Week 11 (21)

It was the night we attacked the black castle near ours. They had picked the wrong spot to be as we were rolling barrels of TNT to blow a hole. We thought this was a crafty idea because the guards would think it’s a sheep, as we painted it white.
When we blew a hole in the wall, leaves flew everywhere in the air. When we got in they were all ready for us but we fought threw them. We defeated them and claimed their castle for our own and we went back to our castle to secure their treasury.

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It was just before school started and I headed out the door of my house with my umbrella. My mom said it would rain later. I got on my bus and left for school. It was another 6 hours of school again. After school let out I walked out the door when, I saw it was raining. 
I got my umbrella from my backpack and opened it. I started walking and suddenly my hands started to wobble and I fell. If only it was a bit smaller. While I got up I was pelted and mud stuck to my pants.

Week 9 (21)

It was a long day at the park. I was running, jumping, and playing around the playground so hard it felt like I was about to pass out.
I walked to the nearest bench and sat down. Thats when I saw the bee. I almost sat on it but it flew away. I thought it was gone but it came back to sting me. “Ow!” I whailed “It hurts!” I ran to my mom and told her I got stung. She said calm down and we have to visit the doctor, so I got in her car and we left.

Week 7 (21)

I rode my scooter down the road to my friend’s concrete house.

They have a cute fluffy dog which they usually dressed in a red dog costume

When I went inside their dog looked like it had just danced around the whole house.

We played outside for a while then I went back inside, I thought we only played for a hour or two but it was already 4:38 so I had to ride back to my house

“cya” I said

“can you come over tomorrow”? my friend asked

“yes” I said to my friend, and then I left.
Week 5(21)
It was a hard day for people in the castle as it was getting attacked. Enemies everywhere but people in the castle kept fighting, four people in particular. They mended a cannon and fired but they didn't know that would get them the win for the fight. They were firing the cannon balls when the king appeared, he shouted that the people surrendered. This was their only chance they aimed the cannon and shot the king. It knocked the king to the ground, they didn´t know if he was alive, but the falanx retreated and the people won the fight.

Week 4(21)

It was Joe's first day in 4th grade, and his first violin lesson, he was very excited. He walked to school and unpacked all his school things.

A few hours later his lesson came, and he walked to the lesson room, and got everything ready. When the lesson teacher asked everyone to get their violin´s out, everyone did right away especially Joe. When he opened his case he didn't see a violin but he saw a bruised green prickly pear. ¨ Why is this here¨ said Joe ¨I know but I want it gone next week¨ replied the lesson teacher.

Practice Week

It was a tragedy. Mike was biking down the road and hit a pumpkin. It sent him flying Mike was used to doing things like this but didn't anticipate a hay bale. Mike went head first into the hay bale and got stuck. He tried grabbing his bike but couldn't get a good enough grip. He was stuck. A few minutes went by and Mike didn't know what to do so he yelled “can anyone help me”. After a while a man came and saw Mike. The man tried pulling Mike out and, after a bit he got Mike out.


  1. I think it was really good I didn't really understand the end I had to reread it but other than that I thought it was really good.
    From Natalia Ortiz

  2. I like how in the bigining you put "it was a tragedy"
    logan gates ges at fms

  3. i like that you changed up your story a bit and added some pets and making it seem like it is happening right now.


  4. I like how you included a fluffy dog in your story! ~Lizzie

  5. i like the dog and how did dressed from nathan