons were going to do something no crayon had ever done before. They were going to talk to a human! “I’m not sure about this guys, what if the human doesn’t like us?” Said the pink crayon. “I’m sure the humans will like us!” Said the blue crayon. So they waited and waited until a human came to use them to draw! He picked up the orange crayon so the orange one spoke first. “Ahem!” Said the crayon. “We are alive and we would like to be friends with you!” “Ok!” Said the boy. After that, they became friends!
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So I was at my friend's birthday party and I was excited to go there because there was going to be a giant bouncy house! Once I saw the HUGE bouncy house, my whole body was filled with excitement! When we parked and got out of the car, I ran and while I was running, I accidentally  kicked a  brown balloon and it made a frightening sound! And never in my life have I kicked a brown balloon. The bouncy house was really fun and the birthday party was great! Once we went home, I wanted to go back again!

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

Abigail was very excited to go to her very first olympic marathon! She was super super excited because She knew she would win if she was wearing her lucky socks and shoes. She was going upstairs to find her lucky socks and shoes but they weren’t where she put them! “Oh-no! But where did it go?” she shouted. Then her mother came upstairs and they found them and then they were on their way to the olympic marathon! She was very happy she found her lucky pair of socks and shoes. But then... Read week 8 to see what happened!

Week 20 (21)
The cookie family were driving to the airport to fly to Florida to go to Disney world! They were super excited the brother and sister had never been on a plane before! They had been packing for hours! So this trip was going to be worth it! And their grandparents were there waiting for them! But on their drive to the airport, they saw a bike strapped on to a tree! The family was super confused! But then they saw a burglur running away from a man yelling at him! The family was now super confused! And they started laughing!
Week 19 (21)

Keith was building a rocket for his school science fair project! It was about 3 feet tall and 1 foot wide. He was super excited but also scared because what if the rocket wouldn’t take off? So he tried the rocket at home before going to the science fair. And he tried when it just wouldn’t take off. He was so scared because nothing was wrong so when he was driving there, his heart was beating! When he got there, it was his turn. So when he tried… it worked! The judges were very impressed about it! And, he won!

Week 18 (21)
8 year old Timmeh was really desperate To buy the brand new yellow bicycle that was in Jimmeh’s Toy Store. It was $30 but Timmeh had none! But what he did have was a plan! He was going to steal his mother’s credit card! His mother warned him about stealing people’s credit cards but didn’t care! He went home and  greedily grabbed the credit card and ran to Jimmeh’s and bought it! But his mother noticed that he had her credit card and ran to him and sent him to jail for 5 years because of stolin credit card fraude.

Week 16 (21)

So one day I was just playing a game on my console and for some reason everything stopped and I was relly freaked by it because the power went out for everybody. I was wondering what so I asked my mom and she said that she saw a big tree fall on the power line. After that the national grid people and tree cutter people came. First, the tree people started to cut the tree in half so that one of the machines could grab it, then the national grid people fixed the wires! And everything was back to normal!

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“UGH!” “Do we have to go to this abandoned house?” Said Ashley. She was with some of her friends.
“Uh, yeah! Of course we do!” Said Michael. They started to head inside,They were all freaked out by how spooky it was. They started to explore the kitchen, AND THERE WAS BLOOD! But then they found out that it was just ketchup. And then they headed up stairs and found a closet and they slowly opened it……. AND THERE WAS A SCARY DRESS! They got so scared that theyran right out the door. “WE ARE NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN EVER!”

Week 13 (21)
One time I was playing on my Xbox with my friends and then I had to leave because I had to go to my grandparents house. Once we left I was pretty excited to go. We had a lot of fun there! We ate, we laughed, and best of all, we had fun! When we were driving home, I was going to play more Xbox when I got home. When I went downstairs, the tv was left on! I didn’t remember putting it on, so I thought it was my cat that turned it on! Then I told my parents!

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Once there was a castle that was owned by Prince Caspian! The castle was big, pretty, and white! There were 100+ rooms! Bedrooms,kitchens,living rooms, play rooms, and even a room that had rooms! But one day, there was a new room! It was a room that had tons of leaves! Prince Caspian was a very crafty person so started rolling in the leaves! Everyone started to wonder,”where in the world is Princ Caspian?” They looked in every direction to find him and when they found him, they started rolling with him! Everyone was having a fun time!

