Week 32 (21)
After Andre got his first pokedex he was ready to choose his own pokemon. professor showed Andre 3 pokeballs. Inside each one there was A pokemon. “You can only pick one ”Said the professor displaying the pokeballs. They were pokemon from the hoenn region. ‘’I choose the one on the left’’. I said.The professor handed me the ball. “Throw it”He said.I took the ball and threw it. A flash of light,then darkness came from the ball. Out from the darkness came a pokemon called treecko. “I think you and treecko will make great partners” said professor.

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 “Playball” the umpire said as the pitcher threw the ball.  My face was perspiring and I didnt know what to do. I gripped the handle of my bat and swung.  I closed my eyes. I felt a thud on the bat.  My eyes  opened and I ran. I could not stop. I took action without thinking.Come on you can make it”said the coach.  As I ran for home base, the catcher caught the ball. I was out, and we lost the game. We Went to the club house but suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. My team looked Marsmars red.

Week 29 (21) 
I ran to the gate “open up”I say the gate was still closed I had the book of spiders.Only I can see what people cant but when I do I turn invisible I knew If I wanted the camera to see me I had to stop looking at the monster so I did my parents opened the gate but it was too late it grabbed on to my leg i held on to the gate but I let go I took my sword out and cut off my leg It fell off and I ran into the gate. 

Week 28 (21)
I hear him.  The pain of the turn.  Its anger is let out.Curled like a ball it hides from the darkness that surrounds it.It’s eyes turn red as it lets out a pitiful howl.”brother” I say running toward my backyard  his body trying to break free from the beast inside I learn that he can control it.The world back then was a bad place and still is and there is only one person who can stop the evil,my brother.[Three months later] “alright solder run ten more laps’’said the general of the S.P.U

Week 27 (21)
I was walking into a scary town holding my purple blade in my hand riding my elephant.”hahaha”a villain  laughs running down an alley way.In an instant my heart paced my eyes looked so happy I got off my elephant and with the speed of light my blade shining I strike.”ahhh’’ He was parylized in fear.”its over”I say as i cut my hand.gleaming light shines I turned into a mutant and i almost ate him hole but then mutant slayers arrived and I was done for i scurried away swearing i would come back

GES ONLY week (21)
Long ago a scientist turned people and animals into hybrids.’’What...happened’’I say laying on the floor.”My destroyed’’I get up and see houses burned down and people running for their lives.”Look behind you”someone says so scared they dropped all there coins.I look behind me and see a red z mutation hybrid its claws crushing the pavement I threw a ladder at it but it started sinking into its body I run up to the deck. I don't want to get infected and turn into a hybrid .”don't worry we got this’’ a man said.

Week 23 (21)
One day I was doing a challenge were I put healium in a balloon suck it in and talk but thats when it got bad.  That day I went to the  basement to get a balloon but my sister Michaela tackled me and kicked my ribs.I threw her and put a brown t-shirt on her face but she took it of and had a frightening smile on her face that I never wanted to see.I ran to the kitchen were I saw her smiling with  a wood spoon in her hands.Then she spanked me with the spoon.

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

It was a fine day on the farm the  chickens were in there pens or thats what we thought I woke up got my slippers on,did my hair and I went down stairs to eat breakfast.¨yum beans and some bread for breakfast¨I say as i hoped for something new.We didnt have much money so we had to eat the same thing evry day.I went out side to feed the chickens when I realize they  were gone¨but where did they go´´she shouted.She raced to the barn hoping to find them but it was to late.

Week 20 (21)

A yellow bike went on a hike to saw a snipe and mailed a kite that had mighty might with a dog from a bog with cat on top a log carrying candles that are clogged.I went to the store to buy a boar that has a sore made of metal from a kettle in digito  From the metal i got a kettle with a metal of digeto and got some meadows for your flowers from the may showers.WE got mast destruction mast coruption so do something man im not begging on my knees again raptor is coming

Week 19 (21)

Today is the day.That I am going to Venus in space.I head to the dumpster and gather scraps to build a space ship.As I'm walking I slip and a piece of scrap metal goes deep into my skin.¨oww¨ I yell falling on the hard cold ground.Im all alone and I can´t  walk. I take a towel I brought on my cart and wrap it around my leg while I'm there and I decide to start building my ship.¨It's done¨ I say.I turn it on then i scream when when it just wouldnt take off

Week 18 (21)

It was after the flash mirage I was so thirsty crawling toward a ond on water greedily putting water in my bottle life was not good I lost my family,friends and now I have to travel alone the wind pushing the sand into my eyes”You need help there boy”  warned  a very strange figure.”wh-wha” I said so tired I fell asleep instantly.”uh what a dream”I say waking up to a man sitting by the fire place.the yellow lights on the roof were very bright”that bicycle was very badly hurt ther kid”he said desprate 

