Week 35 (21)
Hi I'm a donkey, and yes I can talk. My owner named me Donkey because she just wanted to sell me for money and because I talked so she didn’t want to get connected to me.
She tried to sell me but I refused to talk. She was about to poke me when I decided to run. I ran away. 
I crossed a paved road with big metal things going really fast when I saw a person and asked “Which way to the shops?” I panted. The human pointed but stared at me and looked confused. “Y-y-you talk!” she said 

Week 34 (21)
 It was an ordinary Saturday, my mom was at the store, my dad was at work

I was sitting outside waiting for everyone to come home. All of the sudden I heard that beeping that usually says there's a tornado warning but this time it said “WARNING CHICKEN APOCALIPSE, THEY'VE LEARNED TO FLY.” I didn't believe it so I went outside again. But “uh oh.” I didn't realise they could fly.  

I called my mom for comfort but the message system  said “sorry I can’t pick up. I am hidden in a locked closet screaming because of the chicken apocalipse.”
Week 33 (21)

“It's a great day to go for a ride in the boat” I said 

So we went for a ride around the old lighthouse before we went deeper into the ocean. 

  Soon the current got stronger and stronger, and the waves were getting bigger and bigger, and the boat was rocking side to side. “What's happening grandpa?” I say. 

“I have no idea, the waves are pushing us deep into the ocean.”

We see a light, it’s the lighthouse. “Grandpa, I have an idea, go towards that light, it's the lighthouse.” He tugged on the wheel and we arrived home!

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Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. “Woah!” “So cool!” “What's happening?” All of the kids in my room said. “What's happening?” “Did the power just go out?” I wondered. Suddenly someone comes on the speaker. It was the principle “We have just lost power, everyone keep doing your work it's probably just a tech thing.” Some people were probably thinking this was scary some  probably thought it was cool. 

We kept doing our work until the principal said “We are trying to work on this problem and we don't know when we will leave the building.” the room went silent. “NOOO!”

Week 29 (21)
Once in a land far away there lived an alien named supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, This alien loved to play outside with his pink ball. But all the other aliens made fun of his pink ball. He got really angry with the others. “Just because it's a pink ball doesn't mean it's different.” he would say. 

So one day he proved that his ball wasn't different from any other ball. So all the aliens went to a field and he placed the ball on the field and BOOM he kicked the ball in the air and POP it landed on a sharp gate. 

Week 28 (21)

One day Jack went off on a walk in the woods near his grandmother's house. It was a beautiful day and he wanted to find adventure. He saw the sun through the trees. He smelled the moss along the path and heard leaves rustling under his feet. But that's not all he heard. He saw an animal limping as it let out a pitiful. He followed the animal and could see a trap was caught on his foot. He took out a snack from his pocket to lure the animal toward him. The animal came closer and Jack freed him.

Week 27 (21)
Once there was a happy purple elephant named Rob Boss with a painted violin Prancing around a field as happy as can be. 

But Just When he thought there wasn't a care in the world then a yellow elephant came and put a red bucket on both of his tusks (Which in elephant religion if a yellow elephant puts a red bucket on its head in front of a purple elephant named Rob Boss that is considered offensive.) So Rob Boss just sat there thinking about his life choices because he thought that life would just end after that offence. 


One day deep in the town of the pocket there was a group of red coins, and they were sinking into some wet pavement. 

“Ahh, help us we're sinking.” screamed the red coin. But right as the coins thought there was no hope, the firefighter coins drove by at the perfect timing and they saw the sinking coins. The firefighter coins got a ladder and saved them.

“You saved us,” said the other red coin in relief. But right as the firefighter coins left, the evil lint came around and pushed the red coins right back into the pavement again.

Week 26 (21)

“Hey Tim, is there anymore marmite left?” I asked 

“Barely but i'm going to eat it all, Also Yesterday you said you didn't like it.” Tim said 

“No’, I said, ‘I like Marmite.”

“Well if you like marmite then you're going to have to go to the store and get it.” Tim said 

“No, whoever can kick a ball the farthest gets the last bit.” I said 

“Sure we can even use your ball.” Tim said. 