Week 9 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

There were these 2 people named Bob and Ross!(pun intended) They love to go on adventures. one day they found this weird HUGE BEE! It was like 7 feet tall!


“ I don’t know, but it was probably because of the toxic slime at the power plant!” Ross said as he looked at the power plant in the distance.

“Good thing we brought science stuff!” Ross said. While they did some research on it, they saw some green goop on it that was slime from the power plant!

Week 8 (21)

It was a big day for abigail! It was the marathon! She had practiced her whole life for this! Her whole family was there to cheer her on!

“Go Abigail! her family cheered.

“On your marks, get set, GO!” BANG! The announcer shot his gun and all the racers ran! Abigail was in the lead, but then another opponent got in front! But that didn’t stop her! She ran as hard as she could! The finish line was right there! ZOOM! She had got 1st!

“WOOOOOOOO!” her family cheered. Exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and yelled,

Week 7 (21)

I was so excited to ride my brand new red and black scooter! I was so excited I danced! Once I got on and started riding it, I WAS SO GOOD

“MOM LOOK! I'M GOING SO FAST MOM! WOAH AHHHHHHHH”- CRASH! I had fallen onto the concrete! “I wished that concrete was fluffy than hard brick!” I said while getting up and brushing myself off. “OH MY GOSH ARE YOU OK?” my mom asked “Yeah, I'm ok!” I replied. After that we scooted some more. Then we headed home and we also put a washcloth on my knee to heal.

Week 6 (21)

“This is super creepy grandpa!” I said

“yeah, But really, this is where I kept my old things as a kid!” Grandpa replied.” “Cool, but what's this?” as walked over to a big box. “DO NOT OPEN THAT BOX!” Grandpa said. “Ok,ok I won’t” I replied. “Let's go eat ok?” Grandpa said. “Ok!” I said. But I had to see what was inside! “It could be anything!Like money, or a secret stuffed animal!” I thought to myself. I slowly opened it and found old toys! I didn’t tell anyone and kept it to myself.After,we went home.

Week 5 (21)
Me and my family were going on a road trip to the history museum! Me and my sister were very excited because this is our first museum! “ Were here!” my dad said in a happy voice. Once we went inside I looked to my left and I saw four people at a cannon.”It looks really real!” I whispered to myself. We also saw old weapons, amour, Old clothes and other historic things! It also told us about all the things we saw which was cool! We also saw TONS of fake people. When we left, I wanted to stay!

Week 4(21)

“Remember when I walked and tripped on a violin in school?” I asked my family.

“Oh yeah! That was so funny!”My sister replied.
“It wasn't that funny” My mom also replied. 1 night later I was super excited to play HIDE AND TAG* But there’s catus’s in our backyard so yeah. Once I went outside and hid then my sister found me but then by mistake I ran into a green prickly cactus and got bruised! But my mom made me feel better!
Week 3 (21)
“They never should have said yes….. MUahahaha!” Laughed Dr cortex. He tricked Crash bandicoot and Coco to help him with his evil DEATH RAY ™. “So now what cortex?''Coco asked. Help me get crystles to help build my death ra…. I mean peace ray.”replied cortex. “ Alright crash, let's do this!” coco said in a happy voice. They had to go through many levels, hard levels, and easy levels.ALL CRYSTLES COLLECTED.”We have all the crystles here yo….. WAIT! THIS IS A DEATH RAY!” 1 fight later, “We did it again Right Crash?”Coco said “Baba!” replied Crash.

Practice Week

“Today is going to be a beautiful day for a bike ride!” I said to myself.

I said bye to my parents and hopped on to my bike and started to pedal on my bike.

At first it was a smooth ride, then it was a little bumpy. But then…… THERE WAS A GIANT TALL! I was going down so fast I couldn't control myself! “I’M GOING TO CRASH INTO A HAYBAI…..” CRASH. I crashed into a hay bail! Once I got unstuck from the hay bail, I started walking home with my bike and had dinner with my family.


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