Week 17 (21)
After school i headed home it was a long walk but at least no one was pushing me,I walked through the forest for a short cut the tender pink sky and the mist of water on my skin felt so refreshing,all the trees are standing tall but then i hear a loud ringing in my ear like a call to me i keep walking then the sun fades fog appears out of no where i cant see anything i think im lost i sit by a tree lost and afraid im so hungry then i see a massive tree

Week 16 (21)
It was gloomy everything stopped and i was all alone as if i froze time but that wasn't it.It was the first day of highschool so many kids that could judge me after what happened.I was alone in the hallway looking around no kids in sight.I thought it was safe then  Riiiiinng  the bell rang kids flying across the hallway i was getting pushed around like ball in a baseball game remembering the car the pushed me all the way to the hospital hitting the floor, legs breaking hoping i'll survive.that started my fear of cars.

Week 10 (21)

Dotty the cave girl was still on the big  bee.She grabbed the antennas and pulled them to the direction of he boy he boy was still falling in the air and was still asleep but when the bee came closer the boy heard the buzz and he woke up immediately “AHH!” he screamed.His eyes were shut tight “You ok” said Dotty  with a smile.
They landed next to a cave.Lets camp here for a while”said the boy.”What's your name”said Dotty.”I’m Eric”said Eric.That bee is large if only it was a bit smaller

Week 9 (21)

Boom! The floor was cracking and the bits and pieces of ground fell then “SLIP!” Dotty fell in a hole.”AAAH!” Dotty was falling for her life, but then she saw the most beautiful thing, Dotty just found a secret island under  the ground. When Dotty was falling she saw a boy falling too. He looked asleep and was falling with her,as her heart raced she rushed to grab him.As she was heading down to catch him, she heard a big sound, ”buzz”, it was a giant bee. She grabbed onto it to land on the ground safely.
Week 8 (21)

“Ahh!” Dotty was running for her life because a giant t-rex was after her. His massive teeth bigger than an elephant's tusk was almost touching her.She did a side turn and the rex was out of sight.

When she got back to her cave she was exhausted & breathing hard,she simply raised her fists in glory for getting away from the giant beast but then she heard a really big rumbling sound.”BOOM! Lava was gushing.The ground was cracking.It was a scary thing. Then the ground cracked like a tortilla. I was the end of the world

Week 7 (21)

“Israel” my friend chloe said.don't don’t do it.but i had to see what was inside.I looked inside”i don't feel anything.I said.Ima look deeper.”Ahhhhh”i started falling down Ahhhhh...ploop.I fell on some clouds they were so fluffy but when i walked it was hard as concrete.”beep beep” i heard a horn.and i saw a red scooter with a very unusual sized bunny riding on it the cooter was flying and the bunny was staring.The bunny went down through the clouds so i jumped down after.he danced and he’d fly

Week 6 (21)

Hi, I’m Israel a detective and I don't do my work alone. I have a team of creep detectors and were on a case. A women on the block mrs.moynihan said that she was some sort of witch

my team checked it out. My teammates are Chloey and mike. we headed in the house and it was really creepy. we went down to the basement when we heard a muffle and grown.then we looked around and we found a box. Clowy said not to look inside but I had to see what was inside’’ahh’’ to be continued

Week 3 (21)
One day at school daave was getting bullied’’help’’ cried dave.the bully the teacher heard his cry’’ WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!’’ she yelled.Uh im just giving him a hug they never should have said yes to you transferring schools go to the principal.on the way home the bully saw him. Dave was on a bike hoping he could escape.He looked back and the bullies were turning back not knowing where he was going, looked forward and KABOOM he fell into the forest.he got scratches on him and bruises on his knees he walked home.

Practice Week

Hi, I'm Mr. Pumpkin and I'm telling you the story of me. A long time ago there were three little seeds. One seed was my brother Simon, one was my sister Cleo, and the third was me. I was the youngest. We had a good time growing up, sitting in soil waitting for a time to come. Time passed by and more vegetables in the garden started to rot or get taken by these things so the big thing or as we call it the terror kept coming then finally pulled us from the ground and he ate us.


  1. Andre, I like how you didn't call people people, you called them the terrors. Its really funny


  2. I like how you wrote it in the pumpkin's point of view and called humans 'the TERRORS!'. and how you just went "then finally pulled us from the ground and he ate us." :) - JACKIE!

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    Kiernan Wendling

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  15. Andre,
    Your week 23 story is very creative and intreging. I like how you started with One day I was... I thought that was a good move.
    Keep up the awesome writing
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