 I got to go first so I stepped back and BANG the ball flew through the air. 

“VICTORY, I get to eat the marmite.”

Week 24 (21)
Hi my name is Darknight4242. I'm new to Among us. I barely know what to do. But one day I found out I'm the worst liar ever. It all started when I got Imposter. 

I was in electrical and purple walked by so I had to get my first kill. But then orange came right behind him and into the room and reported him. “EMERGENCY MEETING” yelled orange.

 The Orange one spoke first “blue killed purple”.  But then here's when I found out I’m the worst liar ever. “I'M THE IMPOSTER” I yelled.I knew I made a grave mistake.

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My name is  Murray Poppins. I know it sounds crazy, but I am just a brown balloon . My owner, Dwight k. Shrute used me to decorate for a birthday party.
 No one at the party was happy about  that because Im am brown. The people at the party said “never decorate with brown balloons.” Dwight looked at me with disgust. He called me ugly and kicked me. I felt sad. I will get my revenge by growing legs and kicking him right back. Then he would see just how Frightening a brown balloon can be when it's disrespected and abused.

Week 22 (21)
One evening Teddy and Freddy decided to go exploring their neighborhood. They grabbed their flashlights and started down the street.

 Suddenly a big green light flashed in the sky. They were excited, curious and a little afraid.  They ran back to their house as fast as they could. They wanted to tell their parents about what they saw. 

When they got to the house. They yelled for their parents to come out. They pointed to the sky. “Look at this UFO in the sky!” Teddy said. They looked up, but it was gone. “But where did it go?” they shouted. 
Week 20 (21)

  One day I decided to go on a bike ride with my friend but when I went into the garage, nothing was there.

 My yellow bike was stolen! I went inside trying not to freak out.

“Mom” I asked “do you know where my bike is?” 

“No, I have no idea.” Ok, I started to freak out. My friend Jimmy suggested we should walk around the neighborhood to ask and find my bike. But right as we got to the next block we saw my bike with m

Week 19 (21)
“Hey Jacob I know what we're going to do today. Let's build a rocket. Hey Where’s Gemma.”
BANG! CLICK! BANG! CLICK! BANG! CLICK! “ Now that I think of it we should have made a model rocket not a real Spaceship. Oh well lets just give it to NASA” 
We set up the rocket and I wanted this to fly but when it just wouldn't take off I was so frustrated but then I almost put my head right over the rocket to fix it. But then WHOOSH it flew so high “wow that was cool. Oh there you are Gemma”

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“Mom, I'm going to the store, on my bicycle.” 
“Ok just be careful and don’t get any soda”
“Sure thing” I got on my yellow bike and headed to the store. I got to the store and right as I walked in the first thing I saw was my favorite soda. “Mom warned me not to get soda but I  greedily took one. I was desperate to open up a soda. I got everything that we needed. I headed right home. I felt guilty that I took the soda, I opened one up PSHH “what is that sound is that soda”
“Totally not!”

Week 16 (21)  
My name is Joe. I was at school and Gloria came up to me one day and everything stopped and she slapped me in the face “why you bully me” I say. She turns around and walks away. The teacher walks right around the corner and stops Gloria “go back to Joe and apologize” said Mr Jim, the scariest teacher in our school. I looked at Gloria. She was about to cry because she was so scared. “Sorry joe I’m only apologizing so I don’t die”.

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“Mother, aren’t we going to that museum today?” I yell up from the basement. 
“Yeah, when dad gets out of the shower we’ll leave.” (30 minutes later) 
“Johnny get up here we are leaving to go to the museum ” thud, thud, thud I come bolting up the stairs. 
“I’m ready.” We finally arrived at the museum. I'm so excited I think to myself. We walk in and I'm immediately scared by a lot of the creepy statue’s. “Mother, when are we leaving” I say in a scared voice “oh, pish posh there not too scary.” 
“But look at that one.”

Week 13 (21)

It was a Sunday night and anything could happen.  Plus there was a pretty bad storm outside.  I put on the scariest movie I could find and turned up the volume so I left to go get popcorn.  And I reached up to grab the popcorn, and right as I touched the bag I heard paw patrol starting to play “what, paw patrol”.  I walked into the room I didn’t remember putting it on.  I turned on my movie and turned around and walked back into the kitchen to grab my popcorn and I heard paw patrol turn back on.

