Week 6 (21)

It was Christmas eve and me and my brother were looking for our gifts. (But every year we NEVER open them we just shake it and stuff.) We were rummaging through the closet, in the car, under the bed, and everywhere we thought they would hide gifts. I found one in the basement where a bunch of boxes were and it was such a weird shape and I never opened them but I had to see what was inside. So I opened it up and it was a mug that we were going to give to our nana. “uhh ohh”.

Week 5 (21)

“FIRE THE CANNON” yelled Josh Johnson and everyone freaked out and scrambled to fire the cannon. Joey Clark stood in the back with my ears plugged. BOOM it was so loud. I was scared. The captain yelled “JOEY CLARK” and I knew it was me but I just stood there in fear thinking if he might need me to steer the ship. I was not trained for that and that got me more scared. “JOEY CLARK GET UP HERE NOW!” he yelled again. I ran up the stairs. the captain said. “steer the ship” I froze and thought “oh no”.
Week 4(21)


It was a monday evening and my mom signed me up for violin practice “ugh why do i have to do violin” I thought. So I walked to the school to do violin and I stumbled across this green prickly plant that I've never seen before and I was so focused on the plant that when a motorcycle zoomed by I lost balance and fell really hard on my arm that I bruised myself. It finally stopped hurting when i got to the school so i walk in and saw that there was only girls “ohh no” I said
Week 3(21)

My name is Jackson. I was playing my game and I had a smart idea. “Hey mom, can I see your credit card for school?” I said. Mom and dad glanced at me confused “What are you doing at school?”. My heart started to race “were learning how credit cards work”. My mom gave me her credit card. I ran upstairs, sat in my chair and thought they never should have said yes. I opened up my laptop and got on roblox and got 100,000 robux. I was playing roblox and then heard my dad scream Jackson.

Practice Week

My name is Jimmy roberts and something not so normal happened. It all started at school. I bike to school today on the first day and it was perfect until I remembered what my bike looked like. This was 8th grade if you had your sisters bike because your bike is broken you might get made fun of in my school. Because principal bob doesn't care if you get bullied. It was the end of the day. Then i started biking home then bam I hit a haystack my legs were hanging out all my apples from school fell out.


  1. Nice anthony that was a very funny story i liked how you incorporated school and family
    Jake avery

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  3. I thought the story was outstanding -Emma.Turano

  4. I thought it was really good you did a really good job.

    -from natalia

  5. I love your week 5 story!
    ~Amina A