Week 6 (21)

“This is super creepy grandpa!” I said

“yeah, But really, this is where I kept my old things as a kid!” Grandpa replied.” “Cool, but what's this?” as walked over to a big box. “DO NOT OPEN THAT BOX!” Grandpa said. “Ok,ok I won’t” I replied. “Let's go eat ok?” Grandpa said. “Ok!” I said. But I had to see what was inside! “It could be anything!Like money, or a secret stuffed animal!” I thought to myself. I slowly opened it and found old toys! I didn’t tell anyone and kept it to myself.After,we went home.

Week 5 (21)
Me and my family were going on a road trip to the history museum! Me and my sister were very excited because this is our first museum! “ Were here!” my dad said in a happy voice. Once we went inside I looked to my left and I saw four people at a cannon.”It looks really real!” I whispered to myself. We also saw old weapons, amour, Old clothes and other historic things! It also told us about all the things we saw which was cool! We also saw TONS of fake people. When we left, I wanted to stay!

Week 4(21)

“Remember when I walked and tripped on a violin in school?” I asked my family.

“Oh yeah! That was so funny!”My sister replied.
“It wasn't that funny” My mom also replied. 1 night later I was super excited to play HIDE AND TAG* But there’s catus’s in our backyard so yeah. Once I went outside and hid then my sister found me but then by mistake I ran into a green prickly cactus and got bruised! But my mom made me feel better!
Week 3 (21)
“They never should have said yes….. MUahahaha!” Laughed Dr cortex. He tricked Crash bandicoot and Coco to help him with his evil DEATH RAY ™. “So now what cortex?''Coco asked. Help me get crystles to help build my death ra…. I mean peace ray.”replied cortex. “ Alright crash, let's do this!” coco said in a happy voice. They had to go through many levels, hard levels, and easy levels.ALL CRYSTLES COLLECTED.”We have all the crystles here yo….. WAIT! THIS IS A DEATH RAY!” 1 fight later, “We did it again Right Crash?”Coco said “Baba!” replied Crash.

Practice Week

“Today is going to be a beautiful day for a bike ride!” I said to myself.

I said bye to my parents and hopped on to my bike and started to pedal on my bike.

At first it was a smooth ride, then it was a little bumpy. But then…… THERE WAS A GIANT TALL! I was going down so fast I couldn't control myself! “I’M GOING TO CRASH INTO A HAYBAI…..” CRASH. I crashed into a hay bail! Once I got unstuck from the hay bail, I started walking home with my bike and had dinner with my family.

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  1. He was screaming and then the next moment he was walking home. It was great! Crosby