Week 11 (21)
It was an everyday Saturday morning and I’m outside rolling in the leaves,  when suddenly I heard my mom yell outside to me “Brady come in we have to get ready to go to Nana’s house for her birthday”.  I get up from the leaves and go inside to get ready.  I try to find my mom,  I find her in her office making a card for nana she always makes cards for people because she was crafty. We’re all ready and we head in the car. We go a different route and I see a big white CASTLE “WOW”.

Week 10 (21)

It was Christmas day and something amazing happened. “It's perfect!” I yell. It was the only shirt I wanted. It was the limited edition Nike shirt. I finish opening all of my presents and I've never been more happy in my life! I ran upstairs yelling “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”. I laid the shirt right on my bed and I was staring right at it thinking of what all the kids would say at the school. It was the next day and I grabbed my shirt, looked in the mirror “NO!!”. if only it was a bit smaller.

Week 9 (21)

“Boom ,boom” we hear in the distance. “What’s that” everyone says? “Look” Jimmy yelled. I look in the sky and see Jeffery the bee flying over us. We all freak out running all over the place. We all get our suits on to make sure nothing happens. Then one soul found out how to kill it. So he grabbed a small spear and barely hit it and it started to fall right on the research camp. “No” we all yell while we run all over the place. It fell on the research camp “well that was easy.” we all said.

Week 8 (21)
It was the day of the race I ran down the stairs and was super excited. I ate the egg and toast that my mom had given me and I got up from my seat immediately and zoomed down the stairs to start practicing for the race on the treadmill. After I finished on the treadmill we arrived at the race and before I knew it we were about to start. I got my formation and we were off. I zoom in front of everyone and finish in first place. exhausted & breathing hard, I simply raised my fists in celebration.
Week 6 (21)

It was Christmas eve and me and my brother were looking for our gifts. (But every year we NEVER open them we just shake it and stuff.) We were rummaging through the closet, in the car, under the bed, and everywhere we thought they would hide gifts. I found one in the basement where a bunch of boxes were and it was such a weird shape and I never opened them but I had to see what was inside. So I opened it up and it was a mug that we were going to give to our nana. “uhh ohh”.

Week 5 (21)

“FIRE THE CANNON” yelled Josh Johnson and everyone freaked out and scrambled to fire the cannon. Joey Clark stood in the back with my ears plugged. BOOM it was so loud. I was scared. The captain yelled “JOEY CLARK” and I knew it was me but I just stood there in fear thinking if he might need me to steer the ship. I was not trained for that and that got me more scared. “JOEY CLARK GET UP HERE NOW!” he yelled again. I ran up the stairs. the captain said. “steer the ship” I froze and thought “oh no”.
Week 4(21)


It was a monday evening and my mom signed me up for violin practice “ugh why do i have to do violin” I thought. So I walked to the school to do violin and I stumbled across this green prickly plant that I've never seen before and I was so focused on the plant that when a motorcycle zoomed by I lost balance and fell really hard on my arm that I bruised myself. It finally stopped hurting when i got to the school so i walk in and saw that there was only girls “ohh no” I said
Week 3(21)

My name is Jackson. I was playing my game and I had a smart idea. “Hey mom, can I see your credit card for school?” I said. Mom and dad glanced at me confused “What are you doing at school?”. My heart started to race “were learning how credit cards work”. My mom gave me her credit card. I ran upstairs, sat in my chair and thought they never should have said yes. I opened up my laptop and got on roblox and got 100,000 robux. I was playing roblox and then heard my dad scream Jackson.

Practice Week

My name is Jimmy roberts and something not so normal happened. It all started at school. I bike to school today on the first day and it was perfect until I remembered what my bike looked like. This was 8th grade if you had your sisters bike because your bike is broken you might get made fun of in my school. Because principal bob doesn't care if you get bullied. It was the end of the day. Then i started biking home then bam I hit a haystack my legs were hanging out all my apples from school fell out.


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